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At the Lakeview, Carly calls the police station looking for Jack but is told he isn’t there, so she leaves a message for him to call her back when he gets there. Carly looks at the blurry picture of the woman with her father, then she looks up for a minute and sees Henry arrive at the bar and order a drink.

Carly asks him to come sit with her and offers to buy him a drink. Carly asks Henry to help her find the woman in the picture, and if he finds her she will pay him enough money to keep him in dry martinis for the rest of his life.

At Metro, Jack meets with Iris Dumbrowski, the woman in the picture, and offers to buy her a drink. Jack explains to Iris that his wife is Carly Tenney and that he knows the awful secret that Carly and her father share with her. Iris gets mad and gets up to leave because Ray and "that brat" caused her enough trouble already. Jack asks her to sit back down and explains to her that he understands her pain. Iris tells Jack that Carly was trouble, and she will always be trouble. Jack explains that Carly was just a kid and she has no memory about what happened that day. Jack tells Iris that they have three kids and a happy life. Jack asks Iris to help him keep Carly from learning the truth, because he loves her and he doesn’t want anything to cause her pain.

At the hospital, Hal arrives to check on how Jennifer and the baby are doing and gets angry when he sees that Paul and Emily are also there. Paul tries to tell him about the condition of Jennifer and the baby, but Hal doesn’t want to speak to or see Paul and Emily right now. Hal is surprised that they are even there, because usually people who lie and cheat only care about themselves. Hal goes upstairs to Jennifer’s room while Will stays downstairs to make some phone calls.

At Gwen’s apartment, Celia arrives with food and flowers for Gwen, but Gwen isn’t hungry and she doesn’t feel like having company. Celia tells Gwen she must eat something, so Gwen accepts and allows her into the apartment. Celia asks about the baby’s condition, and Gwen tells Celia that she gave the baby up for adoption, so she doesn’t know anything about his condition. Celia thinks Gwen’s decision to give the baby up for adoption was very brave.

At the hospital, Mike starts to take Jennifer to see the baby in the nursery, but when he steps into the hallway he sees the doctors working on the baby and rolls Jennifer back inside her room. Jennifer didn’t notice the doctors working on the baby because her wheelchair was turned away from the nursery window, so Jennifer wonders why she can’t go see the baby now. Mike explains to Jennifer it's best they go see the baby later. Dusty arrives and explains to Jennifer that the doctors are examining the baby, and she will be able to see him when they are finished examining him. Mike and Dusty step into the hallway and are informed by the nurse that the baby is in respiratory distress. Mike and Dusty wonder if they should tell Jennifer, but in the end they both agree to wait until the baby is in stable condition. Mike goes back inside Jennifer’s room to keep her company.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna walks into a virtual toy store in her living room and wonders why Craig is suddenly so excited about the adoption. Craig apologizes for not being excited about the adoption before, but he promises Rosanna he will provide whatever their baby wants or needs. Rosanna tells Craig she is flying to Detroit to finalize the adoption and once again asks Craig if he is sure he wants to adopt the baby. Craig tells Rosanna he has never been more sure that he wants to adopt this baby.

At the hospital, Emily feels guilty because Hal is so hurt by her betrayal. Paul tells Emily that Hal must get used to seeing them together, and she shouldn’t feel badly because Hal will get over the pain. Paul asks Emily to go to the cafeteria downstairs and bring him some food. Emily gives Paul a kiss and heads downstairs so Paul can talk to Will. Paul asks Will how Gwen is doing after giving birth to the baby. Will thinks Hal is right about Paul not caring about anybody but himself.

At the Lakeview, Henry explains to Carly that he isn’t a private detective anymore and now he drives a limo. Henry isn’t sure his private detective license is still valid. Carly tells Henry she won’t tell anyone that he is investigating with an invalid license. Carly shows Henry the blurry picture of the woman. Henry wonders why Jack isn’t helping her with the investigation. Carly explains to Henry that Jack is helping her, but she needs his friends in low places to help her find this woman. Henry promises to think about Carly’s offer. Carly tells Henry she is going to scan the picture so he can have a copy of it. Henry wonders how Carly is so sure he will accept her offer. Carly explains that the Henry she knows and loves only loves one thing more than martinis, and that is big bucks. Once Carly leaves the table, Henry tells himself that the Henry Carly knows and loves is back.

At Metro, Iris agrees to help Jack and play nice, but only if he pays her money. Jack accuses Iris of trying to shake him down, but Iris reminds Jack she isn’t stupid enough to shake down a cop. Carly arrives and comes face to face with Iris, and she gives Jack a kiss because he found her.

At Gwen’s place, Celia asks Gwen if Will was with her when she gave birth to the baby. Gwen tells Celia that Will has been a great guy during her entire pregnancy--not like Casey. Celia keeps pushing Gwen to tell her why she hates Casey so much. Gwen thinks it's time that Celia learned what type of guy Casey really is, and Celia can’t understand why Gwen is saying these things about Casey. Gwen tells Celia to force Casey to tell her the truth, and if he refuses she should tell him that she (Gwen) would tell her the truth.

At the hospital, Casey demands to know why Will kept the truth from him and pretended to be the father of his baby. Will blasts Casey and tells him that deep in his heart he knew the truth all along, he just didn’t want to face it. Casey wonders why Will lied and almost ruined his life to protect a girl like Gwen, who isn’t worth the trouble. Will gets angry and makes it clear that Casey shouldn’t talk about Gwen that way. Casey then asks Will if he did it to protect him, but Will makes it clear he would be the last person he would lie to protect. Will informs Casey that Gwen gave the baby up for adoption, and Will gets more upset when Casey looks so happy about the news. Celia arrives and Casey asks her to get a cup of coffee, but she slaps him in the face.

Jennifer cries because she fears she has already messed up the life of her baby. Mike assures her that she shouldn’t blame herself and that the baby will be fine. Hal arrives for a visit and Mike goes to check on the baby in the nursery. Hal sits by Jennifer’s bedside while she tries to sleep a while.

The doctor informs Mike and Dusty they did everything they could to try and save the baby, but the baby’s lungs were underdeveloped and he just couldn’t breathe. Dusty blames himself for the death of the baby, while Mike wonders how he will find the words to break Jennifer’s heart again. Dusty offers to break the news to Jennifer, but Mike thinks he should be the one to break the news to her. The nurse tells Mike he must come with her to fill out some paperwork. Paul arrives, and Dusty tells him that the baby has died. Mike asks Hal to stay with Jennifer while she sleeps because he must go fill out some paperwork. Hal goes out into the hallway and asks Dusty what is wrong, because he is a cop and can tell when something is wrong. Dusty tells Hal Jennifer’s baby has died. Hal is shocked because he thought the baby was small but strong.

At Gwen’s apartment, Barbara arrives and takes a cigarette out of Gwen’s mouth because she doesn’t want her to kill her grandson. Once Barbara steps into the apartment she can tell Gwen has given birth to the baby. Gwen explains that Will was with her and the baby was small, and that she doesn’t know his current condition. Barbara wants Gwen to move in with her before the baby arrives home from the hospital. Gwen explains that the baby will be taken care of and is none of her concern anymore. Gwen also tells Barbara she isn’t moving in with her. Barbara tells Gwen she can live wherever she wants to, but she intends to make sure her grandson is raised to live in decent society, and nobody will be able to stop her.

At Metro, Carly begs Iris to tell her what happened with her father, but Iris asks her if she has any memory of what happened that day. Carly explains to Iris that she can’t remember a thing, and that is why she is so anxious to know the truth. Jack tells Carly that Iris told him Ray worked at a construction company and he stole money from the company. Jack further explains that Iris was the bookkeeper for the company and Ray made her take the rap, and she spent some time in jail. Iris confirms Jack’s story, but Carly still can’t understand why Iris yelled at her that day, asking her what she did to the little boy. Iris explains that Carly and her little boy witnessed an ugly fight between her and Ray in which Ray beat her. Iris leaves and Carly is sure she is lying, which makes her more determined to find out the truth.

At the hospital, Jennifer wakes up and Hal wonders what is wrong between her and Mike. Jennifer explains to Hal that she and Mike had a huge fight and he is very angry with her. Jennifer tells her dad how sorry she is that he and Emily are getting a divorce. Hal advises Jennifer that if she loves Mike, she should let him know every day that her marriage is the most important thing in the world to her. Jennifer thinks that the baby may give her and Mike a chance to start over. Elsewhere, Mike starts to fill out the papers and is struck by the fact that the baby died without a name. Once he has finished filling out the papers, the nurse looks them over and notices Mike hasn’t signed the line that states he is the baby’s father. Mike signs the paper stating that he is the father of the baby.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna calls the hospital to check on the baby and is relieved to hear the baby is doing well. Craig continues to look through a book of baby names to find the perfect name for their little boy. Rosanna heads for the airport to finalize the adoption. Craig decides he wants to name the baby Craig Montgomery Jr.

At the hospital, Hal goes to call Dr. Bob because someone from the family should be there to answer Jennifer’s questions. Dusty goes into Jennifer’s room and she demands he tell her the truth. Barbara arrives to find out information about Gwen’s baby. Emily tells Barbara she is very sorry about the baby. Barbara asks Hal what Emily knows about their grandson. Dusty insists that Jennifer wait for Mike to return, but Jennifer senses something is wrong and starts to cry. Dusty holds her to stop her from leaving the room and Jennifer yells that she wants to see her baby.

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