ATWT Update Wednesday 8/17/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/17/05


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Same day continuation of Tuesday’s episode:

Maddie stops Katie as she’s sneaking in the front door and, with arms folded, questions her as to where she’d been all night. Then she says nevermind, she knows.

Mike, parading around and showing off his pecs, smiles as he picks up Katie’s watch and thinks lovingly of a few hours before.

Katie tells Maddie she lives there (thank you so very much for telling this nosy twit) and asks if she really thinks she should have to report her comings and goings to someone who is supposed to be a guest. Maddie feigns concern for Henry, since he’s so big and he fell. Katie pushes her aside and goes in to check for herself. It takes a bit of doing to wake Henry up, but he finally says he’s okay; both his feet, his toes and all other bodily parts are present and accounted for. Maddie confirms that she had to tell Katie about his accident. Clearly Henry has no clue what she’s talking about as she tries to gesture signals to get him to go along; he thinks this is going to be good.

Lucinda is sitting at her dressing table and shows Faith how to apply lipstick, lip gloss and mascara. Faith comments on how silly Lucinda is today, but Lucinda says she’s silly because she’s happy, because she’s much better today. Faith wants to braid Lucinda’s hair (like hers) so Lucinda hands her a silver brush and tells her to practice, practice, practice. As she brushes, a big clump of blonde hair comes out in the brush. Faith is startled and stops dead in her tracks. Lucinda is talking about being a Pocahontas and then she realizes what has traumatized Faith.

Emily pulls Jennifer off the elevator and tells her she knows it’s been a very long night, but this is about what happened at the church and what Jennifer heard. Jennifer assumes Emily thinks she’s crazy too, hearing her dead baby. Emily says no, there is a reason for what she heard: she was right!

Paul rushes up about this time and says this is not the time or place. Soon Barbara is there as well, in her Mother Cub mode. She is shocked that Emily would try to ‘help’ this way. She was really just trying to rejoin the family. Emily proclaims she never left the family. Barbara retorts, “Oh, no, you just changed beds. You traded in for a new model (as she shoots a look at Paul).” Paul tells her to back off, because Emily has done more to keep this family together than Barbara could manage in a lifetime. He puts his arm around Emily and caresses her shoulder as he says he's sure that’s all she was trying to do now. Barbara argues that she was the one who tortured Rosanna, and now she’s taking advantage of a grieving mother. Jennifer has covered her face with her hands. Paul tells his mother she just crossed the line. Jennifer finally tells Emily to forget them and just tell her why she thought she heard her baby cry. Emily says she knows how hard it is to want something so badly; you hear what you want to hear. Barbara says, “Thank you very much, Emily Stewart, for stating the obvious.” She tells Jennifer they need to nip this in the bud and go back upstairs and start this medication. Emily is concerned and asks if she’s on medication because there were complications after the baby was born. Jennifer says you might say that; they were happy pills to help her cope. Paul asks where she got these "happy pills." Barbara says it was Dr. Michaels' idea, to make the situation better, and she pulls Jennifer away to go. Jennifer gets to say to Emily not to worry about yesterday; it wasn’t her fault. Paul tells Emily she did the right thing, but she’s belligerent and says she is inches away from jumping on that elevator and telling her the truth.

Faith apologizes to Lucinda; she didn’t mean to pull so hard. Lucinda assures her she didn’t, and that she didn’t feel a thing. She picks her up, hugs her real hard, caresses her face and tells her it’s Grandma’s medicine that causes her hair to fall out. Faith mentions that she took some cough medicine yesterday, but Lucinda tells her that won’t do it; she’ll be just fine. Then she tells her to go down and tell Rose they want French toast for breakfast. Faith says that’s her favorite. Lucinda says she knows, it's hers too, and she’s glad she’s there to eat it with her today. Before she leaves, Faith turns around and asks if she wants Aunt Sierra to help put back her hair. Lucinda braves it by saying no, it’ll just be their secret, and she zips her lips and Faith repeats the motion. She makes an awful face as she looks and pulls out more clumps of hair.

Maddie continues with the charade of Henry falling, though he doesn’t remember any of it. Then she tries to sneak out, but he prevents her from going by asking more questions about when this ‘epic fall’ happened, and why Katie didn’t hear it as well. Katie is close to confessing she wasn’t there, but jumps up to go get an ice pack instead. Maddie belts out, "This is so messed up; Katie was on the porch this morning." Henry jumps in fast and says she was out to get milk, because they were out--right? Katie throws Maddie a look and covers by saying she knows how much Henry likes his cereal in the morning. Maddie complicates things by asking where it is, then, this milk she had to go out at dawn to buy. Katie stutters that she must have left it in the car and offers to go get it, but Maddie says she will. Katie looks at Henry and says she thinks she is misleading him and she doesn’t want to do that; can they... Henry interrupts and says, Can they have breakfast? Katie says sure.

Mike walks up and Maddie welcomes “the milkman.” Of course Mike doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She says he does, he just doesn’t know he does. Don’t try to deny it! He asks if Henry is up. Maddie says yeah; does he want to know if Katie is too, or does he already know that? He says Henry is the only one who needs help getting into the shower and asks if she is coming in. She replies no and asks him to tell Katie she went to get milk; they still need it. He walks on in and asks if anybody’s home. Henry grins and says he’s still there, right where he left him, just like a potted plant. Mike asks how he's doing this morning. Henry replies that he's better every day. Katie walks in with the bowl of dry cereal and she locks eyes with Mike. He tells her if she’s eating that dry, she might want to wait for Maddie, who’s gone after milk. Henry snips that yeah, she loves to drive that limo up to the mini-mart; it’s going to be a tragic day when he takes the keys away from her. Henry tries to swing around and get up, but Mike has to help him. He laments that he can’t believe he let Maddie drive the limo. Henry retorts that she takes the curves like a pro. If he could get a livery license for her, he’d put her to work. And the best thing about a chauffeur’s license is there’s lots of wiggle room... Mike concludes that's just the way he likes it.

Sierra pops in on Lucinda and says they really must be going if they want to make it to the board meeting. Lucinda poo-poos that it is her company, so she laughs it off. She pulls out the loose hair from her brush and slides it into the wastepaper basket at her feet, so Sierra won’t see. Sierra even says her mother doesn’t really have to go. She doesn’t know why she’s so insistent so soon after chemotherapy. "Rumblings, you know," replies Lucinda. Sierra lets her know she saw Faith in the hallway with that buttoned-up lip. She wasn’t fooling her any; she was deliberately not saying something. Lucinda says she told her children should be seen and not heard, and she guesses she took it to heart. Sierra says that is very Victorian of Lucinda. Lucinda pours herself a drink of water and sips. Sierra gives her one last chance to change her mind and not go, and just let Sierra take care of it. Lucinda scoots her out and says she will get dressed and be right down. She races to the dressing table and pulls around on her hair, to make sure it’s not coming out. She seems relieved but it is short-lived, as when she starts to brush it clumps catch in the brush from the back of her head. She makes a face in horror.

Barbara tells Jennifer, “Anti-depressants don’t change who you are. They just lift the black veil that’s in front of you. It helps you get a handle on things, a better chance.” Jennifer says she is better. Barbara is still against Emily telling her what she did, even though Jennifer says that for a moment it did make her feel better. Barbara relays how when Johnny died she felt the same way for weeks, like she could hear her baby in the next room. And if this medication helped Jen recover one day sooner, wouldn’t that be a good thing? She holds out the pill, and Jen says, "Why not?" and takes it.

Emily tells Paul that his sister is grieving a baby who is very much alive, and only twenty minutes away. She doesn’t need pills, she just needs to hold her little boy, and she would be doing that right now if it weren’t for him. Paul says this is not helping, and Emily agrees; only one thing could help. Paul pulls her aside so they can sit down in the lobby and he tells her she’s going on no sleep here, she's been up all night. He asks her to explain to him why, when she had a chance, she had not told Jennifer. He’d even answer that: because deep, deep down she knew he was right. Jennifer would recover and have other children, but not if Craig Montgomery got a chance to destroy her life. Emily spouts that he doesn’t have to, Paul is doing it for him. Can’t he look in his sister’s eyes and see that pain? He tells her it’s a transitional period and it will pass. Emily answers that losing a child doesn’t pass; what he’s doing is just wrong. Paul looks her in the eyes and asks why she is doing this. The one person since he’s been about sixteen years old who actually gets him, and now she’s bailing on him! Emily replies, “I’m not bailing. I’m sticking around. I’m trying to get through to you. I’m trying to find you.” He tells her he is right there, trying to help protect the people he cares about. She says she gets that, but if she’s a person he’s known all his life, shouldn’t her opinion matter? And this is not him, this is all Craig; it’s the way Craig loves people, and look at the damage he’s done. She tells him he can undo it. He couldn’t change everything Craig did, but he could stop this pain that his sister is in, in a heartbeat. "Just go do it; tell her that her baby is alive." Emily then asks what happens when Craig is out of prison. She's sure he’ll go to Jack and Carly and make a bid to claim his son. Paul says no, he wouldn’t do anything to upset Jennifer; he’d make a claim as the adoptive father. She argues that he’d want a paternity test, and the truth would come out that he’s the biological father. Jennifer would find out anyway, so what’s the difference? And if Jen finds out he’s known all this time and hidden it from her, forget right and wrong; this won’t work! The truth will come out. Paul replies that that will happen only if Craig is free, and he will spend his life seeing that he stays in jail. He’d do it another way if he could. Does she think he is a monster? She says she knows he’s a good man, but he’s let grief cloud his judgment. Craig is a fact in Jennifer’s life, and he can try to keep him in jail, but he has to give Jennifer back her baby. He tells her he can’t take that chance. She holds his hands and says she is scared for him. She cares for him so much, and he can only lose something so many times and come back. He tells her he can’t lose his family. If he’s important to her, then she won’t push this. He says he needs her with him. He asks that she please talk to him before she does anything. She tells him she has to go. He wipes tears from her eyes. She says she knows what he wants her to do, she’s just not sure she can give it to him.

Jennifer and Barbara do commiserate over losing a child, but Jen tries to convince her not to hover and keep shoving food down her throat. She’s relieved when Barbara has to go sign for a delivery, hoping the pills will hurry and work. As she's flopped on the couch, not long with her thoughts, there is a knock, and it’s an old model friend, Jasmine. She claims to have been in the area and thought why not stop by. Jennifer is sure that her mother must have called her. Jasmine mentions Mr.. Street Jeans; he seemed pretty broken up too. Jen tells her they aren’t together, but it's not because of the baby. She had blown that already, and he’s in love with somebody else.

Mike and Katie drift into each other’s arms and kiss. Finally she pulls away and says Maddie might be back in a minute. Mike asks what’s going on around here this morning. She fills him in that Maddie made a big point of telling her she could have used her last night and that she knows she wasn’t there. They both can probably figure out where she was. Whatever Henry is feeling, he doesn’t want to talk about it, and she doesn’t want to rub his face in it either. Mike says that’s pretty hard when his face is parked on her couch. She says she wishes she could just tell him to stay away from her, but that doesn’t work. He agrees, no chance. They discuss Maddie being weird and that she hates his guts. He wonders if the gym can run itself today. He has the day off. Coyly, she says they shouldn’t. His place, empty, all day... He whispers in her ear. She smiles and says she’ll be there.

Maddie sneaks around and enters Mike’s house through an open window.. Casing the joint, she sees the rumpled, unmade bed--not exactly proof. The house is too neat; a woman has been there. And then she spies Katie’s watch on the nightstand. She has one of her cute fantasies of Mike and Katie saying goodbye, but alas, that isn’t reality; she knows it is what it is, as she sinks onto the bed.

Lucinda sits at her table, all dressed in black, ready to go except for her head. She tries on several hats, fidgeting with scarves. Finally, in frustration, she tries them all on at same time and then hurls them aside, crying and nervously laughing. She walks over and picks up the brush from the bed and tosses it, breaking the mirror.

Emily is sitting reflecting on the scene with Paul when she feels a familiar touch on her shoulder. It’s Hal, and as he smiles she puts her hand on his.

Paul is just sitting in the lobby when Barbara walks up and says Emily, his recycled little girlfriend, is still an opportunistic little tramp. He never learns his lesson, does he? He retorts that he’s slow that way; he still talks to her (Barbara). Barbara warns him that if he wants to mess up his life that’s fine, but keep Emily away from Jennifer. He says he completely agrees; Emily shouldn’t be near Jen.

With Maddie inside listening to their conversation, Mike and Katie discuss the day. She left Henry a note, and he’ll be fine. They’ll have their talk another day, only she feels so sneaky. Mike says once he opens the door they leave Maddie, Henry, and everybody else outside. She agrees.

Sierra opens Lucinda’s bedroom door, looks around at the chaos and finds Lucinda cowering in the corner on the floor. She tells her to go away, but Sierra slides down on the floor beside her and puts her arms around her. Lucinda melts into them and cries for her to hold her.

Jasmine disagrees with Jennifer when she says that the anti-depressants should make her feel better in a couple of weeks. "No way," she exclaims, "life’s too short." She pulls out a small vial of white powder and holds it up, telling Jen it will make her feel better in five minutes.

Barbara asks Paul what is wrong; he just agreed with her--twice. He says he knows; it must be some sort of freaky holiday, but don’t worry, it won’t happen again. She wonders why now. He just says the conflict isn’t good for Jennifer. Barbara plunges the knife in farther that his girlfriend was using the family tragedy to score points. She warns him again about keeping Emily away, and Paul says to leave that up to him.

Hal sits down and tells Emily it looks like she has lost her best friend.. She replies she seems to make a habit of that and then says she’s sorry, he doesn’t need to be hearing this. Hal looks into her eyes, searching, and asks if it is Paul and if he did something. Emily mutters, "Yes."

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