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Carly stands in her home, cautiously peering down at a baby doll in a carriage; she slowly picks it up and hears crying. She has a flash of a little blonde girl reaching into a real baby’s carriage, with the baby crying. Jack startles her when he enters the room, asking if she is okay. She admits she isn't, and that she is a little rattled by some flashes of memory about a little blonde girl and a screaming baby. He tries to reassure her that she’s just upset because Iris told her she somehow hurt her little boy when she was a kid. But hadn’t they decided she was probably just making that up? Carly looks at him and says she’s beginning to remember things, and you don’t remember things that haven’t happened, do you? He tells her he wants her to go back to bed (despite them being dressed for the day) because she’s all stressed out. She whispers to him that this is more than stress, and she is scared. All the more reason, he says, for her to forget this and let it go, but she can’t. She pleads with him--he said he would help her, and she has to know the truth. She reaches out and clings to him.

Paul is on the phone talking to his mother, with Emily standing behind him. She hands him a cup of coffee as Paul tells Barbara that yes, he has taken care of all the service arrangements. They should start about 2 P.M. When he hangs up, Emily asks how his sister is. Paul relays that Barbara said she’s pretty calm and that she’s not talking about it, so no change there. He guesses Barbara spent the night at the hospital, and they are going to release Jennifer just in time for her to go to the service. He remarks that he has never seen her so remote. Emily is sympathetic and reminds him she’s lost her baby. He says he knows, he just wishes she would talk to him about it, or Will, or even Barbara. Emily asks if Barbara is actually behaving. He grunts that yes, so far, so good, and then he adds he’s going to Java to pay for all the catering, and then he’ll come back and get changed and they can go to the church together. She shakes her head and says she’s sorry, but she’s not going with him; she thinks that’s a bad idea.

At the hospital, Jennifer is inching her way down the hall alone, and she stops at the nursery and stares in. Dusty approaches, carrying an armload of flowers, and says he may be wrong but he doesn’t think this is such a hot idea. Sadly, she says she just can’t seem to stay away. He lays the flowers in her hands and says she is going to have a long day ahead of her. Suddenly she says, “Service, service... I shouldn’t be here,” and Dusty says, "Let’s go.” She leans forward and sobs on his strong, broad shoulder.

Mike is folding some baby things and blankets, trying to stifle a cry as he picks up a couple of stuffed animals. Finally it’s too much and he breaks down and sits down on the couch, covering his face and sobbing, his chest heaving. There’s a knock, and he looks like the last thing he wants to do is admit someone. It’s Katie, and she calls out to him to open the door.

Craig walks into the house, carrying a big bouquet of flowers, and sits them down as he calls for Rosanna. She isn’t far behind and is on her cell phone speaking with a Mrs. Bently; she apologizes for giving her such short notice. Everything is all right, Rosanna tells her, she just thought that, as Supervisor of Nursing, she’d be able to answer some questions. Craig has returned by now and hears this. Rosanna slips into small talk by saying she had errands to run when Craig mentions that she was up and out early and he was looking for her. He’s into his "Mr. Sweet and Innocent" act and says he has two surprises for her. He hands her the large bouquet of flowers, and she says they are beautiful and asks what the occasion is. He remarks that there's no occasion and tells her the other surprise is that Phyllis has made them a brunch, and it's being served out in the gazebo. She comments that that’s lovely and she’d love to stay, but she has a lunch appointment and she has to leave right now. He asks if she can cancel it, and she has a worried look on her face as she recalls seeing Craig at the nursery, smiling indulgently over the baby. She shakes her head and says this can’t be postponed, and she's sorry. He asks if something is wrong, saying she seems nervous. She denies it by saying no, she’s fine. She thanks him for the flowers and says they are so beautiful. She asks that he have Phyllis put them in water, and she gives her apology again for missing a beautiful brunch. Craig says it will keep. She thanks him again as she touches him lovingly.

Paul asks if Emily is not going to the services because of Hal and Barbara. She says she thinks Hal is right--she is not part of Paul’s family and she doesn’t want to make this harder on anybody than it already is. Paul asks what about him and remarks that he could really use her sitting there with him. She knows it will be a tough day for him, but he downplays it by saying it’s whatever Jennifer wants, and he doesn’t want to make it tougher on Emily, so if she doesn’t want to go he totally understands. She asks if she can let him know when he returns, and he agrees. She smiles that it is nice to be needed for a change, and he says it’s not about need, he WANTS her there with him.

Craig is on the phone trying to track down Mrs. Bently and does not want to leave a message. When he hangs up he wonders aloud to himself what Rosanna is trying to find out. He turns around only to run into Margo, and he says he has no time for her now. She says she knows where he is going, that’s why she is there. He chuckles and asks how she could know. She admits it’s just intuition but guesses he’s going to crash the service, and she isn’t going to let that happen; she will stand right there and not let him out the door.

Rosanna sits with Mrs. Bently at Java and is ever so gracious that she agreed to meet her. First, she says, she has something for her. Without disclosing the amount, Mrs. Bently takes the check and says, "Wow, to what does the Nurses' Association owe this honor?" Rosanna says they saved her baby’s life and she just wanted to thank them, and even asks if she can have individual names and addresses. Mrs. B. says she will check first, but she doesn’t see that as a problem... except for Kristin Thompson; she had quit and left her shift that night. Rosanna fishes for details, and Mrs. B. says it was more than personal; apparently she’d won some sweepstakes and didn’t even need her final paycheck, and she left no forwarding address. Luckily, when she left it was a slow night, with only two preemies in the ward. Rosanna digests this, realizing the preemies were hers and the Kasnoff baby.

Dusty and Jennifer sit, and he tells her if she’s not up to this today people will understand, and if they don’t, too bad; her health is the most important thing. She asks who is ever up for burying their child, but adds that maybe if she does this, goes there, faces this, she will find some of that peace that people keep talking about. He comments that he hopes she does and asks what she would like him to do. She requests that he get her out of there. He answers okay and asks where she wants to go, and she says home.

Still sniffling, Mike tells Katie that he really appreciates her concern and not to take this the wrong way, but he must really take care of this alone. Katie tells him that nobody should have to deal with this alone, that’s too impossible, as she touches him on the cheek and comes on in. She glances at the task he’s been at and asks if Jennifer is being released today. He says yeah, he guesses she will come home before the services, and they haven’t had a chance to figure things out yet. Katie wonders if this is still her home, and he nods yes. She spies the crib and says it is so beautiful, asking if he made it. He replies yes, but it is so useless now. Tears in her eyes, too, Katie says not to say that. Emotions raw, Mike hesitates, not knowing what to say; finally, he says what can. "There’s no place to put this thing," he laments, "it’s too big for the box." He suggests that maybe he could just break it up. She knows that is not the answer, but he doesn’t know what is. He leans down by the crib and says things aren’t making much sense to him right now. He wipes his face, and Katie rubs his back in comfort. She says she is sorry, she doesn’t know what to even say, but she wants to know how she can help him. He replies that just her being there is enough. She lovingly strokes his hair and lays her head next to his.

Jack beats on the door as Iris stumbles toward it, tying the sash to her silk robe. He gives her the evil eye as he enters, while she asks what he wants. He replies, not so happily, that he wants to know what in the hell happened between her and his wife; he thought they had a deal. She relays how Carly had blindsided her with some huckster who pretended she’d won this bundle of money, and he questioned her and caught her in a lie. Jack wants to know what lie. She says that she’d told them she’d never had a run-in with the law, and then it was *whuff* and his wife was off and running. Jack’s mad and tells her she was supposed to prevent this from happening. She gets in his face and says he’s the one who dragged her back into this, and if he wants to keep it dead and buried he needs to put a leash on his wife. He remarks he’s doing all he can to keep her from digging farther, but he needs her help. Iris asks if he thinks she wants this to be dredged up again. She grits her teeth and says it’s taken her a long time to put it to rest, and she wants it to stay there, but if his wife backs her into a corner she can promise the only thing she’s going to find is trouble!

Kim arrives at Carly’s and asks how she is. She says she only has a few minutes, but she has something interesting to tell her about Iris Dumbrowski. She continues that she’d found a news story from some years ago, but Ray wasn’t mentioned in it, so she didn’t know if this had anything to do with Carly’s family or not. Carly asks if she has the tape, and Kim says “Voila!” but repeats that she doesn’t know if this is important or not. Kim concludes that she hasn’t had time to really look at it, and all she knows is that it has something to do with a missing baby.

Emily and Allison are saying their goodbyes and Allison says she can’t wait to get to Seattle and see Aaron, it’s been too long. Emily says she knows that, as she hugs her, but she’s going to miss her so much. Alli tells her she has a present for her, but it's no big deal, though.. She pulls it out--a framed, hand-drawn picture of a house--and Emily remembers Alli made it when she was seven years old, and that was where she was going to live when she grew up. Alli jokes that she puts it up everywhere she lives. Emily tells her she can’t keep it because that’s HER dream. Alli is adamant, though, that now she has her dream with Aaron in Seattle. This is for Emily, and maybe it will help. Emily hugs her again.

Mike gets up and says he can’t do this again. What, Katie asks, he can’t grieve? She says she knows he wanted that baby as much as Jennifer did. How many times does he have to almost be a father? She was there in Montana, she knows what he was going through. He acknowledges that she probably does. He then says he has to get this stuff out of there before Jen comes. Katie offers to do it, but he says he can’t ask her that. She cries that she wants to. She knows he feels responsible for what happened, and so does she--not because they found each other again, although she would take everything back if she could change this, but because they always did love each other, and if it hadn’t happened in Chicago it would have happened somewhere else. She continues that she is sorry that Jennifer saw them together and that they didn’t sit her down and talk to her or make her see her doctor or call her brother or her mother, somebody. Katie is really crying and moans that they really care about Jennifer and the baby, but they messed up, really blew this. Maybe Jen would have lost the baby anyway, but that’s not the point; he’d lost a baby, and that was enough for today. She wants him to go get dressed and leave this to her. He kisses her in thanks.

Craig sits with Margo on the couch and tells her he had no idea Jennifer’s family was planning this service today. She says yes he did, but he denies it again and says that he’d been pre-occupied with his son coming home and preparing for that. He had no intention of going to the service; that would be inappropriate and he's accepted that, so she could let up on the house arrest. She says, "Okay, consider it over." She knows how he felt after Bryant died, and now this. He says he just can’t give in to grief anymore, because he has a son coming. Margo says she’s glad he has this new son in his life, and he says not nearly so much as he is. She apologizes for being so hard on him when she came in, and he leans over and kisses her hair. She’s going to go, and she leaves by asking him to take care of himself and patting him on the back. Alone, he mutters, “I always do.”

Mrs. Bently takes the piece of paper and tells Rosanna she will try to get the names and addresses of her staff, and Rosanna reminds her especially to try to find one for Ms. Thompson. As she sits back down, her cell phone rings. She glances at it but doesn’t answer. Paul walks up behind her and asks if she isn’t going to get that, saying it might be her husband. She turns her head around and gives him a strange look.

Craig is leaving a message for Ro, saying he wants to talk to her but he’s on his way out, and she should call him as soon as she gets this. When he turns around, Jennifer has walked in. Shortly, Dusty is by her side, and Craig asks what she is doing there. Demurely, she answers they are burying their son today. He gulps that he knows and he has no intention of going to the service, if that is what she is worried about; he realized he wasn’t welcome. Matter-of-factly, she tells him he is welcome to attend, and no one will keep him out--she’ll make sure of that. He tells her that is very generous. She tells him their past is what it is, but it's in the past; this was his son too, and Craig deserves a chance to say goodbye. He says thank you and that he knows how much it took for her to come there today, but his presence upsets her entire family. She says she doesn’t care; today is about their child, nothing else. Before she leaves, she says the service is at two o’clock at Luther’s Corners. She says he is welcome and she thinks he and Rosanna should be there. Dusty lingers a moment, turns his head and speaks his first words: “That is the woman you tried to destroy.” He looks around the mighty place.

Emily opens the door that Susan has knocked on. Standing there with hand on hip, she motions for Alli to hurry or they will miss the flight. Emily finds it hard to believe that she’s been sitting outside in the car waiting all this time. Susan declares she wasn’t sure she would be welcome. Emily remarks that after some of the things Susan has said to her, yeah, maybe she should slam the door, but for Alli’s sake, come on in. Susan inches in and asks if Paul is home. There's a groan from Emily as she says, “For crying out loud, do you need a written invitation? Paul’s not home.” All cheery, Allison asks Emily to come with them to the airport, and they could have lunch before her flight. Emily says she’d love to, but today’s the day of the service for Jennifer’s baby, and Paul had asked her to be with him. Allison says she's sorry, she should have known. Susan is less than thrilled and asks Emily if she thinks that’s smart. Emily turns on her and says she can stop it right now, or she can just as easily unwelcome her. Susan puffs and says Emily can do what she wants, but she thinks she should be with HER family. “Go to the airport, send you sister off, but if you insist on tagging along with Paul to a service where you’re not even wanted, that’s up to you.”

Ro tells Paul that Craig has been trying to pull her away for lunch all day and she’s just quit answering the phone. He asks if he can sit down, and she motions yes and asks how Jennifer is. He remarks that she is putting up a brave front, but falling apart inside. She doesn’t look at him but replies that it can’t be easy. It’s going to take a lot of time and all they can do is give her as much support as they possibly can. Paul replies that he will, they all will. Rosanna asks him to do her a favor. She knows Jennifer must hate her for marrying Craig, but she hopes she knows she’d never let Craig take the child away from her. He says none of that matters now; it was always about Craig, not her. But Craig has a child now, and Jennifer doesn’t. Where is the justice in that? Rosanna shakes her head and concludes there is no justice, no justice at all, it just isn’t fair.

Jack walks toward Iris with both hands outstretched and asks her exactly what she said to Carly. She spits, “Just that she hurt my kid, nothing else.” He wonders if she thought that would get her off her back. Iris replies that she also told her she’d regret it if she dug any farther. Jack scoffs that that is like catnip to someone like Carly. She’s not going to stop until she gets the truth. Eyes ablaze, she asks why he thinks Carly was there in the first place. It's because she didn’t buy the embezzlement story that he’d cooked up, so he shouldn’t blame her, and now Jack is the only one who can stop her. As he leaves, Jack tells Iris to stay away from her; “You understand me? Don’t go anywhere near my wife.” Iris fires back, with her nose in the air, that he ought to keep his wife away from her, because if she finds out the truth after all these years, she won't be able to handle it.

Carly bends down with the tape in hand and hesitates nervously before she pops the tape into the VCR. There's more hesitation before she decides to push the play button. She watches intently, hearing strange voices, strange sounds... The newscaster says they are just outside Luther’s Corners and investigating the disturbing disappearance of a baby from his carriage in the woods. Carly is frozen in fear and then quickly turns the machine off.

Allison has to get in-between and referee as Susan and Emily end up pointing fingers at each other after Susan says that if Paul really cared about Emily, he’d want to protect her against what was surely going to happen if she showed up at the service. Emily tells her to stop right there and keep her opinions about Paul to herself. He is the man in her life now, and she wants him there. Allison tries to calm them down, reminding them this is her last day in Oakdale and she’d like this to be about her.. Allison seems to have solved it; she can say goodbye to Emily now just as easily as at the airport, and Em can go with Paul. She makes a happy face and says, "Picture time! No frowning--smile, ladies!" Emily takes the camera from her and holds it out in front of them for a group shot: "Cheese!"

Ro tells Paul she feels so badly for Jennifer. She (Ro) has a new baby and Jen has lost hers. Paul says that is not her fault, and she should be glad she has that child in her life. Nervously, as she pushes the hair out of her face, she says she is happy, they both are. Paul says she doesn’t look so happy, but she refutes it and says he shouldn't let the eyes fool him. She can’t wait to get out of there and away from him, and she makes a quick excuse that she has a million things to do. As she gets up to go, he gently grabs her by the sleeve and, about as lovingly as he can, says that if she ever needs anything or anyone to talk to, he’s available. She thanks him, saying that means a lot. Outside, her phone rings again, and Craig says it’s about time she finally answered; she needs to meet him at the hospital right away. Paul has followed her outside and watches intently as she rushes off.

Mike has barely thrown himself together as Katie walks back in, and he says that was fast. She fastens his tie and says she put everything in the trunk of her car. She thought she’d keep it a few days, in case Jennifer wants any of it back. If not, then she’ll give it to the hospital thrift shop. He asks about the cradle, and Katie says she will keep that in her garage, and whenever he wants it he can get it. He takes a deep breath and thanks her for doing all of this and giving him the space to... She finishes, "Fix things; that’s what you do, that’s who you are.” He laments that he doesn’t know if this can be fixed, but he has to try. She says she knows he does and that’s why she loves him, and he says he loves her too. She puts her hand on his face, cradles his head and kisses him, all the while holding him tight and refusing to let go. Finally she says they’ll talk after the service. She is walking out the open door when Jennifer and Dusty appear, and he makes a crack about it being a bad idea, saying they’ll come back when it’s empty. Jen says no, it’s all right.

Jack comes home and Carly is vacuuming. He gets her attention so she will turn off the machine, and she hugs him tightly, all smiley and happy to see him. He wonders what’s up and asks if something happened. She assures him all is right now, just fine. He seems slightly skeptical. She lies by glossing it over as much as she can that it was stupid of her not to listen to him, and it was stupid to pursue the whole thing with Iris and her father. What really matters to her is their kids and their life together, and she doesn’t want to do anything to mess that up. He’s happy but still wonders what happened to change her mind. She says she saw what it was doing to him and just didn’t think it was worth it, and she was making herself crazy about questions she may never find the answer to, and the past should be left in the past. He is glad she finally sees it that way. She hugs him and says so is she, but he still looks skeptical.

Katie thanks Margo for meeting her and Margo says she sounded so upset....let her guess: Katie’s afraid Mike is going to stay with Jennifer out of some sense of duty or shared grief about the loss of the baby, right? Katie agrees and says it’s like a curse: every time they have a shot at it, something pulls them apart. Katie knows the odds are in Jen’s favor. Oh my God, she whines, she hates herself for even saying this or thinking this way. Margo tells her not to. Mike and Jen are going through something devastating right now that nobody should have to go through, and Katie will just have to be sensitive. Katie says she knows and she is trying to be, but her mind keeps racing. Margo cautions her not to make this about her. If the time is right for her and Mike, then she has to trust that and trust him. Katie agrees, saying she has always trusted Mike. Margo continues that they have just lost a baby, and Katie adds that she is devastated for them (as she wells up again with tears), but Margo says she has to stay away and let them have time to grieve and heal. She mustn't interfere; the best thing she can do is just stay away. Katie breaks down and sighs that she doesn’t think she can do that.

Dusty stands in the doorway, bigger than life, and tells Mike he has a lot of nerve bringing Katie over there today. Mike lets him know he didn’t invite her over, she came on her own, out of concern. Sarcastically, Dusty says, “Concern for who, herself?” Mike tells him to back off because he’s out of line. Jen intervenes and tells them both to stop it, she just wants to get changed and go to the service. Mike asks if there is anything she needs, and she replies no. He turns and thanks Dusty for bringing her but tells him he can go now, saying he can take care of her from here. Jen intervenes again and says actually she’d rather Mike went ahead to the church and made sure things were set up, and she wants him to tell her mother she is sorry that she didn’t wait for her at the hospital, but she needed to come back here and be alone. She asks Mike not to let Barbara come to the apartment, and Mike says of course. Jen then asks Dusty if he will wait outside in the car. Mike speaks up and asks if she’s sure that is a good idea, meaning her being alone there, and she replies that yes, that’s what she wants, and she’ll be fine. Mike leaves and turns to Dusty to ask if he’s coming. Dusty looks at Jen and says he’ll be outside, and she nods.

Paul returns and sees Emily dressed in black, and remarks that it looks like she decided to go to the service after all. She remarks that he doesn’t seem very pleased, but he assures her he’s very pleased. She thinks he is acting a little strange and asks if something happened to him while he was gone. He says no, he's just not looking forward to this, that’s all--but at least she’ll be there with him, and that’ll help. She says she hopes so.

Rosanna comes bounding into the hospital and Craig practically waylays her, saying it’s about time and he thought she’d never get there. She wonders what’s wrong with the baby. He says nothing, but it’s about the baby, and he’s sorry if he misled her. He’s arranged for them to go to the ICU, and all she has to do is get dressed. Surprised, she says, “The ICU?” and he grins that yes, it’s time to go meet their son.

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