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By Elayna
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As Rosanna looks up at Paul, all he can manage is a snide congratulation. She wonders about his sarcasm, and he further spitefully wishes her happily ever after, to which Rosanna responds, “Do I look happy?” She tells Paul that she didn’t marry Craig to hurt him or to help Craig hurt Jen. She adds that when she gets hurt she doesn’t just close herself off, as Paul is doing. She thought maybe a baby would fill the hole. She pauses, wondering if she should go through with what she was thinking of saying, and then she throws caution to the wind and admits quietly that she didn’t marry Craig because she loved him--because she still loves Paul.

Meanwhile, at home Craig is listening to the message from the lawyer about Gwen going into labor. He remembers Rosanna telling him that the best way to move on from being told to stay away from his unborn son is to fill his heart with love, and he could accomplish that by adopting a baby. He puts his finger on the delete button as he pauses to think. He has a child out there and he can’t forget that, and he deletes the message.

Mike and Katie stop outside Metro before they go in. Katie again wants to make sure Mike wants her here with him, and he assures her he does, he just needs to be discreet for Jen’s benefit. He still needs to talk to her and make sure she has made the proper living arrangements and has told her family. Katie is understanding, but she pulls him into a passionate kiss before they go into public where they have to act like they're only friends.

Bob asks Gwen if she wants to see her baby boy. She asks if the baby is okay, and Bob informs her he is premature, but he should be fine. With that, she toughens up her resolve and tells Bob to take the baby out of her room because she does not want to see him. Outside of the room, Bob counsels Will that in his experience, a mother’s best form of closure is to say good-bye to her baby. He suggests Will talk to Gwen about that because he feels she will be emotionally drained if she doesn’t do it now. Will goes back into the room to find Gwen purposely turned away from where the nurses are tending to her baby. Will relays what Bob said, but Gwen doesn’t care and doesn’t want to hear anything about her baby. She tells Will that giving up her baby is a relief because she never wanted it, and what does he care anyway…he is just a loser who likes to hang out with people who have problems. She emphatically tells him to get lost, which Will does, leaving an emotionally flat Gwen behind.

An exhausted Jen tells Dusty they should call Mike, but Dusty thinks they should do it later. She notices his face and immediately wants to know what is wrong. He just says it is because he thinks the priority is to get her premature baby to the hospital for the proper treatment. He goes to put the baby in the car, and after he leaves Jen is hit with a shooting pain and doubles over.

Dusty comes back into the room to find her unconscious on the floor.

Celia is sitting on the rooftop with her eyes closed when Casey taps her on the shoulder, surprising her by bringing her back to reality. He wants to put the commitment ring on her finger. She suggests going to his house to do it, but Casey balks at doing this in front of his parents. Celia wonders if he is embarrassed, but he just wants some privacy. Celia thinks they should say something to each other as they do it, but Casey is obviously uncomfortable with her words about each of them being virgins and waiting until they are married to have sex. He feels guilty knowing he is not a virgin. This makes Celia wonder if he is keeping something from her, and she questions him. He redirects the question, asking if he knows absolutely everything about her. She answers slowly by saying he doesn’t, and maybe she should tell him.

Emily is patiently waiting for Paul to return from looking for her wrap when Allison walks through the door, informing Emily she is having a going-away party. Emily inquires for whom. Allison shocks her by telling her it is for herself! She tells Emily that Aaron called her, asking her to move to Seattle. He had been busy with his mom, but she is much better now and he has found them an apartment overlooking the sound. He has a better-paying job than at Metro, and he's even found her a job as well. Emily is happy for her, but sad at the same time. She asks if Allison's told their mom, and she tells Emily she hasn't, but she loves Aaron, so she will be supportive, just as she loves and is supportive of Emily and Hal. Emily’s face drops as she realizes she hasn’t told Allison about her and Hal. She breaks the news to Allison about her and Hal’s pending divorce. It is Allison’s turn to be surprised. Emily succinctly relays the facts of how Hal’s life is busy and he hasn’t had much room for her. Now Allison thinks she understands why Emily is there drinking alone, but Emily corrects her by telling her she isn’t alone, she is there with Paul. “Are you out of your mind?” Allison asks.

Craig is nursing a drink when the lawyer arrives, wondering if they had gotten his message. He inquires as to whether they are having a change of heart, and Craig tells him no, but he is proceeding with caution with Rosanna, since the baby had been born prematurely. The lawyer tells Craig that per their contract, if there is anything wrong health-wise with the baby they would not be held to the adoption. He informs Craig that he is on his way to see Gwen to have her sign the relinquishment papers, which she has forty-eight hours to do. The lawyer’s excitement seems more palpable then Craig’s.

Meanwhile, Rosanna tries to make Paul understand where she is coming from. Losing Cabot, marrying Craig and Paul’s affair with Emily could all be forgotten because Rosanna still loves Paul. She doesn’t understand how Paul could feel nothing, and she doesn’t get how Paul doesn’t understand her reasons for doing what she did. She starts to walk away, but Paul stops her to explain that he does feel something: anger. Rosanna will take that. She understands that, and if there was any way he eventually could get past why she made the decisions she did or a chance that he would forgive her, she would continue to hold out hope for them. Does he still love her? The question is posed as her cell phone rings. Paul, looking as if he wants to answer her, tells her that she might as well answer the phone as his bitterness rises to the surface again. Craig is calling to tell her about Gwen’s baby being born. Rosanna is ecstatic and wants details. She quickly tells him she is on her way home. She explains the news to Paul and asks if he was about to tell her something. He shoves his feelings back down and tells her it doesn’t matter now. Sadly, Rosanna leaves, and Paul tries hard not to break down.

Casey isn’t too interested in the past, considering what he is hiding. Celia hints that there was some other guy. Now Casey wants to know who this person is and if it is something he should be concerned with presently. Celia explains that there was someone she had thought was the one, but then she met Casey and now they are doing this pledge, so she just wants to be open. She vows that the other guy is out of the picture, but what is Casey’s secret? There is no secret, Casey promises. However, Celia thinks she knows what the problem is. A nervous Casey wants to know what she may think she knows. She thinks Casey never wanted to do the commitment rings. Casey admits that she is half right; he didn’t want to do it, but it was important to Celia, so he's doing it to make her happy. She feels silly now, but Casey just wants her to understand he did it for her. She hugs him appreciatively. Just as they do, Will shows up. An embarrassed Celia asks what Will is doing there. Will bitingly returns the question. Celia tells him they are making their virginity pledge, and Will bitterly laughs at the idea. Celia is unsure of what is wrong. Will tells her that Gwen had her baby. Celia is worried about how early she is. Will sarcastically explains that that is what happens to a mom-to-be who is stressed. Celia congratulates him for becoming a father. Will tells her he isn’t a father because she is giving the baby up for adoption. He mentions that he is worried about Gwen. Celia offers to go see her, but Will tells her it probably isn’t a good idea. Casey wants to leave, but Celia leaves on her own. Casey apologizes to Will about the baby, and Will stingingly responds that Casey is such a hypocrite.

Dusty has rushed Jen to the hospital, and the doctor notes that she is hemorrhaging. Dusty is growing more concerned when he hears the doctor telling the nurses to prep her for surgery. The doctor asks if he is the husband. Dusty tells him he is a friend, and the doctor tells him to find her husband fast.

Dusty assures Jen she will be okay and that her baby is fine, and he will see her after her surgery. Jen tells Dusty to call Mike because he should be here if anything goes wrong, and with that she is wheeled off into surgery.

Allison is worried about Emily. She explains that things just happened between her and Paul. Allison thought she and Paul were history. Emily answers that history tends to repeat itself. Allison wonders about Rosanna. Emily explains that she married Craig, which further confuses Allison. It appears to be more of history repeating itself. However, Allison is worried that if Paul isn’t over Rosanna and he hurts Emily, then that would be history repeating itself in a bad way for her sister. Just then Paul shows back up with Emily’s wrap. Emily tells Paul that Allison is leaving town. Paul laments over how much Will will miss her. Allison leaves, and Paul is deep in thought about what Rosanna said to him. When Emily asks what is wrong, he claims to be thinking of how Will is going to react to Allison leaving town. Emily jokingly asks what it is about the men in his family and the women in hers. Seattle isn’t that far, though, and Will and she can visit often, but Paul reminds Emily that he won’t be taking any vacations in the near future. Emily is reminded that Will has responsibilities now. They both agree that a baby changes everything, as Paul thinks of Rosanna and her newly adopted baby. Paul wants to call it a night, and so they do.

Margo and Tom are having drinks at Metro and discussing Casey and Celia. Margo is happy that they have decided to make this commitment. Tom wonders if a ring will hold back two seventeen-year-olds if they have strong enough feelings. He refers to Jen and Craig as an example. Margo doesn’t want to think about that, she just wants to support and believe in the choice Celia and Casey have made. She then turns her head to see Katie and Mike at the bar, laughing and talking. Their body language tells Margo something is going on. Mike and Katie are on their way out the door when Margo stops them. They try to leave, but Margo knows better. They explain that they are back together but weren’t going to tell anyone yet, but Margo sarcastically tells them they shouldn’t be hanging all over each other if they are trying to keep this a secret. Margo annoyingly asks a surprised Mike and Katie if Jen hasn’t already been through enough. Katie takes Margo aside, and Margo asks her why she was pretending to leave town. Katie explains she did, and she bumped into Mike in Chicago. She believes in fate. They never planned it. However, Katie doesn’t understand why Margo is so down on her, considering she told Katie she thought they belonged together. Margo points out the mess everyone is in now, but Katie thinks they did it the right way, and they should be commended for being open by telling Jen right away and not lying to anyone. Mike had ended things with Jen before they got back together. They are trying to be tactful. Margo is just worried about the lives being affected by this. She joins Tom back at their table, and Tom is not sure why she seems so upset. Margo laments that it is too bad they didn’t realize their feelings before so many people got hurt.

Rosanna is back at home, excitedly talking to Craig about what the lawyer said. Craig just wants them to be cautious about getting too excited because the baby is premature, and they don’t know if there are any complications. Rosanna is anxious to go to the hospital, but Craig thinks they should slow down. It is a closed adoption and they shouldn’t be at the hospital. Rosanna thinks it wouldn’t hurt if they happened by and popped their heads in. Craig gives in, and they leave for the hospital.

Casey can sense Will is angry with him and wants to know what his problem is. Will mentions that he is amazed that Casey is going through with this virginity pledge when he isn’t one. Will reminds him angrily that he is lying to Celia. Casey off-handedly says people believe what they want to believe, which Will sarcastically laughs at. Casey angrily asks why he is acting this way, because they are supposed to be friends. Casey believes it shouldn’t be his fault he got involved with Gwen. He reminds him he warned Will to stay away. "She needed help and I was there for her," Will tells him. Casey thinks it is over now that Gwen gave up the baby. Will responds angrily that it isn’t over. Casey wants to know what that means. Will responds that Casey knows, but is too afraid to admit it.

The lawyer is at the hospital with Gwen, showing her the relinquishment papers. He reminds her she has forty-eight hours, but Gwen doesn’t need that. Rosanna and Craig pop their head in. The lawyer tells them they should not be there, since the adoption is supposed to be private. They apologize. Gwen quickly takes the papers, but she hesitates before she signs. In the end, however, she follows through and signs the papers. Rosanna runs over to Gwen and hugs her, thanking her profusely. Craig stands there with a slightly fake smile frozen on his face. Later, Rosanna and Craig are stationed outside the nursery as Rosanna gushes over their new baby. Meanwhile, Gwen is sullenly lying bed. She reaches for and smells the baby blanket. She gets out of bed and opens the door, to go to see her baby perhaps, but witnesses Rosanna and Craig’s joy as they look at their newly adopted baby through the nursery window. She goes back in her room, gets dressed and silently slips out of her room to leave the hospital.

Mike and Katie are talking about Margo and how they should handle things now. Katie explains Margo is just worried about everyone, and specifically Jen, since she is pregnant. Katie wonders if Mike should call Jen to see how she is, but Mike thinks that would be giving her false hope. Just then his cell phone rings, and Mike sees it is Dusty. He almost doesn’t answer it, but finally he does, only to hear from Dusty the news that Jen has given birth and the baby is in neonatal. Dusty is adamant that Mike get to the hospital because it doesn’t look good. Mike hangs up his cell phone and relays what has happened to Katie. He is worried about the baby and Jen and stops short after he says, "If anything happens to either of them..." He apologizes but has to go. Katie understands and assures him that the baby will be fine and is in neonatal only because he is premature. She also wants him to know he is not to blame for whatever happened.

Rosanna happily tells the nurse that they are the baby’s adoptive parents. The nurse tells them he has had quite a day, but he is a fighter.

She excuses herself and comes back with the baby announcement with the footprint. Rosanna is happily overwhelmed. After this Craig thinks they should go home and give everyone space, but Rosanna can’t take her eyes off of their new baby. Then she remembers that she has to talk to the lawyer about the baby’s medical records. She agrees to meet Craig at home. After she leaves, Craig mumbles to himself, as he watches the baby, that it would be a whole lot easier if he loved him. As he ruefully watches his adopted baby, a nurse wheels in a baby that has the name “Kasnoff” on its crib. Craig excitedly asks the nurse if that is Jennifer Kasnoff’s baby. The nurse tells him it is. Craig is overjoyed to be looking at his son. He looks around to see if he is alone and can’t help but notice his luck in being alone and having the two babies side by side in the nursery. He sinisterly looks from one baby’s nametag to the other's.

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