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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/9/05


By Elayna
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Holden is talking with Luke about his recent brush with the law and how he has been acting out. He is furious that Luke had been drinking. Holden wants to know what Luke is thinking about. There is no excuse for his behavior; he is not the only one who has been having a difficult few months. Luke cuts Holden off, agreeing with his observations and admitting he has been wrong. He shyly adds that he supposes this wouldn’t be a good time for Holden to talk to Lily about Keith. Holden blankly stares at his son, wondering what that request would be about.

Keith arrives at Lucinda’s house because Lily had called him. Keith is curious as to what she called him over to the house for, because of their argument the previous day. Lily wants to talk about exactly what did happen--where do they stand? Keith isn’t sure after Lily’s reaction to his taking Luke up in his plane. He felt as if Lily didn’t trust him with her son.

Barbara and the bellhop are taking some gifts out through the lobby of the Lakeview when they bump into Jen, to Barbara’s surprise. She thought Jen was not going to be around for a few hours. Jen is curious as to why Barbara is so rattled by her presence. She can see Barbara trying to push the bellhop along and move her away from the items that are on the luggage cart. She reaches for a bag and pulls out a baby outfit.

At his apartment, Paul is looking at the baby footprints, and suddenly it seems he understands what Rosanna may have been trying to say to him. He sees that they are the same baby, supposedly, but the footprints are different. What does that mean? How could that be? Emily walks into the room, and Paul tries to cover what he is doing, but Emily wants to know what he is up to and why he is trying to keep secrets from her. He speaks generally of Jen’s baby, asking what would have happened if the baby didn’t really die. Emily thinks he is so upset over the baby’s passing that he may be looking to place the blame somewhere else, or to come up with a story other than reality. Paul just is supposedly thinking hypothetically. Emily thinks that no matter what he thinks, he should keep his opinions to himself, because Jen wouldn’t be able to handle any of that talk. Paul assures her he would never talk to Jen until he was one hundred percent positive. Emily thinks he should get out to stop thinking about all this heavy emotional stuff. Does he want to accompany her to the store to buy something for Rosanna’s baby, and then go see her at Carly and Jack’s? Paul thanks her for the offer and tells her he visited the baby yesterday. He tells Emily to give the baby his love and says he will catch up with her later. Emily leaves, and Paul quickly grabs the phone to make a call.

Casey comes tearing into Al’s Diner and confronts Gwen about what he has heard. Is she trying to get their baby back? Gwen doesn’t think it is any of his concern. They argue about it because Casey thinks that Gwen should leave well enough alone. She doesn’t care what his thoughts are, because she has made up her mind and it doesn’t affect him at all. Casey begs to differ. He wants her to move on with her life; they shared one night. She argues that her decision has only to do with the fact that she felt the baby grow and she became attached to him, and she wants to do what is best for her baby; at this point she feels that taking him back is the right decision. If she takes her baby back, Casey tells her, then people will naturally question her about the baby’s father. She promises she has no intention of telling anyone that he is the father.

An emotionally charged Carly tells Jack about Gwen’s ‘visit.’ She demanded her baby back, and Carly had to set her straight: she doesn’t know the first thing about raising a baby, she is practically a baby herself. She explained that she was spouting off about the thirty days she has to change her mind. Carly remarks that she is talking about the baby as if it were a pair of shoes. Jack tries to calm her. Would it be smart to incite Gwen? Shouldn’t they try to be calm and keep things in perspective? Too late! She has already contacted one of Rosanna’s lawyers, and she is preparing to stop Gwen dead in her tracks. Jack reminds Carly that Gwen is, technically, an adult, and she is the biological mother. She may have more rights than Carly wants to admit. Jack offers to go talk to Gwen and see if he can get her to back down. He thinks that he can get everyone to agree and be happy.

Barbara awkwardly tells Jen the items are just some stuff she had for Jen that she hadn’t gotten around to giving her yet. She was trying to put them in storage before she came back and to be considerate of Jen’s feelings. "Why are you keeping these items?" Jen blatantly asks. "Just get rid of them, because they would be just wasting space." Barbara knows Jen can’t think of this right now, but one day she will want these baby items. One day she will have another baby to give these to. Jen whirls around and tells her mom that she wants the baby she lost, not another one. All Barbara can think to say is that she will feel better in time, but Jen stomps off. Margo catches the end of the exchange and comes over to talk to Barbara. She inquires as to how she is doing. Barbara fills her in. Margo suggests that Barbara give the clothes to Will for his baby. Barbara sneers at her that she needs to get out more often, because they have since found out that Will was covering (albeit misguidedly) for a friend. He is not a father, and she is thrilled, because frankly that would have ruined his life. Margo’s look is one of concern.. Who was he covering for? Barbara doesn’t care, as long as her son is no longer involved. She leaves, and Margo is left behind while a wave of nervousness washes across her face.

Lily corrects Keith: "I never said I didn’t trust you. I was upset.. I didn’t know where you both were." He reminds her that she yelled at them. She tries to explain that everyone has been a party to so much stress, and there has been so much transitioning, as well. She is just on edge. Keith lightheartedly suggests that she embrace change. Luke is now different. He found something he loves, and he has responded to it. He caught the flying bug, and it will change how he deals with issues in his life now. Before Luke was stomping around, and now he has a light in his eyes. Lily laughs and wonders how he knows Luke so well. Keith explains that that was how he was at Luke’s age. He knows the feeling of being angry with everyone, but then finding a love for something that colors your life. He thinks that Luke should jump into flying. Lily is not so sure. It is a big responsibility, and she is not sure he is up to it. She cannot make the decision alone, anyway, she needs to speak to Holden. Keith sighs, thinking that will be a roadblock.

Holden disbelievingly asks Luke if he's got his story right: Luke had been drinking and was on his way to sneak out of the house after Lily had grounded him, and Keith caught him, and instead of bringing him back to the house he brought Luke up in a plane and let him fly it. Luke tentatively says yes, knowing how bad it sounds. He had a great time, though. Holden decides right then and there that he needs to talk to Keith and Lily. Luke is suddenly very uneasy.

Emily arrives at Carly's and hears the story of Gwen showing up and making her pronouncements about the baby. She is in disbelief. Carly is on edge, but raring for a battle. She is worried because Jack thinks the law may be on the side of the biological mother, but she will never give up Rosanna’s baby. She recalls how happy Rosanna was when she told Carly about the adoption, and how honored and proud Carly was when Rosanna asked her to look after her baby as his guardian if anything should happen to her. She will not let her sister down. Emily worries that Carly is taking on more than she can handle right now, but Carly tells her that Rosanna set her son up with a trust fund, so that part of her life is well taken care of. Suddenly, Carly has an idea. She needs to make this arrangement real! She thinks that standing up in front of family, friends and God will make it official. Emily reminds Carly that a christening won’t make this official in the eyes of the law. Carly understands that but feels that if it came to the courts, a judge might see this as a very positive step and think twice about uprooting a baby who is part of a family. The next thought she enters into a little more cautiously. She knows the bond that Paul and Rosanna had, and Emily is one of her best friends, so naturally she feels it would be a wonderful idea for the baby to have her and Paul as godparents. Would they feel awkward or be interested? After a brief pause, Emily tells her they would be honored. Carly runs off to make the arrangements for the christening ASAP.

Jack shows up at the diner where Casey and Gwen are talking, wanting to talk to Gwen. He offers her a drink or a meal, but Gwen dispenses with his pleasantries and wants to know why he is really there. Jack gets to the point delicately. He apologizes for Carly’s behavior and explains she has been very stressed recently with her sister’s accident, and Gwen blindsided her. He pleads with Gwen to reconsider, because her baby would be best off with them, where they can love him and provide for him properly. Gwen is agitated explaining that she has decided that what would be right for her baby would be for him to be with her. She had originally wanted Rosanna to care for him, but circumstances have changed, and now she has reconsidered. Jack worries that she doesn’t know what it really is like to raise a child. He inquires about her family situation, the father’s role, and her education. Gwen understands her situation is less then optimal, but she will do whatever it takes to provide for her baby. After Carly was so rude, she contacted a lawyer and even knows about the trust fund Rosanna set up for the baby, so she knows that on the financial side, she will be fine. Jack is a bit surprised that she knows about that piece of information, and it causes a slight pause in his argument, but then he counters that raising a child isn’t simply a matter of finances. He wonders what she would do when she had to work late or had school classes that ran over, or if the baby was sick and she was alone--can she handle the stress of all that would be expected from her with a premature newborn? Gwen seems a bit less confident, but she questions whether Jack thinks it is so wrong for a mom to want to be with her child, and vice versa? Jack can’t deny that he understands how she feels, but he thinks that if they put their heads together they can come up with a plan where everyone will be happy. He gives her his phone number and cell number and tells her to call and to stop by and visit with her son. She can certainly be in her child’s life, but maybe it doesn’t need to be full time. He leaves Gwen with that thought.

The neonatal nurse is at Paul’s place, and he is questioning her about Rosanna’s baby, the other nurses, and anything Rosanna may have said to her. The nurse mentions the other nurse who left town the night Rosanna’s baby was born. They all thought it was strange, but they don’t know anything about that. Paul is hoping he can talk to her, but the nurse knows nothing about a forwarding address. She worries that Paul is insinuating that something improper was done to Rosanna’s baby. She explains that she told Rosanna the same that night when she was asking similar questions. Hearing this causes Paul to stop dead in his tracks. Rosanna was asking the same things? Why? The nurse explains that Rosanna was going to be making a donation and wanted individual information on the nurses who helped her baby. Paul wonders if she thinks that was a cover story. The nurse thinks not, because Rosanna was generous. However, when she mentions that Rosanna was asking about the baby and nurse the night she had the accident, Paul is even more curious. The nurse wants to leave now because she doesn’t know where Paul is going with this, and she has no interest in casting a shadow over the nurses who work there. Paul explains quickly, trying to stop the nurse from leaving, that Rosanna was trying to tell him something the night of the accident, and he needs to solve the puzzle to help Rosanna. The nurse seems more inclined to help, but there is a knock on the door, and when Paul goes to get it he finds an upset Jen wanting to talk. Jen walks in and stops when she sees he has company. Then she realizes she knows the person; she is a nurse from neonatal. The nurse acknowledges Jen, and she apologizes for Jen’s loss. Jen suddenly wants to know about the nurse, because she spent her time with Johnny. She was the only person whom Johnny spent his entire life with. She wants to know more about Johnny. However, before she can inquire more, Paul shuttles her out, much to Jen’s dismay. She immediately wants to know why Paul would do that. He covers, claiming that he didn’t want her upset. She counters by saying she is so tired of everyone walking on eggshells around her. Paul then tells her the nurse was there because he was considering making a donation in her baby’s name. Suddenly, Jen is contrite. She can’t understand why she is acting as she is, especially with people who are close to her and only trying to help. She tells Paul about her and Barbara’s disagreement. She apologizes again for her seesaw behavior. The only thing she wants is her baby back, and that won’t happen. Paul understands and tells her that it may not seem like it now, but he promises things will turn out okay. Jen leaves, and Paul mumbles to himself that he will make sure that happens. He gets on his phone and starts to make arrangements to go visit Craig.

Luke is really too young to fly, as far as Lily is concerned, but she appreciates Keith’s efforts, and she kisses him as Holden and Luke walk in. Keith goes to excuse himself so they can talk. Lily wants to know if Luke has filled him in, and Holden tells her he has, and he will be cleaning out the stalls for the next month. He also has been told about the flying. Lily starts to explain and, much to the amazement of everyone, Holden interrupts to tell her that he thinks it is a good idea. Luke is beyond excited. He wants to go flying now, but Keith suggests they start with some computer programs to acclimate Luke. Lily still has to agree. However, Lily tells Luke she won’t be a stick in the mud; if Holden is okay with it, then so is she. Keith and Luke excitedly leave, and Holden and Lily are left to talk. Holden thanks Lily for not wanting to make a decision without his input first. She laughs as she tells him that after all these years, he can still surprise her. They talk nervously about their son flying, but they are also excited to see him light up about something because it has been a long time. Lily stares at Holden and is amazed at how well he handled the situation, and Holden stares back. Then he shocks her further by saying that if Keith is going to be a part of Lily’s life, then he wants Luke to like Keith. Lily is bowled over by Holden at this point and is simply speechless.

Carly has made plans to have the baby’s christening tonight. Emily needs to rush home to find Paul and get back to the church. She happily runs off as Jack is coming home. He explains that he saw Gwen, and he wonders if having a christening would only invoke Gwen's ire. Carly doesn’t care and insists it is not about her. Jack tells her that Gwen knows about the trust fund, and Carly immediately figures that Gwen is doing this for the money. Jack is sure she is not, because she only found out about the trust fund after the fact. It doesn’t matter as far as Carly is concerned. She is geared up for a war. She made a promise to her sister, and she will do everything and anything to keep that promise. No one will be taking her son from Carly--no one!

Gwen and Casey continue to spar about her choice in reclaiming their baby. Gwen isn’t interested in hearing anything more Casey has to say and tells him to leave. Margo has arrived in time to witness her son and Gwen’s interaction, and she is dismayed by it.

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