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As the World Turns Update Monday 8/8/05


By Elizabeth
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Dusty walks into Lucinda's house and sees Meg. The two talk about Lucinda, until Meg changes the subject. "I said that I needed to see you," she tells him, looking very serious. Then, with a smile, she tells him that he owes her. The two smile at each other.

Will and Celia walk into Al's talking about a movie they just came from. He mentions doing something else after they eat, but she doesn't want to. �I have a ton of stuff to do at home," she tells him. Trying to be helpful, Will offers to come over. She reminds him that they spent the entire day together and doesn't seem to want him to. He smiles and mentions heading to Chicago for a play next week. She agrees as she fingers the bracelet he's given her. They smile at each other, though Celia doesn't look as happy as Will.

Outside, Tom, Margo and Casey discuss where they're going to eat. Margo reminds them that she has to check into work, while Casey doesn't seem to care whatsoever. It seems that he wants to get dinner over with as soon as possible. The three walk in and see Will and Celia kissing. Casey's parents offer to go somewhere else, and he refuses. "Can we get a table, though? I'm starving," he tells them, pretending that things are fine. Tom gazes over at Will, while Margo looks concerned for her son.

Carly continues to attack Gwen, wondering why she should let her hold Rosanna's baby. Gwen reminds her that she has rights, while Carly threatens that Jack will soon be home. Gwen yells right back, informing Carly that she has thirty days to change her mind about giving the baby up. "I'm taking my baby back and there's nothing that you or your cop connections can do about it," she announces.

Paul looks at the footprint for the �Baby Doe' card and thinks back to a conversation he had with Rosanna about her son. He then thinks back to her telling him "it's the wrong foot.� He stares back at the footprint, wondering what Rosanna wanted him to know. He hears Rosanna's voice begging him for help. Going back to the card, he realizes that there is no birth date on the card. He rushes toward the phone, muttering, �I need a date.�

Back at Lucinda's, Dusty is curious about what it is that he owes Meg. She tells him, in no uncertain terms, that since they were interrupted the other night he is obligated to take her out once more. He apologizes for what happened and attempts to explain things. Smiling, she lets him know that she understands, and that nothing more needs to be said. She mentions having dinner underneath the stars, and he informs her that he has work first thing in the morning. She smiles and agrees to move to �Plan B,' which will �take them closer to the stars than they've been in years.' Meg begins to walk out of the room and turns around only to ask if Dusty is going to come with her or not.

Margo tries to make some small talk with her son, who doesn't say much. Finally, she comes out and asks if Will and Celia are now an item. He shrugs, not telling his mother much of anything.

Will and Celia continue to smile and flirt with each other. He lets her know how happy he is to be spending time with her. His cell phone beeps, and she encourages him to take it. Paul is on the other end and wants to see his younger brother. Celia lets Will know that she can make it home alone and reminds him that he doesn't have to rush back to her. Will smiles and lets her know that he's had a wonderful time with her.

Tom changes the subject, asking his son what he's doing before school begins. When he doesn't get much of an answer, he offers to take his son to a movie. Casey refuses and leaves to go talk to someone.

As Will is walking out, Casey is getting up; they bump into each other. �What's your problem?� hisses Will, and the two go their separate ways.

Tom and Margo see this and wonder why Casey is pretending that things are fine when they're obviously not. Margo mentions how sad it is, as the two boys used to be such good friends, while Tom laments that girls have a tendency to ruin relationships. He also thinks that there might be more to what is happening between the boys than they're being told.

Gwen repeats to Carly that she has the thirty days to change her mind. Not wanting to be bullied, Carly asks Gwen to join her as a full-time mom for thirty days. �I can show you what full-time motherhood is all about," she tells her, while enumerating the hardships of being a mom. Gwen doesn't want to hear it and just mentions that one less child would make Carly's busy life that much easier. Gwen doesn't want to be swayed and wonders if any mother is completely ready when she has her first child. Carly tries to be nice and points out that she understands Gwen's apprehension. She goes on to point out that none of the important aspects of the original adoption have changed. �You have put his needs first. I respect that," Carly tells Gwen. Trying to sound as polite as possible, Gwen tells Carly that, unfortunately, she doesn't think Rosanna is going to wake up, and nothing is working out as planned. Carly assures her that the child will have a good home with a loving family. �Your son has a home with us. Please don't take that away from him now," she begs.

Margo seems convinced that whatever is going on will come out eventually and doesn't seem too worried. She assures her husband that her son tells her everything. Tom, on the other hand, tries to remind her that their son has secrets just as every kid his age does.

Casey approaches Lia, a girl from high school. She wonders why he wants to talk to her and she offers to have him come over, as her parents are out of town.

At another table, Celia's phone rings. She answers it, looking confused. Sierra is on the other end and apologizes for taking so long in getting back to her. She lets Celia know that if she still wants to talk, she will be around. Jumping at the chance, she tells Sierra that she will see her soon. Celia gets up to leave and pays her bill before walking out. She walks past Casey, who watches as she walks out the door. Lia notices this and revokes her invitation. She's mad and tells him that he should have fun with his parents. She leaves in a huff and he follows.

On the rooftop, Meg gets out a picnic basket. She hands Dusty a sleeping bag and tells him to get ready. The two flirt as they talk about how beautiful the stars are that night, and they toast their evening together with beer.

Will arrives at Paul's apartment, wondering what is going on. Paul demands to know when Gwen had her baby and wants the exact day. �The same night Jen had hers," he informs his brother, who looks frazzled. Will looks confused as to why, all of a sudden, they are discussing Gwen's child. Paul explains that it's about Rosanna and that he promised to help her. Paul still seems worried about when Gwen had her child and asks his brother if there is anything else he can remember from the night Gwen went into labor. �What I remember most is seeing them both in the prenatal ICU. They kind of looked alike. You know, both premature. Except, one was definitely stronger, because Jen's baby didn't make it and Gwen's did, which is weird--Gwen didn't even take care of herself. She was a smoker, she didn't take her vitamins. And Jen took great care of herself," Will tells his brother. Paul thinks back to what Rosanna told him and it looks like something has dawned on him. �It''s unbelievable," he says, as though he's figured something out. Paul hurries his brother out of the apartment and seems to realize what has happened.

Gwen confesses that she didn't expect to miss her child, but she does. Carly, having an urge to compromise, offers to give Gwen the option to visit from time to time. Wanting to be up front, she wonders what the child would refer to her as. Carly makes it clear that they won't keep it from him that he's been adopted and doesn't want to bring lawyers into the mix when Gwen suggests it. Seeing right through Carly, Gwen accuses Carly of trying to trick her. �On day thirty-one, all bets are off and you slam the door in my face!" Gwen yells. �I'm taking my kid home," she tells Carly. Carly grabs Gwen as the two continue to argue over the baby. Carly tries to point out how hard and expensive it is to be a mother, while Gwen just mentions how much she misses her child. Not giving in, Gwen wonders if she should go upstairs and get the baby, or if Carly will. Just as stubborn, Carly lets Gwen know that she's ready for a fight. Gwen walks out, slamming the door behind her.

Meg and Dusty talk about the past as they make dinner on the grill. Meg makes a shushing sound and tells Dusty that she thinks they are no longer alone, and perhaps Jennifer has shown up.

Sierra sits down with Celia, wondering all about Will and what kind of boy he is. Smiling, she tells him how nice Will is and wonders why she doesn't feel happier. �He acts so sure about us. I guess I'm afraid of getting too serious," she confesses. Sierra urges her to try and talk to Will and lets her know that perhaps she's not ready to be in another relationship.

Casey follows Lia, assuring her that he's no longer interested in his ex-girlfriend. She doesn't believe him, and then she urges him to prove it--by coming home with her. Casey goes over to his parents, wondering if he can head out with his friend. Margo doesn't want him to, but Tom okays it. As Lia and Casey are walking out, they run into Gwen. Tom and Margo watch as the three teens give one another odd looks.

Carly is on the phone, leaving a frantic message for Jack, when her doorbell rings. She is surprised but glad when she sees it is Paul. She mentions that she hasn't heard anything new about Rosanna and comments on having �just gone a few rounds with the baby's birth mother.' Worried, he wonders what is going on, and she tells him that Gwen wants the baby back. He looks concerned as Carly tells him that Gwen's coming back with a lawyer. He lets her know that no one will take the baby while he's there. Paul seems more determined than ever to help carry out Rosanna's wishes. He does, however, glaze over staring at the baby's things.

Meg sits down while Dusty admits that he was thinking about Jennifer. He explains, however, that he was only wondering about whether or not she was going back into work tomorrow. He assures Meg that he is just friends with Jennifer, and nothing more. Meg comes out and wonders if he is having sex with Jennifer. �I'm not sleeping with Jennifer, I work with Jennifer," he tells her, making it very clear that their relationship isn't that close. She gets closer to him and they flirt with each other some more. He kisses her.

Celia is worried that there is something wrong with her for not liking Will as much as he likes her. Sierra assures her that her feelings are normal. She reminds Celia that she doesn't need to plan out her entire life, and just then the door rings. Celia comments that it's most likely Will. Sierra answers the door while Celia thinks about things. Will walks in, glad to see his girlfriend. Sierra heads upstairs and offers to be a listening ear if Celia needs one later on. �What did I just walk in on?� Will wonders.

Gwen is begging her boss at Al's for a raise. He doesn't want to help her out and only offers to give her another shift. She thanks him and then offers to clean out the store room for some extra money. When he agrees to that, she wonders if she could put a crib in there when it's all done. �This ain't no day care," he tells her gruffly.

A lawyer walks into the diner and seems to know both Tom and Margo. He tells them that he's doing some pro bono work and then sees Gwen. He excuses himself from the Hughes'es and goes over to Gwen. �What's the emergency?� he asks. She tells him that she wants her child back. Tom and Margo watch on, looking intrigued.

Paul tries to calm Carly down, assuring her that perhaps once Gwen has time to think about everything she will change her mind. Carly isn't so sure, knowing that the birth mother always has the upper hand. The nurse comes downstairs, letting them know that her shift is over, with the baby in her arms. Paul offers to hold the child and urges Carly to rest. �I'll hang out with him. It'll give me a chance to get to know him," he offers. Carly thanks him and heads upstairs. Paul looks down at the child, realizing that this poor infant is stuck in the middle of something so much bigger than him. �I need to do a little experiment. Don't worry, this won't hurt," he tells the child, as he takes a footprint of the baby.

Dusty and Meg continue to flirt with each other. They talk about the stars and how sometimes stories about constellations don't have an end. They kiss once more.

Celia admits that she and Sierra were talking about Will. He asks if she's concerned about the bracelet. Celia looks away as she confesses that she thinks that the gift was too much, in terms of what it is inscribed with. He explains that he, too, was worried about it, but decided to sign it as he would a letter. He thanks her for telling him and offers to take it back. �The next time something's bothering you, just talk to me," he tells her. He offers to take her for a bike ride and picnic tomorrow and thanks her for being honest with him. They hug, and Will looks worried.

Margo and Tom mention the lawyer and how he only does adoption cases. �I'm so glad we don't have these kinds of problems with our kids," Margo tells her husband.

Gwen makes sure that she still is within her time limit to change her mind. The lawyer offers to work on getting a court date as soon as possible. She mentions needing to make some fast cash, and he tells her that she doesn't need to worry about it. He informs her that Rosanna has left a trust fund for the baby, and Carly can't use the money against her in the custody battle. She agrees that she's ready to proceed, and he lets her know that he will keep in touch.

Paul wipes up the ink mess as Carly walks back into the living room. He reminds her that the best thing she can do is not worry. Paul even offers to testify on her behalf if it goes to court. Carly takes the baby up to its crib as Paul is leaving. On the porch, Paul looks at the footprint of the baby.

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