ATWT Update Monday 7/18/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/18/05


By Camille
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Yo's, Jack can't believe that Carly never came by with the deposit. He wonders where she could be. He tries to call her but gets no response. Jessica comes by with a gift for the happy couple and says she can't make it to the party. Jack tells her he has no idea where Carly is. Jessica wonders if Carly is still trying to find out about Iris. Jack tells Jessica he got Iris to lie and come up with the embezzlement story. Jessica wonders what Carly will do if she finds out and whether she will be able to recover once she learns the truth. Jack decides to cancel the party.

Henry shows up at Iris's, pretending to be from the Consumers' Warehouse Sweepstakes. Carly is outside, listening. She accidentally leaves her cell phone on a ledge, and Iris hears it rattling. Henry pretends that it is his, and Iris believes him. He tells Iris that before she gets the money he needs to take care of paperwork, and he asks her several questions about whether she has ever been arrested or committed a crime. Iris denies it, and Carly bursts in to confront her.

She tells Iris that she's going to let Jack know that Iris lied about the embezzlement. Iris tells her that Jack was the one who told her to lie. Carly tells Iris that she knows that Iris had a baby boy and that Ray did something to hurt it. Iris tells her that it wasn't Ray who hurt her baby, it was Carly.

Celia finds Will up on the roof and tells him that she and Casey broke up. She tells him that she knows the truth about Casey being the baby's father and that she overheard Will's conversation with Casey. She asks Will why he lied about being the baby's father. Will tells her that he did it for her. He tells her Casey was scared and that he didn't want to lose Celia. They reminisce about the night at the prom and admit that they felt something for each other. They kiss.

Rosanna stops by to check up on Gwen. She tells Gwen that she should see the baby and asks if Gwen is sure about the adoption. Gwen tells her that while she is sure about the adoption and sure about Rosanna, she has doubts about Craig. She's still willing to give the baby up, though, because he will have Rosanna as a parent. Rosanna thanks her and then tells her that because she couldn't find records of a bank account, she wants to give her cash. Gwen tells her that it's not necessary. Rosanna tells her that no amount of money can make up for what Gwen is giving them. Rosanna's cell phone rings and it's Margo, who tells her that Jen's baby has died and that Craig is on his way to the hospital. She tells Rosanna to get there as soon as possible. Rosanna leaves. Shortly thereafter there's another knock on Gwen's door. It's Casey, who tells Gwen that Celia has broken up with him and that she needs to help him get her back. Gwen tells him he needs to take care of his problems by himself. Casey tells her that isn't fair, and Gwen throws a baby shoe at him and then physically throws him out. Later, Casey runs into Margo and tells her that Celia has dumped him over something that he did before they were together. He doesn't tell her what, though.

Craig walks into the ICU to find a distraught Jennifer claiming that the dead baby is not hers. He takes her outside, where Mike tries to punch him and Hal, Paul and Dusty all start yelling at him. Jennifer tells them to leave him alone. She then tells them all that something is wrong, there has been a mistake and the dead baby is not hers. She asks Dusty if he saw the baby and asks him to check. Paul and Dusty get her back into bed and she demands to see Craig. Mike and Paul try to prevent him from going into the room, but Jennifer tells them that she needs to talk to him because he is the only one who knows the truth. She asks Craig if he saw the baby and begs him to tell her that it's not theirs. Craig tells her it is, and the truth finally hits her. A doctor comes in to give her a sedative and she falls asleep. When she awakens, Dusty is at her side, and she tells him she had a bad dream. He tells her that it wasn't a dream, and she breaks down again.

Craig and Rosanna go home. Rosanna wonders why Craig is suddenly only concerned about their baby. She wonders why Craig hasn't even cried over the loss of his own flesh and blood. Craig tells her that he's not angry at Jennifer and he's just grateful that their child is alive.

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