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As the World Turns Update Monday 8/22/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Dusty is on a work-related phone call when Meg shows up, dressed to the nines, at Street Jeans, under the guise of bringing over papers for Lucinda. Dusty thanks her and then laughingly tells his employee to get his eyes back in his head and give them a moment. He looks Meg over before he tells her he is glad she is there, because they need to talk. Meg replies eagerly that talking would be good for them. Unfortunately, he tells her she may not be so eager when she hears what he has to say, as Meg’s face subtly drops.

At Al’s Diner, Lily and Sierra talk about Lucinda and how she is handling chemotherapy. Sierra tells Lily how she found Lucinda balled up in the corner, and how she held her as she sobbed. Lily is upset to hear this, but she feels it is positive, too. She feels that Lucinda is no longer holding her feelings in. She tries to see this as a breakthrough. Sierra tells of how powerless she was about Lucinda, and holding her just didn’t seem as if it were enough. Lily continues to see this meltdown as a positive thing. She thinks Lucinda’s reaction was more because of a loss of control than a fear of the cancer. They have to accept that there will be good and bad days. Then Lily asks Sierra if she has ever had a mammogram. Sierra admits that she has never had one because her doctor in Montega didn’t think it was necessary at her age. Sierra tosses the question back to Lily, who tells her that her doctor suggested doing it regularly. They decide that it will be something they do together.. Speaking on this emotional subject, Sierra tells Lily that if she doesn’t say it enough, she wants her to know how much she loves her. Lily tells her she feels the same way about her. They both need to believe that Lucinda will be perfectly fine after all of this is over.

At home, Lucinda is talking further with the medical masseuse, Bev. Bev is worried about telling Lucinda about the path she chose to handle her cancer, because she is not supposed to give any medical advice to her patients. Lucinda promises that it will be their secret. She hands Lucinda a business card to the Clinic of Life in Mexico. She happily relates that this clinic is fully staffed and equipped. They have oncologists and surgeons, but they are willing to embrace new alternative therapies. A leery Lucinda explains that she has heard of these places that pull the wool over your eyes and end up taking your money until you die. The nurse speaks of her skepticism at first with this place, since she worked in a state-of-the-art hospital already. She went with a friend to make sure she wasn’t being taken advantage of, but then she gave them a chance, and they cured her. She is not saying that this is for Lucinda; she just understands the feeling of being scared and wanting answers. Lucinda wonders what makes this place different. Bev explains that they do a very detailed work-up and then chart your treatment, which could range from one end of the spectrum to the other. The treatments are designed to inhibit the cancer and to stimulate healing. Lucinda wonders if this seems too simplistic. Bev suggests that her experiences with the treatment, like her cancer going away and her energy and wellness coming back, might not be the same as someone else’s, but she can only relate how it worked for her, and Lucinda would need to draw her own conclusion. She feels, though, that the doctors and Meg feel the traditional way of treatment seems best for Lucinda; it was just that Bev couldn’t handle the side effects of the treatment. This last statement strikes a chord with Lucinda.

Iris and Carly are talking in the courtroom about Carly’s fight for custody of Rosanna’s baby. Iris is bitter about Carly caring for a baby because she believes she killed her baby boy. She wonders what a judge would say if he heard this bit of information on her. Carly bluntly asks what she wants. Iris bitterly responds that it is about what Carly wants and what she is willing to do to get it.

At Tom and Margo’s home, Gwen apologizes for them having to hear the news this way. Casey is angry and raises his voice at Gwen. Tom tells him to knock it off. Casey wants Gwen out of the house, and he rattles off how she is dragging him into the middle of her mess. Tom and Margo nervously ask Casey if this is the truth. Gwen starts to say that it was all a mistake, but Casey yells for her to shut up.

Dusty tells Meg they have to talk about last night. He really enjoyed their dinner, but he feels they are in two different places. He won’t speak for her, but he doesn’t feel he has time for a relationship right now. He wants to focus on his career, and it is extra hard with Jen being out, so he is very limited in what he has to give. Even though Meg says she understands, you can see her hiding her disappointment. She even goes as far as to say to a surprised Dusty that even if he had wanted a relationship, she would have had to say no. She goes on to explain that he has never been married, and so he wouldn’t understand the concept of what a messy divorce can do to you. She is not ready to open herself up to anyone yet. She wants to put herself first for a change. He wonders what last night was about, then. She laughs as she says was she acting too “girlfriendy.” She got carried away with the attention, and just wanted to enjoy a night in with an old friend. Meg tells him that they will keep their relationship casual and see where it goes. They will get together when neither has plans and both want to have fun.. For instance, she suggests them possibly getting together that night, but Dusty puts the brakes on that idea quickly by saying he has a lot of work, and again we see Meg trying to hide her disappointment. She turns her attention to the hanging dresses. She asks him if this is a part of the Street Jeans line. He tells her that it was his idea. A woman looks great in jeans, but there is really nothing more feminine and appealing than a dress on a woman. Meg applauds his idea and starts looking through the wardrobe, playfully flirting with him, and Dusty takes the bait.. He tells her to pick out any dress and it will be hers. Meg teases him by saying finding the right dress may take time, which Dusty tells her is fine with him.

Iris goes on to explain how she read about Carly’s sister and felt so bad for her. She sarcastically tells Carly how noble it is of her to take in her sister’s baby. She talks about how protective Carly is being over Rosanna’s baby, and how she seems to be willing to do anything she can to keep the birth mother away from the child. Carly bluntly asks Iris if she wants money. Iris, being coy, says they are just having a friendly conversation. Carly threatens that she will tell Jack about her blackmail. Iris shoots back that Carly is right and she has to do the right thing instead of thinking of herself. She has a civic duty to tell the poor birth mother about the fact that her baby will be living with a baby killer. What was her name and address? Iris taunts. Will interrupts their conversation, telling them he forgot his bag and just came to get it. Iris taunts Carly by asking who he is in relation to the biological mother.. Will can’t help but notice the tension between them, and the fact that Carly is trying to make him leave quickly. Carly reminds Iris that they were in the middle of a conversation, and that what they were talking about could be arranged. Iris backs down, and a confused Will leaves.

Gwen tells Tom and Margo she just wanted to do the right thing by telling Casey first, because the courts would be calling him, and possibly Tom and Margo as well. As she turns to leave, Casey shoots her a hateful stare. After she leaves, Margo and Tom awkwardly stare at their son. Casey angrily tells them not to look at him like that. Margo wonders how they are supposed to look at him after what he has done. Gwen went through having a baby alone, giving up the baby alone, and going to court by herself. Casey is not just acting cowardly, but cruel. Margo goes on to say that he not only turned his back on a girl he was intimate with, but his son and his own self. Casey angrily fires back that he didn’t know; she didn’t tell anybody about being pregnant, and then Will stood up for her, and now she is accusing him of being the baby’s father. Margo pointedly asks if that means he is saying he is not the father. Casey pauses and then answers with an emphatic no. Margo immediately asks if Casey is saying Gwen is lying. Casey rants about her being the biggest liar in school. He mentions how Will stood up as the father, but then changed his mind when his mom cut him off. They both shouldn’t be believed or trusted. Tom wonders why she would name him as the father. Casey is at a loss as to how to answer this question. He suggests that maybe since Will backed down, she might be on the prowl for someone to replace him. Then he mentions that when she was over the house, she was under the belief that they were well-off, and maybe she wants money. He also throws out that she knows his dad works as a D.A. and maybe thinks he will help her with her court case. Casey is simply throwing out anything he can think of to divert the conversation. All of the time, she has been lying and changing her stories, and that should prove to them how unstable she is. Tom reminds Casey how unstable he has been acting, as well. He mentions his break-up with Celia, the fact he and Will are no longer friends, and the fact that he wants to live abroad for his senior year.. Tom seems keen to his stories. Tom blatantly suggests the scenario that Celia dumped him when she found out Casey slept with her best friend. Also, Will dumped him when he realized Casey wasn’t going to do the right thing and stand up for Gwen, and now he wants to run away because he is ashamed. Margo wants to coddle and blindly believe Casey, but Tom is more realistic about the situation. He wants the truth; the alternative is that Casey has been lying to them for a year. He wants Casey to come clean before the summons arrives. Margo pleads with Casey to tell them if he ever slept with Gwen; could she have given birth to their grandson?

At Java, Will and Gwen meet up. He wants to know how it went with Casey. She relays how terrible it was. She tells how she was the one who told Tom and Margo, because Casey wouldn’t step up. Gwen wonders how this will affect her, because they both seem so nice that they will probably want to be involved with the baby, and that would mean she would have to have contact with Casey. If she never sees Casey again, that will be too soon! Casey hates her and wants nothing to do with their baby. Will wants her to cut Casey some slack. She is sure that wasn’t it completely, since Will didn’t see Casey’s face. Her visit must have blindsided him; he is panicking. Casey has always been perfect in his parents' eyes. Gwen sarcastically replies that he isn’t anymore.

Margo repeats, "Did you sleep with Gwen?" "Of course not!" Casey answers. Margo happily hugs him. Casey looks at a suspicious Tom over her shoulder. "We are behind you 100% no matter what," Margo reminds him. She further laments about how unfair it was of Gwen to accuse Casey of something he never did. Now that they know the truth, this will be put behind them. Her words are a comfort to Casey, but Tom wants to talk privately with Margo, so he asks Casey to go upstairs. Margo whirls around at Tom and tells him that Casey would never lie to her. Tom wonders if he is simply trying not to disappoint her. He believes that their boy may be in a world of trouble, and Margo nervously watches Tom’s face..

Meg continues to try to entice Dusty with the way she moves, and she talks sensually about how a dress makes a woman feel. Dusty tells her that in order for her to make up her mind, she should try it on. Meg goes innocently to try on her dress. Later, she comes downstairs and asks Dusty to zip her. They both give in to the passion they are feeling, and they start to kiss. Meg jokingly says that they understand each other--this is just for fun. Dusty laughs as they make their way to the couch.

Sierra and Lily show up as Bev is leaving. They have brought Lucinda a gift. She opens the box up to find a scarlet hat. She doesn’t want a hat, she exasperatedly says. They suggest maybe she would like the scarf or turban better. Lucinda jokes that she will get some big hoop earrings, open a shop and read people’s futures with tarot cards. She tells them that since her body is revolting against the treatments, she is going to stop having them. Both Lily and Sierra are beside themselves. She cannot stop her treatments, Lily snaps. Sierra tries to be calm and suggests that maybe Lucinda means she wants to research other treatments while still following through with her chemo. Lucinda mentions that chemo may be the chosen treatment in this country, but there are other places that treat cancer patients besides the USA. An upset Lily wants to know if Lucinda would even consider being a guinea pig and suffering through possibly dangerous side effects. Lucinda looks into both her daughters' eyes and realizes she can’t share this with them. She decides to appease them and tells them she was just venting out loud. She tells them what they want to hear: she will stick to her chemo treatments.

Margo wants to know what trouble Casey could be in if he is not the father. Tom tells Margo that the court is obligated to investigate this claim. Margo is irate that Tom doesn’t trust his own son. He is a teenage boy, Tom says. He can support Casey, but he won’t leave his brain at the door. He reminds Margo of the year he went through with them almost divorcing. He was probably more hurt than he let on. Tom is worried that if Casey doesn’t step up this will become public knowledge, and it could ruin his life. Margo wonders if there is anything he can do. Tom tells her to go get Casey while he makes a phone call.

Will also mentions to Gwen how he ran into Carly and this other woman who he didn’t think was at all involved with this case. There had been something strange going on between them that he interrupted. Carly had been so confident during the first day of the trial, but when he saw her, she was anything but confident. Whoever this woman is, he feels she is good news for them.

Lily apologizes to Lucinda for snapping, but Lucinda says she understands because she has the world’s best daughters. They hug, and she tells them to take off. They leave and Lucinda runs her hands through her hair, and another clump comes out in her hands. She places it in her robe pocket, picks up the business card and calls the clinic. She inquires about scheduling a consultation ASAP.

Casey and Margo come downstairs as Tom is hanging up the phone with Judge Rudolph, with promises of seeing him on the back nine. Tom explains that he is the judge assigned to his case, and Margo is happy, since he is fair. He explains that a gag order has been issued, so any part of this case will stay private. Only the parties involved will know the test results.. Casey is immediately taken aback. What test results? he nervously asks. A paternity test, Tom responds. Bob will take Casey’s DNA with a simple swab in his mouth, and they will be able to put this to rest. A shocked Casey stands there silently. Tom tells Casey the sooner they clear this up, the faster they can put this behind them.

Iris goes on to say that the money that she needs is not for her. She doesn’t want a yacht, a Rolls Royce or anything like that. She has a family to care for; shoes cost money. Iris plays on Carly’s guilt by recalling how Carly’s dad promised her the world and all she wanted was a child. Then, Carly shattered her dream and took that child away from her. Carly hands her some money and Iris gives her a sugary "thank you," saying that should cover the shoes for her kids. Carly tells her she has to go because her kids are waiting for her. Outside the courtroom, Carly promises herself that will be the last dime Iris ever sees from her. Inside the courtroom, Iris counts her money and tells herself that this money will be a good start.

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