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As the World Turns Update Friday 8/12/05


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At the Lakeview, Mike and Katie arrive and Katie is happy Mike called to make sure Jennifer wasn’t there before they came to the hotel. Katie is a little annoyed; they can’t go to Mike's place to have some privacy because it is being remodeled, and they can’t go to her house because Maddie and Henry are staying there. Katie is a little uneasy about being with Mike in a public place. Mike decides they should stop waiting for the perfect moment to be together, because it is impossible for him to not have Katie in his life. Mike and Katie begin to kiss and then they decide to get a suite at the hotel so they can be alone. Maddie arrives and notices Mike and Katie kissing, and she quickly comes up with a plan to make sure Katie goes back home to Henry.

At the Snyder farm, Dusty explains to Meg that he had to check on Jennifer because he was worried when she didn’t show up for work. Dusty tells Meg he spent some time with Jennifer to try and cheer her up, but Jennifer refused to share her pain with him and told him she had to go see Paul. Meg tells Dusty that she understands why he is concerned about Jennifer, but she has a lot of family members who will love and support her. Meg tells Dusty she is making spicy cider sauce to go with stuffed quail. Dusty is impressed by the fancy meal. Meg gives Dusty a taste of the sauce, and it is so spicy he burns his mouth.

At Paul’s place, Jennifer asks Paul what he wanted to tell her and Paul can’t find the right words, so he makes himself a drink and swallows it in one gulp before he tells Jennifer anything. Jennifer notices the footprints Paul is looking at and wonders if Paul has to tell her something about her baby.

At Al’s Diner, Gwen asks Will if he thinks she can trust Jack to allow her to see her baby anytime. Gwen tells Will she is considering an open adoption. Will tells Gwen he would trust Jack with his life because he is one of his father’s best friends and a wonderful father to his children. Gwen is worried about Carly because she thinks she isn’t a good person. Will explains that Carly is a good person, it's just that when she is pushed she will push back; but she is a good mother. Will thinks Carly and Gwen are alike in the way that they both push back when people get in their faces. Gwen resents the comparison to Carly.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Iris arrives and asks Jack not to allow Carly to cause her any more trouble. Jack wonders why Iris is asking him that, since she believes Carly was responsible for the death of her son. Iris explains to Jack that Carly may want to open the case again, and she doesn’t want to go through the pain again. Iris asks Jack to make sure Carly stays out of her face, and she promises not to bother them again if he does.

At the church, Carly rocks the baby, who is inside a baby carrier, and Parker arrives to tell her the minister wants to talk to her about the music for the service. Carly doesn’t want to stop rocking the baby because she fears he will awaken if she stops rocking the carrier. Parker volunteers to rock the baby for her. Carly tells Parker to stay there with the baby and not to move until she returns. Carly has a flash of memory and recalls that those are the exact words Iris told her about her baby brother.. The memory is so strong that Carly’s knees get weak and she has to hold on to a table to steady herself. Parker wonders if his mom is okay, and Carly tells Parker she is fine. Carly goes to take the baby out of the carrier and hold him against her. Parker asks Carly if she wants him to take care of the baby. Carly explains to Parker that they must all take care of the baby now until his Aunt Rosanna returns home, because she made a promise to her and she must keep it no matter what happens. Parker wonders when his Aunt Rosanna will be coming home. Carly tells Parker his Aunt Rosanna will return home when she is feeling better. Parker asks Carly if Aunt Rosanna knows the baby is staying with them. Carly explains to Parker that before Rosanna went to the hospital far away, she took the baby to her hospital room to see her and told her the baby would be with her family, where there is lots of love, until she got better.

At Al’s Diner, Gwen thinks Carly and Jack are being nice to her until the thirty days run out and the adoption is final, and then they won’t keep their word to let her see the baby. Gwen tells Will she never trusted anyone until she met him because he is the only true friend she ever had who never expected anything in return from her. Will encourages Gwen to start trusting people sometime and give Carly and Jack a chance; after all, she trusted someone once, and it worked out well. Gwen smiles at Will and admits he is right. Gwen asks Will to come with her to see the baby now during her meal break.

At Paul’s place, Paul puts the footprints back in the drawer and apologizes for leaving them out where Jennifer could see them. Paul informs Jennifer that Rosanna is in a permanent vegetative state and will never come out of the coma. Paul once again blames Craig for Rosanna’s circumstances. Jennifer points out to Paul that at least one good thing came out of this tragedy: now Craig is in prison and out of their lives. Paul repeats Jennifer’s words, and from the look on his face the audience can tell he has decided to keep the truth about the baby a secret from Jennifer. Paul tells Jennifer he wanted to tell her that as long as he is around, Craig will never hurt her again. Jennifer tells Paul he is a good brother and there was nothing he could have done to prevent the things that happened with Craig. Emily arrives and tells Paul they must get to the christening or they will be late. Paul admits to Jennifer that Carly and Jack’s baby is being christened today, and they are the baby’s godparents. Paul tells Jennifer he didn’t want to tell her because he didn’t want to cause her more pain. Jennifer tells Paul she is tired of everyone trying to spare her pain.

At the farm, Dusty eats bread to get rid of the very hot taste in his mouth. Meg is crushed when the dinner burns and their romantic evening is ruined. Dusty tells Meg that she isn’t the type of woman who should be stuck in the kitchen because she has other talents, like being a good nurse and a good listener. Meg smiles because Dusty made her feel better about the ruined dinner. Dusty finds some ingredients and decides to cook Meg dinner while she watches him. Meg is impressed because she never knew Dusty could cook.

At the Lakeview, Maddie tells the desk clerk someone vomited in the ladies' room so she can get him to step away from his desk. Maddie uses her computer knowledge to make the computer read that the hotel is completely full, so that Mike and Katie won’t be able to reserve a room. Mike and Katie try to reserve a suite but are unable to because the computer is acting strangely. Mike and Katie decide to postpone their romantic evening.

At Paul’s place, Paul assures Jennifer she will find love again and have children and a wonderful life without Craig’s involvement in her life. Paul gives Jennifer a hug before leaving with Emily to go to the church.

At the church, Carly tells Jack what she remembered, but he encourages her to concentrate on the baby and forget about the past because today is a special day. Jack wonders why the service hasn’t started yet, but Carly explains it's because Paul and Emily have not arrived yet. Jack wonders why Carly was in a rush to christen the baby. Carly explains to Jack that once the baby is christened she will feel like he is truly a part of the family.

At Carly and Jack’s place, Gwen and Will arrive to see the baby, but the baby's nurse refuses to let them in the house because Carly made it clear Gwen was not welcome. Gwen explains that Jack told her she could visit the baby anytime. Gwen asks the nurse if Jack's home, and the nurse tells her the family is at the baby’s christening. This news makes Gwen mad because she thinks Jack broke his word to her. Will tries to calm her down, but Gwen insists on going to the church.

At the Snyder farm, Dusty tells Meg he thinks a man should know how to handle a kitchen, and if a woman is able to help that is fine. Dusty doesn’t think a woman should be stuck taking care of a baby; a woman should be celebrated. Meg wonders if that line has worked with other women. Dusty admits the line has worked very well, and Meg admits it worked on her.. Dusty and Meg kiss each other.

At the Lakeview, Maddie explains to Mike and Katie that she had to go get Henry some olives so he could pretend to have a martini, since he can’t really have one because he is on medication. Maddie insists on taking Katie home so they can have dinner with Henry. Katie invites Mike to come to dinner but he thinks it's best he doesn't go to dinner at her house. Mike and Katie say good-bye and Maddie has a pleased smile on her face.

At Al’s Diner, Iris arrives and orders a drink but is told they don’t serve alcohol. Iris orders a ginger ale and takes a flask from her purse and puts vodka in the soda. Iris notices Jennifer staring at her from the next table and tells her she knows exactly what she is thinking about her. Iris tells Jennifer she is thinking she is a drunk and that she wishes she could have a drink, too. Iris explains to Jennifer that she drinks to try to numb the pain of losing her little boy.

At the church, Paul and Emily finally arrive and Carly hands the baby to Paul, who can’t stop looking at the baby. Carly tells the reverend the baby’s name is Rory Cabot, after his mother. Will and Gwen arrive at the church, and Gwen shouts that they can’t name the baby because the baby belongs to her. Carly and Gwen lunge for each other, ready for a fight, but Jack and Will hold them back.

At Al’s Diner, Jennifer shares her story with Iris and explains she lost a baby because he was too tiny, and she couldn’t get to the hospital in time. Iris tells Jennifer the same thing happened to her, and the two women bond. Jennifer shows Iris her baby’s hospital bracelet, which is the only thing she has left of her child. Jennifer admits to Iris that in her heart she feels that her baby is still alive, because she still feels connected to him.

At the church, Emily and Paul get Parker, J.J. and Rory out of the church. Gwen thinks this was part of Jack’s plan to fool her until her thirty days expired. Jack tells Gwen he didn’t know about the christening and their deal still stands. Carly insists that Gwen stop calling the baby hers, but Will shouts back that Gwen is the baby’s mother and that will never change. Paul apologizes to the baby for keeping him away from his real mother, but if he was with her and knew whom his real father was, he would not have a good life. Paul tells the baby this is his only chance at a good life. Emily arrives for the last part of the conversation and wonders what Paul is talking about, but he tells her the church is a real circus. Emily demands that Paul tell her the truth.

At the Snyder farm, Meg thanks Dusty for the wonderful dinner, and he thanks her for making him feel better, because he was in a bad mood. Meg smiles and says she was glad to help. Dusty calls Meg an angel and the two begin kissing.

At the church, Carly accuses Gwen of only wanting the baby back because of his trust fund. Gwen gets angry and tells Carly she doesn’t care about the money and will only use it to help her baby. Gwen makes it clear to Carly that her thirty days are not up yet and she has the right to take her baby back. Carly tells Gwen she will take the baby over her dead body. Gwen tells Carly if that is what she has to do to get her baby, she will do it. Paul gives the baby to Emily because he needs to get some air. Jennifer arrives and tells Paul she felt compelled to come because she has a very strong connection to the baby, which she doesn’t understand. Paul tries to get her to leave, telling her that staying will only cause her pain. Jennifer hears the baby cry and tells Paul the baby belongs to her.

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