ATWT Update Tuesday 7/26/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/26/05


By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Lucinda tentatively enters the church, unsure of why she is there or what she wants from being there. She picks up a bible and thumbs through it and comes across the pamphlet for the memorial service for Johnny. Lily comes in wanting to know why she is there. Lucinda responds sarcastically at first, but then succinctly tells Lily she came for peace and quiet. Lily starts to leave but then stops and tells Lucinda she needs to ask her one question before she leaves: what is the great Lucinda Walsh doing in a church? She is trying to elicit a laugh, but it doesn’t really do the trick. Lucinda wants to know how she found her. Lily hems and haws but finally tells Lucinda she got it out of Rosa. Lily wants her to go home, but Lucinda doesn’t want to go home to all the hovering. Lucinda is assured she will be all right, and Lily agrees. "So then why are you burying me with kindness?" Lucinda snaps. She says Lily and Sierra are killing her with coddling. She isn’t in the grave yet, she reminds Lily.

Lily understands that and appreciates what her mom is saying. She hides her hurt as she tells Lucinda she will see her tomorrow. As she starts to walk away, Lucinda jokes that quietness is overrated. She wonders if Lily will take her to a place where there is happiness, action, laughter and fun; yes, she wants to go to a bar. Lily is amazed and again questions whether this is the best for her, but then changes her tune and agrees to take her to a bar. They agree to not talk about Lucinda’s wishes for Lily and Holden to get back together, but Lucinda leaves her options open to remind Lily in how many ways Keith is not right for her, though. To make her mom happy, she silently agrees to that.

Luke becomes belligerent as Keith tries to ask him questions about why he is getting drunk in the alley outside of Yo’s. Luke is not about to answer to him. Keith says he has his home number on speed dial, and he will use it and make both of their lives miserable if they don’t wise up. Luke’s friend, Kevin, is sufficiently freaked out by Keith’s threats, but Luke won’t back down. Keith takes their car keys and offers to drive them home or let them stumble home. Kevin opts for walking home, but Luke isn’t ready to back down. "You are not my dad!" Luke angrily declares. Keith does not want that role or to try to replace Holden, he just wants Luke to be careful because if he gets hurt it would hurt his family, instead of only him. Anger wells up more in Luke as he spits at Keith that his mom will never love him the way she loves his dad. He knows that it is only a matter of time before his parents get back together.

Keith reminds Luke that his anger is about him and no one else, so he needs to stop acting out and direct his anger where it ought to be. Luke should do what he needs to do to get his anger out. Luke pauses for a second and then punches Keith. It is a good shot and Keith is wobbly, and Luke is at first a little stunned that he did it. Keith asks him if he feels better, to which Luke responds that he does, a little. Keith offers to go get some ice for Luke’s hand, but quickly the animosity builds back up as Luke sees that Keith is trying to get on his good side. Luke stomps off to get his own ice just as Lily and Lucinda show up.

Paul is with Rosanna as she is taken up to her room at the hospital. He is desperate for Ben to give him some answers, but Ben is awaiting results from some tests still and he needs Paul to be patient. Paul asks if he could pop his head into Rosanna’s room, and then he will leave her alone to rest. Ben agrees to give him a moment. Paul sits beside Rosanna’s bed, talks to her for a moment, kisses her hand and then leaves. Craig shows up at Rosanna’s room and sneaks in to see her. He sits by her bed and looks at Rosanna as he recalls the conversation they had earlier regarding the fact she knew about the baby switch. He wants Rosanna to wake up. Rosanna slowly opens her eyes and focuses on Craig. He smiles at her and tells her she has been in a car accident, but she will be fine. He wonders if she remembers or if she has already talked to anyone. Rosanna is becoming agitated, but Craig continues to grill her about whether she has talked to anyone and how she needs to keep quiet. Rosanna’s monitor's beeping quickens, and before anyone knows it, it appears Rosanna’s health has taken an urgent and serious turn for the worse.. Ben ushers Craig out, and Paul demands to know what Craig did to her..

Craig acts innocent, but Paul reminds him that he saw what he did to her and the police will know soon enough. Hal arrives as they are getting heated and tells Craig they are going to get into what happened between him and Rosanna right now.

Emily has fallen asleep back at Paul’s apartment with the phone in her hand. The phone rings, and Emily awakens suddenly but is depressed to hear it is only a sales call. Then there is a knock at the door, and Emily opens it to find Will. He is looking for Paul. Emily lies and tells him she is not sure where he is, but she tells Will he could wait there.. Will doesn’t want to stay and is ready to leave, but Emily stops him with an ulterior motive and suggests he call Paul, because he is probably on his way home. Will tries to reach Paul by cell phone but is unable to. He questions Emily further about where Paul is. Emily skirts his questions but then is forced to tell Will that Paul is with Rosanna. Will understands now why Emily wanted him to call Paul; she was using him to find out where Paul is, since he is with Rosanna. Emily claims that is not what she was trying to do.

Finally, after Will chides her some more, Emily admits to being insecure. Emily is saddened that their relationship is strained, and she wants to know if they are always going to be like this. Will is angry that Emily is still married to his dad but living with his brother. Emily wonders if Will thinks that she developed the hots for Paul overnight and made a quick shift from man to the other, with no thought for anyone’s feelings. Will thinks that is part of it. Emily doesn’t want Will to resent her for the decisions they all made. Will isn’t resentful, he just doesn’t understand any of them, he sadly admits. They all claim to love one another, but they never stay together. He dejectedly starts to walk away, but Emily stops him with the offer to stay around and talk if he wants. Will hesitates but then puts up his protective wall and angrily remarks he isn’t even sure how long Emily will be around for. Maybe Rosanna is moving back in on Emily’s territory as they speak, and before Emily knows, Rosanna will be back in with Paul. The phone rings and Will remarks it could be Rosanna telling her to pack up her stuff and get out. Emily gets the phone, hoping it is Paul, but it is Susan telling her that she stopped by the hospital and found out that Rosanna has been brought there, and it doesn’t look good.

Keith is surprised to see Lucinda and Lily at a bar, and even more so when Lily questions Keith as to where he got a black eye. He falters for a second and then tells her that he walked into a door. Lily wants Keith to come inside for some ice, but Lucinda would rather have him leave. Keith picks up on Lucinda’s desire to be alone with Lily and excuses himself, claiming he has to go home to get some sleep before he has to run the medication to the tropics. As he is leaving, he offers a few kind words for Lucinda about being glad to see she is doing well so far. Lucinda rebuffs his olive branch, however, by giving him a sarcastic response. Inside, Lucinda scoffs at Keith’s excuse of having walked into a door and tells Lily to be on her toes, since he is obviously lying. Luke sneaks by Lily and Lucinda back to where Keith is standing. Keith offers a few more words of wisdom, telling him to try to straighten himself out and stay out of trouble. Luke apologizes for hitting Keith, and he is appreciative that Keith covered for him about the black eye. Luke leaves and Keith smiles to himself, knowing, on some level, he probably reached Luke.

Outside Rosanna’s room, Hal is questioning Craig about what happened between him and Rosanna. Craig spins his tale, claiming that he and Rosanna were on their way to see the baby and her car seemed to go out of control, and he was simply trying to stop her from crashing. Paul interrupts, claiming Rosanna was on the phone and on her way to see him, and he saw Craig try to run her off the road. As they are speaking, a man and woman walk up and start to excitedly tell Hal that Craig was the man they saw run the woman off the road. The man chimes in that he was obviously trying to hurt her. Craig is incredulous of these supposed witnesses. Hal exclaims that he has many more witnesses, all with the same story. The only person whose story differs is Craig’s. He arrests Craig for assault with a deadly weapon. Craig can’t believe what he is hearing, but he tells Hal to hurry up and do what he needs to do so he can get back to Rosanna. After they leave, Ben comes out and tells Paul that Rosanna had a seizure and has slipped into a coma. Paul can’t believe what he is hearing. He blames Craig, but Ben says there is no proof of Craig causing the seizure. Paul is desperate to help Rosanna. Can’t Ben do anything to reverse it? Will she come out of it? Ben is not at all confident. Medically, there is nothing more they can do right now, except be patient. However, he suggests that Paul talk to Rosanna so her will and desire to fight will help bring her back to them. Ben is going to go to his office to make some calls and do some research for Rosanna’s case.

Paul sadly enters Rosanna’s room. He walks over to the bed and tells her she may be tired after everything or afraid because of Craig, but he assures her Craig is gone. He is there for Rosanna now, and he will make sure she stays safe. He gingerly takes her hand and pleads with her to squeeze it if she can hear him. Unfortunately, there is no response from her.

Will shows up at Java, where Gwen is sitting alone at a table, having a drink. He tells her he is supposed to meet Celia, but she is running a bit behind. Gwen teases him about his date, but Will considers it two people with no plans getting together. He inquires as to how she is doing with everything.

Gwen tells Will to stop worrying about her, since she is no longer pregnant. Will tells her how he stopped by to talk to Paul about the baby not being his and he realized how sad he was about the baby being gone out of his life, so he can’t imagine how rough it must be on Gwen, who was with the baby 24/7. Gwen blows it off, saying her baby is better off with his new parents now. Will asks about Casey, and Gwen tells him she yelled at him but also felt bad for him, which surprises Will. Gwen explains that she is used to her life going wrong and being rough, but Casey expects everything to go his way, and he expects everything in life to come easily, and now he has lost a lot and must not know how to handle it. Celia shows up and Will and she prepare to leave. Celia asks if Gwen wants to join them, and Gwen seems happy to, but then decides they need to be alone on their date. She changes her tune, claiming she has plans. Will looks at her, knowing that is not the truth and why she is saying that. As they are leaving, Will hangs back and reminds Gwen that she can always come to him for anything because he will be there for her.

Emily bumps into Susan at the hospital. Susan tells her that maybe they should wait together in her office to hear what Ben has to say about Rosanna’s condition. Emily doesn’t want to. She knows enough: that Rosanna is critical and could die. No matter what the case may be, Paul needs her, and off she goes. Meanwhile, Paul is pouring his heart out to Rosanna. He knows she had mentioned that they got off on the wrong foot (or at least he thinks that is what she meant) and he handled things poorly when she came back, but he can’t imagine Rosanna not being around. He needs her to hold on and pull through. He begs her not to leave him. "I love you," he tells her. If she leaves him, he will never love anyone else as he loved her, he laments. Emily has arrived at Rosanna’s door and overhears all of Paul’s declarations. She is heartbroken over his words and starts to silently cry.

Craig is desperately trying to convince Hal that it was Paul who paid off the witnesses to say he was trying to hurt Rosanna. Hal is unconvinced, since he knows Paul stayed by Rosanna’s side the whole time after the accident. Craig appeals to the fact that he was obviously happy with Rosanna, since they just got remarried and were adopting a baby. However, Paul was angry with Rosanna over Cabot, James and him, and was probably biding his time to get her back. Hal is not impressed with Craig. He has witnesses and forensics that say otherwise. He receives a phone call, and after he hangs up he tells Craig that he should get his lawyer because they have added another charge--attempted murder. Craig demands to know what has happened to Rosanna. Hal tells him that Rosanna has slipped into a coma and it doesn’t look good for her. Hal leaves and Craig is upset over the events that have transpired in his mind. However, he comments to himself that at least his son is safe now.

Paul is emotional at Rosanna’s bedside. He desperately wants Rosanna to wake up. He begs her to come back to him, saying he wants her with him and he never wants to be apart from her again. Emily silently stumbles backward as she falls apart quietly after hearing Paul’s declaration of love and his desire to be with Rosanna again.

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