ATWT Update Thursday 8/18/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/18/05


Written and Proofread By Suzanne

Maddie ducks behind the sofa at Mike's place (?) as Katie and Mike walk in, kissing.  She hides as they talk about her always being around.  They kiss and flirt with each other as she rolls her eyes.  They go to the couch and kiss.  Katie tells Mike she loves him but says it's hard to be happy when she knows what Jennifer is going through and how hurt Henry is.  Mike is sympathetic.  Katie regrets that she mistook friendship for something more and hurt everyone.  They kiss some more and then head for the bed near the window.  Maddie spies the fire sprinkler on the ceiling and gets an idea how to cool the lovers off.  They are involved in bed, so they don't see her.  She puts a candle lighter to the sprinkler.  It goes off and she runs out.  Katie and Mike think the candles set it off.  Maddie is outside, listening by the window.  They are dressed and Mike has packed a bag so he can stay with Katie.  Katie warns him that they have to be careful because Maddie is young and impressionable.  He agrees and kisses her.   They think they are lucky to be together.

Gwen is folding baby clothes in her apartment when there is a knock at the door.  She gets it and it's Will.  He notices the changes in the apartment: it's clean, there is an air freshener, she quit smoking, and there are baby books.  She shows him the bassinet she got for the baby and he makes jokes about how it's a laundry basket.  He then jokes that he was mean so she should throw him out, so he goes outside.  There, he calls for her to come out and see what the delivery man left.  It's a big box with a crib.  She thanks him excitedly with a hug.  They start to put it together.  She wants to get another place, bigger and with a backyard.  They hear a knock.  It is her lawyer, Cass Winthrop (a character formerly from Another World that was on ATWT before a few years back).  Cass is annoyed because he feels that Gwen misrepresented her case.  She told him it was a high profile case and that Rosanna Cabot of Cabot Motors was involved, so there would be lots of press coverage.  He says he put aside a couple of good cases for her and now he finds that Rosanna is in a hospital in Switzerland.  They point out that Craig, another high profile person, is the adopted father and that Rosanna left the baby a fortune.  Cass decides to stay and listen.  Later, he looks over his notes and then asks her a few questions.  He worries about the biological father, but she assures him that he is not an issue.  Cass goes to leave and tells her to get back to building that crib because she'll need it.  Gwen is thrilled as Cass explains how he will use the press for their case.  He thinks she should change, but he doesn't argue with her about it, and they all leave to go to court.

Jack and Carly wait outside the courtroom for their lawyer.  She talks about buying baby stuff for Rory.  Jack is worried that Carly has her hopes up too high.  They argue a bit about the case.  Carly is determined to win and she won't hear anything negative about Rosanna's condition, either.  She thinks there could still be a miracle.  Jack tries to reason with her, but Carly tells him that she is taking her life back.  Their lawyer arrives and tells them that she was researching precedents.  Jack wants to know what that is about, so Carly tells the lawyer that she'll fill him in.  The lawyer goes inside the courtroom while Carly explains that she has a plan to get rid of Gwen for good.  Jack thinks it's brilliant.

Gwen and Will arrive at the courthouse.  They talk about how slick Cass is and hope he will win for them.  They see Jack and Carly.  Gwen wonders where the baby is. Cass comes in.  Jack shakes his hand and greets him in a friendly way.  Cass expresses his sympathy to Carly about Rosanna.  Carly is suspicious about why Cass is Gwen's lawyer.  The hearing begins.  Carly's lawyer produces legal papers and makes her case.  Gwen objects that she did not give her baby to Carly, but Cass tells her to sit down and be quiet.  He presents her case as a legal fact, rather than with emotion.  She has 30 days to change her mind about the adoption, and she is exercising that right.  Carly's lawyers want an exception made because the father has not given his consent.  Gwen claims he's not interested, but all the court has is her word on that.  The judge demands that she tell who the father is immediately or the case is closed.

Hal and Emily are sitting in Al's.  In these scenes, Emily is upset but only giving Hal a little bit of information at a time. She wants to tell him but can't.  He is sympathetic but pressuring her.  Hal wants to know if Paul hurt Emily.  She asks why she does this to herself.  He asks what Paul is up to, so she says she has to leave.  He tells her to take a deep breath because that has always worked for him.  She asks him to remember when Jenn came to town, how she needed a friend.  She says she loves her and Will.  He wonders why she mentioned them.  Emily says that Paul and Barbara don't understand.  She tells him what happened at the baby's christening, how Jenn thought the baby was hers.  Emily says she wants to make it right and asks what if she could do something about it.  She mentions that Paul suggested she stay away from Jenn.  Hal is very concerned and offers to buy her food.  She goes to the restroom, still upset.

Paul agrees with Barbara to keep Emily away from Jenn.  Barbara is suspicious about why he is so agreeable and thinks that he and Emily must be having problems.  They bicker, then Hal phones Barbara.  Hal demands to know what's really going on.  They argue about Emily and Jenn.  Paul listens to their conversation.  When Barbara tells him that Hal and Emily are at Hal's, he leaves right away.

Jenn's modeling friend Jasmine is with her, offering her crystal meth ("ice") to make herself feel better.  Jenn keeps turning it down.  Jasmine invites Jenn to party with her and go to Europe with her to model again.  Jennifer says she enjoys working behind the scenes now.  Barbara returns and pretends to be surprised to see Jasmine, but Jenn knows that Barbara phoned her to come there.  Jasmine leaves the ice with Jenn when she goes. Jenn yells at Barbara for trying to fix her.  They argue.  Barbara wants them to go to lunch.  There is more yelling.  Barbara wants to know how she can help, so Jenn tells her to go back in time to when her baby's lungs stopped working and tell God she wants a miracle.  Barbara replies softly that she's already done that.  She begs Jenn not to give up on life, but Jenn says that life gave up on her.  Jenn takes a shower and then tells Barbara she feels better.  Barbara shows her a sketch she has been working on.  Jenn apologizes for snapping.  Barbara mentions how she felt when she lost Johnny.  She tells Jenn that she is sorry for smothering her.  She says she used to know how to take care of her, but now she doesn't.  Jenn says she just needs to be in a dark room, alone.  Barbara says she's already there and they're all just afraid she won't come out.  Jenn doesn't think the anti-depressant the doctor gave her will help.  She doesn't know how to feel better.  She doesn't want to go to lunch, but Barbara insists.  Barbara goes to get the car.  Jenn is in her purse when she sees the baby's hospital bracelet.  She cries and then snorts the crystal meth.

Emily returns to the table with Hal, where food has been delivered.  She tells Hal that nothing has changed, that Paul cares about her but he's angry with Craig even though he's in jail.  Hal wants to know what Paul's planning and if he's gotten her involved.  She tells him to stop trying to rescue her.  He reminds her how Paul can go to a dark place in certain times, like he did with Rose.  Hal warns that if Paul hurts her, he will tear him limb from limb.  Paul comes up just then and thanks Hal for the warning.  He asks if he can join them, then he sits down.  There is tension.  Emily wonders how Paul knew where she was, so Hal explains that he phoned Barbara about her.  Paul plays it off as if it's no big deal that he asked her to stay away from Jenn.  Hal wants to keep interrogating them, but Paul asks Emily to leave with him.  She thanks Hal for listening.  He grabs her hand warmly and says pointedly, "any time".

Outside, Paul wants to know what Em told Hal, but she assures him that she kept his secret.  He doesn't think she should run to Hal every time she has a problem.  She says she didn't, that it was all about love.  She wonders if Paul knows what that means. Paul gets annoyed and they argue.  Paul then starts to sweet-talk her, almost like he's mesmerizing her.  He tells her that he thinks this will make their relationship stronger because she took his side over Hal.  She worries about lying and this revenge against Craig.  He promises he won't lose her or Jenn because of Craig.  He says the worst part is over, but she fears it is just beginning.  They are the baby's grandparents, she points out, and they have to live with his life and the risk of someone taking the baby away.  Paul is resolute that this will not happen.  They hug as Hal watches from inside through the window.

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