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As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/28/05


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At Katie’s place, Henry’s sister Maddie slams the door on Mike and tells him to go away. Mike continues to knock on the door and demands that Maddie let him in because Katie is expecting him. Katie comes downstairs and asks Maddie who is at the door. Mike tells Katie it's him and she opens the door. Henry also comes downstairs and demands an explanation from his sister about why she didn’t allow Mike in the house. Maddie explains to everyone that Henry told her Mike had come between them, so she thought it was best for Mike not to be in the same house with Henry. Henry apologizes to Mike and Katie because his sister doesn’t know all the facts. Henry gives Mike his sympathy about the loss of the baby and explains to Maddie that Mike’s wife just lost a child. Maddie wonders why Mike isn’t with his wife, instead of here with her brother’s wife. Katie invites Henry and Maddie to have a glass of lemonade with her and Mike. Maddie tries her best to stay and accept Katie’s kind invitation, but Henry once again apologizes for his sister’s behavior and pushes her out the door. Once outside, Henry tells his sister to keep her mouth shut or he will use duct tape to keep her mouth shut.

At Java, Dusty gets a cup of coffee and some sweet rolls. Meg arrives and Dusty apologizes for leaving so quickly the other night, explaining that he had to take care of urgent business. Jennifer arrives and gives Dusty a watch he left on her nightstand last night. Dusty invites Jennifer to share the sweet rolls with him. At first she says no, but he talks her into staying. Jennifer wonders if Dusty doesn’t need to work, but Dusty tells her that the office will call him in case of emergency. Meg tells Dusty she will see him later, but Jennifer can tell Meg isn’t happy that Dusty is staying with her. Jennifer tells Dusty he should stop putting his personal life on hold for her. Dusty explains to Jennifer that he and Meg are just old friends.

At Paul’s place, Paul gives Emily a quick kiss and a hug and apologizes for not calling her last night, but everything happened so fast. Emily tells Paul she already knows about the accident, because her mom told her everything. Emily flashes back to the words she heard Paul tell Rosanna when he was at her bedside at the hospital. Emily tells Paul that she understands his relationship with Rosanna.

At the police station, Margo explains to Craig that the adoption is off the table now that he is facing jail time. Margo thinks she knows why Craig is so determined to keep the baby. Margo thinks Craig is trying to use the baby to replace Bryant and Lucy. Craig asks Margo to persuade Tom to allow her to raise the baby. Margo explains that even if she could persuade Tom to go along with the idea, she and Tom have no legal claim on the child because he isn’t Craig’s biological child. Craig asks Margo if she would raise the baby if he could prove the baby was his biological child. Margo tells Craig she won’t allow him to do something illegal in order for her to raise the baby.

At Katie’s place, Mike thinks Maddie is right that he should be with Jennifer now, but she won’t allow him to help her with her pain because he is the cause of it. Katie tells Mike not to take Maddie’s comments seriously because she doesn’t know him. Mike and Katie kiss, but Mike stops when he notices the crib he made for the baby. Katie apologizes for not putting the crib in the attic yet. Mike tells Katie he won’t be able to get rid of memories of the baby by putting things away in the attic.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda asks Meg to help her put her jacket on because she has an important stockholder’s meeting to attend. Meg doesn’t think Lucinda is ready to go back to work because it’s too soon after her operation. Lucinda gets angry because Meg refuses to help her, and she fires Meg from her job. Meg tells Lucinda she doesn’t need to fire her, she quits, because she will never risk the life of anyone. Lucinda gets dizzy and must sit down because she doesn’t feel well.

At Java, Dusty tries to distract Jennifer when she sees a baby sitting with its mother at the next table. Jennifer thinks Dusty is sweet to try and distract her, but she can’t leave the room every time she sees a baby. Jennifer explains to Dusty that sometimes she feels this has all been a dream, and one day she will wake up and her baby will be alive. Jennifer also feels like God is testing her for some reason, but she doesn’t know why. Dusty tells Jennifer sometimes bad things happen to good people and there isn’t an explanation; you just have to get through it.

At the police station, Margo gets a call from Hal informing her that Rosanna had legal papers ready making Jack and Carly guardians of the baby in case anything ever happened to her. Craig is at peace with Carly raising his baby, telling himself the baby could have done worse.

At Java, Jennifer wishes she could turn back time so she never slept with Craig; that way the baby would have been Mike’s and they would still be happy together. Jennifer tells Dusty that she isn’t much fun right now. Dusty explains to Jennifer he isn’t there to have fun, he is there to help her in whatever way she needs help.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda gives Meg back her job and apologizes for her outburst. Lucinda explains to Meg that she must be at this very important stockholder’s meeting. Meg finds Lucinda a cape to wear and Lucinda goes to the bathroom to put on make-up. Meg flashes back to Dusty telling Jennifer that the company knows to call him in case of emergency. Meg decides to give Dusty a call.

At Java, Dusty’s cell phone rings and he refuses to answer it until Jennifer persuades him it might be important. Meg tells Dusty he needs to come to the mansion to talk some sense into Lucinda if his job is important to him. Dusty tells Jennifer he must leave, but he will have his cell phone turned on if she needs him for anything.

At Katie’s place, Katie apologizes to Mike for kissing him. Mike agrees she shouldn’t have kissed him, because now he wants to take her upstairs and make love to her all night. Katie says they could do that if it would help comfort him. Mike asks Katie to sit down, and he explains to her that he married Jennifer because he wanted to have a family. Mike explains that it was selfish of him, because he didn’t love her enough to marry her. Mike tells Katie he feels guilty that the baby died because he broke a promise to Jennifer. Mike wonders if he and Katie can have a relationship based on guilt. Mike makes it clear to Katie that he loves her, but he needs time and space to think and deal with his feelings. Katie gives Mike a good-bye kiss and asks him to promise not to lose his way back to her again.

At Paul’s place, Paul gets a call from Tom informing him Craig could get out on bail. Paul tells Tom that if Craig gets out of jail he will kill him. Paul ends the call and heads out of the house. Emily also leaves the house on her way to the hospital.

At the Walsh mansion, Meg tells Dusty about Lucinda’s cancer and her operation. Dusty is hurt that Lucinda didn’t tell him about her illness. Meg explains that Lucinda doesn’t want anybody to know about her illness. Meg tells Dusty Lucinda is determined to go to the stockholder’s meeting, even though she isn’t healthy enough to do so yet. Meg asks Dusty not to tell Lucinda he knows anything because it will hurt her pride. Dusty asks Meg to trust him because he will take care of things.. Dusty pretends to be hurt that Lucinda doesn’t trust him enough to tell him about the stockholder’s meeting. Dusty tells Lucinda if she doesn’t treat him like her partner, he will quit his job. Lucinda agrees to let Dusty handle the stockholder’s meeting alone. Lucinda goes upstairs to rest. Meg is impressed by the way Dusty manipulates women. Dusty thinks he isn’t the only person who is good at manipulating people.

At Java, Henry gives his sister a bus ticket and begs her to go home.. Maddie doesn’t want to go home because she can’t stand to see Henry so lonely. Henry insists he has a good life and he isn’t lonely.. Henry gets a call for a limo ride and has to leave. Maddie takes out her laptop and vows not to leave Oakdale until Katie comes to her senses.

At the police station, Jennifer arrives to see her father, and Craig informs her Rosanna was in a car accident and is now in a coma. Craig tells Jennifer that Paul and Hal think he caused the accident. Craig explains to Jennifer that Rosanna was driving fast and he tried to stop her, and then he heard a crash. Jennifer slaps Craig in the face and calls him a monster for trying to use the death of her baby as an excuse for what he did to Rosanna. Craig again tells Jennifer it was an accident, and that now he is going to lose the baby he adopted. Jennifer screams that Craig deserves to lose the baby, and everything else in his life, because of what he did to Rosanna. Craig yells back that their baby is better off dead than alive if she was going to be his mother.

At the hospital, Emily is informed by the nurse that Rosanna will be in a coma for the rest of her life. The nurse thinks it’s a shame someone so young has to spend her life that way. Emily tells herself that the nurse is right, and by the look on her face as she stares at Rosanna the audience can see Emily is considering pulling the plug on Rosanna’s life support system.

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