ATWT Update Friday 7/15/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/15/05


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At Metro, Carly is convinced Iris is lying to her and says she can tell by her body language. Carly also thinks that Iris hates her, and she has a feeling it is because of what happened with her father. Carly is surprised that Jack is so quick to believe Iris’s story, since he never takes anything at face value when he is investigating a case. Carly thinks Jack knows something and is hiding it from her, and because of this Carly accuses Jack of lying to her, too.

At the hospital, Celia slaps Casey and tells him she thought he was a better person. Casey wants Celia to explain to him what he did to deserve a slap from her. Celia explains that she is angry because he lied to her about sleeping with Gwen. Celia demands to hear the words straight out of his mouth that he is the father of Gwen’s baby.

At Fairwinds, Craig calls the hospital to check on the baby’s condition and reminds the nurse that nobody must know the identity of the birth mother or the adoptive parents of the baby because that was the birth mother’s wish. Craig is happy to learn the baby is doing well and tells the nurse his little boy is strong, just like his old man.

At the hospital, the nurse tells Mike to contact her as soon as the funeral arrangements have been made for the baby. Paul offers to handle the funeral arrangements, but Mike tells him that Jennifer should make the decisions about the funeral. Mike wonders how he will break the news to Jennifer. Katie arrives, and Mike tells her the news about the baby’s death and that Jennifer doesn’t know the baby has died. Katie gives Mike her sympathies and tells him he should go be with Jennifer now. Jennifer cries and begs Dusty to tell her what is going on with her baby. Dusty tries to get Jennifer to get back in bed and wait for Mike, but Jennifer knows something is wrong. Jennifer gets away from Dusty and runs into the hallway, demanding to know what is wrong with her baby.

Jennifer can tell by the look on her family members' faces that the baby has died. Jennifer sobs and keeps repeating, "No, not my baby!" Dusty is there to keep her from falling backwards as she continues to cry. Jennifer begs Paul to tell her the baby isn’t dead. Paul puts his arm around Jennifer and takes her back inside her room to rest. Barbara tries to follow Paul and Jennifer so she can comfort her daughter, but Dusty stops her, saying that Jennifer doesn’t need her making a scene by demanding to see her daughter and forcing her way into the room. Katie tries to encourage Mike to allow her to tell Craig his son has died, because she thinks he needs to know the news. Mike refuses to allow Craig to come to the hospital to make a scene and upset Jennifer. Mike tells Katie he can’t stop her from telling Craig, but if he comes to the hospital and gets anywhere near Jennifer, he won’t be held responsible for his actions.

At Fairwinds, a happy Craig tells Margo he is excited about his new son and assures Margo he will love the baby as if it were his own child. Margo wonders how Craig will handle his biological son and adoptive son living in the same town and yet not being able to see his biological child. Margo also wonders how Craig will handle questions from his adoptive son about his biological son. Craig assures Margo that his adoptive son won’t feel second-best to his biological son, and he hopes that in time the judge will reverse the restraining order and the two boys can grow up like brothers. Margo wonders why Craig isn’t banging the door down at the hospital, demanding to see his biological son. Craig explains to Margo that he wants the adoption to go through, and he doesn’t want the baby’s birth mother to think he is crazy. Craig tells Margo this baby will change his life. Margo thinks that is a lot to expect from a child.

At the hospital, Katie can tell by the look on Mike’s face that he blames himself for the baby’s death. Katie tries to persuade Mike the baby’s death wasn’t his fault and he shouldn’t blame himself. Barbara arrives and blames Mike for allowing Jennifer to leave the Chicago hotel room while she was so upset.

At Metro, Jack explains to Carly that he doesn’t have a reason to lie to her, he simply thinks the story Iris told them was true. Jack promises to tie up the loose ends in the story for her so she can have closure. Jack wants Carly to concentrate on the anniversary party tonight. Jack hands Carly an envelope full of cash to pay the party deposit at Yo’s.. Jack also gives Carly a list of other things to do before the party. Jack asks Carly to wear a beautiful dress that will be easy for her to take off later. Jack leaves to pick up the cake for the party. Carly continues to look at the picture of Iris and her father.

At the hospital, Casey explains to Celia that this was the only time he lied to her, and he did it because he didn’t want to lose her. Casey tells Celia that he hasn’t slept with any other girls, only Gwen. Casey explains to Celia that he and Gwen were both drunk and realized they had made a mistake the next morning. Casey tells Celia he didn’t know he was the father of the baby until today. Celia explains she might have been able to forgive him for lying to her, but she will never be able to forgive him for behaving like a jerk towards Gwen when, deep down in his heart, he must have known he was the father of her baby. Celia breaks up with Casey, despite him begging her for another chance. Celia encourages Casey to take responsibility for Gwen and the baby. Mike goes inside Jennifer’s room to comfort her while Barbara begs Dusty to allow her to see Jennifer. Mike struggles to find the right words to comfort Jennifer, since Jennifer blames herself for the death of her baby. Jennifer thinks God punished her baby because she lied in court about Craig. Mike holds Jennifer as she cries and tells her he will be there for her. Jennifer keeps repeating that she killed her little boy.

At Fairwinds, Katie arrives to tell Craig his son has died. At first he is stunned because he thinks it's his adoptive son who has died, and then Katie tells him it is Jennifer’s baby. Craig asks Katie if she is sure it’s his baby who died, because hospitals make mistakes. Katie assures Craig that Baby Kasnoff has died. Craig is stunned and heads for the hospital to say good-bye to his baby boy, despite Katie and Margo’s advice that he shouldn’t violate the restraining order.

At the hospital, Emily tells Paul she will meet him at home to spare his family any more pain. Emily cries a bit and tells Paul she even feels sorry for Barbara.

At Yo’s, Carly calls Kim and leaves a message for her to find out any information she can about Iris Dumbrowski. Carly is about to go pay the party deposit, but then she sees Henry and tells him she needs his private detective services to find out the truth about Iris and her father. Carly gives Henry the envelope full of cash, and Henry tells her she just hired a private detective.

At the hospital, Katie overhears a priest telling Mike that his love and support are the most important things that will bring comfort to Jennifer. Dusty tells Paul Jennifer needs her mother right now, so Paul allows Barbara to visit Jennifer. Barbara enters Jennifer’s room to comfort Jennifer, who can’t stop crying. Barbara tells Jennifer the nurses told her that her little boy died peacefully and wasn’t in pain.

Barbara encourages Jennifer to go hold her son and kiss him good-bye. Barbara also assures Jennifer that her little boy will always be with her in her heart. Barbara tells Jennifer she regrets she never held her little boy when she lost little Johnny, and she doesn’t want Jennifer to live with that kind of pain. Jennifer screams that she doesn’t want to face the death of her son, she just wants to be left alone.

At Will’s thinking spot, Celia is glad that Will accepted her invitation to talk. Will tells her he has had a rough day full of family things. Celia thinks Will did a brave thing by pretending to be the father of Gwen’s baby. Will explains that Gwen is a friend who needed his help. Celia thinks that is a huge sacrifice for any friend. Celia asks Will why he pretended to be the father of Gwen’s baby.

At the hospital, Casey goes to see his baby boy through the nursery window.

At Yo’s, Jack arrives with the cake for the party and is told by the manager that he did see Carly there, but she never gave him the money to pay the party deposit.

At Iris’s place, Henry arrives in disguise with balloons for Iris, while Carly hides outside, listening to them talk.

At the hospital, Mike looks for Jennifer, who isn’t in her room.. Jennifer has decided to say good-bye to her baby. As she looks at the lifeless body of her little boy, she tells herself that the dead baby isn’t her son and the hospital has made a mistake.

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