ATWT Update Wednesday 7/13/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/13/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo
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Carly and Jack sit at a table and she tells him she had an idea last night. He figures it’s about the anniversary party. She says no, and she wants Jack to be more supportive of her attempts at finding out why her father was in Oakdale years ago. She’s having all these dreams and she just needs a clue from ‘this woman’ to help her. He talks the talk and says he’s always on her side, but in reality he thinks she needs to just let it go and stop going down these dead-end streets. She’s beside herself over his behavior; he says he’s on her side, but he acts like he doesn’t want her to know the truth about her father!

Celia walks up behind Will at Yo’s, ordering two chocolate mochaccinos and two chocolate muffins. She’s cradling a big bouquet of flowers in her arms. All smiles, she asks if he’s mad at her about Casey. He slowly turns around and says that she and Casey are old news; now, his girlfriend having a baby--that’s news. Smile gone now, she questioningly repeats that Gwen is his girlfriend. Sullenly, he says, "Whatever." Miss Just-Can’t-Leave-It-Alone tells him that he’s been acting weird ever since she and Casey decided to give each other commitment rings. Will says she and Casey can do what they want, but she doesn't understand why he'd be so upset about it.

Casey saunters off the elevator at the hospital and asks the attendant to direct him to Gwen. She can’t find the name in her records and Dr. Bob walks up and bails him out by saying his friend is not there. This surprises Casey, since she just had the baby yesterday. Bob says he knows and they didn’t release her, she just walked out. Casey asks if that is safe. Bob replies that no, it's probably not. Casey asks if she took the baby with her, and Bob tells him no, thank goodness, he’s upstairs in the neonatal unit. He was pre-term and is in an incubator and has a very low birth weight. Casey sounds concerned when he asks if he’s going to be all right. Bob assures him they will do all they can, but honestly, he isn’t sure he’ll make it.

Craig stares at the Kasnoff baby through the glass partition and wills him to hang on to that fire, just like his old man. He spots the nurse and calls her aside and asks about the K. baby. She asks if he’s kin, and he doesn’t lie. He says not really, but he was here to see the other preemie and had become concerned with the K. baby as well. She says she can not divulge details, but it’s amazing that they are both hanging on. When Craig mentions that she must have her hands full with two on the same night, she says something about thanking God for nametags. As Mike comes rushing up to the nurse’s station, Craig nods and mutters to himself “Yes, the Lord works in mysterious ways.” He ducks out before Mike sees him.

Dusty is staring at an empty bed in Jen’s room, reflecting on what just happened hours ago. Mike rushes in and asks where Jennifer is, and Dusty remarks that he’s too late.

Mike wants to know what he’s talking about. Dusty relates that he doesn’t know exactly, but there were complications and she had to be rushed to surgery, something about a rupture and how she’d lost a lot of blood. Mike is concerned and asks if she’s going to be all right. Dusty doesn’t know. Mike wants to know what happened. (Okay, buddy, here it is,) Dusty smarts, “what happened is, you dumped her for another woman when she was seven months pregnant.” He continues that Mike did nothing when she decided to take off, and where was he when she needed to change a damned lightbulb? She lost her balance, fell, went into labor and almost died...was that enough for him? Incredulous, Mike remarks that now is not the time or the place. Dusty is livid and spits, “The place was at the cabin when she was screaming for you! I was there, not you, so don’t preach to me about the time or the place, pal. You blew it!”

Jennifer is wheeled in. Even in her weakened condition, Jen sees Mike and whispers her relief that he’s come. He takes her hand and kisses it as Dusty looks on.

Craig walks into his apartment and Katie wants to know if he’s coming or going. He remarks he’s just getting home, and she remarks that he looks like he hasn’t slept all night. He pours them both some water. She thinks she’s giving him some news when she tells him that Jennifer had her baby. He feigns ignorance by saying he thought she wasn’t due for a while. Katie says he knew exactly when the baby was due and that this was premature. He slyly asks if she was the first person Jennifer called when she knew. Katie says no, she was with Mike when he found out. Craig takes it in stride but seems only too pleased to goad her about Mike, saying, “I see Mr. Power Tools gets around.” He gives a wicked laugh and she wants to know what’s with him; she had just told him his baby had been born, the baby he’d been obsessing about for six months, and she might as well have told him his dry cleaning was ready. He retorts, “I get very excited about my dry cleaning.” She harangues him, “So you want to be blasé about Mike and joke about this? What’s wrong with this picture?”

Darn it, Celia keeps following Will around and wants to know why he cares so much if she and Casey make the purity pledge. All they do is give each other rings and promise to remain virgins until they get married. He quips, "So you're getting married? Is that before or after you take your S.A.T.s?" For about the hundredth time, she wants to know why he’s twisting her words around and says, “I thought you were my friend.” He says he is, and she replies, “Then don’t make me feel stupid.” (Maybe not blabbing to the whole world about your private life would stop some of this.) Will is so clearly not into this and says he just doesn’t understand this whole purity-ring-commitment-pledge thing, it’s like a lot of bogus nonsense. She seems hurt and asks, "What’s wrong with wanting to be with the right person before you do anything?" He wonders if Casey is Mr. Right, and she replies that she didn’t say that. Will wonders why she'd get herself into a situation and make the commitment, then, if it’s going to be harder to get out of if it doesn’t work. He reminds her that if they exchange little rings, they don’t have to think for themselves about how they feel about each other or about other people, because the ring does it for them. She looks him right in the eye and says she and Casey already talked about that and she’d told him she had feelings for someone else in the past. Will replies that was really baring her soul, and maybe it was easier just to make a purity pact than actually deal with stuff from day to day and make choices as they come up. Celia states that maybe she is taking the easy way out, but she didn’t know what else to do. There was a time when Casey acted like he did want to, "you know, do it," and she didn’t want to make the wrong choice and end up like Gwen. Glumly, he says Gwen didn’t get this way by herself. Celia counters that if they had waited... His order is ready, so he calls a truce. (Newsflash, Will: tell Celia the truth and let Casey the Scumbag take his old darned consequences. Would he be doing this for you?) Will asks where Casey is, and Celia says she keeps calling but he’s not answering, and she was hoping he would go with her to see Gwen.

Meanwhile, Casey is still questioning Dr. Bob about why the baby came so early. He gives several reasons, saying it could have been something wrong with the fetus or a psychological reason like stress. Bob can see his grandson is a very good friend to this young lady and is concerned about her. Bob gets beeped and says he must go, but if he is really Gwen's friend, then he should go find her and persuade her to come back to the hospital so they can examine her and ensure that she is okay. Casey asks about the baby and Bob assures him again they are doing all they can.

Jack tells Carly that what he’s into right now is the anniversary party. He says he wishes he wasn’t the only one into it, and she scoffs that that’s just great, he’s going to guilt-trip her into changing the subject. He wonders what is wrong with just wanting to concentrate on the two of them, and she admonishes him that he has ‘that look’ he gets when he's trying to keep something from her--yeah, there it is again, that guilty look. He laughs it off that she is grasping at straws, and she asks him to please not do that, brush her off. She says he’s asked her what she wants for her anniversary, and there's just one thing: the truth. He takes heed and nods that she’s right, he hasn’t been up-front. Okay, he concedes, he’ll tell her what’s going on. He stammers as he thinks back to when Jessica gave him all the facts and, knowing how hellbent Carly usually is about finding out things, he vowed that whatever it took, whatever he had to do, she would NEVER find out about this, EVER! He seriously tells Carly that she’s scaring him; she’s so obsessed with this picture, he’s afraid she’s going over the edge. She asks if she had ever forgotten to pick up the children, if she'd put his socks in the microwave, what? Why couldn’t he be with her on this? He can hardly get the words out, but he sputters that he just wants her to be happy, so he’ll do whatever it takes. She takes that to mean that he’ll help her.

Carly is called away by the manager to talk to the wine distributor. Jack digs in his pockets for his cell phone and a number on rumpled piece of paper. He calls and introduces himself as Detective Snyder from the Oakdale Police Department and says he needs to see the listener as soon as possible.

Craig sits and asks if the baby is okay, and Katie replies yes, but he's in an incubator. Then he asks about Jen, and yes, she is okay too. She wonders what is going on with him that he’s not being his pig-headed, over-zealous self. (Call it like it is, Katie girl.) She can’t get over that he’s not rushing to the hospital to see his baby boy and ordering a bunch of cigars. As he pours more water he reminds her about the injunction, but she’s not buying that after all he’s been through, he just doesn’t care anymore. Dryly, he says that after all he’s been through, maybe it’s better that he keeps his emotions in check. He feels he has done more than most to be part of this baby’s life, but he lost out, so he’s moved on. Then he drops the bomb on her that he and Rosanna have decided to adopt again. She is shocked as he goes on that Jennifer wasn’t the only one to give birth last night. The mother of the child they are going to adopt also gave birth, he says, “so it looks like I’m gonna be a papa after all.”

Gwen is holed up in her apartment, laying on her bed and looking out the window. There's a knock on the door and she answers to find Casey. She asks, “What the hell do you want?” and he blurts back, “I want to know if I’m the baby’s father."

Sort of drifting in and out, Jennifer rubs her tummy and asks about the baby, and Dusty says she’s had the baby and he’s in an incubator. Jen asks Mike if he’s seen him and he replies no, he’d come to see her first. She winces that she’s made a mess, but Mike says to hush, she needs to rest. She cries that it wasn’t supposed to be like this, it was supposed to be their baby. He hovers and says he’s not going anywhere as Dusty thoughtfully walks away.

Meg is talking to the nurses and reminding them she is Lucinda’s private nurse and asks if they can keep her in the loop. Dusty walks by, and she sidles up to him and makes a comment about the last time she saw him, when he didn’t show up for their date.

He remarks that he thought she was going to Alaska. She smiles and says, “Too cold; besides, I wanted to give you another chance to make things up to me.” She asks how he’s been, and he says good but busy. She asks doing what, and he answers, "Delivering a baby." She laughs and says that is the BEST excuse she’s ever heard. He claims he isn’t joking--Jennifer Munson went into labor and he was the only one around. She figures he must be quite the hero, but he says no, because he didn’t know what he was doing. Meg admits it can be overwhelming, but after a point nature kind of takes over. Dusty tells her that Jen passed out and lost a lot of blood. She remarks that all sorts of things can go wrong during childbirth, so he shouldn’t blame himself for anything. Will and Celia walk in, so Dusty excuses himself from a stunned Meg to go talk to him. Of course Will knows nothing about Jen having a baby, he only came to see Gwen. Celia hands him the bouquet of flowers, takes the bag of malteds and urges him to go see his sister while she visits Gwen. Dusty leads the way, and Meg looks dejected.

Gwen repeats the question: is Casey the baby’s father? She laughs in his face, and he asks her to please not do this, it’s killing him to think... She’s dodged this before, but she spits that thinking seems to be a slight problem for him; anyway, now they’ve fixed that little problem, so he can leave. She is surprised when he says he was just at the hospital and he knows Will isn’t the father and about how she’d just walked out. She wonders why he suddenly gives a damn. They spar, and she wonders what she's done all this time without his two cents. She tells him she was alone this whole time; where was he then? She was sick alone, she gave birth to this baby alone, where was he? ”Oh yeah, you were trying to score with your girlfriend!” She asks what gives him the right to show up on her doorstep now and mess with her life.

Katie asks Craig to back up--he wants to adopt a baby? He admits to it and says Rosanna is at the lawyer's right now. Her pig-headed, self-centered brother actually has a heart. Okay, when Bryant died he almost lost his will to live, and when he lost Cabot a little piece of him went with him. When Jennifer shut him off from his son Rosanna knew how he felt, because she had felt that way too, but she convinced him to open his heart again to another child, and that’s exactly what they were going to do. Katie is amazed that Rosanna would trust him again. Yes, it would be a leap of faith, but it was going to be legal this time. Katie is happy he is going to do it right this time. He remarks that he’d been through a lot of pain and learned a lot, and, pouting, he asks if she doesn’t think he deserves a second chance. She smiles and says, “I think everyone does.” He retorts, “Believe me, when I get my son, I’m going to keep him forever.”

Will seems concerned as he and Dusty stand and look at the baby. Mike walks up and Will wants to know what happened, but Mike says he wasn’t there. As Will walks away to see Jen, Dusty grabs Mike’s sleeve and confidentially tells him not to start something he can’t finish. Mike tells him he was there when Mike wasn’t and he appreciates that, but right now Jennifer is asking for him. He walks off, with Meg looking on.

Jack kisses Carly and says he must get to work, but they should make this about them today. They part as he runs out the door, almost running into Kim. Kim goes and sits at the table with Carly, who thanks her for coming. Kim thinks it’s about the party, but Carly tells her that actually it’s about a photo, and she displays the blown-up photo.

Kim remarks that it’s kind of blurry but the woman does look sort of familiar, and she asks what the lady’s name is. Carly admits she doesn’t know; all she knows is she was involved in a scandal at the family health clinic years ago. Kim says she doesn’t want to pry, but what does that have to do with Carly? Carly says she is not sure, but she knows it has something to do with her father. She just knew that if this was in the news maybe it was in the WOAK files, and she could track her down. Kim seems interested but says she would need a name, a key phrase, a word, a year... Carly shakes that no, she has none of those. Kim laughs when Carly suggests someone go through the news footage and just look. Kim says it would be like finding a needle in a haystack going through that many years, ten or twenty years, without some more information.

Gwen questions why Casey is suddenly interested again. Now that it is all over, he thinks maybe it is his? Well, it isn’t. She blasts him, saying even if it was, it’s too late now; it’s not even hers any more. He wants to know what that means. She says, “It means I gave him away, genius, but why do you care?” She lambastes him, asking why couldn’t he have been there when she needed him, when he could have done something about it? But then he couldn’t be bothered! She almost laughs, saying now he shows up demanding answers... He says, “So, what you’re saying is, I really am the father.” She shouts, "What the hell do you think?"

Meg and Dusty sit with their drinks and she discusses his adventures as a midwife. He feels amazed that he pulled it off, and now there's this little life with little fists, and soon he’ll be paying taxes like everyone else. She looks adoringly at him and tells him not to sell himself short, because he gave that baby a fighting chance. He says he does feel sort of connected to him. She asks if he feels connected to the mother as well. He says whatever, he just feels different. She agrees that with the births she’s been involved in, they've all felt like miracles. He remarks that the baby has this funny little red mark behind his neck. She remarks that it’s a "stork bite," a birthmark that will fade in a couple of months. He says good and tells her he’s got to get back to the hospital, and thanks for listening to his delivery story. As he leaves she says, “That’s what friends are for.”

Jen kibitzes with Will about how it feels to be an uncle. He says he thought he had more time to ease into it, and she admits that so did she. "What’s the baby’s name?" he asks. He knows he wants the nickname to be Lucky, because he’s going to be one survivor from their family history and lucky to have a mom like her.

Mike slips off to the nursery. A stranger walks up and points out his baby and asks which one is Mike’s. He murmurs sadly that none of them is. Katie asks the nurse if she’s seen...but says never mind as she spots Mike. They look sadly at each other.

Kim is surprised to learn that Susan Stewart may have known the woman in the photo, but, well, she does have her secrets, doesn’t she? Kim also wonders how Susan might be involved, and Carly thinks maybe she was working at the clinic when this scandal happened. As she leaves, Kim tells her to keep her chin up, and she might just be able to find out something after all.

Meanwhile, a striking brunette with her hair up sits down at Jack’s table, smiles and says “Okay, I’m here; what do you want?”

Casey wants to know why Gwen made Will pretend to be the father. She says, “I didn’t make Will do anything. He saw I was alone dealing with this and stepped up, which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for you.” He asks her how, after all she went through, she can give the baby up just like that. She tells him he can get out. He says she should have told him, but she blasts him, saying yeah, he’d call Grandpa Bob and Grandma Kim down to the hospital for a photo op. He shakes his head and says he doesn’t know what to say. She tells him to try goodbye. He walks out and she slams the door. Immediately there's a knock and she yells, "Why can’t you leave me alone?" But when she opens the door, it’s Celia. She feels contrite when Celia comes bearing gifts (the bouquet and the food). Celia asks if that was Casey’s car she saw tearing out of there; was he just there?

Craig is reading a paperback as the maid, Phyllis, comes in, and he gives her a cigar and remarks that he’s going to be a father again. She congratulates him and takes the cigar, even though she doesn’t smoke. He conjures up names: "Sean? about Connor? Not bad," as he puts a big stogie in his mouth.

Katie says hello to Mike and says she feels funny; she’s not sure she should be there or if he needs her. Will steps out of the room and motions to Mike that Jennifer needs him. He has to go and says congratulations again to Mike. Katie encourages him to go to her, saying she’ll be fine. Then she follows and spies, but she leaves as Jen puts her hands on Mike and asks him to help her up. He’s not sure he should, but she insists that she just wants to see the baby, since she hasn’t seen him since they came in. Mike finally relents and says he will get her a chair.

At the nursery, Dusty watches as a beeper goes off and the nurse comes running out, calling for another one to call someone, they have a Code Blue. Dusty realizes it’s Jennifer’s baby and looks worried.

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