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As the World Turns Update Friday 7/22/05


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At the Walsh mansion, Lily apologizes to Holden for all of Lucinda’s talk about reconciliation between them and blames it on the fact that Lucinda doesn’t know what she is saying because of her medication. Lily admits to feeling very awkward about Lucinda’s request that they get back together. Meg arrives and interrupts their conversation. Lily leaves to go upstairs and check on Lucinda. Holden fills Meg in on the details of the conversation she interrupted between him and Lily. Meg thinks that Holden is deluding himself into thinking that Lily will one day realize she belongs with him. Meg thinks that is why Holden is spending so much time with Lily. Holden explains to Meg that she will never understand the deep bond he and Lily share because of their kids and long history together. Meg thinks if that history and their bond still mattered to Lily, she wouldn’t have signed the divorce papers and started dating Keith. Holden also tells Meg Lucinda is very important to him, and he wants to make sure she recovers from her cancer.

At his place, Paul struggles to understand why Jennifer lost her baby, and he tells Emily that Mike and Jennifer may have lost each other, as well.

At the Luther's Corners church, Jennifer tells Mike that the cottage isn’t her home anymore. Will explains to Barbara that he only pretended to be the father of Gwen’s baby because the real father is a jerk and didn’t want to take responsibility for the baby. Gwen tells Barbara that Will is a great guy and she doesn’t know what she would have done without his help and support. Gwen explains to Barbara that she realized she (Barbara) was right--she wasn’t ready to take care of a baby, and so she gave him up for adoption. Barbara thinks Will and Gwen are lying to her to keep her away from her grandson.

At Java, Casey tells Margo that he and Celia broke up because Celia was mad that he treated Gwen badly when he was told she was pregnant. Margo is puzzled as to why Celia would break up with Casey over Gwen’s baby when Will is the baby’s father. Casey tells Margo that he shared his suspicion with Celia that Gwen set Will up and got pregnant on purpose.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna tells Craig that she knows he switched Jennifer's and Gwen’s babies. Craig wonders what Rosanna is talking about, so Rosanna explains her suspicions to him. Rosanna explains to Craig that the baby they held at the hospital is Jennifer’s child, and Gwen’s child is the one who died.

At Java, Margo tries to get her son to talk to her because she can see something is bothering him, but Casey refuses to talk. Margo tells Casey she is proud of him, even though he reminds her he isn’t perfect. Margo tells Casey she knows he isn’t perfect, but she loves him anyway because she is his mom. Margo leaves when she notices Celia arrive so Casey can talk to her alone. Casey asks Celia if they can talk and says he will do anything she wants him to in order for them to get back together.

At the Luther's Corners church, Will makes it clear to his mom that she knows him better than anyone, and she has to know that he would never lie to her about being a parent just to keep her away from her grandson. Will also tells his mom that she must know that he would never put his child up for adoption, not because it’s a bad thing to do, but because he could never bring himself to give up his own child. Barbara finally believes Will because she can see by looking in his eyes that he is telling the truth. Gwen goes to wait in the car so that Will and Barbara can talk alone. Barbara sheds a few tears and gives Will a hug, saying that things turned out for the best because he is too young to be a father. Barbara tells Will that now she can concentrate on Jennifer, who needs her support right now.. Barbara tells Will to take Gwen home and she will wait for Jennifer. Jennifer tells Mike he was right to be angry with her, because if she had trusted him instead of following her plan to get rid of Craig they would still be together, and her baby wouldn’t have died. Jennifer tells Mike she knows he wants to make things better for her, but he can’t do that because he can’t bring her baby back.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna explains to Craig that he was the one who gave himself away when he pointed out to her that their baby has a crease in its foot, and when she looked at the picture of the footprint Nurse Thompson gave her she didn’t see a crease. Craig tries to cover for himself by saying maybe the person who took the footprint slipped, and that is why the crease isn’t there. Rosanna also tells Craig that Nurse Thompson left in the middle of her shift the night both babies were born. Craig tells Rosanna Nurse Thompson was a flake. Rosanna tells Craig that she knows he didn’t go to the funeral for Jennifer’s baby, even though she invited him. Rosanna tells Craig that his baby died, but he didn’t grieve--because he knew his baby wasn’t really dead. Rosanna demands that Craig prove she wasn’t wrong to trust in him enough to marry him again by having Dr. Bob test the baby tonight.

At the Walsh mansion, Holden thinks Meg should take her own advice and be honest about her relationship with Dusty. Meg insists that Dusty is cute and they have fun together. Holden tells Meg that Dusty isn’t the same way he used to be, and now he is involved with very dangerous people..

At the Luther's Corners church, Jennifer doesn’t want her relationship with Mike to turn into a relationship based on guilt and obligation.. Jennifer explains that she wants to honor the love they shared by letting him go. Mike doesn’t want Jennifer to go through the pain of losing her baby alone. Dusty arrives with Barbara and tells Mike Jennifer won’t be alone.

At Paul’s place, Paul apologizes to Emily for being in such a bad mood earlier, and Emily tells Paul she understands because she felt the pain of losing a child when he thought Cabot had died. Paul explains that he and Rosanna were happy and in love until they lost Cabot, and then their marriage was unable to survive the pain of that loss and the events that occurred after it. Emily thinks if two people really love each other it should take more than one hard hit to their relationship for them to stop loving each other. Paul has a flashback to his conversation with Rosanna, in which she told him that, despite everything that happened between them, she still loves him and always will love him.

At Fairwinds, Craig agrees to have the baby tested tomorrow, but Rosanna tells him it must be tonight because she can’t sleep with this doubt in her head. Rosanna picks up the phone and starts to dial Dr. Bob’s phone number, but Craig gently takes the phone away from Rosanna and puts it back in place. Craig admits to Rosanna that the baby is his biological child. Rosanna blasts Craig for making her give up another child, just like what happened with Cabot. Rosanna feels badly that Craig stole Jennifer’s child and deprived Gwen of the right to mourn and bury her child. Craig explains to Rosanna that he wanted to share custody of the baby with Jennifer, but she did everything she could to keep him away from the baby, so he felt that he had no other option than to switch the babies. Craig tells Rosanna he felt that fate was giving him a chance to be with his son. Craig explains to Rosanna that he switched the babies just after they brought his son into the nursery, and he was alone.

At Paul’s place, Paul tells Emily he wants to forget about the past and celebrate the fact that they found their way back to each other. The couple makes love.

At the Luther's Corners church, Jennifer tells Mike she can’t live with him anymore, so Mike offers to move out of the cottage, but Jennifer says she can’t live there because there are too many memories. Barbara offers to let Jennifer live with her and Jennifer accepts the offer. Jennifer thanks Mike because he loved her and her baby. Jennifer gives Mike one last kiss good-bye before he leaves. Barbara gives Jennifer a hug and tells her she will be okay in time. Barbara tells Jennifer she will be outside and tells her to take as much time as she needs. Dusty encourages Jennifer to let her feelings out because he knows how much she loved Mike. Dusty holds Jennifer as she sobs.

At Java, Celia forgives Casey but makes it clear she can’t be his girlfriend anymore. Celia gets up from the table when Gwen and Will arrive. Gwen tells Celia Barbara knows the truth about her baby. Gwen also tells Celia Will did a wonderful job handling his mother. Celia tells Gwen she knows Will does a wonderful job handling his mother. Celia gives Will a hug and Casey watches them, wondering about their sudden closeness. Will asks Celia and Gwen to leave while he talks to Casey. Casey tells Will he didn’t waste any time moving in on Celia. Casey is angry because he was Will’s only friend, and he didn’t deserve to be paid back this way. Casey is sorry he even knows Will now.

At the Walsh mansion, Lily tells Holden and Meg that Kim just called to tell her that Jennifer lost her baby and they are having the service now. Meg heads over to the church to comfort Dusty, despite Holden’s advice to stay away from him. Meg reminds Holden before she leaves that spending so much time with Lily isn’t good for him. Lily goes to check on Lucinda and asks Holden to wait for her.

At Fairwinds, Craig tries to persuade Rosanna to keep his secret about the baby. Rosanna tells Craig that she knows it's wrong, but she wants to keep the baby. Rosanna gets dizzy and explains to Craig that she hasn’t eaten all day. Craig sits Rosanna down and goes to the kitchen to get her something to eat. Rosanna runs for the door as soon as Craig leaves the room. Craig walks back in the room and wonders why Rosanna is gone.

At Java, Will admits that Casey has been a good friend and tells him he was trying to save his relationship with Celia by pretending to be the father of Gwen’s baby. Casey goads Will, and the two former friends fight over Celia.

At the Walsh mansion, Holden tells Lily that if Keith makes her happy she should go for it. Holden tells Lily he can’t stay for dinner because he has to catch up on some work. Lily wonders if Meg had anything to do with Holden’s sudden change in attitude.

At the Luther's Corners church, Meg arrives to comfort Dusty but instead watches as he comforts Jennifer.

Somewhere on the road, Craig follows Rosanna’s car to discover where she is going. Rosanna calls Paul, who almost doesn’t answer the phone at his place but finally picks up because he thinks it could be a call from Jennifer. Rosanna tells Paul she is on her way to his place because she must see him tonight in order to tell him the truth.

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