ATWT Update Tuesday 7/19/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/19/05


By Camille
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With Jennifer finally asleep, Paul comes home to find Emily waiting up for him. She tells him that she feels helpless with so much going on and there' being nothing that she can do to help. Paul tells her that he saw Rosanna at the hospital with Craig and that Craig was the only one who could get Jennifer to accept the baby's death. Paul finds it strange that Craig was kind and doesn't think it's fair that Jen's baby should die while Craig's lives. Susan shows up with a letter from Daniel for Emily.

Gwen is upset as she rushes into the hospital. Someone called her and told her to come to the hospital, and she's worried that something is wrong with the baby. Doctor Bob tells her that the baby is fine and that the call was for her, so she could get examined by the doctor. He wonders if Gwen is okay with the adoption, and Gwen tells him that she is fine. Doctor Bob goes off to make arrangements for Gwen to see a doctor, and Gwen goes to see the baby.

Craig and Rosanna are home, and Craig has been arranging toys in the nursery. He tells Rosanna that he wants to go to the hospital to see their son. Rosanna tells him that she feels like he's trying to force himself to be happy about the baby. Craig tells her that, while he had trouble adjusting at first, he now thinks of this baby as his own. They head over to the hospital, where they see Gwen looking at the baby. Craig says that Gwen shouldn't be anywhere near his son, and Rosanna puzzles over his choice of words.

Craig is upset and in turn upsets Gwen, who tells Rosanna that seeing the baby had not changed her mind about the adoption and that nothing had changed until Craig's rant. Craig apologizes and tells Gwen that he's lost one son in a car crash, and he's started thinking of her baby as his own. Gwen wonders why he wasn't into the baby before, and Craig tells her that he was afraid to believe that it was real. Gwen leaves, and Rosanna tells Craig that it was her idea that Gwen should see the baby, so that she could be sure about the adoption. Craig goes off to see the baby while Rosanna goes in search of the nurse who first looked after him the night he was born. She learns that the nurse, Kristin, quit that night in the middle of her shift.

Iris can't believe that Carly has no memory of what she did to Iris's son. Carly doesn't believe that she would ever hurt a child, and anyway, she was just a child herself. Iris tells her that she was a spoiled, vindictive brat. Carly begs Iris to tell her what happened, but Iris won't go down that road again. Carly says that if Iris won't tell her, then maybe her son will. Iris gets upset and throws her out.

Jack is trying to reach Carly on her cell phone. He dials one more time and hears it ringing outside. He opens the door to find Henry there, with Carly's cell phone in his hand. Henry tells Jack he found it at Yo's. Jack tells him that he was at Yo's and he knows that neither Carly nor Henry were there. Jack figures out that Carly hired Henry to dig up dirt on Iris. Jack wants to know where Carly is, but Henry won't tell him. At that moment Carly shows up. She tells Jack that she went to Yo's to look for him, and Jack tells her that he canceled the party.

Carly tells him that Iris told her it was Jack's idea to lie with the embezzlement story. She wants to know why. Jack says that he did it to protect her. He tells her that Iris told him about Carly hurting her son, but she didn't give him any details. He tells her that he didn't want her to get hurt. Jack offers to investigate Iris if Carly agrees to stay out of it. Carly agrees.

Allison tracks down Susan at the hospital and tells her that she's moving to Seattle to be with Aaron. Susan is stunned but happy for her. Later Susan goes over to Paul's and discovers that Emily knows that Allison is leaving.

Will and Celia are enjoying some time alone on the roof. They agree to keep their new relationship a secret, but Allison walks in on them kissing. She tells them that she's moving to Seattle to be with Aaron. She tells Celia not to hurt Will. When she leaves, Celia asks Will if he's okay. Will says he is, but he'll miss Allison a lot.

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