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At the Walsh mansion, Holden explains to Lily that Lucinda was trying to play Cupid for the two of them, so she invited him to dinner, and at the last minute she told him she had to do some Worldwide business. Lily then figures out Lucinda called her and said she had an emergency so that she could have dinner with him. Lily wonders why Holden isn’t mad at Lucinda for manipulating them. Holden explains to Lily that he is glad that Lucinda, who is battling cancer, spent the day planning a romantic dinner for them instead of spending all day on the Internet looking for a miracle cure. Holden tells Lily that right now Lucinda needs to feel like her scheme has worked so that she can feel normal. Holden makes it clear to Lily he knows she is in a relationship, but he encourages Lily to stay and have dinner with him and make her mother happy. Lily and Holden both agree to put one over on Lucinda. Lucinda watches Lily and Holden from the living room.

At the Snyder farm, Emma arrives home and is surprised to see Meg cooking dinner. Emma notices the table is set for two people, and Meg admits that she invited Dusty to have dinner with her. Emma is sure that a good meal will make Dusty notice Meg. Meg is hurt by her mother’s remark and tells Emma that Dusty already notices her and likes her.

At the Lakeview, Dusty asks an employee where there is a good flower shop in town. The employee responds that the hotel gift shop has nice flowers, or he could go to the flower shop at the mall. Dusty notices Jennifer talking on her cell phone and stares at her for a few minutes before going to get the flowers. Jennifer is talking to Paul, who asks her to come to his place in an hour because he has news that will change her life.

At the prison, Paul daydreams that Craig confirms his suspicions about how he switched Gwen’s baby for Jennifer’s and adopted his own son.. In the daydream, Craig also admits that he caused Rosanna’s accident because he wanted to stop her from telling anyone the truth. Craig also tells Paul that he never wanted Rosanna to get hurt. Paul tells Craig that once he tells the judge what he did, he will go to jail for a very long time. The guard snaps Paul out of his thoughts and tells him he can go in and see the prisoner.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer tells Dusty that she has some new ideas about distribution for the spring line and she invites him to go to the office and share a pizza with her so they can talk. Jennifer finishes the sentence and notices the flowers that Dusty has and figures out that he shaved for a special evening with Meg. Dusty offers to cancel his plans and stay with her, but Jennifer tells him she will go to the office, draw some sketches and make notes, and share them with him tomorrow. Jennifer gives Dusty a kiss on the cheek before she goes upstairs to get her sketchbook.

At the Snyder farm, Emma tells Meg to turn down the fire on the sauce or it will burn. Emma wonders what made Dusty notice Meg and asks her about it. Meg is hurt by the question and snaps back that she made Dusty notice her; although she might find it hard to believe, there are some men in this town who find her attractive. Emma tells her daughter that she knows that she is a very worthwhile person, but she isn’t sure Dusty realizes that she is worth his time. Emma tells Meg she isn’t asking her to get back together with Josh, but she should find a man who appreciates her instead of letting Dusty walk all over her. Meg wonders why Emma wants Holden and Lily to get back together--is it because they are the perfect couple? Emma tells Meg that Holden and Lily are a different story, and she never said they were a perfect couple. Meg reminds her mother that nobody is perfect, people just do the best they can in life.

At the Walsh mansion, Holden and Lily toast to putting one over on Lucinda. Keith arrives and asks Lucinda if she knows Lily’s whereabouts, and Lucinda wonders why he is there, other than to ruin her evening.

At the Snyder farm, Meg apologizes to Emma for snapping at her earlier and explains that she is just nervous about her date with Dusty. Meg asks Emma to finish fixing the salad while she finishes getting dressed. Meg goes upstairs to get dressed for her date. On the porch, Dusty calls to see if Jennifer arrived at the office but is told by the secretary that Jennifer never arrived at the office. Emma sees Dusty on the porch and opens the door slightly to let him in, but she hears him leave a message on Jennifer’s cell phone for her to call him as soon as she gets the message and not to worry about calling him if it's late, because she can call him any time. Dusty finishes his call and notices Emma standing and holding the door slightly open for him. Dusty gets nervous and shy around her and goes inside the house. Dusty asks Emma for a vase to put the flowers into, and Meg comes downstairs, half dressed. Dusty gives Meg the flowers with a nervous smile, since Emma is in the room. Meg asks Dusty not to look at her because she is still half dressed. Dusty looks at Emma, smiles nervously once more, and tells Meg he would never look at her while she was half dressed. Meg asks Emma to please go to the store and get some wine because she forgot to go to the store. Dusty overhears and volunteers to go get the wine because he wants to leave, because he feels uncomfortable around Emma.. Meg thinks Dusty is interested in her because he brought her flowers and is going to get the wine she forgot to get for dinner. Emma is sure Dusty is interested in someone, but it isn’t Meg.

At the Walsh mansion, Keith explains to Lucinda that Lily left her cell phone the last time they saw each other, and he knew she was coming to visit Lucinda, so he thought he would come by and give her the phone. Lucinda tells Keith to give her Lily’s phone and she will make sure she gets it, or he can leave her a note and the phone. Lucinda tells Keith that he can leave the phone outside Lily’s house on the step. Keith decides not to leave until he talks to Lily, especially after Lucinda confirms that Holden is also there at the house but won’t tell him what Holden is doing there. Holden and Lily dance to a favorite song and are close enough to kiss, but they don’t kiss each other.

At the prison, Paul wants Craig to confirm his suspicions about the accident, but Craig doesn’t give him any information to confirm his suspicions because he knows, regardless of what he says, it's too late for him; he is going to prison. Craig tells Paul the doctors in Switzerland called him this morning and told him that Rosanna had a bad seizure and is now in a permanent vegetative state, and any hope of her coming out of a coma is gone. Paul doesn’t believe Craig and thinks he is playing another of his sick games. Craig asks him to call the doctors himself to confirm that what he is saying is true. Paul tells him he will do that, because there has to be some new treatment they can try to help Rosanna. Paul is angry with Craig because Craig destroyed Rosanna’s life, and he asks Craig if what he wanted was worth ruining the life of a good woman.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer cries as she holds a baby’s sock in her hand. Dusty arrives and Jennifer explains she was on her way to the office, and then she found the sock inside her purse and couldn’t go to the office. Dusty tells Jennifer this is a good thing, because it proves that she is a good mother and her fears of being like Barbara were misplaced fears. Jennifer tells Dusty that Barbara has been pretty good lately, to which Dusty responds, "When she starts driving you nuts you'll know things are slowly getting back to normal." Jennifer tells Dusty that sometimes in her heart she feels like her baby is still alive somewhere, but in her head she knows her baby is dead. Dusty offers to stay with Jennifer if she needs him, but she says she has to go meet Paul. Dusty offers to take her for a cup of her favorite coffee before he heads back to Meg’s house. Jennifer smiles when Dusty remembers how she likes her coffee, and the two walk out together.

At the farm, Emma tells Meg the message she overheard Dusty leave on Jennifer’s cell phone. Meg tells Emma he may have gone to see Jennifer, but he is coming back to see her. Emma hopes, for Meg’s sake, that Dusty does return to have dinner with her, but if he doesn’t return she hopes Meg will realize that she deserves the same consideration from Dusty that he gives to Jennifer.

At the Walsh mansion, Lily steps on Holden’s foot while they are dancing and apologizes to him. Holden tells her he is used to it and Lily responds that some things never change. Holden smiles and says some things never change. The two stare at each other and seem to renew the connection they once had, until Keith bursts through the door with Lucinda behind him and breaks the spell. Keith tells Lily and Holden that he hopes he didn’t interrupt anything. Lucinda demands that Keith leave now and leave her family alone. Lucinda sheds a few tears and yells because nobody understands that life is too short and they shouldn’t waste it. Lily hugs her mother and tells her she loves her, and if she needs her she can call her, but she is tired of being manipulated and made to stay away from Keith. Lucinda is upset because Holden and Lily were dancing cheek to cheek until Keith interrupted them. Lucinda tells Holden he should stop standing there and go after Lily. Lucinda tells Holden he should decide if he wants Lily back and fight for her before it's too late.

At the Snyder farm, Meg finishes her sauce while she glances toward the door every few minutes, waiting for Dusty to arrive for dinner. Meg recalls her mother’s words to her while she lights the candles.

At the prison, Paul continues trying to get the truth out of Craig, but he doesn’t admit to anything. Paul tells Craig he deserves everything he is going to get, and Craig tells him sometimes people get what they don’t deserve and asks Paul if he knows what he is trying to say. Paul tells Craig he doesn’t understand what he is trying to say, but he does know this is over.

At Al’s Diner, Keith apologizes to Lily for upsetting Lucinda at the mansion earlier. Keith admits to Lily he was a bit jealous when Holden answered the phone at the mansion. Lily explains to Keith that Lucinda was playing matchmaker for her and Holden. Lily makes it clear to Keith that even though she and Holden have a history, he is in her past, and he (Keith) is her future. Lily tells Keith that no matter what her mother wants, she will never get back together with Holden.

At the Snyder farm, Dusty arrives with the wine and makes up an excuse about something happening at work. Dusty regrets his lie a few minutes later and tells Meg he was with Jennifer.

At Paul’s place, Paul stares at the footprints and wonders what he should do. Jennifer arrives and wonders what the big secret is, because she can use some good news right now. Paul looks over Jennifer's shoulder at the footprints on the coffee table.

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