ATWT Update Monday 8/1/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/1/05


By Elayna
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At Al's Diner, Lily is ordering some food when Keith pops up behind her, freshly home from his latest trip. She asks how his trip went and he tells her he will tell her tomorrow when he pays her the second installment of his loan, because his employer paid him in cash. Lily is adamant that Keith need not pay her back; she wanted to help him out. However, Keith is insistent that he will pay back his debts. Lily makes mention of Keith?s eye looking better and then tells him that Lucinda didn't really believe his story. However, Lily believes that Lucinda would find fault with anything that Keith did because he is not (she hesitates) Holden. Keith understands that is how Lucinda thinks, but in this case he admits that Lucinda was right in regards to his black eye; he hadn't exactly told her the truth. Meanwhile, Gwen is waiting on a table near them when her eyes catch the front page of the local newspaper. Without thinking, she grabs the paper out of the person?s hands and starts reading the story.

At Java, Jack bumps into Paul. He inquires as to how Paul is doing. Paul feels as if he is in a fog, and he doesn't know quite how to feel. Jack asks if he knows anything more about Rosanna's condition now that she has been moved to the private clinic. Unfortunately, there has been no change, but Paul is convinced Rosanna will come out of this any day. Paul wants to know if Craig has been shipped off to prison yet. Jack tells him that hasn't happened yet, but it will happen. Paul just wants Jack to assure him that Craig will pay for what he did to Rosanna. He wants Craig locked up. Jack tells him to be patient and says he needs to let justice run its course. Paul is a little leery of that--where was the justice for Rosanna? Jack promises him that Craig will get what he deserves, and, on a positive note, her adopted baby is being well cared for by Carly.

At the Lakeview, Dusty and Jen talk about Craig. Dusty wants Jen to not dwell on what Craig said to her about her baby. She worries that while Craig is on the loose he may try to settle some scores. Dusty will not let Craig anywhere near her. Hal calls, worried about Jen, but Dusty tells him she is with him at the Lakeview. Jen gets on the phone and asks if they have apprehended Craig yet. Hal tells her they haven't, but they will in a very short while. He wonders if she would feel safer with a bodyguard. Jen doesn't want him to worry and bother, and at this point Dusty takes the phone and promises to protect Jen essentially day and night. Hal thanks Dusty for taking such good care of his daughter. After Hal hangs up, he sees Margo and asks her if she has any idea where her brother may be hiding. Margo does, but she wants to handle this alone because he is her brother. At first Hal is not willing to agree to this, but Margo tells him she will only do this alone and he needs to trust her on this. Hal finally relents but wants Margo to keep him in the loop. Margo promises, and off she goes.

At Carly and Jack?s house, Craig is desperate to see his son. Carly tries to prevent him from doing so. Craig reasons that he never tried to kill Rosanna, and this is his son and he has a right to see him. Carly tries to outsmart Craig by offering to let him see his baby, but when he turns his back she tries to make a call on her home phone. Craig turns around and catches her, and he rips the base of the phone out of the wall. He will not allow Carly to prevent him from being with his son, he says, and he menacingly wraps the phone cord around his hands as he walks toward Carly.

Keith admits to Lily that he did not really walk into a door, but he doesn't want to get into the real story right then. He appeals to her that maybe a little mystery in a relationship is a good thing. He changes the subject by asking how Luke is. Lily tells him that he seems angry at the world. Keith offers her some advice: don?t push or crowd him, simply keep an eye on him. Lily appreciates his words. She realizes that he is not ready to have his parents divorce. Keith wants to know how she feels. She thinks she has shown him how she feels. She still feels she needs to take things slowly, though. Keith understands and tells her that he will wait for her because she is worth it. Gwen brings Lily her food. Lily and Keith say goodbye and promise that they will talk first thing in the morning.

Will shows up to see Gwen at work, and she tells her miffed boss she needs a moment to talk. She asks Will if he has seen the newspaper story about Rosanna. He has, and he says Paul knows Craig did it intentionally. He wants to know why Gwen cares. She admits that Rosanna and Craig are her baby?s adoptive parents. Will is stunned that Gwen would give her baby to Craig. She says she didn't know anything about him, but she really liked Rosanna because she seemed sweet. She is worried about her baby?s welfare if Craig tried to hurt Rosanna. Is Craig looking after her baby alone? Will thinks that Social Services probably has him, since Craig is in jail and Rosanna is in a coma. He reminds Gwen that if she is having second thoughts, she has thirty days to change her mind. Gwen is no more able to care for a child today than she was a few weeks ago, but that doesn't stop her from wanting to make sure her baby is well taken care of and safe. Will promises her that he will go get information about her baby from his dad.

Jen wonders if maybe it wouldn't be a good thing for Craig to go after her, because maybe he would get caught. Dusty will hear none of Jen offering herself as a decoy. He wonders when she may want to return to work. Jen doesn't know because she can hardly go from one minute to the next. She wonders, though, if Dusty thinks it may help her. She seems very interested in Dusty?s opinion. He thinks it may help to get her mind off of things. He needs her; the other day a woman tried to convince him puce was the new black. He is able to elicit a laugh from Jen and the mood is lightened. She thanks him for always knowing how to make her laugh, and for always being ready to protect her. She looks at him with emotion in her eyes. They change the subject to chit-chat about Jen?s childhood and how she loved banana smoothies. They also talk about her growing up with red hair and braces and how it was with her dad as a cop. He playfully asks her when she morphed into a beautiful butterfly. She realizes what he is doing: he is trying to get her mind occupied with something besides Craig. She asks about his childhood, and he jokes that he was perfect so there would be nothing to talk about. He says they have more pressing items on their list, like finding her a banana smoothie.

Craig tells Carly he just wants to see his baby and that she had better not try to get in his way, as he throws down the cord. Carly watches as he approaches the baby. She is deeply concerned for the baby?s well-being, and for her own. Carly reminds him he has no claim to the child, but Craig is adamant that he and Rosanna have adopted the baby and he is his son. Rosanna would want him to be there and take care of their baby. He risked busting out of jail to see his baby. Carly is panicked, calling him a maniac and saying that he shouldn't expect her to allow him to waltz out of her home with the baby. Actually, he thinks that is exactly how it will go. She tries to get near the baby, but Craig pushes her away. Taking his son and looking after him is a way he will get redemption. He figures if anyone would understand it would be her, considering the mistakes she has made. Carly tries to rationalize with Craig about how Rosanna would never want her baby to be taken on the run, always wondering if the police are steps behind. Craig assures her he and his baby will never be found. Carly again tries to trick Craig by stalling him so she can grab her cell phone from the couch. She picks up the phone and hits the speed dial for Jack and the send button.

Jack answers the phone when he sees Carly calling, but there is no answer on her side. Craig hears Jack?s voice and grabs her phone from behind her back, shutting it off. Jack tries to reach Carly back but only gets her machine. Craig goes for the baby and picks him up as Carly desperately tries to stop him. He pushes her away again as he makes his way to the door. He turns to find Margo waiting outside with her gun trained on him.

Lily is at home talking to Luke on the phone about him staying over his friend Greg?s house. She agrees to it but wonders if she will ever see much of him again. She wonders if he wants to hang out with her soon, but she jokes that she realizes it is probably not cool to be seen with his parent. She bids him good night and is starting to get ready for bed when she hears a knock at the window. She is scared at first, but then she sees it is Keith.

She is amazed at how he climbed up to her bedroom, but she laughs at his fun. He tells her that he told her he would wait, but he can?t, and he takes her into his arms passionately. He is crazy in love with her, and he would do anything for her. They sink to the bed, kissing, but then Lily thinks she hears the girls calling for her. Keith, frustrated, wonders if he should stop. She tells him that is not what she wants, but she will be right back. He paces around the room; he picks up the picture of Lily and Holden on her bedside table and taps Holden?s face, annoyed. Lily comes back in and tells him the girls are fine and Luke is at a friend?s house, and she starts to kiss him again.

Paul arrives at the station, asking Hal if Craig has been taken to state prison yet. Hal dodges the question, but Paul won?t back down. He wants to know what the police are doing to make sure Craig pays for hurting Rosanna. Hal doesn't feel he has to answer to Paul. Paul is growing angrier with Hal?s stall tactics. Finally, Hal admits that Craig started a fire and was able to escape, which infuriates Paul further. He wants to know why the man who tried to kill his wife was able to escape. Hal corrects him that it was his ex-wife, reminding him that he has moved on with Emily. Paul snaps that maybe Hal is dragging his feet to punish Paul. Hal resents the implication that he would use his badge as a way to exact revenge. As they continue to argue, Will arrives and wants to know why they are arguing. They change the subject and want to know why he is there. Will asks who has Rosanna and Craig?s adopted baby. Hal and Paul think it is strange that he is asking about the baby. He finally admits that their adopted baby is really Gwen?s. Paul is taken aback, thinking Rosanna?s newly adopted baby is his nephew. Then Will proceeds to explain that he was not really the father of Gwen?s baby. They are confused, but Will explains that he did it to help a friend and, more importantly, to help Gwen. He would have stood by her no matter what. Both Hal and Paul are proud of and impressed with Will. They assure him that the baby is being taken care of by Carly and Jack. They want him to make sure Gwen knows he is safe from Craig. Will is happy and leaves to tell Gwen. Paul turns to Hal and tells him that the police had better find Craig soon to make sure what they told Will is true.

Margo holds her gun on Craig, telling him to put the baby down or hand him over to Carly. Craig will not listen. She will have to physically stop him. She is his sister, but she will have to shoot him before he gives up his son. Margo doesn't think Craig has to be this dramatic, but Craig won?t back down. No one will touch his son, and, in the end, Margo will not have the heart to shoot him, but then he hears a voice saying, "?But I will not hesitate to shoot you."? He turns to find Jack standing there with a gun. He is forced to give in then, and Carly takes the baby while Margo handcuffs him. He asks to say goodbye to his son. Carly allows him to, as long as he doesn't touch him. He reminds the baby to be strong and patient and says that he will always be in his life, and they will always know one another. He kisses his son on his head before Margo takes him off.

Jen thinks maybe she will go to her mom?s place, and Dusty offers to go with her. She tells him he doesn't have to baby-sit her. He doesn't want her sick of him, but he would like to be with her, which is funny because Jen doesn't want him to get sick of her. They agree that that would never happen, and they are on their way to Barbara?s when Hal calls to tell Dusty that Craig has been apprehended and is on his way into the station. As soon as the arraignment is over, Hal will be personally taking Craig to Statesville. Dusty hangs up and tells Jen they have to get somewhere so they can tie up some loose ends. Confused, but willing to go anywhere with Dusty, Jen leaves with him.

Lily and Keith bask in the afterglow of making love. Keith tells her she is the best thing that has ever happened to him, and Lily admits that he is the craziest. He asks her if she trusts him yet. Lily jokingly tells him almost, because he has yet to be completely honest with her. He has not shared with her how he got the black eye. He says he will tell her the truth: he will never be sharing that story with her, he smiles. Can she live with that? She smiles back that somehow she will have to live with it, as long as he promises that it will be the last thing he keeps from her; she hugs him. We see that suddenly Keith seems to be uncomfortable with that thought. What is Keith hiding now?

Margo brings Craig into the police station. Craig is disappointed in his sister. Margo doesn't want to hear his excuses about being the victim and how he has been wronged. She gave him chances, and he blew it. Craig laments over how she must mean she set him up. Craig wants Margo to remember that she is his sister, but she comments that he is no longer her brother. Craig doesn't believe her and says she will regret that. Margo remarks that she already does. After she leaves, Hal walks in, smirking about Craig having been caught. "Oakdale has finally seen the last of you," he gloats. Craig warns that he shouldn't be so sure of that. Meanwhile, outside the room, Dusty has brought Jen to the station. She isn't sure this is a good idea, but Dusty is sure that if Jen sees Craig it will help her move on with her life. She finally agrees and says maybe Dusty is right. When they walk in, they see Paul. They realize they are all there to make sure Craig is really in custody. Jen asks how Paul is and vice-versa. They both are holding up and are thrilled to see Craig back behind bars. Dusty tells Jen he will never hurt her again.

Will arrives back at Al?s Diner to tell Gwen what he has learned from Hal and Paul. He tells her that her baby is with Carly and Jack. "Are they nice people?" she asks. Will relays that Jack is a police officer and Carly is Rosanna?s sister, and they are both very nice. He also mentions that they already have three children, so her child will be in great hands. He wonders why she still looks sad. She tells him that her life is not going how she thought or had planned. Will encourages her to have faith, because things could be worse. She is trying, she says, but it was not supposed to be like this.

Carly hugs Jack desperately. He assures her that Craig is gone and she is fine. Carly admits that she has never seen Craig like that and she thought for sure Craig would have stopped at nothing to leave with his baby. Carly wonders how Jack knew to come. He tells her he had a gut feeling about the phone call. She hugs him again, even more desperately, as she remarks that he is truly her ?G-Man!? Jack asks Carly what is really going on. She is just glad they showed up when they did.

She wonders if taking in Rosanna?s baby was a mistake. Could she really protect him as she promised? Jack picks up the baby and tells her that it is just her fear talking. He brings the baby to her and tells her she is an excellent mom. She holds the baby, and Jack tells her that ice cream is what she needs and he will be right back. As she stares down at the baby, she starts to have memories of a girl with an ice cream and a carriage. Then she sees a woman crying and asking someone, "What have you done to my boy?" She is very upset by the memory, and when Jack comes back a moment later, announcing that he forgot his money, she quickly hands him the baby and rushes upstairs.

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