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At Lily’s house, Lily and Keith drink champagne and get ready to spend a romantic day alone. Lily and Keith share a few kisses before their romantic day is interrupted by a phone call from the police informing Lily they have Luke down at the station. A frantic Lily grabs her keys, but Keith decides to drive because lily is too nervous to drive.

At Katie’s place, Henry is in great pain and can’t move after his fall down the stairs.

At the Lakeview, Barbara insists on making Jennifer eat something even though Jennifer doesn’t feel hungry. Dusty arrives, and when Jennifer sees him she mouths the word "help" while Barbara looks at the menu. Dusty mouths back "okay" and goes to sit down at a nearby table.

At Paul’s place, Paul looks at the pictures and mementos Rosanna kept of their relationship. Paul quickly puts everything back in the box when he hears Emily’s key turn in the lock. Emily asks Paul what he was trying to hide from her. Paul tells Emily that Rosanna’s maid, Phyllis, stopped by with a box of Rosanna’s mementos of their relationship. Paul tells Emily he was trying to hide the box because he didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. Emily surprises him by saying she doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Paul tells Emily that looking at the things inside the box made him realize that, despite everything that happened between him and Rosanna, they never lost their connection to each other. Emily recalls Hal’s comments about Paul being obsessed with Rosanna but pushes them out of her thoughts.. Emily tells Paul that trying to hold on to a woman who may never come out of a coma isn’t good for him. Paul tells Emily he has never done anything that was good for him. Paul wishes he could have gotten to Rosanna before Craig did, so that accident never would have happened in the first place. Emily tells Paul he could not have stopped the accident. Paul explains to Emily that Rosanna had something important to tell him about something Craig had done. Paul tells Emily Rosanna sounded desperate and scared on the phone. Paul feels he should seek justice for Rosanna by making Craig pay for his crime. Paul also wants to figure out what Rosanna was trying to tell him.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer makes it clear to Barbara that she isn’t hungry, but Barbara insists on ordering something for her to eat. Barbara wants to take Jennifer on a business trip to New York. Jennifer makes it clear that going on a business trip won’t help her forget her pain.

Barbara asks Jennifer to go on a trip to Europe with her, but Jennifer refuses to go on any trip with her. The hotel staff informs Barbara that she has a phone call. Barbara leaves to take the call, and Dusty walks over to Jennifer and shows her a place to hide before Barbara returns to the table. Dusty informs Barbara, when she returns to the table, that Jennifer went to see Paul. Barbara leaves to catch up to her, then Jennifer and Dusty walk out of the restaurant.

At Katie’s place, Maddie thinks Henry’s accident is her fault, and Henry wonders why she would say such a thing. Katie doesn’t let Maddie say anything because she thinks the accident is her fault after leaving the slipper on the stairs. Katie wants to call an ambulance to take Henry to the hospital, but Henry doesn’t want to go to the hospital because he doesn’t have health insurance. Katie grabs a pillow from the couch and puts it under Henry’s back. Katie also massages Henry’s temples to help him relax.

At the police station, A policeman informs Lily that Luke was caught in a raid at a downtown bar and was arrested for underage drinking, although he wasn’t legally drunk because he passed the on-the-field sobriety test. Lily blasts Luke for his underage drinking. Luke is upset that Lily brought Keith with her to the station. Lily is tired and upset because Luke is adding to her problems. Lily reminds Luke that Lucinda has cancer, and she needs him to support her right now instead of getting himself into trouble. Luke tells Lily she isn’t thinking about Lucinda right now, because she is spending time with Keith.

Luke refuses to go home in Keith’s car. Lily tells Luke he can either come home right now or spend the night in jail. Luke thinks Lily would never let him spend a night in jail, but Lily dares him to try her. Lily asks Luke if this is the first time he has been drinking, and Luke responds in the affirmative to her question. Keith tells them it's best to talk about this at home, so all three of them head home.

At Katie's place, Henry tries to sit up but can’t stand the pain, and he lies back down on the floor.

At Java, Jennifer is suddenly starving and eats every bite on her plate. Jennifer thinks she has been intruding too much in Dusty’s life and promises not to interrupt his dates anymore. Dusty explains to Jennifer that he enjoys her interruptions and she can interrupt him anytime. Jennifer thinks he is just being nice, because she is sure Meg doesn’t feel the same way. Dusty explains to Jennifer he isn’t being nice, but selfish, because he wants her to get back to work. Jennifer laughs a little and tells him she won’t damage his reputation as a selfish guy. Jennifer stops laughing when Mike walks in the door.

At Paul’s place, Emily tells Paul she will help him seek justice for Rosanna, and to that end she asks Paul to tell her everything Rosanna said to him the night of the accident. Paul explains to Emily that Rosanna told him she had something important to tell him, but she couldn’t tell him over the phone. Rosanna also told him he would understand why once he found out what Craig had done. Paul explains that before Rosanna became unconscious she said the words "wrong foot." Paul tells Emily he thought that meant Rosanna wanted to get back together with him. Emily thinks Paul was just listening for something he wanted to hear Rosanna say to him. Paul acknowledges that Emily might be right in her assumption of how he interpreted Rosanna’s words. Paul tells Emily it doesn’t matter what he thought Rosanna said, the important thing is that Craig pays for his crime. Barbara arrives looking for Jennifer, and when Paul tells her that Jennifer hasn’t been there Barbara figures out Dusty is covering for her.. Barbara wonders why Jennifer would try to get away from her. Paul thinks Jennifer wanted to spend time alone. Barbara wonders why Jennifer would turn to Dusty instead of her own family.

Paul explains to Barbara that Dusty helped Jennifer with the birth of her baby, and she probably feels grateful to him. Paul also thinks that Jennifer may feel Dusty is the only person who would understand her pain. Barbara is upset that Jennifer is sharing her grief with Dusty instead of with her family. Barbara tells Paul this is a time of grief to be shared with the family, and not with any more interlopers. Paul is angry at the backhanded comment aimed at Emily and demands an apology from Barbara, or she will not be welcome in his house. Barbara apologizes through gritted teeth to Emily and leaves to look for Jennifer.

At Java, Dusty pretends to get a phone call so he can have an excuse to leave Mike and Jennifer alone to talk. Mike tells Jennifer that it is good to see her laugh again. Jennifer explains that, although she may laugh once in a while, she is still heartbroken, and the pain will never go away.

Mike tells Jennifer that, no matter how she feels about him, he will always care about her. Mike tells Jennifer he wants to help Jennifer get past her pain. Jennifer doesn’t think Katie would like him to help her. Mike tells Jennifer he and Katie are not together as a couple.

At Katie’s place, Maddie and Katie fix up the couch with sheets and pillows for Henry. Katie and Maddie try to pick up Henry, but he is too heavy for them to lift. Maddie and Katie decide to drag Henry close to the couch so he can pull himself up on to it. Henry is in unbearable pain after they drag him to the couch. Katie wants to call an ambulance because she is afraid Henry may have broken some bones. Maddie stops Katie from calling the ambulance when she tells her this happened to Henry before, in high school. Henry starts to say something, but Maddie kicks him with her foot and he backs up her story. Maddie tells Katie that Henry just needs some aspirin, so Katie goes to get it from the kitchen. Maddie tells her brother that Katie is willing to do anything he wants for him while he is in pain. Henry tells his sister he is on to her trick and won’t allow her to postpone her trip home.

At Lily's place, Lily, Luke and Keith arrive home from the police station. Luke goes straight upstairs to his room. Lily is upset about the distance between her and Luke and doesn’t have a clue how to reach him. Keith tells Lily to give Luke some space to work things out on his own. Lily thinks Luke is trying to avoid his family problems by pushing her away whenever she tries to talk with him about the problems. Lily feels Luke is keeping something from her, and Keith agrees with her. Lily wonders if Keith knows something, but Keith tells her teenage boys always keep secrets from their parents. Lily has to leave to check on Lucinda, so Keith walks her to the car. Luke tries to sneak out of the house, but Keith catches him as soon as he walks outside.

At Katie’s place, Maddie tells Henry she will stay until he is better so she can help Katie take care of him.

At Java, Mike tells Jennifer he never should have slept with Katie while they were still married. Jennifer tells Mike she should have trusted him with her problems instead of turning to Dusty. Jennifer tells Mike she realizes now that he didn’t love her enough, he just wanted to be a father. Mike tells Jennifer their marriage wasn’t just for the sake of the baby. Jennifer tells him that if that were true, he never would have slept with Katie when they had their first big marital disagreement. Jennifer tells Mike they both lost a baby, but they must grieve alone and get on with their separate lives. Mike leaves and Dusty returns to the table. Jennifer tells Dusty that Mike still feels guilty about their breakup, but she told him they must move on with their lives.

At Paul’s place, Emily thinks Paul made a point of defending her to Barbara because he isn’t ready to live with her. Paul is surprised that Emily knows him better than he knows himself. Paul admits to Emily that he still has feelings for Rosanna and he isn’t sure he will ever get over her. Paul doesn’t think that he is being fair to Emily, so he gives her the option to leave him.

Outside Lily’s house, Keith tells Luke that, since he doesn’t care about himself, he is making it his business to care about him. Keith asks Luke to go with him some place.

At Katie’s place, Maddie daydreams that Katie and Henry ask her to live with them because they are grateful she helped them to reconcile.

Henry interrupts her thoughts by asking her to bring him a martini. Katie calls Mike because she needs his help.

At Java, Jennifer tells Dusty she is ready to go back to work. Dusty hands her a file and asks her to look at a proposal for Street Jeans. Jennifer begins to cry when she opens the file.

At Paul’s place, Emily tells Paul she isn’t going to leave him, because at least when he has problems he allows her to get involved in them and doesn’t shut her out of his life. Emily tells Paul she needs what he gives her, and there is nothing wrong with them getting what they need from each other. Emily kisses Paul, and they make love.

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