ATWT Update Friday 8/19/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/19/05


By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

In court, the judge told Gwen she'd have to reveal the name of the baby's father. Gwen argued that it had nothing to do with it. The judge started talking about contempt of court and Cass asked for a recess to confer with his client. The judge agreed, but Gwen wanted her baby back right away. She finally blurted out that Casey Hughes was the father. Carly and Jack looked shocked. Gwen asked if she could have her baby back now. The judge said no, he had to hear that the father was not interested in custody of the child. He said they'd reschedule the hearing so Casey could testify. Gwen tried to argue with the judge again but her lawyer advised her to sit down and shut up. He told her if she wanted her baby, she had to get Casey to testify. Gwen left and went to find Casey. Carly and Jack were left in shock by the news. Carly worried her scheme had blown up in her face. She wanted to go talk to Tom and Margo. Jack said no way, Tom and Margo should find out the truth from Casey or at least Gwen - NOT from Jack and Carly. Carly reluctantly agreed, but after Jack left she called Margo and told her she needed to talk to Casey. She wouldn't tell her anything else, just that she should talk to Casey.

At Al's, Margo and Tom had been discussing Casey's sudden desire to spend the next school semester in Rome. He had told them he missed Celia and wanted to avoid seeing Will. Tom and Margo said they'd discuss it and went to Al's. They suspected something more was going on but couldn't figure out what. After Carly called, they got worried and went to find Casey. Casey was at home when Gwen barged in. She explained about telling the judge he was the father, saying she had no choice if she wanted her kid back. Casey was horrified. He got mad and started yelling at Gwen. He said the whole thing was her mistake, not his (apparently he forgot it takes two people to get pregnant). He was just being an all-around jerk. He told Gwen she shouldn't try to get the baby back and he wanted nothing to do with it. Gwen yelled at him to tell the judge that. She said she just needed him to tell the judge he didn't want anything to do with the baby and maybe mention she'd be a good mother. Casey couldn't believe it and asked who else knew. She said Carly, Jack, the judge, and their lawyers. Casey not only refused to appear in court, he demanded that Gwen call off the whole thing and say she didn't want her baby anymore - before anyone found out he was the father. Gwen refused and they started arguing. He told her to get out and shoved her toward the door. Tom and Margo walked in and demanded to know what was going on. Casey couldn't bring himself to tell them, so Gwen finally announced that Casey was her baby's daddy. Tom and Margo looked shocked.

As Carly was leaving the courtroom, Iris walked in. Carly asked what she wanted. Iris said she'd heard about the trial, about Carly's rich sister and the trust fund. She said she thought the judge would like to hear that Carly had killed HER son before giving her custody of another innocent baby.

Meanwhile, Lucinda was at home trying to work, but she wasn't feeling well because of her treatments. Bob showed up, and said he'd heard about her cancer. He said he wished she'd told him. Lucinda said she didn't want any pity from anyone. Bob said he wasn't going to give her pity, but he did want to be there for her. Lucinda apologized for not telling him before and said how awful she was feeling. Bob told her it might get worse before it got better. Lucinda asked if she was going to die. Bob pointed out that everyone was going to die, and no one could know whether the cancer would kill her or not. But he said she had a good doctor and was getting the best treatment possible, and she might live to be a hundred. He told her to let him know if she needed anything. Lucinda thanked him and he left. Soon after, a woman who claimed to be from the hospital showed up. She said she was a masseuse for cancer patients. Lucinda reluctantly agreed to a massage. The mysterious woman said she was a breast cancer survivor and that she'd survived without surgery, chemo, or radiation. Lucinda asked how. The woman said it was a secret. Lucinda at first thought this was a scheme to get money, but the woman assured her it was not. Lucinda, her mind apparently still clouded by the drugs, actually believed that. The woman said she wasn't supposed to tell her secret, but it had something to do with the hospital. Lucinda demanded she tell her everything, and the woman finally agreed to tell her.

Holden, Keith and Luke were at the Lakeview. Luke told Holden was much he enjoyed his flying lessons. Keith got a phone call and excused himself, saying he needed to go somewhere he could get better reception. Luke and Holden started talking about the flying lessons. Luke said he liked them, but he still wasn't crazy about Keith dating Lily. Holden said he didn't have to like it, but he had to accept it. Luke argued that Holden hadn't accepted it and still wanted to get back with Lily. He asked if they had any alone time the other night at Lucinda's. Holden explained that Keith showed up and the whole thing was a disaster. Luke suggested that it was all Keith's fault, and Holden should try again. Holden said that Lily had moved on, and they had to accept it. He tried to steer the conversation back to Keith and the flying lessons. He asked if Keith talked much about himself. Luke said no, mostly he just talked about flying. Holden asked if Luke knew anything about Keith's job. Luke said no, and told him the story about Keith saying it was confidential when Luke found the folder. Keith came back and Holden told Luke to go wait in the car. After he left, Holden asked why Keith jumped down Luke's throat about his "confidential job". Keith said it was no big deal. He said he worked for a medical supply company that worried a lot about confidentiality and he didn't want
to lose his job. He said he was sorry if he jumped on Luke, he might have overreacted a little, and he'd apologize if Luke felt he'd jumped on him. Holden was still suspicious. Keith told him this was really none of his business. Holden told Keith that they were never going to be friends, but that Keith was part of the family if Lily wanted him in her life. He said Lily and the kids were his business, and he would protect them, so Keith better not do anything to put them in danger.

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