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At the Walsh mansion, Lily and Luke create an atmosphere of healing for when Lucinda arrives home from the hospital. Luke works on setting up Lucinda’s laptop so she can be connected to her office and work from home. Keith arrives with carnations for Lucinda’s homecoming. Lily thanks him for the beautiful flowers, while Luke tells Keith his grandma hates carnations.

At Paul’s place, Barbara arrives to ask Paul if she can ride with him to the funeral service. Barbara is very angry when she notices Emily is dressed for the funeral. Barbara informs Paul that there is no way she will allow his recycled tramp to go to her grandson’s funeral.

At Java, Will tells Celia he feels like he has aged ten years since he was helping Gwen with her baby and his own sister’s baby died. Gwen arrives and tells him he doesn’t look so old to her. Gwen congratulates Celia on improving her taste in boyfriends. Celia explains to Gwen that they are going to the funeral of Will’s nephew, who died the same day she gave birth to her baby. Gwen thinks it's unfair that she did everything wrong, health-wise, and yet her baby is doing well and Jennifer’s baby died. Celia invites Gwen to the funeral, but Gwen says she doesn’t do death. Gwen feels like she must leave and gets up from the table. Will wonders why Celia invited Gwen to the funeral. Celia explains that Gwen acts like a tough girl, but she is always alone and seems lonely. Will explains to Celia she can’t make everybody happy, and he should know--he learned that lesson the hard way. Gwen watches and listens to their conversation.

At the hospital, Rosanna doesn’t think it would be good for them to visit the baby and hold him right now. The nurse assures Rosanna that the baby is doing well and they encourage parents to visit and hold their babies.

At the Luther’s Corners church, the reverend asks Mike if he would like to say anything during the service. Jennifer arrives and tells the reverend they covered everything the last time they spoke. Mike decides to go outside to greet the guests. Jennifer and the reverend go over the arrangements for the service one last time. Dusty tells Jennifer he will be in the vestibule if she needs him. Katie arrives to make sure Mike is okay. Mike doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Katie to be there and asks her to leave. Mike gives Katie a quick kiss and tells her he will talk to her later. Katie promises not to go inside the church, but she wants to say a quick prayer for her nephew. Dusty sees Mike and Katie together and tells Mike Jennifer needs him inside the church. Dusty asks Katie if it isn’t enough that Jennifer lost her baby and that she slept with Jennifer’s husband, that now she has to show up on the day Jennifer is burying her baby.

At Paul’s place, Paul makes it clear to his mother that Emily is coming to the church with him and she has to learn to deal with it. Barbara says it isn’t right for Emily to come to the church, because Hal and the entire family are already in enough pain without Paul and Emily flaunting their relationship in Hal’s face at the church. Barbara thinks Paul’s relationship with Emily is disgusting beyond measure. Paul tells Emily what Barbara did to Hal was much worse than what she did to him. Barbara makes it clear she made plenty of mistakes with Hal, but she never slept with a man Hal thought of as his son. Paul yells at his mother that he wants and needs Emily at the church with him, so the discussion is closed.

At the Luther’s Corners church, Jennifer asks Hal to make sure that Craig and Barbara don’t get into a fight when he arrives for the service. Jennifer explains to Hal and Mike that Craig is the baby’s father and he has a right to say good-bye to his son. Hal promises Jennifer he will keep an eye on Craig and Barbara, and then he leaves Mike and Jennifer alone to talk. Mike wonders why Jennifer didn’t tell him she invited Craig to the service. Jennifer didn’t think Mike would care whom she invited to the service anymore. Mike tells Jennifer he doesn’t care that she invited Craig to the service, if that is what she wants. He says he just wanted to know what to expect, but Jennifer reminds him that you never know what to expect in life.

At the hospital, Craig and Rosanna take off all their jewelry, wash their hands, and put on hospital scrubs to go visit the baby. Rosanna notices that there is a forgotten ring in the ICU neonatal unit. The nurse explains to Rosanna the ring was left behind by Nurse Thompson, the nurse who quit in the middle of her shift the day Gwen's and Jennifer’s babies were born.

At the Walsh mansion, Lily tells Luke to keep working on the computer and stop being rude to Keith. Lily walks Keith out because he thinks it's best he is not there when Lucinda arrives home. Lily apologizes for Luke’s behavior towards him. Keith tells Lily that he didn’t intend to upset Luke. Lily tells Keith it doesn’t take much to upset Luke these days. Keith gives Lily a quick kiss and is about to leave when Lucinda arrives home with Meg and Holden. Lucinda gets angry at the sight of Keith and demands that he leave her house right now. Keith explains to Lucinda that he was about to leave, so as not to upset her. Holden and Meg help Lucinda go inside the house. Lucinda gives Luke a hug, and Luke tells his grandma he has set up her computer to connect to her office computer so she can work from home. Lucinda wants a mochaccino with skim milk, so Luke heads to Java to get her the coffee. Luke tells Lily he is going to Java to get his grandma some coffee. Lily tells Keith her whole family hates him, but Keith is confident he will win them over. Keith tells Lily to call him if she needs anything. Meg doesn’t think it's wise for Lily to be with Keith in front of Lucinda, because it upsets Lucinda to see Lily and Keith together. Lily gets angry because Meg is interfering in her personal life. Meg explains to Lily that she doesn’t care if she dates an axe murderer, but when her relationship with Keith takes Lucinda’s focus away from her recovery, then it becomes her business.

At the Luther’s Corners church, Dusty thinks Katie is happy that Jennifer’s baby died because now she can have Mike with no strings attached. Katie thinks Dusty is disgusting for even thinking she could take pleasure in Jennifer’s pain. Dusty wonders how Katie feels; now that Jennifer’s baby is dead, she is alone and Katie has Jennifer’s husband. Inside the church, the reverend begins the service for little John Dustin Kasnoff.

At the same time we hear the reverend’s words about little John Dustin Kasnoff, we see Rosanna and Craig happily holding their baby for the first time. Craig tells his son he should get ready to meet the best mom ever, and Craig hands the baby to Rosanna, who is sitting in a rocking chair.

At the Luther’s Corners church, Jennifer gets up to say good-bye to her son, but she can’t finish her speech because she breaks into tears and can’t stop crying. Jennifer asks Paul to read her speech for her. Paul reads that Jennifer named her little boy John because it means "God’s gift," and she considered her son a gift from God. Jennifer also named him John in honor of the little boy her mother lost. Paul further reads that Jennifer chose the name Dustin to honor the man who brought her son into the world. Jennifer wants her baby’s death to count for something other than sadness, so she encourages everyone to put their bitterness aside, forgive each other, and heal old hurts. Jennifer also asks Craig to say a few words, but everyone is surprised when Craig isn’t at the service.

At the hospital, Craig and Rosanna continue to marvel at the gift of their son. Rosanna promises to always keep her son safe and warm.

At the Luther’s Corners church, Gwen arrives and stands at the back of the church just before the service ends. Jennifer hugs her mother and thanks her for coming. Jennifer also tells her mom that John Dustin and little Johnny are in heaven together. Emily encourages Hal not to isolate himself from the world by burying himself in work and shutting himself up in that old house. Hal tells Emily he got a letter from Daniel in the mail thanking him for the care package he sent him. Hal reminds Emily that children and family are the most important things in the world and should never be taken for granted. Hal thanks Paul for helping Jennifer with the funeral. Paul goes to get the car and leaves Hal and Emily alone to talk. Hal tells Emily he isn’t her charity case and she shouldn’t keep her boyfriend waiting. Gwen tells Will that being at the funeral felt like the right thing to do. Gwen also tells Will she felt like she needed to be there because he is her friend.

At the Walsh mansion, Meg and Lily continue to argue because Lily thinks Meg is still jealous of her. Meg tells Lily to stop acting like a princess. Holden arrives and tells the ladies to keep it down because Lucinda is trying to sleep. Meg decides to leave to fill some prescriptions for Lucinda’s medicine. Holden thinks Lily would never forgive herself if her relationship with Keith interfered with Lucinda’s recovery.

At Yo’s, Henry persuades Katie that Jennifer’s accident wasn’t her fault, because she didn’t push her and cause her to fall. Henry and Katie decide to share custody of Snickers.

At the Luther's Corners church, Gwen explains to Will she understands Jennifer’s pain, because even though her baby is alive, she feels like she lost him, too. Will encourages Gwen to change her mind about the adoption. Gwen tells Will she made the best decision because her baby will live like a prince. Gwen tells Will the baby’s adoptive parents live in Oakdale.

At the hospital, Bob informs Rosanna that the funeral for Jennifer’s baby was today and that she invited Craig, and even made a space for him to say a few words, but everyone was surprised he didn’t go to the service.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda asks Lily and Holden to sit because she needs to talk to them. Lucinda explains that she wasn’t afraid of the cancer or the treatment--she was afraid she wouldn’t be the same person anymore. Lucinda doesn’t want Holden and Lily to spend all their time taking care of her. Lily explains that they want to help her. Lucinda tells Lily and Holden that it would help her if they would realize that their true happiness is with each other, and not with anyone else. Keith tells Luke he knows he stole something from his place and encourages him to own up to his mistake.

At the Luther’s Corners church, Mike promises to be there for Jennifer as long as she needs him. Mike takes Jennifer home. Barbara asks Will to take her home and invites Gwen to ride with them. Barbara asks Gwen about the whereabouts of her baby.

At Fairwinds, Craig goes to the wine cellar to get champagne so he and Rosanna can celebrate. Rosanna searches for her baby’s footprint and is stunned to see it's not the same picture that Nurse Thompson gave her.. She knows because this footprint picture doesn’t have a crease in it from when Rosanna folded the picture to put it in her purse.

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