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As the World Turns Update Monday 8/15/05


By Elayna
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At the farm, Meg and Dusty are awkwardly trying to find the words for a normal conversation as they wait for the pie to come out of the oven. Dusty playfully tries to kiss her, but Meg is interested in talking instead. They attempt to talk about books and movies. They aren’t very successful at a flowing conversation, and Dusty tries to fill in the pauses with insinuations of wanting her for dessert. Meg wants more than that as she turns her head away.

At the church, Gwen and Carly are ready to go toe to toe. Gwen is furious that Carly had this secret christening, and named her baby, no less.. Carly is adamant that she had a right because she now has custody of Rosanna’s baby, and Gwen has no say or right because she signed away her parental rights. Carly tries to appeal to Will to change Gwen’s mind, because she thinks he is the father, but Will explains it is Gwen's right and decision. Gwen then tells Carly that she doesn’t know anything about her, and that Will is not even the baby’s father. Carly wants to know who is, then.

Bob is having a meal with Casey at Al’s Diner. He is trying to get Casey to open up about what is going on with him, and in particular why he and Will, his best friend, are no longer speaking. Casey is not too interested in talking about it and tries to redirect the conversation. Bob says that Margo and Tom felt the trouble began after he and Celia broke up. "Sure, that is it," Casey quickly agrees. However, Bob thinks that doesn’t make sense, because if Celia was, in fact, the problem, then wouldn’t Casey be mad at Will instead of vice versa? Casey doesn’t have much to say, so Bob continues. Whatever is going on between the two of them, Bob wants Casey to fix it, because there is nothing that should wreck friendship. Casey doesn’t think that it is possible. Bob doesn’t understand; if the girl causing the rift is gone, then fixing the issue should be easier. Casey, who is getting more wound up, suddenly exclaims it is Gwen causing the problems.

Jennifer is beside herself. She hears her baby crying and has to get into the church to get to her baby. Paul wants her to stop. She begs him to believe her. She knows what she heard. Paul tells her emphatically that what she heard is just not possible. She pleads with him to trust in what she is saying. She heard her baby cry the day he was born, and she swears that the cry she just heard was the same cry as her baby’s. Paul tries to get her to walk away from the church, as Emily now is standing there holding the baby. Jennifer cries out for her baby. Emily is startled. She doesn’t understand what she just happened into. Paul tells Emily to take the baby inside the church. Emily starts to inquire as to what is going on when Paul angrily snaps for her to take the baby inside, which she does. Paul turns to Jen to ask if she is all right, and suddenly Jen passes out into his arms.

Meg wants their ‘relationship’ to be deeper than ripping off each other’s clothes. Dusty thinks they are past talking the way Meg wants, since they have known each other since they were kids. Meg doesn’t want to hear that and abruptly stands up and says dessert is over. Dusty tries to diffuse the situation, and when he can’t he pretends he hears something outside, and he goes to check it out.

Will tries to get Gwen to leave. Gwen doesn’t want to leave without her baby. Will explains that is obviously not going to be possible right now. He is worried that Gwen is getting so worked up she is likely to take a swing at Carly, and then she will never see Rory again. Gwen wants to know what kind of name Rory is--is she asking for him to get beat up in school? Will is sure that name was chosen in honor of Rosanna. Gwen suddenly feels badly. That is okay, then, since she likes Rosanna, but she does not like Carly at all, and her baby is not staying with her. The law is on her side, and she won’t be deterred. They decide to leave. Outside, Parker asks Carly why ‘the girl’ said the baby is hers; is she going to take him away? Carly assures him she will not.

Bob asks Casey to cut Gwen some slack; she has given up her child and left the hospital early. Casey wonders if Bob feels sorry for her. He figures that is how it started with Will. Casey claims that Gwen was making a lot of bad choices, and he was calling her on them, and Will kept getting involved and protecting her. Bob wonders if Casey realizes how easy his life is compared to Gwen’s. Casey can understand. Bob asks how he felt towards Will when he found out she was pregnant with Will’s baby, supposedly. He says he was upset for him because of how one moment in time can change someone’s life forever. Bob thinks that maybe Casey can transfer some of the compassion that he initially felt for Will and channel it towards Gwen. Bob feels maybe Casey will open up to him; he starts to ask if there may be something Casey wants to open up to him about.. Casey’s cell phone rings, interrupting them, and Casey asks Bob if he minds if he takes it because it is a friend from school. Bob tells him to take his time with his phone call.

Dusty, who is standing outside the kitchen at the farm, is not quite sure what is going on. He wonders to himself what is wrong with him. He can’t make small talk with Meg, whom he has known forever. She has a nice dress on, he thinks; he should start with complimenting the dress she is wearing. Inside, Meg is thinking to herself as well. She wonders what she is doing. He wants her, and here she is worried about a little talking. He is not gone yet, so she needs to pull this one out of the fire. She immediately starts to undress in the kitchen as Dusty pops his head back in the door. He turns, though, to find Emma standing there. He talks loudly enough so Meg can hear him with her. He stalls long enough for Meg to redress. Emma asks if she is interrupting. Dusty tells her that she is certainly not and that she should join them, to Meg’s dismay.

Carly, Jack, Emily and the kids arrive back at home after the fiasco at the christening. Carly goes to get Parker and J.J. some cake and ice cream, and Emily takes the baby. She and Jack start to talk about the events that unfolded. Jack was wondering what happened to Paul. Emily is unsure whether to talk about it, but finally she opens up to him. She tells him about Jen’s reaction to the baby. Emily tells of the meltdown Jen had. Jen seems to be taking losing her baby harder then everyone knows. Paul had to stop her or she might have tried to grab at the baby. She seemed so desperate to see the baby, but it was so strange how dead-set against that Paul was. He wouldn’t let her even lay her eyes on Rory. Jack thinks if Jen was acting irrational then Paul was right, but Emily was sure that Jen was not acting as if she were about to harm anyone; she just was acting as if it were a matter of life and death to just see the baby. If Paul had allowed her to see the baby then she would have felt better, because she would have then known it was not her baby. She is grieving, not delusional. Jack interrupts in support of Paul. He feels that Paul was reacting as a man and Emily as a woman. He was probably trying to protect Jen and the baby. Emily is worried about Paul. He is dealing with so much right now, with Rosanna’s accident and his nephew dying. She just wants him to allow her to help. Jack offers advice from a man’s standpoint: don’t ask him if you can help, just do it!

Back at the Lakeview, Paul tells Jen that she had no business being at the church. What was she thinking? She doesn’t know, she admits, it was a silly knee-jerk reaction to talking to a stranger. She had never planned to go near the church, but she had run into a stranger and struck up a conversation with this woman, who had also lost her child. Paul inquires if that was a sign, in her mind, to go to the christening. Jen emotionally admits that her thought process was bizarre, but since Rosanna’s baby was born the same day in the same hospital, she thought going there would make her feel closer to her baby. Paul apologizes to her, but then Jen starts talking about how when she heard the baby cry she could have sworn it was her baby crying. Paul tries to stop Jen from talking about feeling as if her baby was at the church. She proceeds to explain that the cries were identical, and something inside of her was so powerfully telling her that the baby belonged to her. Paul wants her to stop thinking about the church. She realizes she was wrong now, though. She feels she will never be happy again. Paul promises her she will, but Jen wants to know how he knows that. Bluntly, he tells her that James and Craig are cut from the same cloth. He knows how it is, as a child, to have James as a father. He honestly feels that if the baby had lived, his life would have been made miserable. Her baby is in a far better place. He wants Jen to look within herself and find a way to be happy. Jen wants to know if feeling the baby is in a better place helps Paul manage through his grief, which Paul admits it does. Okay then, Jen decides, she is going to live by a new set of rules. When she sees and thinks of her baby, she is going to imagine him in this better place. She will do it for herself and for Paul. If she can find a way to get through this grief, then Paul will stop worrying about her, and he will in turn be able to get through his grief. Jen thanks Paul and orders him home to go make up with Emily, since he snapped at her at the church. She tells Paul she is going to people-watch to help her get her mind off of things. She promises to call him if she needs him.

J.J. tells Carly that when she said she is going to keep the baby she was telling the truth, because when she said she was going to keep him she meant it, and Carly looks at him happily. Parker is standing over the bassinet looking at Rory. He doesn’t see the resemblance between the woman at the church and Rory. Jack laughingly says he thinks all babies look as if they are Elmer Fudd. Parker wonders whether, if they don’t look alike, maybe she is not the real...but Jack stops him and says that maybe the baby looks like the father. Parker doesn’t care because ultimately it doesn’t matter, because his mom said he is staying with them. They walk off as Emily looks into the bassinet with a strange, concerned look on her face.

Bob is still sitting at the table at the diner when Gwen walks in with her mind a thousand miles away. He says hi, and Gwen responds without even knowing whom she is talking to, but then she stops when she sees that it is Bob. She apologizes for being preoccupied. He understands, with everything that she is going through recently with her baby. She tells Bob that there has been a change in plans, and she is making arrangements to get him back. Bob is surprised and asks her if she has a plan. He knows she will need help. Actually, she does not need as much help as she had originally thought. She can’t really get into the details, but her lawyer said she would have plenty of money to care for her baby properly. This bit of information piques Bob’s interest, but he respects her privacy and lets her talk further. She will be able to hire a babysitter when she is in school, and everything else she will figure out as she goes along. Bob does have one question he hopes she will answer: what is the father of her baby’s role going to be now that she is going to be getting her baby back? Casey walks in as Gwen is considering the answer. She quickly answers that the father does not want to have anything to do with his baby, and she is fine with that. Bob offers to buy Gwen a banana split, and Gwen is tempted as Casey shows back up from his phone call.. Will then arrives, and Bob tries to get them to all sit down, but Will explains that he is there to pick Gwen up for the ‘thing," and they quickly excuse themselves. Casey says to Bob that Will’s attitude towards him proves this is a lost cause. Bob does figure this is going to be tougher than he thought, but he feels strongly that Casey should not give up on their friendship.

Emma, Dusty and Meg are sitting at the table eating the pie. Emma asks how dinner was. Dusty says it was good, but Meg honestly tells her that she burned most of the dinner and Dusty had ended up cooking her dinner. Emma jokes that that must be why the kitchen looks like a bomb hit it. Meg explains that she will clean it, and Dusty will need to get going because it is late. Dusty gets ready to leave and says his goodbyes, but as he goes he asks to see Meg outside. He tells her he really did have a good night with her. Meg smiles and tells him that he is just being nice. Dusty laughs and asks since when does he try to be nice. He kisses her tenderly and says, “We are good” as he turns to walk away. Meg mumbles to herself after he leaves that they are just not good enough.

Carly and Jack are talking after everyone has left. Jack advises Carly to try not to get Parker and J.J.’s hopes up about Rory. Carly is adamant that they will be keeping the baby. How is Carly so sure of herself? They have a secret weapon. What would that be? Jack wonders. Carly asks if Jack recalls Gwen’s reaction when they asked about the biological father. Jack remembers her being angry. No, she was defensive, Carly says. She wonders if Gwen has even told the father, and if not, then he could be her Achilles heel. "If we find out about the real father, then that may stop her."

Outside the diner, Gwen tells Will about her and Bob’s conversation. She knows he and Will are probably not thrilled about what she has chosen to do, but she thanks Will for all his support. She recognizes all he has on his plate, and yet he is still there for her. Gwen’s lawyer shows up with some good news for her. He has heard from the courts that they have been granted a court date for the adoption hearing, and it is tomorrow. Gwen excitedly hugs Will.

Paul arrives at home and pours himself a drink. He takes out the baby footprints and stares at them. He speaks quietly but out loud. "I am sorry, Jen," he says, "but I have to do this; it is for the best." Emily, who has walked in unbeknownst to Paul, asks him what is for the best.

Casey thinks Gwen’s reaction to him is proof enough that she likes him as much as he likes her. Bob tells Casey that she just told him that she is raising her baby alone, and that maybe he should cut her some slack. Casey snaps back that he is done with her, and she has Will for any other problems she gets herself into.

Emma asks about how dinner really went. Meg tells her that she could probably tell, since Dusty practically tied Emma to a chair rather than spend time alone with her. Emma laughs, saying he was just trying to be nice to his date’s mom. Meg is sure it was too awkward. Emma tries to relax her, reminding her it was the first time she cooked dinner for him, among other things. She soothes Meg by telling her that she shouldn’t put so much pressure on herself. It didn’t have to be perfect. If it is meant to happen it will. Meg wishes it could be that easy, and it probably would be if Dusty meant less to her.

Dusty arrives back in the Lakeview lobby and finds Jen sitting there sadly. He sits down beside her. Jen looks at him and tells him slowly that she doesn’t know how she is going to get through this, and as she silently cries, she lays her head on his shoulder.

A startled Paul tells Emily that he didn’t hear her come in. Obviously, Emily figures. He apologizes for snapping and for Jen’s reaction. Emily notes that he has been apologizing a lot lately. What is going on? What is he hiding? He was acting weird with Jen earlier, and now he is acting strangely again. He claims he has no idea what she is talking about. "Oh yeah?" she asks, "Then what is in the drawer? Am I imagining that as well?" She goes to open the drawer. Paul grabs her arm and tells her to let it go. She demands he let go of her arm. He stares at her, but then lets her go. She opens the drawer and sees the two baby prints. She suddenly puts it together. The “wrong foot,” she recalls. She whirls around and faces Paul. "You were racking your brain trying to figure out what Rosanna meant when she said those words; well, now I guess you know. The baby Rosanna has is Jennifer’s."

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