ATWT Update Wednesday 8/10/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/10/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Katie’s, she and Mike ease Henry into the house and seat him on the couch, with his donut to sit on, of course. He says he loves the attention but he’s incapacitated, not an invalid. Mike comments that at least nothing is broken. Henry drones that he can’t imagine it hurting any worse than it is; can’t he please have just one martini for being such a good little boy at the hospital? Katie tells him for the last time that she is not going to let him mix painkillers and alcohol, and it is time for his pill. Then she realizes they have the wrong medication, one for a Harold Coleman, not Henry. Maddie wastes no time in scooting Mike out the door to go get the real prescription and tells him to take his time.

On the roof, Will is talking on his cell phone and setting up a surprise for Celia. She joins him and he quickly hangs up. He’s very excited when he tells her they're going to Chicago for a Cubs game on Saturday, then a deep dish pizza, and he has a friend who knows about a free rock concert in Grant Park. Is he a genius or what? Celia isn’t quite as exuberant and says he is, in everything but his timing; she’s leaving town and heading back home to Montego--for good.

At Al’s Diner, Casey is confronting Gwen, toe to toe, face to face. He says, “Fine with me. You don’t want to talk about the baby again, neither do I." Margo walks in and looks Gwen and the situation up and down. Gwen speaks to her, and Margo asks if everything is all right. Casey speaks first, and then Gwen, explaining that they were having an argument. Margo got that, and that it was about the baby. Again she asks if something is the matter. Casey tries to be cool and insists that everything is fine. Gwen agrees; Casey has everything under control. Margo still seems concerned (or nosy) and asks about her.

At the farmhouse, Keith hands Luke a stack of papers and books and tells him that will keep him busy for a few weeks. Luke is aghast that he has to read all of that, but Keith tells him he can’t just jump in the cockpit, he has to understand the basic aeronautics. Luke agrees, as he wants to do it all right. Keith knows he is itching to get up there, but all in good time. His cell phone rings, and he gets it and tells Luke he has to take this. He goes out on the porch and tells the caller not tonight; whatever the person is suggesting isn’t going to happen because he already has plans, and he isn’t sitting around waiting for “you guys to come up with another run.” He says he needs advance warning next time, and he says a quick good-bye. Inside, Luke holds up an URGENT folder and asks what that is. Keith tells him it’s none of his business and jerks it out of his hands.

Lily and Holden face Lucinda, and Lily tells her that Luke has never been this excited about anything before, and she and Holden agree that this is something that will do him good right now. Lucinda seems concerned and asks how so and why. Lily says he’s been difficult to deal with and getting into trouble. Holden chimes in that Luke’s been hanging out with punks and getting drunk. Lucinda can hardly believe that; "Drunk as in drunk, drunk?" she asks. Lily says yes, but then Keith introduced him to flying, and all of a sudden they think this thing will get him on the right path. Lucinda says fine but asks that they reassure her one more time, with feeling, that Lily isn’t doing this to force her boyfriend into her kid's life. Lily assures her she would never do that because she puts the family first. Lucinda says, “I am so glad, darling. However, I mean, Luke and flying, drinking, flying..." With her arms in the air she laughs, "You know, maybe I should have a flying lesson." She walks off sing-songing about flying. Lily tells Holden she thinks that went as well as could be expected and thanks him for coming to her defense. Holden says, well, that’s what he does; his instincts kick in. She jumps down Lily’s throat, and he jumps in and mediates--just like old times. Unseen, Lucinda overhears this and says, “Oh, just like old times, indeed.”

Henry is all stretched out belly-down on the couch, shirt off, with Katie giving him a massage, oohing and aahing until Katie tells him to make up his mind. He says he will, but every time it gets going good, she turns sadistic on him. Katie reminds him that if he doesn’t like her technique, she could always give that Amazon physical therapist at the hospital a call. She could come right over. Henry pleads, "No, no, no Helga," saying she makes Vin Diesel seem like a wimp. He tells her she’s "doing fine, baby, just keep it up." (Maddie is seen lurking, smiling.) Katie says that unfortunately she has to go start supper. Henry says, “Mmmmmm, dinner. I’m starving. What’s on the menuuuuuuuu?" (His voice vibrates as she pounds on his back.) He gasps when she says meat loaf and garlic mashed potatoes. Henry thinks she is just too good to him. Katie eases him up, puts him back on his donut and helps him put his shirt on. He remarks that he can’t believe he’s been taking the wrong pills all day. Katie wonders what is taking Mike so long with the right pills and asks if they should invite him for dinner as well. He says yeah, they could do that, if she wants. Maddie hops in and wants to know what’s up, but she begs off with a disaster in the kitchen when Henry suggests she could help Katie. Katie tells Maddie she can keep her brother company while she works. Maddie spots the wedding photograph album, but Henry shudders and vetoes that. The last thing a person wants to do while he’s laid up is look at pictures of himself from a good day. She begs, saying she loves weddings and she didn’t get to come to theirs, so the least he could do is show her some pictures. Henry asks Katie if they should give her the Cliff Notes version, and she agrees.

At the diner, Casey quickly intercedes and physically gets between Gwen and his mom. He pushes her farther away from Gwen and tells his mom that it was no big deal, he was just asking Gwen some questions about the baby and he got out of line about things that are none of his business. Gwen chimes in that that is right, they’re not. Margo asks why she is so upset if he’s just asking out of concern. She hesitates, but just long enough to say she didn’t like people prying into her life, that’s all. Casey sneers and adds that that’s why he is going to stay out of it from now on. Gwen says good and excuses herself; she has things to do. Margo puts her hand on Casey’s shoulder and asks him what is really going on. He plays innocent and says they told her what was going on. Margo looks askance, so finally he fesses up and says Gwen saw a lawyer and was trying to get her baby back. He thought it was a stupid idea, and she didn’t appreciate his advice. Margo still seems suspicious and wonders why he cares one way or the other, and why he would get into it. He says it was just an innocent comment that got blown out of proportion. Margo continues that she just spoke with Barbara, who told her that Will is not the father of the baby; he’s covering up for someone. "So you and Will had a big falling out and you’re no longer friends. You never had a great liking for Gwen, so why all of a sudden are she and her baby of any interest at all to you?”

Keith puts the folder away and Luke asks if he did anything wrong. Keith smoothes it over by saying no, it’s just this company he’s working for, and he’s getting nutty about it. He apologizes for snapping at him. Luke tells him not to worry, he didn’t open it. Keith says good, because then he’d have to kill him. Luke surmises it’s pretty top-secret stuff. Keith agrees: "Yeah, saving the world, Jack Bauer stuff." Luke thinks that’s cool. They chuckle. Keith then hands him a big, thick manual and tells him to start off with that one. Luke says okay and asks if they will be able to fly soon. Keith replies yes, but he has to leave town and fly out for work. Luke asks if it’s something cool or dangerous. Keith says no, it’s just a little puddle jump, and he adds that all this dangerous stuff--he was just kidding.. He tells Luke he’d better not say anything to his mother because she could nix his flying lessons. Luke says not to worry, but can’t they go take a quick flight tonight, please? Keith tells him no, he has plans. Besides, he’s a kid and has all sorts of things going on. When he was his age he was busy all the time. Luke says yeah, but it's kind of hard when you’re grounded. He says his mom won’t let him hang out with his friends for another month. Keith says that’s right; he learned his lesson. Luke doesn’t think the punishment fits the crime. Keith says, well, that’s the way it is, and he'll have to get used to it. He tells Luke he has to go. Keith takes his satchel and Luke tells him to say hello to his mom, assuming that is who he’s going to be hanging out with tonight. Keith covers his tracks and says yeah, he got him.

Holden tells Lily he’s serious; he wants to pay for the lessons for Luke. Lily says there is no way Keith is going to take money, especially from him. Holden goes on that he doesn’t feel comfortable not paying for them. She said before that Keith gave up his job at the airline, so he probably could use the cash. Lily says yes, but now he’s working for a private company and, while he doesn’t talk about it much, she knows he’s doing really well. Holden says he still wants to make the offer, and she finally says okay and tells him to knock himself out.

Lily's cell phone rings and it’s Keith. He says Luke said all the kids were staying at the farm, so does that mean she is available? She tries to speak without giving away to Holden who it is or any plans. He asks if she can meet him at the Lakeview as soon as possible. She answers in a very businesslike way that that can be arranged. Keith asks if she is with her mother and if that is the reason she can’t talk. She replies, “Something like that.” He says he will see her soon. She turns to Holden and tells him to kiss the girls for her. He tells her he will and to have fun. (Didn’t seem like his heart was in it, though.)

Lucinda enters the room and asks where Lily is, and Holden tells her she just left and he’s about to do the same. He asks if everything is okay and she says yeah, but she doesn’t particularly want to spend the evening alone. She says she guesses he has exciting plans for the evening. He replies he'll just be with the girls. Lucinda wants to know if he’s at all hungry. He asks if that is a dinner invitation. She tells him he’d be a very charming dinner companion, with or without the girls, and it wouldn’t be late, either. Holden smiles and says he’ll take her up on that. He’ll head home and tell Luke and the girls what’s going on. He’ll change and be back in half an hour. Lucinda seems pleased and throws her hand up and says she will be waiting with bated breath, but tells him not to change too much; he’s just fine the way he is. He thanks her. With Holden barely having exited, Lucinda hollers for Rosa. "Much to do and so little time to do it!" she exclaims.

Will is not a happy camper and turns all serious and asks why Celia has to go help Rafi with the restaurant. She says he needs her. Will counters that he could hire anyone, and her life was here; isn’t she happy? She says she is, but family comes first. He wonders if this is about Casey. She denies it and wonders why he would think that. He thinks maybe she didn’t realize how much in love she was with him until... Celia says she is not running away from anything, she’s going because her mom needs her, and if Rafi can put his dreams aside for their mom then she can too. He doesn’t realize how hard she worked for them and how she tried to give them the best she could, and now she needs to pay her back; can’t he understand that? Will says he guesses so. It’s funny, he observes, he’d spent his whole life and one hundred hours in therapy trying to figure out how to say no to his mom. He says it must be nice to have family that you actually want to do something for and spend time with. She anguishes that this isn’t easy for her, and he agrees that it’s pretty hard for him to let her go, too. She says she will miss him so much, and he asks her to please not go. She says he can visit her. He tells her he’s never been to Montego. She says it is beautiful. They hug as he tells her he will miss her. Gwen suddenly shows up and feels like a fifth wheel and starts to leave. Celia calls her back and says she needs to ask her something important.

Margo and Casey are sitting in a booth now, as she continues to softly grill him. He tells her not to make a big deal over this. He thought it was a little weird that Gwen wanted her baby back all of a sudden, but he wasn’t going to lose sleep over it. Margo doesn’t know why he would care if she got her baby back, if it’s something she wants. He scoffs that Gwen doesn’t have it together enough to raise a kid. Margo tells him he doesn’t know that, and if she really wants to give it a try why would he set her off? Something just doesn’t add up here. Casey tells her to turn off the cop mode for about five minutes. Margo says no and again mentions that he and Will had a big falling out. Was that because of Celia and him, or was it because of Gwen? He says he doesn’t want to talk about that. She looks him right in the eye and asks, “Casey, what have you gotten yourself into?”

Maddie is sitting on the couch flanked by Katie and Henry, all looking at the photo album. She tells them they look so happy, like they were meant for each other; don’t they believe in destiny? Henry admits that after all that has happened and the way it’s ended up, he’s a little dubious. Katie offers that when Maddie gets older, she’ll realize that life and destiny don’t always get along. Eager to change subjects, Henry asks about the meat loaf, and Katie says yes and excuses herself. Maddie tries to stop her by asking her to at least tell her about the honeymoon. Katie says they didn’t have one. Henry chimes in that they couldn’t afford to go away. Maddie says that’s the problem, then; you can’t start off a marriage without a honeymoon. Henry scoffs, "Ah, mystery solved." She asks if he wants to know what she thinks. He says no but, unsolicited, she tells him anyway: she thinks they should try again. After all, he jinxed it by getting married in a gym and having Katie’s other guy as his best man, and no honeymoon--how stupid a move was that? He tells her to stop it. He and Katie are where they’re at because that’s the way it played out. He asks her to help him get to the bathroom. She tells him she’s going to start charging him for nurse duty. He fires back that it’s bad enough he has to listen to her advice. She retorts that it’s amazing he’s survived for this long. If he started listening to her, he’d be better off.

The doorbell rings as they get up off the couch, and it’s Mike with the pills. Henry is so grateful. He asks Mike to help him to the bathroom because he needs to take a shower--a cold one. Mike smirks as if he knows.

Holden returns to Lucinda’s mansion, this time all dressed up in a suit and tie. He looks at the small, intimate table set up for two on the patio. She tells him she likes the suit (before he was in jeans and a t-shirt) but unfortunately she can’t join him. She’s been called away to the office on an emergency. He doesn’t buy it and says her little scheme here won’t work. She feigns innocence. He asks if Lily is on her way. Lucinda says she was going to leave that part up to him. He grins and says to forget it; it wouldn’t work even if he wanted it to. She says they’ll never know until he tries. He says he won’t be part of it. She tells him not to be so stubborn. She knows he still loves her, and she loves him, and she has not signed the divorce papers yet; now what does that tell him? He replies, “That you are meddling in somebody else’s business.” Softly she says, “Lily’s happiness is my business. And let me tell you something from somebody who’s facing the void: Love. Love, that’s all you've got to hold onto. Without it, you know, you’ll be at the edge of your life and the end of your life, and you’ll have nothing. Nothing! Do you want that to be you?”

Lily meets Keith and asks what’s the mystery. He says no mystery, just romance; the Presidential Suite is being made up right now. They flirt as he says he didn’t want to climb up another ladder to get to her. He snaps his fingers several times and says “Spontaneous.” She tells him not to forget that she owns this place. He says that, as boss, she needs to set a good example. She retorts, “Or create a scandal.” He likes the way she talks.

Luke is studying when Holden returns and he’s surprised it went so quickly. Holden says dinner never happened; it was a ruse. He pours himself some coffee. Luke wonders what Grandma did this time, and Holden fills him in on the supposedly romantic dinner with Lily and that this was bad because it was under false pretenses. Luke wants to know if he wants to have dinner with his mom, but Holden says that’s not the point. Holden sits and they continue their little man-to-man. Luke says if he wants to have dinner with Lily, he sees nothing wrong with calling her and asking; there’s nothing false in that. Holden asks what about Keith, saying he thought he was his buddy now. Luke says just because he’s giving him a couple of flying lessons doesn’t mean he wants him to take over Holden's spot with his mom or them. Does he still love his mom? Holden simply says he does. Luke encourages him just to call her up, then, because it’s only dinner. What’s he got to lose? Holden sighs. (Maybe this boy has got something!)

Maddie tells Katie it’s nice of her to let them stay there. Katie replies it is the least she could do, and besides, it’s good that it gives them a chance to know each other...and it’s kind of nice having Henry around again. They were always roommates and best friends, even before they were married. Maddie is encouraging and points out that people say the relationships that last are based as much on friendship as love. Katie says she wishes it were that simple. Maddie says, “You older people have a way of making things so much more complicated than they need to be. It’s like you look for reasons to mess up a good thing." Maddie tells her she could always try to fix that thing and then offers her advice about what she thinks--Katie and Henry are soulmates. Katie says she used to think so, and even said that in her vows. Nobody made her laugh like he did, and nobody got her moods the way he did. They were best friends..

Maddie suddenly has a fantasy of Henry and Katie at their next wedding, one with them heaping praise on her for getting them together on the happiest day of their lives. Mike comes in and slaps him on the back and says it looks like the best man got the girl afterall; now does he mind if he kisses the bride? No, Maddie doesn’t like that ending. “Get out of my fantasy, Mike Kasnoff, now!” Instead she has one with a better ending, with Henry and Katie kissing.

Will and Celia and Gwen sit and discuss her leaving tonight. Celia thinks it’s better this way. Will says he has to go get something and he’ll leave them alone for just a second. Alone with Celia, Gwen tells her she has a feeling she’s breaking his heart. She grabs her arm for answers. Celia says no, it’s not like that; Will understands, and they’ll see each other. And that’s the favor she wanted to ask Gwen; would she keep an eye on him for her? She knows he will be okay if he has someone to talk to. Gwen is surprised and says she can barely take care of herself, and now Celia wants her to look after Will, too? Celia says all she has to do is be his friend; now that he doesn’t have Casey, he needs somebody. Gwen concedes that she has to do what she has to do, but she’ll miss her. Celia tells her she will miss her, too, and she knows things are going to turn out all right for her. She’s really sorry that she had to go through the thing with the baby and all. Gwen gives her a big hug and says she will be fine as long as she stays away from jerks like Casey Hughes.

Casey tells his mom that Gwen told Celia things, garbage that turned her against him--that he wanted to date other girls, stuff like that. It wasn’t true, but Celia decided to believe Gwen. He didn’t know why; maybe Gwen wanted him for herself. Margo sighs and says she won’t push him anymore. She does know he’s holding back, and she just wishes he could trust her like she trusts him. He looks at her and says that he’s not holding back, that’s all there is, trust him! Margo says okay, then all he has to do is steer clear of Gwen. He says trust him, he plans to.

Casey’s cell phone rings and it’s Celia. She says she’s on the roof and needs to talk to him, asking if he can come up. He tells Margo he has to go. She stands up and says if he ever wants to talk, she’s always around, and just so he knows, there is almost nothing he could do to disappoint his father and her. They think he’s a pretty great kid. He schmoozes, "That’s because you guys have been pretty great parents." She admits that they try their best.

Casey feels and says that he feels ambushed by Gwen and Celia. He tells Gwen he’s just spent an hour trying to get his mom off his back about her baby. She corrects him by saying it was their baby. Casey says he’s tired of going around in circles about this. She says, “ Aw, well boo hoo, sorry to ruin your game plan.” Celia breaks it up and tells them not to fight right before she has to leave. She fills Casey in on her going back to Montego that night. He asks if it’s because of him. Gwen jumps up and says everything is NOT about him, hasn’t he figured that out yet? She continues, though, that he’s as good a reason as any to get as far away from here as possible. Celia states she just wanted to say good-bye. Casey quickly takes her hands and turns all softy, saying he knows he screwed up, but please don’t leave. Will walks up unseen just as Casey and Celia are looking deep into each other’s eyes.

After the shower, Mike helps Henry back to the couch and mentions that something smells good. Henry asks if he doesn’t smell the enticing aroma of Katie’s world-famous meat loaf. Mike confesses that he’s never had it. Henry insists that he must stay for dinner and try it.

Maddie comes in and Henry realizes she has forgotten to take her antihistamines. She says with his accident and all, she forgot to get them refilled. She is all out, but perhaps Mike could go again? (Give the girl an A for effort.) Mike says he really has to take off, but thanks for the dinner invite. He tells Maddie he’s sorry he can’t stick around. Katie seems disappointed that he’s not staying for supper.. Maddie, dripping with sarcasm, says, “Unfortunately, he can’t. What a pity!” Katie says she will walk Mike out, and Maddie grabs Katie’s arm and pops up that it’s not like he doesn’t know his own way. Henry shoots Maddie a look and says her name, then tells her here’s her allergy medicine. She did have some pills left after all, about a week’s worth. She retorts that she forgot and asks what his point is. He tells her he knows exactly what she’s doing and he wants it to stop. Innocent and light, she insists she has no idea what he’s talking about.

Holden returns to Lucinda’s as she is blowing out the candles. She says there will be other nights. He says, "Why put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today? It would be a shame to put such a beautiful dinner to waste." He re-lights the candles.

Lily is sitting and hiding behind a newspaper, being very nonchalant, until the manager tells Keith all is ready. She heads to the elevator, with Keith following behind as she says this is fun, and he replies that they are only getting started. Her phone rings and Keith hopes she won’t answer it, but she says it’s her mother. Lucinda says she hates to bother her, but she feels so badly about the way they’ve been arguing lately. Lily says it’s okay, she’s used to that. Lucinda says she is all alone and she didn’t want to eat alone; she wonders if she has plans and whether she could come over. Lily says she will be right there. She turns to Keith to apologize. He looks at her with those big doe eyes and says it’s okay, mothers come first, and they’ll have plenty of other nights.

Lucinda arranges everything and is giddy on her feet as she leaves it in Holden’s capable hands; the rest is up to him.

What is Casey doing there? Will snaps. Celia says she invited him. She wanted to say good-bye and to give him some advice. Will stares him down and says he doesn’t know why she’d even want to bother. Celia continues with Casey that she knows a lot of bad things have happened, but he was her first friend in Oakdale. He was a good person, just confused. Gwen pipes up, "And selfish, and a coward!" Casey tells her he never meant to hurt her, and she comments that she knows that. Deep down she knows that he’s a good person. But when he gets scared he lies, and he ends up hurting a lot of people, even though he doesn’t want to. He confesses that he made a mess of things, and she says that’s a good start; she advises him to have a little more faith in himself, and in other people, too. Gwen tells her she’s wasting her time, but Celia tells her she hopes not. She says bye to Casey, then Gwen, then tugs Will’s hand and pulls him away. He pulls out the bracelet from his pocket and tells her he wants her to have it, and this time she can’t say no. She tells him she won’t and says thank you. He cups her face and kisses her.

Casey turns on Gwen and asks if she is happy now. She looks at him and says he is unbelievable. It’s never because of anything he does, the blame is always somebody else's. She thinks Celia is a fool to think he’d ever change. “But, you know what, man? It’s all going to catch up with you one day. And when it does, you are going to know what it feels like to be on the other side.” She leaves, leaving him with a grimace on his face.

Henry tells Maddie he knows she thinks she can manipulate the situation to make things go her way, but it isn’t going to happen. Maddie says she is not manipulating anything, just clearing the way of some of the clutter so that he and Katie could get back together, and so far she thinks it’s working out pretty well. He looks at her and barks that she better not have had anything to do with him falling down those stairs, but oh, he can see it in her eyes...she PUT that slipper there, didn’t she? She finally admits it but explains that she was the one who was going to pretend to fall, just to get them to stay there. He was never supposed to take the tumble. She tells him he’s going to be fine. Meanwhile, they are staying there and Katie is taking care of him, and the two of them will fall back in love. "Get with the program, bro!"

Mike tells Katie he’s sure Maddie hates his guts. She says Maddie just needs to get to know him, and how irresistible he is. Mike says he knows she’s trying to get her and Henry back together. Katie reminds him she is a nave kid...[long silence]. He finally says he needs to go. Reluctantly, Katie agrees. There's another long silence and a stare, and then they kiss.

Henry tries to get up and Maddie wants to know what he’s doing. He says he’s going to tell Katie they are leaving. This just isn’t working out. She says, "But it is." He tells her he loves her for trying, but Katie loves Mike, and nothing can stop that. It’d be like trying to stop the tide from coming in. Maddie says no, she sees the way Katie looks at him. They can’t give up on this, not now!

Keith rings the desk clerk and tells him plans have changed, but not to cancel anything; he might salvage the evening. He pulls out his cell phone and then he hears Lily’s phone, which she left, ringing. He picks it up and re-dials, and Holden answers. Keith makes an exasperated face.

Lily walks into the house and calls out for her mother. She spots the table and touches the champagne bottle. Holden steps out and says she had to go, so it looks like it’s just the two of them. He hands her a glass of champagne.

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