ATWT Update Tuesday 8/2/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/2/05


By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Keith wakes up and looks over at a sleeping Lily. He stumbles out of bed and starts to dress just as Lily is opening her eyes. She wonders why he is trying to sneak out, especially before kissing her good morning. Keith is worried that Faith may wander into the room, and he doesn’t want her to be upset. Lily smiles slyly and tells Keith she locked the door. She tells him if he wants to live dangerously, beckoning him over with a sexy look, then he should come back to bed. Keith wastes no time, and before long they are fooling around in bed again.

Meg walks into Lucinda’s room and wants to know what is in the envelope that Lucinda is looking so nervous about. Lucinda tells her that it is her test results, which surprises Meg, considering that it is not normal protocol for a patient to have her results delivered to her home. Lucinda reminds her that she is on the hospital board and says she had someone send her a copy of them. She wants to see her results before a doctor can put a spin on them. She wants Meg to open them and give her the news straight.

Will is sitting at a table at Al’s Diner when Gwen comes over to wait on him. He mentions that he is there to meet Celia and asks what she is doing there again. She says she is trying to pull another double shift because she owes a lot of money, and it beats sitting at home in her ratty apartment and thinking about her baby. With the adoption up in the air, she has wanted to kick herself. Will wonders if she is having second thoughts and suggests that maybe she should consider taking her baby back. Gwen smiles at the thought of that but reminds Will she is no more able to take care of her baby today than she was when she gave him up. She just wishes things were the way they were supposed to be. She wanted Craig and Rosanna to provide a good, stable and loving home for her baby. If that is the case, then Will thinks the best way for Gwen to handle this is to give Carly and Jack a chance. They already have three children, and they are loving parents to them. Gwen wonders what will happen if her baby gets lost in the mix. Will is adamant that that would never happen. His dad is best friends with Jack, so he knows him well. He assures her that he and Carly are good people.

Jack comes downstairs looking for Carly, but he finds Nurse Ellen instead. She tells him she saw Carly this morning as she was leaving for a run. She cautiously expresses her concern for Carly, saying she is worried about her. She tells Jack Carly seems uncomfortable with the baby this morning, as if she didn’t want to be around him or hold him. Jack explains that someone tried to take the baby yesterday, so that may be why Carly seems on edge. "No," Carly exclaims, "that isn’t why," as she walks back into the room. Jack asks the nurse to take the baby for a moment while he talks to her.

He wants to know what is really wrong. She doesn’t want him to get upset. He promises not to. She tells him the nightmares and memories are back. She tried to forget about them, but she can’t. Jack has her sit down and asks her to tell him what she remembers. She recalls herself as a child near a pond. There is a baby carriage overturned. She has no idea why she is there or what it means. She sees herself holding an ice cream cone, and then Iris shows up and she keeps yelling at her. Carly pleads with Jack to tell her if there is something she doesn’t know. She can’t focus on her life with this hanging over her, and she just wants the truth so she can move past this. Jack swears there is nothing he is not telling her. Jack now wonders if this baby is going to bring up all these feelings for Carly, and if so he thinks maybe they should consider giving him back, for her welfare.

Lily and Keith are kissing in bed when Lily notices, over Keith’s shoulder, the picture of her and Holden lying face-down. She picks it up, and Keith awkwardly tells her he didn’t want anyone getting in their way. Lily vows to never let that happen. The doorbell rings. Who is it this early? they wonder. Keith thinks it is Holden, but Lily knows he is still out of town; maybe Lucinda, they think. Either way, Keith wants to get out of there quickly so nobody sees him. He starts to head for the window when Lily goes to open the bedroom door. She opens the door and is stunned to see Faith, who has just come to tell her mom that the doorbell has rung.

Faith innocently asks "Uncle Keith" what he is doing in her mom and dad's room. Lily and Keith look nervously at one another before Keith covers by saying he had just come to say hi and to give her an airplane ride, and he scoops up the laughing girl into his arms as Sierra walks in. Sierra takes Faith downstairs so Lily and Keith can say goodbye. When she comes back up and Keith leaves, she suggests that Lily may want to be a bit more discreet when she has company. Lily is a bit annoyed that everyone keeps bothering her about Keith, but she agrees she should have been more careful. She just wants to be left alone to move on with her life. Sierra changes the subject by reminding her that Lucinda’s test results are in today and they should head over there. Lily tells her she will be ready in a minute, but they both pray they are heading over to hear some good news for a change.

Meg isn’t sure she should be the one to go over Lucinda’s test results with her. She needs to talk to Dr. Berg. If there were any details or questions, the doctor would be the best person to talk to. Lucinda doesn’t agree and would like Meg to be the one to give her the news. Meg pauses but then takes the envelope, tears it open and starts to peruse the results. Lucinda braces herself and tells Meg to give it to her straight. A slow smile appears on Meg’s face as she tells her that her margins are clean. Lucinda jumps up with joy. There is no sign of any other cancer, she exclaims. Meg believes that is the case.

They both are overjoyed, but Meg doesn’t want Lucinda to think it is over. She reminds her that she had a cancerous lump removed, and some cancer had spread into the lymph nodes. Lucinda asks Meg to allow her five minutes of happiness, which Meg understands she needs. She asks to say one more thing and tells Lucinda that the chemo will take a toll on her emotionally and physically, so she wants to suggest some techniques that may help Lucinda. She wants to try it on her now. She tells her to lie on the floor. Lucinda pauses for a moment, but she trusts in Meg and takes her up on it.

Carly can’t just give the baby back, she tells Jack. What would happen to the baby then? She promised Rosanna, as well. She just wants Jack to help her so she can put this in the past. Jack assures Carly he only wants her happy, and he will do whatever he can to make sure she is. Jack’s cell phone rings and it is Hal, who needs him at the station to complete his report on Craig. He needs to go, but he worries about leaving Carly in this state. Carly tells him not to worry because she will be fine. As he leaves, the nurse returns with the sleeping baby. Carly tentatively approaches the baby. She looks at the carriage and immediately has a memory of the baby carriage overturned. She is clearly upset and visibly shaken, again, by this memory. She tells the nurse she just remembered an appointment she has to go to, and she practically runs out of the house.

Will wants Gwen to give herself a break about the baby. She did a good thing for her child. Gwen just feels guilty, as if she took the easy way out. So things are tough in her life, so what? People make things work like that all the time. Will thinks what she did for her baby was amazingly brave. She gave up her child so he would have a better life; there is nothing shameful in that. Gwen just laments over the fact that she never really had a chance to say goodbye. Will thinks she should say goodbye, then. He is sure Carly and Jack wouldn’t mind. He offers to go with her, which Gwen really appreciates. They decide to leave right then on Gwen’s break.

Carly is frantically knocking at Iris’s door. Iris comes to the door and then tries to slam it shut once she sees who it is. Carly is desperate and wants to know the truth. She asks Iris what she meant when she said Carly hurt her son. How, what did she do? she inquires.

Iris threatens to call the police if Carly doesn’t leave, but Carly tells her Jack will take the call and then she will have both of them to deal with.

Lily and Sierra arrive at Lucinda’s and stop outside in the hall when they hear jazz music playing inside the closed room. As they walk closer to the door they smell something funny and wonder if it is what they think it is. They hear Lucinda's and Meg’s voices. They can’t stand the suspense anymore about what is going on. They open the door and find Lucinda lying on her back on the floor.

Lucinda is agitated, in a playful way, that they interrupted. She is learning breathing techniques to relax her. What they smell is incense. She laughs at her “beautiful Charlie’s Angel daughters busting in” to find out what is going on. They tell her they knew she was getting the results today and they wanted to be there. She tells them gleefully that the news is great: her margins are clear. They are all celebrating and are all thrilled to hear that the results are positive. They rush to hug Lucinda, ecstatic to finally hear good news.

Will and Gwen arrive at Carly and Jack’s house. Gwen compels herself to knock on the front door. The nurse answers it, and Gwen suddenly is at a loss for what to say. Gwen seems torn with what to tell the nurse when she inquires after what they want. Gwen covers and doesn’t mention being the baby’s biological mother. They tell her that they are friends of Carly and Jack and came by to see their new baby. The nurse appreciates that, but she can’t allow them in without Carly's or Jack’s permission, they must understand that. Clearly disappointed, Gwen tells the nurse she does understand, though she is only being careful. The baby fusses and Gwen instinctively goes for the baby, but the nurse blocks the door. They will have to come back, she says, and with that she shuts the door. Gwen turns to Will and bitterly tells him she knew this was a mistake, and she never should have let him talk her into it. It was obviously a waste of time. Will wants to know why she didn’t tell her the truth. It didn’t feel right, she claims, especially after how the nurse looked at her. Will thinks that Gwen can sometimes be her own worst enemy. Gwen snaps back that she wants to go back to the diner and that she made a stupid mistake. Will stalks off, and Gwen hangs back. She hears the baby fuss again, but then she quickly leaves.

Jack is on his way home from the station when he sees Kim, who is looking for him. He is in a rush, but Kim tells him he will want to hear what she has to say. They go and sit down. Kim mentions that she has found something further in regards to Carly, but considering what she found, she wants to run it by Jack first. She was doing some follow-up work on the tape she gave Carly. What tape? Jack asks. She tells him it was a news piece on the missing boy. Jack covers and Kim goes on. She found something further in a folder marked “do not air.” She slides a picture across the table. Is that Carly as a little girl? she asks, and Jack tells her it is. Kim says that was what she was afraid of. Apparently this story claims that Carly was responsible for what happened to the little boy. Kim remarks that Carly seems to have no memory of the incident, which Jack verifies, but Kim feels, from what she saw in Carly, that she isn’t going to rest until she knows the full story. Jack doesn’t know what to do. Kim is adamant that Jack tell her what he knows immediately, before she finds out on her own. It would be much better for her to discover this through Jack.

At Iris's, Carly won’t back down. She has been told by Iris that she is responsible for something she can’t remember, and she needs to know about it because she can’t let it go. Iris relents. If she tells Carly the story will she leave her alone for good? Carly readily agrees. Iris offers her a drink, which Carly turns down, but Iris bitterly tells her she may want to reconsider after she hears the story.

Lily and Sierra have questions, like whether Lucinda needs further treatment, etc., considering the results. They want to know what the doctor thinks. Lucinda doesn’t know because she has not talked to her. They are a little confused about Lucinda getting the results without her doctor and aren’t sure that was for the best. Lucinda doesn’t like her doctor, she explains, and would rather have Meg giving her the news. They think that Lucinda needs to at least get moving, since her appointment is in one hour. They would like to go, but Lucinda informs them she would rather only have one nurse with her at the appointment, instead of three. Lily and Sierra try to hide their disappointment. Meg suggests Lucinda go get ready, and Lucinda listens. Meg turns to Lily and tells her that she is just doing whatever Lucinda wants and is best for her. She does not want it to be a power play. Lily bites her tongue and thanks Meg for helping her mother. Meg leaves and Sierra tells Lily to let it go; it is obvious that Meg is helping Lucinda, so they should just be happy. Lily wonders if Lucinda is depending on Meg to spite Lily, but then she quickly admits she is sounding selfish. They agree Meg is what Lucinda probably needs, because it is easier to reach out to a stranger then to let the people closest to you see you hurt. Lily wonders how long it may be before Meg and Lucinda disagree and Lucinda no longer relies on her.

As the story begins, Iris spits at Carly that she was a mean, spoiled brat as a child. She never wanted Iris (or anyone, for that matter) to be in her father’s life. When Carly’s dad told her that Iris was going to have a baby, Carly pitched a fit. She didn’t want to share her dad with a sibling. She was always throwing tantrums, and she threatened to run away and make them sorry. Carly concentrates, hoping something will bring back a memory. Iris is disbelieving that Carly has no memory. Carly just wants her to go on with the story. Iris recalls how Ray would always bring Carly around in hopes she would soften up to Iris and they could be a family, but nothing changed. At that point she was sick of Ray, and definitely of Carly, who was a monster; however, Ray would not turn his back on his family, especially if he was going to have a son, which he felt he was. The baby came early and was, in fact, a boy. They had no money, and they were forced to go to a ratty clinic. The electricity and phone had been turned off. Ray had gone to work and taken the car that day. Carly was with her, and she needed to get to the doctor because she was bleeding. She decided to walk to the clinic, but first Carly didn’t want to be left at home, and then she complained when Iris took her along. She realized after walking a bit that she was too weak, so she needed to go for help on her own. She made the biggest mistake of her life when she left Carly with a baby whom she had hated his whole life. She told Carly to wait where she was, and when the ice cream man came by she could get some ice cream for herself. She stops, and Carly is anxious to find out what happened next because what Iris is saying is starting to bring back memories. Iris remembers coming back and seeing Carly standing by the empty overturned carriage. She spits that all Carly seemed to care about was her ice cream. She looked all innocent, but she knew she wasn’t. The memories start to flood back as Iris talks. She remembers everything Iris is saying. The deluge of horrible visions is overwhelming her. She starts to feel as if she can’t breathe. She needs a minute. She heads for the door, but Iris is raring to finish the story. Carly opened this can up, and she is going to deal with the contents of it.

Will is sitting at a diner table when Gwen places a piece of pie in front of him. What is this for? Will asks. Gwen says it is a peace offering and that she didn’t mean to blow up like she did, she is just confused. Will understands; anyone would be confused and emotional under the circumstances. Gwen reminds him that he has been there every step of the way. He has done more for her than anyone previously in her life had. Will reminds her that he promised to do that. Gwen thinks out loud that she needs to rely on herself, as well. Will wants to know if she is trying to get rid of him, but Gwen laughs and says she is smart enough to hold on to a good friend when she sees one. Will agrees, saying he knows to do that as well, as they look at each other.

Jack has rushed home to see Carly. The nurse tells him that Carly took off, very upset, earlier. Jack tries to reach Carly on her cell phone, but Carly isn’t answering. Meanwhile, Carly has run out of Iris’s house. Iris won’t stop talking and is relentlessly pursuing Carly to finish the story. Carly is shaken, claiming she doesn’t remember anything else. Iris tells her she can pretend not to remember, but that will never change the past or what she has done to her son. Carly screams at Iris that she is confused about everything she is thinking. She stammers that she couldn’t...she didn’t... Iris is furious and tells Carly she can’t run away, and she can’t run to Jack for protection. As Iris yells, Carly can hear the same words being spoken in her head from a memory of Iris talking to her dad. Then Iris tells her that she needs to open her eyes and admit the truth. Again, in her head, she hears Iris telling her dad those same words. Suddenly, Carly stares incredulously at Iris and exclaims, “My god, you think I killed your son?”

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