ATWT Update Friday 8/5/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/5/05


By Eva
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At Katie’s house, Katie makes Henry laugh, causing him more pain. Katie puts a pillow behind Henry’s neck to try and take the pressure off his back and then goes to the kitchen to get some more ice. Mike arrives, and when Maddie opens the door Mike quickly explains that Katie called him for help. Maddie reluctantly allows Mike into the house. Henry and Maddie both explain to Mike that Henry fell down the stairs.

At Lily’s house, Lily arrives and calls Luke’s name several times and asks that he come downstairs so they can talk. Lily is confused when she doesn’t get a response from Luke.

Inside Keith’s plane, Keith explains to Luke that flying is the best thing in the world because it helps you put things in perspective. Luke wants Keith to take him back home, but Keith doesn’t see why Luke would want to go home, because his mother is mad at him. Luke thinks Keith is trying to win him over by taking him up in a plane. Keith admits to Luke that he hoped they could become friends.

At Paul’s place, Paul looks over the mementos that Rosanna put in her box. Jennifer arrives, crying because she feels lost and like she will never be able to move on with her life. Paul holds Jennifer as she cries.

At Carly and Jack’s place, Carly holds Rosanna’s baby and promises him she will take good care of him because she made a promise to his mother. Carly also tells the baby that he is her second chance to make up for what happened to her brother. Carly hears the doorbell and gives the baby to the nurse, so she can give him a bath while Carly goes to get the door. Gwen asks Carly if she can see her son. Carly is a bit confused but allows Gwen in the house so she can explain herself.

At Lily’s place, Lily places a call to Holden to tell him Luke is missing, and if he calls him to let her know about it. Lily then finds a note from Keith and tells Holden not to worry because she can handle things.

Inside Keith’s plane, Keith flies over Lucinda’s office and Luke thinks it's cool that the building looks so small.

At Katie’s place, Mike picks Henry up and places him on the couch. Mike gets Henry to agree to call Dr. Bob and let him come over and check out his back.

At Paul’s place, Jennifer tells Paul that she has dreams her baby is still alive, and when she wakes up she realizes the baby is gone and she feels sad. Jennifer tells Paul she tried to do some work but couldn’t get anything done because she kept thinking about the baby. Paul tells her not to be so hard on herself because everyone grieves in his or her own way. Jennifer explains to Paul she can’t stop blaming herself for her baby’s death and the end of her marriage. Paul tells Jennifer that she shouldn’t blame herself for anything that happened because it’s all Craig’s fault. Paul tells Jennifer he will make Craig pay for the death of her baby and Rosanna’s coma. Jennifer tells Paul he shouldn’t get bitter and should let the law make Craig pay for his crimes. Paul isn’t sure that the law will make Craig pay enough for all the pain he caused everyone. Paul thinks that Jennifer’s baby dying was a blessing, because if the baby had lived Craig would have been a part of their lives forever.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Gwen explains to Carly that she is the birth mother of the little boy Rosanna adopted, and she just wants to see him one time to say goodbye. Carly isn’t sure allowing Gwen to see the baby is a good idea. Gwen explains to Carly that she gave her baby to Rosanna because she thought Rosanna would be a great mother, but now Rosanna is in a coma and Craig is in jail, and her baby is with strangers. Carly explains to Gwen that she isn’t a stranger, she is Rosanna’s sister, and Rosanna wanted her to be the guardian of her child. Carly is offended because she thinks Gwen is there to check out her family. Carly thinks she should call a lawyer and talk to Jack about the situation. Gwen cries a little bit and tells Carly she hasn’t done anything wrong, she just wants to see her baby. Carly tells Gwen to write down her name and phone number, and they will set up a time for her to see the baby after she talks to Jack. Gwen doesn’t think Carly is being fair to her in not letting her see her baby. Gwen doesn’t like Carly’s attitude toward her and thinks she's treating her that way because she is poor. Gwen tells Carly she is poor and works in a diner, but she has every right to see her child. Carly once again refuses to let her see the baby. Carly demands that Gwen leave her house before she calls her husband the police detective. Gwen isn’t frightened and refuses to leave until she sees the baby. Carly takes her cordless phone into the kitchen and calls Jack.

At Katie’s house, Dr. Bob informs Henry that he has a bruised tailbone and a bruised back. Dr. Bob gives Henry some pills for the pain and tells him to stay off his feet for forty-eight hours. Henry wants to go to a motel, but Katie, Maddie and Mike don’t think it is a good idea because Henry shouldn’t be moved. Katie promises Henry she will take good care of him until he is better. Maddie tries to push Mike out the door, but Henry sends her to the drugstore to pick up his medicine. Henry also asks Katie to go to the kitchen and get him more ice. Henry apologizes to Mike for his sister, and Mike thinks it’s cute that his sister is trying to protect him.

Maddie daydreams that Henry punches Mike in the stomach and throws him out of the house after Katie tells Mike Henry is the only man she will ever love.

At Lily’s place, Lily leaves a message on Keith's cell phone telling him to bring Luke home--now.

Inside Keith’s plane, Keith allows Luke to take control of the plane, and Luke discovers he likes flying.

At Paul’s place, Jennifer tells Paul he should never say her baby is better off dead, because that is a horrible thing to say to her. Jennifer tells Paul she feels she should have been the one to pay for her mistakes, not her baby. Paul feels Jennifer is paying the price already and she should not have to do so, because Craig should pay. Paul feels like he is paying for pushing Rosanna into Craig’s arms, because now she is in a coma. Jennifer doesn’t think they should blame all their problems on Craig. Jennifer is confident that Craig will pay for his crimes by spending a long time in jail. Paul thinks jail time for Craig isn’t enough to make up for all the pain he has caused. Jennifer decides to leave because she doesn’t think she and Paul are ready to help each other through their grief. Jennifer notices the things Paul has laid out on the table, and Paul explains they are Rosanna’s things. Paul explains that these things are the reason he is upset and apologizes to Jennifer for taking it out on her. Jennifer notices the picture of the footprint. Paul thinks it's Cabot’s footprint, but Jennifer points out that it must be from the baby Rosanna adopted because the picture says Memorial Hospital. Paul wonders why Rosanna would have a footprint in her box.

At Katie’s place, Henry thanks Mike for his help and tells him he is sorry about the baby. Henry also thanks Katie for letting him stay at her house. Henry makes it clear to Katie that he doesn’t want to get in the middle of her life. Katie looks at Mike and tells Henry she doesn’t have a life. Katie walks Mike out the door. She thanks Mike for his help and asks him not to go yet. Mike tells Katie he will be back in the morning to help Henry shower.

Mike and Katie almost kiss but are interrupted by Maddie, who isn’t happy to see Mike is still there. Katie sends Maddie inside the house to take care of Henry. Mike smiles and tells Katie he will see her tomorrow. Henry wishes Maddie would stop playing matchmaker and leave Mike and Katie alone.

At Al’s Diner, Keith makes a deal with Luke that if he stops hanging around with the bad crowd and does well in school, he will teach him how to fly. Luke shakes hands with Keith on the deal.

Lily arrives and is angry with Keith for taking Luke out while he was grounded. Luke explains that Keith stopped him from running away, so Lily shouldn’t be angry with him. Keith explains to Lily the deal he and Luke just made, and Lily says Luke will learn to fly over her dead body.

At Paul’s place, Jennifer encourages Paul to find the good in something and hold onto it so that he doesn’t become a bitter person. Paul tells Jennifer that looking at the baby’s footprint made him realize that life is too short to hold a grudge against anyone. Paul tells Jennifer he's decided to let things go. Jennifer gives Paul a hug before she leaves. Paul looks at the picture of the footprint and remembers the words Rosanna told him.

At Carly and Jack’s place, Gwen lies to the baby's nurse and tells her Carly told her it was okay to hold the baby. The nurse gives the baby to Gwen and goes upstairs to get the baby’s pacifier.

Gwen smiles and talks to the baby for a few minutes. Carly gets angry when she sees Gwen holding the baby and demands that she give the baby to her now. Gwen refuses to give the baby to Carly because she thinks that Carly is a mean and hateful person who doesn’t deserve to be the mother of her child. Carly thinks Gwen took the baby out of his crib, but Gwen explains the nurse came downstairs and allowed her to hold the baby. Carly tells the nurse Gwen isn’t welcome in the house and she should never have let her hold the baby. Carly tells Gwen that she can’t take care of herself, much less take care of a baby. Gwen tells Carly she may be poor, but she will be the best mother for her child. Carly tells Gwen it's too late because she signed away the right to her child. Gwen tells Carly she made a mistake, and now she wants her son back.

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