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As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/3/05


By Wanda
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Outside of Katie’s, Henry and Maddie are discussing why she has to be nice to Katie even though she gave him up for a guy with a tool belt.. Henry explains to his "little sister" that she insulted his friends when she butted into a situation that she didn’t even understand. Maddie asks whether, if she really, really tries to understand, he will let her stay with him full-time, insisting that they’d have so much fun. Henry scoffs and says they would, but not right now; this is not the time, and he doesn't want her spending all her doughnut money on hotels. Just let him get set up here, he pleads, and she could come back any time. Maddie says she could work, mentioning that there’s a race track nearby. Nobody handicaps better than her. Henry says he’s going to shoot himself for teaching her how to do that, but then backs off and says no, no, they are going to keep this nice and simple. Today she is going to make nice. He pulls her to the doorbell and rings, and tells her then they are going to make tracks.

Katie rushes to the door, asking, "Did he come looking for you?" She means Snickers, who's escaped. Henry says, “Well, honey, it’s not jail. He probably just went for a walk.” Katie responds that he freaked out when he woke up and Henry wasn’t there with him, and now he’s gone. Henry scoffs that he didn’t freak out; he’s a Buddha rabbit, and he went over the wall. Katie wonders if he could jump that far. She then says she is going to look one more time upstairs and tells him he should look outside. Maddie looks on, amused, as they do their little routine.

Will and Gwen are at Al’s Diner and she asks if he thinks the nurse will tell the Snyders they were there. Will says probably, but they didn't leave a name, and they don’t know who she is. Gwen says she just wanted to make sure she didn’t blow it by trying to see the kid without asking them first. Will says he'll say it was his idea, which it kind of was. Anyway, she's covered. Gwen laments that she just needs to see him once, to make sure she did the right thing by giving him up. Will says she did, and even though things have changed, she has to believe him that this is better. Jack and Carly are great parents, and letting them take over with her son is the smartest thing she could have done--and the bravest. She scoffs and he tells her to stop being so hard on herself, because what she’s doing takes a lot of courage. Celia will be there soon. Gwen says she will make herself scarce, but Will says no and asks her to wait because he has something he wants her to see. He pulls out an open black jewelry box with a bracelet in it and asks if she likes it.

At the police precinct, Paul is following Hal around and asking if he has talked to anybody at the clinic about Rosanna. Dryly, Hal says she hasn’t been there long enough, and he doubts there is anything yet to report on. Paul huffs that that shouldn't mean he’s not even going to ask; Rosanna’s the victim of a crime, and she’s a witness against Craig. Hal continues, "Which means that if there were any news and it was relevant to the case, I would have heard about it. And, if you're really interested, why don’t you call yourself?" Paul states he has, but they won’t talk to him because he’s not family. Hal asks if Carly has tried to keep him away. Paul says no and asks if he wants him to bother a woman who had an armed stand-off at her house last night. Hal shoots him a mean, “No, by all means, bother me instead.”

Emily walks in and Paul greets her by asking if she is there to see him. She replies that, actually, she needs to talk to Hal for a minute. She brushes past and tells Hal she just wanted to get some of Daniel’s things. He will be back home in a little while, and she needs things sent over to the apartment before he gets back. Hal is agreeable about whatever she needs to get. She says it’s just his bicycle and his soccer stuff. It’s in the garage, so she won’t need to bother Hal. He says she wouldn’t bother him. He’s still working 24/7, so she can come by any time. She thanks him. Paul speaks up and Hal snaps, “Figure it out, Paul, I’m busy.”

Emily turns to Paul and asks if anything is wrong and what happened. He tells her he needs official help to get the doctors in Switzerland to speak with him. There’s been no change, but maybe Tom knows something, and he’ll catch her later. He dashes off, leaving Emily standing with Hal looking on.

Standing on Iris’s porch, Carly faces her and asks if she thinks Carly killed her baby. Iris retorts that she knows what she knows. Carly insists that she couldn’t have done a thing like that, but Iris says sure she could. Carly shouts that no, she didn’t have it in her, it was a mistake. Iris yells back that the mistake was ever letting her set foot in her house again, and now she has to go home. Iris turns to go in, but Carly begs her to wait and says she needs more details. Iris asks what she wants, her blood again? Forget it! Carly is begging for her to wait, please, just listen to her; it’s a mistake, whatever she thinks happened, but they can figure it out if Iris will please tell her why she thinks Carly hurt her boy. Carly is hanging on to her now, and Iris breaks away with Carly still begging. Jack pulls them apart and asks what she is doing. Carly begs more for Iris to tell her the truth, and then begs Jack to tell Iris to tell her the truth.

Jack faces Iris and asks what she said to Carly. Iris spits, “The truth.” But Carly denies it; Iris is telling her that she killed her son, and she knows that isn’t the truth, so will he get her to tell her the truth? Jack turns to Iris again and asks what she is doing. Iris says she warned him. Carly is looking skeptical. Iris reminds Jack that that first day she had said that whatever Carly wants, Carly gets, no matter how. She even imitates Carly and then tells Jack, “Just look at you. She’s even got you dancin’ to her tune.” Iris says she’s just like her daddy. Carly wants to know what’s going on, and Iris says to ask her husband, he knows everything. She turns and goes back into the house. Carly looks at Jack with a question, but he wants to go and pulls her away, saying he doesn’t want to do this here and that they need to go home.

Gwen says, "Wow!" just as they see Celia coming, and Will asks her to please not say anything, because it’s a surprise. Celia and Will hug.

Henry comes back inside with Snickers cuddled in his arms. He says he was in the Hauser’s yard; they’d put in Bibb lettuce this year--with an electric fence around it. Katie says that woman has a sick sense of humor. She takes Snickers from him and holds him up, wanting to know if this is really Snickers and asking if Henry checked. Henry chuckles and says yes, because the last time this happened, he ended up with an extra rabbit. Yes, it is Snickers, he checked. He asks if Katie is okay.

Katie says she had a rough night and she doesn’t really want to get into it. She looks around and says she thought his sister was with him. Henry says yeah and then calls Maddie’s name. She comes from the kitchen, eating out of a big bowl. She says she made breakfast, and Henry scoffs, "Well, why don’t you just help yourself?" Maddie says she made it for everyone; she thought they’d be hungry after the bunny hunt. She looks to see if the rabbit is caged. Katie has put it back in its cage and says he's right by the window, so the fur won’t bother Maddie. Maddie thanks her, saying she’s so thoughtful and adding, "Henry is like that too. Guess that’s why you guys are friends. Isn’t he the best?” With a little prodding from Henry, she finally tells Katie she is really sorry that she slammed the door on her friend. Katie says Mike is Henry’s friend, too. Maddie says that is what she’d heard--but it’s not the only thing she’d heard. She got protective because Henry is the greatest big brother in the world and has her back, when he could just ignore her like the rest of the family does.. Katie tells her she’s really lucky, and she couldn’t imagine having a brother like that. Henry realizes she is thinking about Craig and says he’d heard he got arrested. Katie replies that it's true, if he can believe it. She can’t believe it had happened again, so she went down to the station last night to see if she could help. And she did end up helping him--to start a fire. Henry spits, “What?” She points to her purse and tells him it died of smoke inhalation; that’s why she had the window open last night. Henry asks for more, and Katie tells him that Craig found matches inside it and used them to burn down the interrogation room so he could escape. Maddie keeps saying, "Wow." Katie remarks that that is his idea of brotherly love. Henry calls her "Bubbles" and she keeps on that it is true, her brother is a horrible person.

Emily tells Hal she had better go and pick up Danny’s things. Hal says any time is fine, but she says no, actually, now is better. She says she has a million things to do today and thanks him. He seems to want to stop her and says he is glad she stopped by and that it’s good to see her. Paul returns and she asks if he found Tom. Paul relays that he’s in court all day. He turns to Hal and asks if he could just get him the name of Rosanna’s specialist, or somebody in charge there whom he could talk to. Hal walks away and drops, “I’ll call if I have the time.” Emily apologizes and asks Paul if she can buy him lunch or something. Paul says no, because he got a call from Phyllis, the housekeeper at Fairwinds, and she wants to meet with him. He has a couple of questions about what happened with Rosanna the night of the accident, and he’s not so sure Hal would really like him poking around. Emily replies that she won’t say a word; why would she? He asks if he can give her a ride, but she says she has her car and they agree to meet later. Before she leaves, Hal walks back to her and says, “You’re too good for this, Emily. You deserve better.”

Jack walks in the door and finds Carly sitting on the arm of the couch with both her feet on it, reflecting. Jack tells her the nurse will be there tomorrow, if they want her. Carly calmly says they will, to make sure the baby’s safe. Jack denies needing that, but Carly continues that that is why he wanted her here to begin with: he thought she would crack; he thought that she’d hurt him.

Jack tells her no, he knows she’d give her own life before she’d hurt a baby. Carly questions why doesn’t he tell her exactly what he knows, then. He starts off by saying she’s a great mother, but that isn’t what Carly wants to hear. Then he says he never lied to her; he came close enough that it hurt, but he didn’t. She knows he just protected her and kept her from her own memories...and she knows he knows something; she asks him to tell her. He begs her to sit down.. She shouts that she doesn’t want to sit down, she wants him to quit stalling and tell her what happened to her brother.

Gwen clears the table and tells them she will be right back to take their order. Celia apologizes for being late, but Will is glad she quit her job at the country club. Celia agrees and says she couldn’t see Casey every day; it would be too tense. Will agrees and tells her they will find something else. She asks him to order her a lemonade and says she’ll be right back because she needs to use the ladies room. She thanks him when he says he will. Gwen walks up and Will says, "That was close," referring to his big surprise for Celia. He asks if Gwen likes the bracelet, and she grins and says, "Yeah, who wouldn’t?"

Henry asks if Craig will be in jail until the trial, and Katie says yes, if there is even a trial. Hopefully he’ll be smart enough to cop a plea and get a lesser sentence. Henry scoffs and asks when she has honestly known Craig to throw himself on the mercy of anything. Yeah, what was she thinking? Henry offers that she was thinking that he would grow some sense and spare his family. Katie agrees and says as bad as it is for her, it's worse for Margo. And what if they sent him so far away that she never got to see him again? She excuses herself, saying she needs a second.

He calls, "Bubbles," after her and says to Maddie that she’s not fine. As she looks after them, she says, “You are still so in love with her you can not even see straight.”

Hal tells Emily, “You’ve grown up, Emily. You don’t settle for crumbs anymore, and you shouldn’t.” She tells him that is not what this is about, but he continues that Paul was here when he got in today, badgering people for answers and trying to find Craig’s case file; he’s obsessed. Emily says he is only looking for justice, and Hal, of all people, should understand. How many times did he abandon his family for months on end looking for justice for people he didn’t even know? Hal tells her she knows he has lost because of it--she has even said that is why he lost her--so why is it okay for somebody else to give her the short end of the stick? Has she finally decided that is all she is worth? Emily wants to know if he’s trying to hurt her. He replies no and says he guesses he’s just tired of having him, or the two of them, in his face. Emily turns to leave and says she can fix that. Hal tells her to wait and says he didn’t mean to be cruel, he was just saying what he saw. Emily remarks that he doesn’t see everything. He says maybe not, but there's one thing he sees very clearly, and he'd know it blindfolded: the only thing she will ever be to Paul Ryan is his live-in mistress.

Meanwhile, Paul is on the phone, speaking poor French and getting nowhere, and finally he throws the phone down. They hung up; how rude! He grabs something from the coffee table and throws it against the door. Phyllis is on the other side and drops the silver box. He comes out and helps her retrieve the contents. He mentions not being able to get through to Switzerland; there’s a code for the family and he doesn’t know it. Phyllis says neither does she, but she is sure she will soon. Paul asks if she will pass it on, and she says whenever she can. He invites her in. She has picked up a baby photograph and the baby's footprint card. Phyllis hands him the box and says she didn’t want them to get lost in the shuffle. He thanks her. She says they are mementos--of him. He remarks that they must have been moved to the back of the closet when Craig moved in, but Phyllis replies that no, she kept them close. She thought Rosanna would want him to have them. He thanks her again for thinking of him, and she replies, "So did Mrs. Cabot."

Carly demands that Jack tell her what Iris told him. He replies that she said nothing; she wasn’t his source, and he wouldn’t trust her anyway. They discuss the case records and he denies that Carly had any involvement; she was only a kid. But she spouts, “I did it? Oh, my God, Jack! I killed my own brother!” Jack confirms that Iris said she killed her son. She accused her, but that’s all it was: an accusation. There was never a trial. Carly figures there must be some kind of evidence, but Jack says no, just a lot of inconclusive things that never added up. Carly adds, "But he was gone, and that’s the bottom line." She says Iris had left her son with her, and when she came back he was gone, which means she must have done something to him. Jack says they don’t know that, but she shouts that babies don’t just evaporate. Jack warns her that she was only a kid; perhaps she just wandered off and left him alone, or maybe he was just picked up. Whatever happened, Carly says, she knows it’s her fault; she is responsible. Jack disagrees and says she was left in charge of a newborn when she was too young to understand, and it was not her fault. Carly can’t quite agree because, if so, why couldn’t she remember it? If it was just an accident, why was it so traumatic that she couldn’t recall any of it? He offers that just because that witch, Iris, made her feel like a murderer doesn’t make it true. Carly adds that she hated the baby before he was even born. That’s what Iris had said, and she could believe that. Jack counters with the argument that every first-born is jealous, but Carly believes it was more than that. She puts her hand over her mouth and says she was capable of doing very ugly things.. Jack asks her to stop it and asks why she is saying this. He tells her it sounds like she wants to believe it, but she counters that she is just trying to be honest, even if she is scared, and he (pointing her finger) is scared too. She accuses again that he is keeping the truth from her, and not just to protect her from being upset; he thinks she could crack, and if she could lose it now, then she could've lost it then. She could have gotten angry and lashed out, and she could have killed that boy.

Henry and Maddie argue good-naturedly about her leaving; she thinks she could change the ticket and stay longer, but he argues that she shouldn't make this harder than it is already. This is not the right time, he tells her again, and she can come back. Katie calls from upstairs to see if he can come help her with the attic door, because she’s too short. As he dashes off, he tells Maddie to clean out the cereal bowl and get ready, and they’ll go as soon as he gets back. She wanders to the stairs and takes a few steps, then spies a pink fuzzy bunny slipper and says, "That is not a good thing." Then she has this fantasy of her falling on it and Katie and Henry rushing to her rescue. She’s sprained, perhaps broken, her leg, and Katie insists that she stay there for 8-12 weeks and promises she’ll take good care of her there. Maddie pipes up that if she doesn’t want him to worry, then he can stay there, too, and take care of her, if that isn’t imposing too much. Imaginary Katie gushes, “Oh, Henry, your sister is wise beyond her years. What a perfect solution. Don’t you agree?" Yeah, Maddie thinks, a regular Mr. And Mrs. Cleaver. Back to reality, Maddie says, “works for me.”

Paul gets Phyllis a glass of water and hands it to her as he sits in front of her. He asks her if anything happened with Rosanna the night of the accident, when she left the house and before she got in the car. Phyllis says it’d been a happy day, with lots of boxes and toys everywhere, and Mr. Montgomery was so excited about the baby. He questions her more, and she replies that Mrs. Montgomery was much quieter, but there were no arguments; of course, she had left early. Paul reminds her that Rosanna had called him from the car and she was very upset. She was trying to get away from Craig. She was trying to tell him something about Craig, and even after the accident, before she slipped away, she was trying to speak....something was very, very wrong. Phyllis starts to say more but stops, and then goes on that Rosanna should never have walked out on him. In all the years that she worked there, Mrs. Montgomery was the happiest when he was there. He’s happy to hear this and tells her he won’t tell anybody, and if it comes to it, she’ll always have a great reference with him. She gets up to leave, and he reminds her that if she finds anything while she’s packing up Rosanna’s things, something that might be some kind of clue as to why she was so upset that night, he hopes she’ll pass it on to him. There's a close-up shot of the silver box.

Emily tells Hal that she and Paul aren’t married to each other. He doesn’t owe her anything and he hasn’t broken any promises, not like she did with Hal, and she’s sorry, but she doesn’t want to hurt him any more. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her, either, and he wants her to have a good life. She says she will. He replies with a laugh, “Really, it’s been a real fun month, hasn’t it?” They both laugh; she quips that yeah, her calendar is covered with gold stars, and he says his too, all over the place. She tells him she knows he feels responsible for her. If that is what it’s about, if he wants to move forward with the divorce, then he should go ahead. She won’t fight him for anything, including the house. He can just send the papers over and she’ll sign them. He tells her there aren’t any papers, and he’s in no rush. As a matter of fact, he thinks they should put the divorce on hold. She is surprised and asks why, and he replies that he’s made enough mistakes in his life to know not to rush into another one. She queries whether he thinks a divorce would be a mistake. He says he's not sure; they are still raw and traumatized, and they’d hurt each other.

They quibble and she brings up Chris Hughes, asking if he ever forgave her for that. Then Barbara comes up, but he defends himself, saying she knows he couldn’t stop that. So is she saying it’s impossible, or just a lot of hard work that she doesn’t want to do? She replies that she turned herself inside-out to be worthy of him; she worked like hell to be a good wife and a mother to Will, she tolerated his insane ex-wife, and she lived with the hours and never complained, so he'd better not dare talk to her about hard work. Hal realizes that living with him made her feel like she got less than other people. She agrees and adds that she certainly got less of him, didn’t she? Hal says, “And now you’re willing to settle for less--with PAUL--and that breaks my heart, Emily.” Emily glares and spouts, "So what is this, some mercy mission?" Well, he can spare her; she doesn’t need to be rescued.

Celia and Will look over the menus as Gwen watches from the counter. She asks if he is okay and then isn’t sure she believes him, because he smiles all the time now. He wants to know if the country club gave her any trouble and she replies no, she thinks Casey must’ve said something to make it easier. Will is surprised at that, but Celia says he doesn’t want to see her any more than she wants to see him. Will thinks that’s a good thing, but she admits she kind of wanted a fight; is that weird? Will says no, sometimes a little drama is a good thing. He pulls out the black box and hands it to her. She has a big grin on her face and Gwen looks up. Celia opens the box and seriously tells him it’s beautiful. He asks her to read the inscription: “Love, Will.” It’s not poetry, he says, but that’s the way he feels. Gwen interrupts and asks if they are ready to order. Celia isn’t sure she is that hungry. Another waitress comes in and tells Gwen she’s worked two shifts and her marathon ends now, she can take over. She pulls Gwen away from the table, but Gwen tells her it’s no big deal, she can stay. The waitress tells her not to be silly, she should go home and have fun. Gwen says, "Oh, there’s a thought." The waitress says she’s earned it. Gwen quips that she’s not sure anyone gets what they earn, but then tells her to never mind; she’s just someone with no life, so she asks weird questions, and she wonders if she will always be as clueless as she was today. She takes off her diner shirt and leaves, but not before stopping near Will’s table and staring at him and Celia.

Jack turns the baby carrier around and tells Carly to look in there. Look, can she imagine herself as a child, ticked off at her dad? He tells her to imagine herself at her most desperate or hungry, and then look at that little boy; did she honestly think she could ever intentionally end his life? Carly says of course she couldn’t. Jack agrees that of course she couldn’t, any more than she could hurt Rosanna’s baby now. The baby cries and Carly tells Jack he should feed him. He picks him up and says he will warm a bottle for him, but Carly will feed him, and he gently hands the baby to her.

Maddie has oven mitts on both hands and is on the floor trying to pick up Snickers and saying loudly that she thinks he escaped from his cage again.. Henry bounds down the stairs, steps on an object and tumbles to the bottom, panting and groaning. Katie is fast behind and bends and says, “Oh my God!” Maddie looks on somewhat sheepishly.

Celia lifts up the bracelet out of the box, admiring it, and Will wants to know if she needs help putting it on. She hesitates, and he isn’t sure she likes it. She says she does, it’s perfect, but it’s just too expensive. He says it was on sale, but she knows better and says he’s a liar; beautiful engraved jewelry never goes on sale. She tells him he’s bought her too much already, first the prom dress and now this; he has to stop. He takes it from her to put it on and says it is engraved, so he can’t take it back, and she agrees. She thanks him. Then she says she has to get to the post office to mail her mom’s birthday present today or it won’t make it on time, and she leans over to kiss him and leaves. Just outside, she pulls out her cell phone and calls Mrs. Esteban, saying she needs some advice.

Hal follows Emily outside his office and tells her he is sorry. He didn’t mean to be cruel, and he’s not trying to swoop in and save the day for her. She asks what he is doing, then; what does he want? Is he saying they should move back in with each other? Hal says no, that wouldn’t be very comfortable for either one of them, and he doubts she would make it a week at Susan’s. He asks if she has money of her own for a place and tells her she could take what she needed out of the joint accounts. She says that being with Paul is not about housing, and it’s not an act of desperation. They've been honest with each other and have no illusions that this is some grand romance. They are in the same place, so they're no good for anyone but each other. Whatever he’s feeling for Rosanna, it’s fine. He’s entitled; he owes her nothing. Hal nods and twinkles, “Okay.” Before she leaves, she says Paul needs her and she needs him, and she is sorry, but she is exactly where she wants to be.

Paul sits with the silver box in front of him, and he’s remembering Rosanna the night of the accident; he bends over her and asks her not to try to speak, and to just hang on. Barely audible, she says it’s "the wrong foot." Paul (misinterpreting) says he knows they got off on the wrong foot. Back in reality, he opens the box.

Carly is feeding the baby, and she is cooing and happy and says she just can’t imagine how she could ever hurt a child...if she did...but she is going to make up for it now with their kids, and with this little guy. No matter what happened before, she is going to dedicate herself to this child right honor of her brother.

Outside, we see Gwen peering through the window pane with the most anguished look on her face.

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