ATWT Update Tuesday 8/16/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/16/05


By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the cottage, Katie, Henry and Maddie are playing cards. Maddie wins again and she and Henry tease Katie about it. Katie throws a pillow at Henry and he pretends to be hurt, and Katie falls for it again. They seem to all be enjoying themselves when Katie’s cell phone rings. Maddie makes an off-handed comment about how late it is for someone to be calling, but Katie tells them it is her mother. She claims to have a bad connection and she goes to take it outside. After Katie leaves, Maddie gloats to Henry that her plan to reunite him and Katie is working like a charm. Henry scoffs at her, telling her she is crazy, but Maddie is sure Katie is falling back in love with him. Once she is outside, though, we learn the caller on Katie’s cell phone is really Mike. He wants her to come meet him as soon as she can.

Jennifer is in the church when Barbara arrives. Jennifer is curious how she knew where to find her. Barbara confesses that she saw her leaving the Lakeview and she looked upset, so she followed her. However, if she wants her to go so she can be alone with her prayers, she will leave. Jennifer tells her that is not the real reason she came here; she came here in hopes of seeing her baby again. Barbara is not following. Jen tries to explain to her that she is 100% sure she heard her baby cry inside the church the other day. The day of the christening she initially came to the church because she wanted to feel close to her baby, and Rosanna’s baby was born the same day in the same hospital as her baby. It was as if the two babies had a connection. She wonders out loud if Barbara must think she is out of her mind. No, Barbara says, she thinks that she is simply a woman grieving for her baby. However, Jen just can’t let go of the feeling she had when she heard the baby cry; her whole being told her it was her baby. Barbara asks her if she understands how that can’t be possible. Jen wants someone to explain it to her, then. Barbara thinks she should go home and get some rest, but Jen wants to stay there. When she thought she heard her baby cry she had felt joy and hope, and it had been so long since she had felt those emotions; she wants to stay in a place that makes her feel that way.

At his apartment, Paul is holding Emily’s hand tightly in order to keep her from leaving. Emily demands to know the truth as she orders Paul to let her go. Paul denies that he knows anything, but Emily is sure she is holding the missing piece of the puzzle. Why would he be trying to hide this? She recites what she has deduced. Craig had switched the babies in order to really be adopting his own son. Rosanna figured it out when she saw the footprints and was trying to tell Paul that the night of her accident. Finally, Paul relents. It is all true, what she is saying. Emily is truly shocked at the turn of events. She is adamant--he has to tell his sister. Paul is just as steadfast in his belief that Jen can never know the truth. Emily stares at him in disbelief. "If you don’t tell your sister, then I will," she threatens, as she heads for the door. Like lightning, Paul is beside her and grabbing her arm to prevent her from leaving. "No you won’t," he warns a startled Emily..

Katie wonders to Mike how she will be able to get away to see him. Mike suggests she just say she is going out. They both realize that would probably not be the best option, considering Henry is convalescing at her house.. He coaxes her further by joking that his place has been redone and the paint has dried, and he wants her to be the first to view the grand reopening of his home. Katie desperately wants to go see Mike, but she worries about how Henry will take it if she leaves. Mike jokes that she could slip him a mickey, which gives Katie an idea. She hangs up, telling him that she will see him a little later. She walks back in the house as Maddie is coming to look for her. She remarks sarcastically about the length of Katie’s phone call, which Katie ignores. Henry tells Maddie she needs to get to bed to get back into the rhythm of having a school night routine. Maddie takes this opportunity to tell Henry that she does not want to go back to school, and if she must, she would rather do it here in Oakdale. Henry doesn’t want to have this conversation right now, and he tells her to go to bed. Maddie gives in, but as she is going upstairs she offers to pour them two glasses of wine if they are staying up. Katie tells Henry she will make him some tea instead. Maddie goes to bed. Henry asks about how her mother is doing, and Katie rattles off a story about her on a cruise in the South Pacific. Henry seems a little suspicious, and when he asks further questions Katie excuses herself to go make Henry some tea. As she is preparing the tea, she puts not one or two but four chamomile tea bags in the pot.

"I won’t let you tell my sister," Paul declares. Emily angrily pulls her arm out of Paul’s grasp. "It is cruel, what you are doing," she insists. She wants him to start talking to explain what he is thinking. Paul relays the story as he figures it, and it is just as Emily thought. Rosanna’s baby is Jen’s, and Craig switched them in a twisted plot to adopt his own child. Rosanna must have figured it out, and that is why Craig ran her off the road. "That doesn’t change why you want to keep Jen suffering," Emily argues, but Paul disagrees with her. "What she is suffering through now is next to nothing to what Craig will put her through if she gets her baby back." He will never put his sister through that--never.

Gwen and Will are at Al’s Diner having an ice cream. Will voices his support of what Gwen is trying to do. Gwen is worried that she is dragging him into a messy situation. He appreciates her concern, but he is fine. He did have his reservations about her decision at first, but then he saw her formulating a plan to get her baby back and sticking to it. He's realized how serious she is. He also figures not too many people know when they are having a baby, and many are not ready or prepared. Sometimes you just have to go with it. Her lawyer, who has come with bad news, interrupts them. He has a case that is switching to Superior Court tomorrow, and he has to be there. Gwen is concerned; what about her case? He is going to have to put in a motion for postponement. Gwen isn’t sure she wants to wait. The lawyer advises her that if she doesn’t want to wait she will have to find another lawyer, but she will have to do it before he files a motion for postponement. He just wants her to let him know what she wants to do. After the lawyer leaves, Will asks Gwen what she wants to do. She doesn’t want to wait another couple of weeks; what if she loses her chances with her baby? She doesn’t trust Jack, and she certainly doesn’t trust Carly. Decision made, Will drags Gwen off to go find her another lawyer.

Barbara wants to soothe Jen, so she tells her if this place helps her find peace then she should stay, but if that changes then they will leave. If she doesn’t want to go home, Barbara will take her wherever she wants to go. Jen doesn’t know what she feels and would like to just sit a moment. Barbara leaves to give her some time and immediately gets on her cell phone and makes a call to someone, asking for help because there is an emergency.

Emily doesn’t think that Paul is thinking straight due to his anger.. He is punishing Jen. Paul corrects her: he is protecting Jen. His father destroyed his life, and he’ll be damned if he is going to allow Craig to do that to Jen. "Do you hear yourself?" Emily asks. "You are trying to protect Jen from the likes of Craig and your dad, and meanwhile you are turning into your dad." Paul angrily declares he will never be like his father. Emily thinks his anger is blinding him, and it has convinced him that lying is his best option. Craig is in jail; Jen has the support of the whole town. No harm will come to her or her baby. She pleads with Paul to consider the pain his sister is in. He can take her grief away that very night. Paul understands, but he is in pain, too, due to Craig. Emily doesn’t understand. Why doesn’t he stop thinking of Craig long enough to see his sister is dying inside? He explains that Craig told him that Rosanna had a seizure in Switzerland. She won’t recover, and that is thanks to Craig. That is what he is capable of.. Emily stares in disbelief. This is not about his sister’s well-being; it is about Rosanna, and it has been about her all along.

Jen is peacefully sitting in the pew when she hears the door open and assumes it is her mother. She tells her, without turning, that she is ready to leave. Upon turning, she notices her mother is standing with someone: Dr. Michaels. Barbara is immediately apologetic for calling Dr. Michaels and says she was just concerned. Jen apologizes in turn for wasting her time coming out there. She is not interested in talking, and she is not losing it. She is simply dealing with her grief the best way she knows how. Dr. Michaels is not promising Jen anything. She can’t make her pain go away. She can only share experiences that she has had with others who have dealt with what Jen is going through. Jen contemplates her words.

Maddie comes downstairs and notices Henry asleep alone on the couch. She wakes him and asks him about what happened with him and Katie. He mumbles that nothing happened. He wants her to stop letting her imagination run wild about him and Katie. He falls back asleep. Maddie picks up the laptop and logs into a chat room to submit a post about how things are going with her plan to reunite her brother and sister-in-law. She asks for any suggestions. She stands over a sleeping Henry promising everyone will win as soon as she gets him and Katie back together, and if he lets her stay in Oakdale.

Katie slips into Mike’s bedroom. It appears he has fallen asleep waiting for her. She whispers, knowing this will awaken him, that she will just have to go back home to Henry and Maddie. He jumps up, smiling. Katie laments over the fact that they have to sneak around. Mike reminds her it is because she is trying to spare Henry’s feelings. She is truly a beautiful person inside and out. He kisses her softly on her stomach, moving upwards. He slowly undresses her and coaxes her into bed. Later, they talk about how it always is so good between them. They both wondered when they were going to be able to be in each other’s arms again. Katie asks if Mike is upset because Henry is staying at her house. Of course not, he says, he understands. He worries it is awkward for Henry, though. It is clear that Henry is still in love with Katie; Mike winks at her as he asks who could blame him, though, and Katie giggles. They talk about the situation with Henry being laid up at her house and how she is doing the right thing. Then there is Maddie, who is desperate to get them back together. Frankly, she is a little annoying about it. Mike reminds Katie she is just a kid. Suddenly, Katie appears sad. A tear rolls down her cheek. She wonders when something or someone isn’t going to be standing in their way. Mike promises that they will get there. He kisses her again. Katie thinks she should get going, since the sun is coming up, but Mike persuades her to stay longer by pulling her back into bed.

Jen starts to open up to Dr. Michaels. It felt so real at the christening; she really thought her baby was crying for her. Dr. Michaels assures Jen it is not strange. The body finds ways to make itself feel better; her body accomplished that by taking her to a place where she thought her baby was. She asks how she feels physically. Jen answers by relating symptoms of nausea, tiredness and headaches. She likens it to her symptoms when she was pregnant. However, those are also symptoms of depression, Dr. Michaels explains. She has a choice in what to do about the way she is feeling. Jen is unsure. If she stops feeling like this, will she forget her baby? Dr. Michaels assures her those memories of her baby will never go away. She thinks with medication and therapy, they can stabilize her feelings. Jen isn’t sure. She is not a fan of medication, but Barbara chimes in that it won’t be forever. She reminds her that if it helps, then it should be worth a try.

Paul is sure that if Jen lays claim to her child, Craig will destroy her. It is not about Rosanna. Paul thought if there was one person who would understand, it would have been her. Emily is not going to be manipulated. He wasn’t going to share anything with her. He didn’t care if she would understand and side with him. He was hiding this all from her. "You can’t control everything and everyone," Emily tells him. Paul is adamant--she is either with or against him. "That is what it has come to?" Emily asks sadly. There is a knock, and Paul angrily goes to answer it. Will and Gwen walk in and immediately tell Paul they need his help.. He tells them he is otherwise occupied and they should come back tomorrow, but Will will not be deterred. There is no time to waste; they need a lawyer because Gwen’s case is tomorrow. Paul can’t help right now. Gwen wants to leave, but Will wants to know why Paul won’t do him this favor. "Because it isn’t always about you, Will," Paul bitterly answers. "Here is the phonebook; lawyer starts with an ‘L’," and he tosses them the book. Meanwhile, Emily has slipped out. "Where has Emily gone?" he asks. Gwen says she left, maybe because she didn’t like his attitude, either. Paul just stares off into the distance. Later, as Gwen and Will are thumbing through the phonebook, Gwen offers to do it elsewhere. Will thinks that Paul is just upset about Rosanna. Paul enters the room and apologizes for snapping but explains he has had an awful night. Does Paul remember a Cass Winthrop? Will asks. Didn’t their mom use him? Paul thinks he sounds familiar. Paul goes to leave, and Will asks if he and Emily are all right. He is not sure how to answer that as he stalks out the door.

Mike pours himself some coffee as he remembers the night he and Katie shared. He goes over to the desk drawer, pulls out a picture of them together and places it on his bedside table, and he smiles looking at the picture.

Katie sneaks up the front walkway and looks through the front door window at a sleeping Henry and Maddie. She smiles to herself, glad the tea had its effect. As she starts to walk in the door, Maddie meets her. Where has she been? They were worried. Katie smirks as she sees Henry fast asleep, knowing he wasn’t even aware she was gone. Maddie again asks where Katie was all night. Katie responds, a bit annoyed, that it is really none of her business. "Yes it is, actually," Maddie tells her.

Barbara and Jen are walking into the lobby of the Lakeview. Barbara hopes that Jen is not too upset about her calling Dr. Michaels. Jen admits that she helped, but next time she wants her to tell her first before she does something like that. Barbara is sure that Jen has nothing to lose and everything to gain. She offers to go fill the prescription and meet Jen upstairs. As Barbara starts to walk away, Jen thanks her for her support. Barbara walks away and Jen starts to get onto the elevator. Emily comes racing in and stops the elevator doors before they can close. "There is something you need to know," Emily exclaims.

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