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As the World Turns Update Friday 7/29/05


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At the Walsh mansion, Dusty tells Meg he rescheduled the board meeting for tomorrow so he can have time to prepare for it. Meg is surprised because she thought Dusty was already prepared for the meeting. Dusty explains to Meg that he never intended to go to the meeting until he found out Lucinda needed his help. Meg is impressed that he managed to get the always stubborn Lucinda to let him run the meeting. Dusty thinks it’s good that he can help Lucinda, even though she doesn’t know it, because he knows she needs to rest. Meg offers to make Dusty a sandwich and some coffee, but Dusty asks her to leave him alone so he can work for an hour without interruption. Meg promises to leave Dusty alone, though she looks bothered that she was unable to distract him. Meg walks outside, unties her top and goes for a swim.

At Java, Katie tells Hal that Margo just called and told her Craig was arrested for attempted murder. Katie wonders if what Margo told her is true, and Hal confirms it for her. Katie is concerned for Craig and wonders if Craig could really go to jail this time. Hal tells Katie it's nice she is concerned for her brother, but the person she should be worried about is Rosanna, who is in a coma thanks to Craig.

At the hospital, Carly sits by Rosanna’s bedside and talks to her. Jack arrives and informs Carly the Medi-Vac helicopter will arrive in an hour to take Rosanna to the clinic in Switzerland. Carly cries and tells Craig she can’t believe she only has an hour to spend with her only sister. Carly doesn’t think Rosanna will ever come out of the coma. Jack encourages Carly not to lose hope that Rosanna will come out of the coma because this clinic has done wonderful work with coma patients. Jack and Carly walk out into the hallway to continue talking, and Carly tells Jack she wants Craig to pay with his life for putting Rosanna in a coma.

At the police station, Jennifer can’t believe Craig just told her that their baby is better off dead than having her for a mother. Craig tells Jennifer she is pushing him on a very bad night. Paul arrives and punches Craig in the face. Margo and Hal arrive to break up the fight and take Paul out of the room. Katie arrives and asks Craig what kind of trouble he has gotten himself into now. Hal blasts Paul, saying he had no right to be in the interrogation room with Craig. Paul tells Hal he had every right, because Craig hurt his... Hal stops him and dares him to finish the sentence, because he knows he is sleeping with Emily and still in love with Rosanna. Hal tells Paul he is lucky he doesn’t arrest him for assault. Margo asks Paul what he is doing at the station. Paul tells Margo he is there to make sure her brother goes to jail.

At the Walsh mansion, Meg comes back from her swim, still wet and half dressed, to distract Dusty from his work. Dusty thinks he should go work at the office. Meg promises to leave him alone and not distract him anymore.

At the hospital, Jack tells Carly she has every reason to be angry, but he doesn’t think her anger will help the situation. Jack suggests Carly leave the hospital and go take care of Rosanna’s baby, because the little guy needs a familiar face to help him get used to his new surroundings. Carly knows Jack is trying to get her to leave because he is afraid she will lose her temper. Carly insists she wants to stay until the helicopter comes to take Rosanna to the clinic. Jack wonders why Carly is trying to keep away from the baby. Jack asks Carly if she is scared she won’t be able to take care of four children. Carly tells Jack she has to make this work because she promised Rosanna she would take care of the baby, and that is the only thing she can do for her now.

At the police station, Paul asks Hal not to let Craig make bail, not only for Rosanna’s sake but for the sake of all the other people Craig has hurt. Hal asks Margo to look up the name of the judge in charge of Craig’s case. Hal tells Paul he will talk to the judge, but he can’t promise anything. Katie tries to find some antiseptic wipes in her purse to tend to Craig’s bruises but can’t find them in her purse. Craig notices Katie has matches in her purse. Katie asks one of the policemen to try and find something that she can put on Craig’s bruise. Paul tells Craig that he hopes he will go to jail for a long time, but if the courts don’t seek justice, he (Paul) will make sure he pays for his crimes. Hal arrives to inform Craig that the judge refused to grant his bail due to his past history of hurting the chief of detectives’ daughter. Hal walks to the other room and Paul follows him to thank him for helping make sure Craig was denied bail. Hal refuses to accept his thanks because he didn’t do it for him. Paul offers to take Jennifer home but Hal stops him because he is perfectly capable of taking care of his daughter. Hal walks out with Jennifer.

At the Walsh mansion, Meg arrives and gives Dusty and kiss and tells him she is off duty. Meg also tells him Lucinda is asleep. Dusty wonders if Lucinda will survive the cancer. Meg thinks Lucinda is a fighter with an excellent support system of people who love her. Meg thanks Dusty for persuading Lucinda she should not go to the board meeting. Dusty thinks Meg was smart to call him to persuade Lucinda to stay home. Dusty thinks he and Meg make a good team. Meg and Dusty share a kiss.

At Java, Hal asks Jennifer to forget about what Craig told her because it is garbage.

At the hospital, Carly says goodbye to Rosanna and promises to take care of the baby until she gets better. Carly tells Rosanna the nurses call the baby Samson because he is a fighter, just like her. Carly promises to tell the baby about his mother every day, so that when she returns he will already love her. Carly gives her sister a kiss on the forehead and tells her goodbye. Carly walks out into the hallway and worries that Craig will get away with hurting Rosanna. Jack assures her that this time Craig is in so deep he can’t get away. Carly decides to go home and check on the baby.

At the police station, Katie is desperate to help Craig find a way out of this mess, but Craig knows nobody can help him. Katie goes to talk to Margo and see if she can find something to help Craig’s bruises. Margo and Katie both worry that this time their brother is really in trouble. Katie and Margo both wonder how Craig could have hurt Rosanna. Margo blames herself for always protecting Craig, no matter what he did wrong. The smoke alarm sounds and Margo and Katie notice the interrogation room where Craig is being held is full of smoke. Margo rushes in with two of her men, who use fire extinguishers to put out the fire. Margo calls Craig’s name a few times but he has disappeared. Margo tells her men to seal off the building because a prisoner has escaped.

At the Walsh mansion, Dusty and Meg are still kissing as Meg tries to persuade him to go for a swim in the Walsh pool. Dusty doesn’t think it's right that he uses his boss’ pool. Dusty decides to make some martinis for Meg instead. Meg thinks it’s a great idea, but the wrong location.

At Java, Margo calls to inform Hal that Craig has escaped. Hal tells Jennifer, who gets very nervous and begins to cry. Hal promises to send some of his men to take her home and stay with her until Craig is caught.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly tells the nurse they will get a crib for him soon, but the nurse says he is happy inside his baby carriage. Carly walks to the desk to give the nurse a check. The baby begins to cry and Carly recalls another baby boy crying inside a baby carriage in the woods. The nurse snaps Carly out of her thoughts, and Carly gives the nurse a check and sends her home. Carly gently pushes the carriage until the baby falls asleep. Carly decides to go to the kitchen and warm up a bottle to have it ready when the baby awakens.

At the police station, Katie figures out Craig used the matches in her purse to start the fire. Margo tells her men to start a manhunt for Craig.

At the Lakeview, Meg and Dusty have martinis and Meg admits to Dusty that she wanted to have a martini here because his room is upstairs. Meg whispers her plans to Dusty and goes to the restroom. A frantic Jennifer arrives and gives Dusty all the details of Rosanna’s accident, including that Craig was arrested because he caused the accident. Jennifer explains that Craig has escaped and she fears he will come after her. Jennifer also explains to Dusty what Craig told her earlier about the baby being better dead than having her for a mother. Dusty tells her she came to the right place and that he will protect her from Craig. Meg comes back to the table and Jennifer apologizes for once again interrupting their plans. Dusty tells Jennifer she wasn’t interrupting anything important, so Meg gets annoyed and tells Jennifer she was about to leave anyway. Meg notices how gentle Dusty is with Jennifer while trying to calm her nerves.

At the hospital, Jack decides to allow Paul to say goodbye to Rosanna. Paul tells Jack he thinks Rosanna made a wise choice when she chose Jack and Carly to take care of her baby, because Carly is a great mother and they have a wonderful family.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Craig creeps into the house while Carly is in the kitchen.

At the police station, Margo tells Hal she thinks Craig is up to something but she has no idea where he may have gone.

At the hospital, Paul asks Rosanna to promise she will get better and come back to him. Paul regrets that he didn’t believe Rosanna when she returned to Oakdale after being kidnapped by James. Paul feels if he had believed her they would be happy now, and she wouldn’t be in a coma.. Paul feels he has been too good a son because he always feared his father and was too afraid to stand up to him. Paul thinks he has been too good a husband, too, always doing what Rosanna wanted; even when she told him she had to leave him, he just accepted it and didn’t go look for her. Paul doesn’t want to be good anymore, and he vows to hurt people before they hurt him and never be afraid of anyone again. Paul promises to never let Rosanna down and vows to protect her and her son always. Paul gives Rosanna a kiss and says goodbye to his love.

At Carly and Jack’s place, Carly gasps when she returns from the kitchen and sees Craig standing by the baby’s carriage. Carly yells for Craig to get away from the baby.

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