ATWT Update Monday 7/25/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/25/05


By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Lily surprises Keith at Yo’s while he is playing a game of pool. She wants to apologize to him about dragging him into all of her family problems. She wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to turn tail and run, but Keith has no interest in leaving. He understands why her family members are acting the way they are, and none of them or Lily will be successful in scaring him off. He is concerned, though, about how Lily feels. She admits to feeling as if she is in the middle of a tug of war. She wants to be with him, but she doesn’t want everyone to be so angry about it. Keith reminds her that she can’t please everyone all the time. However, Lily wonders if she can afford to be selfish right now. In the background, Luke and a friend have walked into the bar. Upon noticing Lily and Keith there, Luke quickly tells his friend they have to leave.

At Java, Will and Casey start to get into a fight over Celia. Push comes to shove, and before they know it they are throwing punches and items are breaking. Gwen and Celia rush in from outside, hearing the noise, and try to break it up. In the process, Celia gets hit and knocked down. Will rushes to her side to see if she is okay. When Celia regathers her composure, she and Gwen demand to know what the fight is about. Will and Casey admit it had to do with Gwen, the baby and Celia, among other things. A Java employee rushes over, demanding to know who is going to pay for the broken items and mess they have made. Casey and Will each point a finger at the other.

Dusty and Jen are sitting in a pew at church. She is struggling with the overwhelming grief she is feeling. Dusty continues to support her, but he wants to know if she would be better off if he left. Jen is definite in her desire to have him stay. Meanwhile, Meg has shown up in the hallway behind where Dusty and Jen are talking. She watches as Dusty comforts Jen. Jen tells Dusty that he is the only one who understands her. Dusty jokes that it is just luck, because he is winging it, which elicits a snicker from Jen. Jen feels there is a bond the two of them share because they are the only ones who knew her baby, Johnny, his entire life. She laments over how Dusty at least got to hold him, but Dusty reminds her that she gave him life. Meg leaves after watching Dusty and Jen interacting for a moment. Jen can’t help but bitterly wonder if she is being punished. She got herself drunk and slept with Craig, and then plotted with Dusty to keep her baby’s biological father out of her baby’s life. Could her being no better than Craig be her downfall? Dusty is adamant that God would not kill an innocent baby for the mistakes the two of them made. What happened with her baby may not be fair, but she needs to find a way to survive. Jen wonders out loud if she can. Dusty assures her she will, and he will be there to make sure she gets through it all.

Rosanna is in her car, desperately trying to get Paul to not blow her off and agree to meet her. At first, Paul, who is in bed with Emily, doesn’t understand why Rosanna needs to see him so badly. When she promises this is real and important, and then reminds Paul that he had promised to always be there for her, Paul agrees to meet her. Emily is a bit miffed that he is leaving their bed to go meet Rosanna. He tries to explain that she must be in real trouble if she is coming to him. Emily finally tells Paul he should do what he needs to do, and if that is go to Rosanna, then that is what he should do. With that, Paul runs out the door.

Craig calls Rosanna on her cell phone. Rosanna answers, thinking it is Paul. Craig says he wants her to reconsider doing anything about knowing about the baby switch. He pleads with Rosanna and reminds her they have adopted this baby, and she needs to think of him now, and how great of a mom she would be to him. Rosanna spits that she can’t live with the thought of Jen thinking her baby is dead after he calculatedly switched the babies. She, unlike Craig, cannot live with that horrible lie. He demands that she stop the car and talk to him. When Rosanna realizes what he said and that he is following her, she panics further. She hangs up on Craig and immediately calls Paul to tell him what is happening.

Meg bumps into Barbara as she is leaving the church. Barbara is surprised that Meg is back in town. They exchange awkward pleasantries, and Meg apologizes for the loss of her grandson, and Barbara leaves to go find Jen. She tells Jen they should be going home. As they are leaving, Barbara thanks Dusty for taking such good care of Jen. She appreciates the friend he has been to Jen. After Jen and Barbara leave, Dusty solemnly sits back down in the pew. Meg wanders back in to check on him. She jokes she was in the neighborhood, but wonders if he wants to be alone? Meg is happy to hear him answer no. He feels guilty because he feels as if he let the baby and Jen down. He delivered the baby, but the baby died. Meg understands the connection one could feel just from delivering a baby, even if he is not the biological father. Dusty, in a way, helped give him life. Dusty worries that the baby dying has taken a piece of Jen she will never get back. He remarks how quickly life can shift. Meg answers that is how come people should appreciate life more. People should make the most out of each day. They should never forget how important life and the people in it are. You should hold onto what is important. Meg offers to buy Dusty a drink for distraction, but he declines. He tells Meg he is going to take her advice and to hold on to what is important, and with that he leaves.

Emily is annoyed as she putters around Paul’s apartment. There is a knock, and she answers it to find Susan standing there. Emily wonders if Allison is okay. Susan assures her that, other than a delayed flight, she is fine and happily on her way to Seattle. Emily inquires as to why she is there, then. She is bothered by the fact that they have been arguing about Paul. Susan wants to know where he is. Emily sidesteps the question by mentioning he is helping a friend. Susan reads right through it and asks if that friend is Rosanna. Emily evades the topic by mentioning that she thought Susan came there to apologize. Susan just doesn’t want Emily to get hurt. She doesn’t think Paul would do it intentionally, but it may very well happen. Emily thinks it is strange that Paul’s ex wife, whom he supposedly hated, is acting as Rosanna’s best friend and running to her rescue, and Emily is left all alone. Emily rationalizes Paul's actions by saying that he is coming to terms with the anger he had for Rosanna. He understands that James may have manipulated Rosanna. Knowing this now, Susan tries to understand how that could affect Emily. That would mean Rosanna never fell out of love with Paul, and certainly didn’t marry Craig for love. What now would prevent Paul and Rosanna from rekindling things? Emily defiantly states she is the reason that wouldn’t happen. Susan wonders if Emily would be better off with Hal, saying he and Emily were so happy. Emily reminds Susan that her marriage had been over for a while due to too many outside forces, i..e. his job and ex-wife. Susan notes the similarities, pointing out that Paul has now run off to play the hero to his ex-wife. Emily is sure that Paul will not be going anywhere. She trusts his word implicitly that he may have lingering feelings for Rosanna, but he is not going back to her. Susan wants things to work out for Emily, she is just worried for her. She cares so deeply for her. Emily understands her concern. She acknowledges that she and Paul may have gotten together for the wrong reasons, but they are making it work now for the right ones.

Rosanna is frantic when she reaches Paul, telling him Craig is following her. He is driving aggressively and she is afraid. Paul tells her he is near her, and he will be at Java right when she is pulling in. As they are talking, Rosanna notices Craig pull up beside her. He yells that she needs to stop so they can talk. Rosanna doesn’t want to hear anything he has to say and will not pull over. She tries to speed up, but Craig keeps up with her. He tells her if she doesn’t pull over on her own, he will make her. Paul half-hears the interaction between Rosanna and Craig. He is trying to get Rosanna to calm down and find out what is going on. Rosanna is trying to keep Craig from running her off the road, and Craig is trying desperately to stop Rosanna from telling anyone about the baby. Craig hits Rosanna’s car. Paul hears Rosanna yelling for Craig to stop. Paul yells for Rosanna, but Craig has rammed her car again, and this time Rosanna’s car runs off the road. Paul has caught up and seen part of this. He screams as he sees Rosanna run off the road. After Rosanna’s car comes to a halt, Paul races to get her out. She weaves in and out of consciousness as Paul calls for help. Rosanna tries to tell Paul about the baby. Craig races to near where the car is and watches as Paul tries to awaken Rosanna. He is petrified that Rosanna will talk. The EMTs show up and Paul rushes at Craig, threatening to kill him after what he just did to Rosanna.

Will uses his credit card to pay for the damages at Java. Casey doesn’t want him to do any more favors for him. Will takes Celia and they leave a furious Casey behind. Gwen wonders if Casey feels better now. Casey blames Gwen, and she responds by laughing that she got herself pregnant. She remarks on how Casey is acting like a spoiled rich kid who expects to have everything handed to him, and when it isn’t he blames someone else. She tells Casey to grow up. Casey wants to know how he is to blame for something he knew nothing about. Gwen doesn’t think the outcome would have been any different if he'd known. Casey admits they both made mistakes, but he had his child given away, and he lost Celia and his best friend because of it. He wishes they had never met, and Gwen admits to feeling the same as Casey walks away.

Lily thanks Keith for getting her mind off of things for a couple of hours. He hopes it will be longer, but Lily has to go home to see her kids. Keith then asks what she is doing tomorrow. She says her mom is getting the results of her lumpectomy, so she needs to be there for that. Lily asks if he wants to do a late dinner, but Keith has to take a rain check because he has to leave town to run some medical supplies to the tropics. He is determined to work to pay back the money Lily loaned him. Lily doesn’t care about that, though. They call it a night and leave. Luke and his friend show back up and approach a stranger to see if he will buy them liquor.

Barbara is tucking Jen into bed. She wants to take care of her. Barbara thinks Jen should eat, but she has no appetite. Jen wants to sleep but is afraid to dream of her baby. She talks to Barbara about the kind of mom she wanted to be for Johnny. Barbara wants her to get some rest. Later, Jen wakes with a start. She puts on some music to relax her, but it doesn’t work. She is having trouble breathing, and she quickly walks to the door to get some air, only to find Dusty outside. He wonders if she wants company, and she admits that she does. They walk back to her room and Jen wants him to tell her a story, but nothing about her baby. Dusty proceeds to tell her about a news story of a woman who hiked across the Grand Canyon and back. She had almost passed out halfway through her trek, but she kept on going. When she was asked why she did it, she replied that she was finding herself and that she was a part of something much bigger than herself. She also saw other hikers along her journey and realized she was never really alone. Jen likes the story and the woman’s insightful answer. She dozes back off, and Dusty tells a sleeping Jen that she will make it through her canyon, and he will be waiting for her on the other side.

Luke and his friend are downing a bottle of vodka outside Yo’s. They laugh about how they convinced the guy to buy them some liquor to impress some girls. They were only trying for some beers and are excited to have gotten a whole bottle of vodka out of it. Luke's friend gets up to go to the bathroom, and when he leaves, Luke, who is still nursing the bottle, all of a sudden has it ripped out of his hands. He looks up to find Keith looking down on him and asking him what he is doing.

Hal shows up at the accident scene and separates a volatile Craig and Paul. Paul claims Craig tried to kill Rosanna, while Craig acts as if he is crazy. Hal wants to hear one story at a time. Craig calmly tells Hal that he and Rosanna were on their way to the hospital to see their son and Rosanna somehow lost control of her car, and when he tried to help their cars collided. Paul is outraged at Craig’s lies, yelling that that was not how it happened and he saw the whole thing--Craig deliberately tried to run Rosanna off the road. The EMT interrupts and tells them Rosanna has been stabilized and is asking for someone. Craig announces he is her husband and he will attend to her. The EMT qualifies the statement by saying Rosanna is asking for Paul. Paul rushes to her side, telling her she will be taken to the hospital and everything will be all right. Rosanna doesn’t want him to leave. She is trying to get the words out. She keeps mumbling about the "wrong foot," and Paul mistakenly thinks she is talking about he and Rosanna getting off on the wrong foot. Rosanna mumbles again about it being "the wrong foot" but then passes out before she can explain. Paul panics when she loses consciousness and he calls out her name desperately..

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