ATWT Update Wednesday 7/27/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/27/05


By Wanda
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Henry is going to meet his sister, who is coming into town, and is using Moe as his cover by having him be the driver for his car. Despite Moe's dismay, Henry insists on a man in uniform and hands him the hat. Moe wants to know about the furball (Snickers) and Henry tells him to throw a cover over it. He doesn't want a peep out of him to his sister until he has a chance to explain. He hopes this will be a quick turnaround, where he can meet her at her plane, show her a few sights and put her back on a plane out of town. Suddenly she's there and Henry greets her. She twirls for him, and he flatters her that she's still the most gorgeous least of the girls; she chides that he's still a world champion liar. She's impressed with the car and the driver, and Henry gives the "aw, shucks" routine that it's only the best for his little sister.

At Java, Katie sits at a table with a menu and suddenly spots Mike not far away; they can't take their eyes off each other.

Emily lies, softly crying, curled up on Paul's couch. She is remembering what she previously saw and heard with Paul at Rosanna's bedside, begging her to come back to him and promising they'll never be apart again.

There's a knock at the door, and Emily gets up and dabs a tissue at her eyes just before she opens the door. It's Susan, who quietly says she has a latté and a croissant, adding, "You look like hell."

Ben enters Rosanna's room, where Paul is still hovering over her. Ben asks if he was there all night and Paul answers yes and says she moved her hand twice. Ben asks if it was like a twitch, saying that is normal.. The truth is there's been no change, she's still comatose. Ben says he's surprised her family hasn't been there. Paul offers an excuse for why he didn't call them. First they had to get Craig out of there, and then it was all about Rosanna, and he thought she was going to wake up.

Carly is pulling Jack by the hand and walking as fast as she can toward Ro's room. She complains that her sister has been there all night fighting for her life, and no one could be bothered to pick up the phone. She pushes the door open and freezes, moaning, "Oh God...oh God...this is so wrong. How could this have happened?"

At the police station, Craig waits as Margo finally comes in, looking very sternly at him. He states he's been there all night and there's been no arraignment, and asks if she knows that. She acknowledges that she does. He asks why she stayed away and she admits it's hard today being related to him. Does he know what kind of trouble he is in? He replies that it's a tough day for everyone; there are no charges, yet he's still there. He asks what the hold-up is. She simply says, "Rosanna's statement." He asks if she is awake or better, insisting he has a right to know what she's accused him of.

Carly sits by Rosanna's bedside and talks barely above a whisper. Ben told her Ro might be able to hear her, so she wants her to listen up. Paul told her that Craig did this to her, and if he did she's going to make him pay, but she needs Ro's help; she begs her to wake up and help her take that man down. All Ro needs to do is want to wake up, and Carly will be right there.

Paul is standing with Jack just outside the door, and Paul wants to know if he's talked to Tom Hughes. Jack says yes, right after he'd called he'd talked to both Tom and Hal. Paul is disturbed that they haven't nailed Montgomery yet. He saw it with his own eyes and there were other witnesses, and there is no way this guy should ever step foot outside of jail. He implores Jack not to let him get away with this.

Carly comes out and joins in, getting in Paul's face and saying so now he's worried about her--isn't it a little late? He should have saved Rosanna from Craig when he had a chance.

Craig continues telling Margo that he has a right to know what Rosanna has accused him of. She asks how he even knows she accused him of anything. He replies that Margo doesn't look like she told her he was innocent. Margo says she hasn't said anything because she's not awake yet; they are all waiting. He asks again how Rosanna is, and Margo rails that she doesn't have the time or patience for this little dance with him.. He'd better come clean or he's going to see his sister walk out of there, and all he'll be left with is the cop who wants to put him away for attempted murder. He asks if that is the charge and she utters that yes, unless Rosanna dies, and then it's murder 2. He still maintains it was an accident, but she declares he drove her off the road, reminding him there were eyewitnesses.

Craig asks, "Paul Ryan?" She pulls no punches and continues that he has a very compelling statement and witnesses to back him up, so if Craig has another version, he'd better come clean right now, or he is looking at a long, long time in jail.

Susan brings coffee to Emily and they talk about last night, including how Emily's not sleeping much and that there was no change in Rosanna's condition. Susan inquires after what Paul told her, assuming Emily did see him at the hospital. Emily cries and admits he didn't say much to her, but, boy, did he pour out his heart to Rosanna. And Emily laments that Susan might as well say it: she must be thinking this is exactly what Emily deserves and that she walked right into it. Susan denies it, saying Paul is the idiot, not Emily. Emily dissolves into Susan's arms.

Henry chastises his sister, Maddie, for not calling sooner. He'd have had more of a day planned but she'd only called last night. She states it was one of those last-minute airline things and the only thing she could afford, but if she'd known he was riding around in a limo all the time, she would have hit him up for the fare. He says he'd do anything for her, but she didn't have to drop everything to come check on him...especially with so much luggage. She continues that since he never brought Katie to meet them, she thought this was the only way.. He scoffs that Katie is incredibly busy today, so it looks like it's just going to be the two of them, but they can catch up. Maddie says she knows he plays the stock market, but she was afraid he may have got burned in one of those inside-trading deals. Again he scoffs that no, his portfolio was diversified (such a big, important-sounding word) and he is invested right there in Oakdale. He wants to take her to lunch and she wants to change his place. He has to talk fast to get out of that one and comes up with the excuse that it is being painted. She sneezes twice. He makes mention of paint fumes and her being susceptible. She asks for a tissue and, in the pulling out of stuff from the back seat looking for one (laundry, racquetball, checkbook, socks, dental floss) she realizes he lives in the car. She tells him they can do this the easy way or the hard way. Is this his car? He says yes, and she guesses that he is a limo driver. He says, "On occasion...and this guy is Moe, a gaming associate." Maddie asks how much he is into him for, and he tells her $500. She chides him for drawing into an inside straight, never a good move. Henry dismisses him, telling him, "Get outta here!"

Mike and Katie continue to sadly stare at each other. The waitress brings Mike's food, and he tells her he's moving to another table and points toward Katie. She beams as he sits down and tells the waitress she'll have whatever he's having.

Maddie wants to hear all about it, meaning why he's living in his car. She holds up a picture and asks if it his wife or just a photoshop fantasy. He assures her it is his wife and that their wedding day was one of the happiest days of his life. This is just a temporary cash flow problem. She asks if they've split. Henry says yeah but they are still friends; they've always been a perfect couple, except for when they were married. She wants to know why, and he mentions the third wheel, Mike Kasnoff.

Mike asks if it's okay that he sit there and Katie assures him that it is, saying it would be weird if they couldn't sit together as friends, and then she apologizes about the service. Mike says she was fine, but she says Dusty didn't think so. He really isn't a problem, but people are going to think what they want to think. She asks about Jennifer, and Mike shakes his head and says she broke down at the service; it was like she just wanted to turn to stone. Katie says she is sure he was a big help, but Mike doesn't think so and tells her that Jennifer moved out. Katie is shocked. Mike continues that she didn't want him to bring her home, not that day, not ever, so now he is officially useless. She takes his hand to comfort him just as Nancy Hughes walks up and tells him that Katie is right, the loss that he and Jennifer suffered would make anyone feel useless, but it's not true; they have to hold onto each other, and their love will get them through.

Emily dabs at her eyes with more tissue and explains to her mother that it's not like they were madly in love with each other; they knew better. She knew he still had feelings for Rosanna, and obviously she still cares about Hal, but they were being mature and realistic and moving on. Susan asks what Paul said. Emily says it was everything she's wanted to hear from the man she loves--but he'd said it to Rosanna, "and then ol' mature me curled up into a ball and cried like a baby. He will never love me like that. No man will love me like that." Susan points her finger and says Hal did, but Emily corrects her and says he could say the words, but everything else in his life came first. But Paul means it about Rosanna; he will stay there by her side until she wakes up, and when she does, he will never leave her again. Susan asks if he actually said that, and Emily says yes. Susan tells her there is only one thing to do: pack her bags and come home.

Margo tells Craig if he wants her to ask him questions, she'll ask him questions. She grills him about why he was chasing Rosanna's car. He says they had a fight and she was upset, and she never should have been driving. She replies that he'd told Hal they were going to see the baby they were adopting, but she guesses that wasn't true. He gives a new version, saying he thought they could meet at the hospital and work it out. Craig is remembering his conversation with Rosanna where she said she knew he switched the babies and the one they were adopting was Jennifer's baby. After more grilling, he tells Margo he pulled up next to her to try to get her to pull over before she did kill someone, and he'd said if she didn't pull over, he'd have to make her. Margo shouts at him, "Just a little nudge at 60 miles per hour, accidentally on purpose?" He shouts back that it was so crazy--what could he do? It all happened so fast, but it was an accident, a horrible accident. She mocks that that really fills in all the gaps, asking if it took him all night to come up with it. He pleads with her, asking why he would want Rosanna to die and insisting that they loved each other; she gave him a second chance.. Sarcastically, Margo says, "Yeah, who hasn't, and who hasn't lived to regret it?" He continues that they had a new baby, and he had everything he wanted. He'd give anything to go back, anything!

Carly attacks Paul with words, saying that he could have stopped Rosanna.. She'd tried when she married Craig, but Rosanna wouldn't listen. The only person she would have listened to was Paul. She continues to chastise him, saying that she can't lose Rosanna because she's the only family she has left.

Nurse Bently interrupts and asks if they are Rosanna's next of kin. Carly speaks up and says she's her sister. Nurse Bently is sympathetic and says she just needs to know what to do with the baby, because he's ready to leave the hospital. Jack and Carly look at each other and ask what baby. She says the one the Montgomerys were adopting. Jack asks Carly if she knew about this, and she replies no, at least not that it was born. Jack tells her that, considering the charges against Mr. Montgomery, he thinks they should keep the baby here, but Carly pipes up and says, "Unless we take him," with pleading eyes.

Jack questions why she'd want to take a premature newborn baby home, but she is adamant that she's the baby's legal guardian after Craig, and she'd even told Rosanna she'd take care of it if anything happened to her. Nervously, Jack asks if he can have a minute with his wife, while Carly turns and asks the nurse to bring the baby there to them. She wants to know what there is to think about. Jack thinks maybe having three kids is stretching them thin enough.

Paul sits with Rosanna again and pleads with her to wake up. He promises he won't let her down this time and asks her to give him another chance.

Craig asks Margo if he can call the hospital to check on Rosanna, but she says she will and let him know how she is, although he wants to hear directly for himself. Margo declines, saying he is fresh out of calls; she'll call and tell him the truth. He wants to find out about the baby, too. She's incredulous that he would be thinking about an almost adopted baby at this moment and informs him there is no way he can adopt this child now.

Nancy tells Mike to tell Jen she will stop by and see her tomorrow. Mike relays that she's spending most of her time with her mother. Nancy finds that surprising but says she will call and asks him to give Jen her love. She turns to Katie and says to take care of both of these people; Katie says she will do her best. When Nancy walks away, Katie mutters that she feels about two inches tall, but Mike says he should have told her the marriage was over so Jen wouldn't have to. But then, Barbara will probably answer the phone, and she'll be more than happy to tell Nancy. Katie rolls her eyes and says, "This is so unfair." Mike agrees and asks for the check. He says he'd better stay home and keep a low profile for a while, but Katie thinks it's a bad idea for him to be just sitting at home and beating himself up. She asks him not to leave. He admits he doesn't want to leave, but he doesn't feel right being there. She says he can come to her house, where they won't have to worry about being interrupted, if he wants company. He says he does. She leaves first and tells him to come whenever he's ready.

Henry tells Maddie he had to walk away from Katie because it was ruining their friendship. She thinks that is so sad, but he sighs that it is mostly just awkward, but he feels it's getting better. He tells her not to cry, but she says she can't help it. She sneezes more, complaining of her allergies. Henry goes to the front seat of the car and introduces her to Snickers. Maddie says he's cute but tells Henry to keep him far, far away. Henry says that actually he's going to take old Snickers home to mama; they sort of have a shared custody agreement. Maddie is happy that she is finally going to meet Katie.

Susan has her arm around Emily, who confesses that moving in with her mother is the one thing that would be worse. It's a generous offer, but she would feel so much like a failure. Susan is brutally honest and says her option is to stay there and have Paul use her like a doormat, like that'll be better. They argue; Emily cries and Susan tries to comfort her, but she says all the wrong things. Emily wonders what any guy would want with her. Susan tries to tell her that Paul is the one in the wrong here and that is no reflection on her...unless she sticks around for it. Emily defends him and says he is not an abuser, but Susan counters that he's not there, either, and in her book that's not such a good guy, and her sister would tell her the same thing. It doesn't have to be forever, but she could come home. Susan wouldn't bug her, they'd just be roommates. Emily shrugs and says, "Yeah, my really bossy, overbearing roommate." Susan mentions that her son is coming home soon and she'll give them all the room they need...or she could pamper her. Susan prepares to leave and says she really wanted to be wrong about Paul, and she'll see her at home. Emily's chin quivers and she breaks down and cries again on Susan's shoulder.

Katie is spiffying up for Mike when the doorbell rings, and she's surprised to see Henry standing there. He shows her Snickers and says Maddie is allergic to her. She is happy to finally meet baby sister Madeline, and they hug. She finally says the two of them, or three, should come on in, adding that she's missed her "little boy" so much.

Paul sits by Ro's bed and, as Ben goes over her chart, asks if there is any change. He replies no and says Paul should go home and get some rest. Jack and Carly are going to be there to discuss some options. Paul jumps to his feet and wants to know about them. Ben only says there are some potential treatments, no guarantees, but it's for the family to decide. But Paul says he's not going anywhere until they tell him what they are going to do for Rosanna.

Emily packs. She sighs as she looks at the phone and finally picks it up to call, but then puts it back down and zips the suitcase.

Craig tells Margo the adoption went through. The baby is coming home today, and as soon as he is arraigned he can pick him up and bring him home. Margo is shocked that he would think it's as simple as that, that he could be arraigned and just walk out. But he counters with his insistence that he's not guilty, and he told her everything that happened. She argues that there are four eyewitnesses and, unless Rosanna wakes up and absolves him, he's going to go to prison for a long, long time. He's not going to be raising any child; the child will be placed with someone from family services. Craig wants her to take him. "You take him; you're my sister, you have to."

Carly tells Nurse Bently the baby is so tiny and asks if he is really ready to leave. Jack knows, as soon as the baby is put in her arms, what will happen. She pleads with him, assuring him she needs to do this, and ultimately the answer is yes. She holds the tiny thing and coos to it that she's Auntie Carly. Ben and Paul walk up about that time and Carly tells them it's Rosanna's adopted son. Ben didn't know about the baby but fills them in on a clinic he has been on the phone with that has had some very successful trials with neurological drugs. Carly is ready to go but wonders why the trials are taking place so far away, in Switzerland. Ben explains that they have different laws, and nobody else in the States is doing that kind of research. Carly says that whatever they have to do, they'll do it.

Katie and Henry talk about Snickers and the last time he exercised, and Henry says the dog run is Bunny Hell. He asks if she still has the obstacle course in the spare room, and they go upstairs, telling Maddie to make herself at home. She looks around and thinks, "Yeah, he is so over her; he simply can not give up on this." As she settles in, the doorbell rings and she answers it. They stare at each other for a moment and then she asks who he is. "Mike, Mike Kasnoff," he answers, and she closes the door in his face.

Emily is finishing up as Paul comes through the door. She starts to explain and he picks her up in the air and hugs her, with no words.

Margo explains to Craig that they will find a good home for the baby and he should stop worrying, but he tells her that he has to worry about this baby. She says again that he needs to let this baby go, but he shakes his head that he can't, because "he's my son."

Meanwhile, Carly is at Ro's bedside, again holding the child and talking to her about her son. She tells Ro he is beautiful and healthy, and she is going to keep him until Rosanna is well enough that she can come get him. And in the meantime, she tells her, don't worry, she is going to keep her promise to her. She is going to make sure he is healthy and happy and safe until Rosanna can do that herself.

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