ATWT Update Monday 7/11/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/11/05


By Elayna
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Paul and Emily are in the park, acting very silly as they tango around. Paul seems to be acting too happy in order to compensate for his feelings about having seen Rosanna and Craig celebrating signing the papers to adopt a baby. Emily wants to sit on the bench and talk to Paul about how he is feeling. Paul is less inclined to do so. He wants to ignore seeing Rosanna and Craig, and would rather enjoy his night with Emily.. As they tango off towards the horizon, Emily leaves her wrap behind on the bench where they had been sitting.

At Fairwinds, Craig is far away in his thoughts of the judge’s ruling ordering him to stay away from his unborn child. He is still far away when Rosanna enters eagerly, wanting to talk about setting up a trust fund for the unborn child. Rosanna notices Craig’s strange demeanor, and she asks whether he is having second thoughts about their adoption plans. He dismisses her thoughts and admits to her that he was upset over the fact that he will soon have a son come into the world whom he won’t be able to hold, see or know. He may not be able to do anything about it, but he can’t turn off his feelings about his situation. Rosanna worries about how Craig gets when he feels wronged by someone. She makes him promise he won’t do anything bad.

He assures her he will play nice, and he further thanks Rosanna for giving him another opportunity to be a father. Rosanna happily leaves to go have lunch with Carly, feeling better after their conversation. Margo enters after Rosanna leaves, asking about the good news she heard he has. Craig responds by wondering if Tom had been able to reverse the judgment against him in regard to his unborn baby with Jen. Margo reminds him that that would not be possible, but she has come there to fix things between them.

Gwen and Will are on the rooftop when she doubles over in pain. Will wants to take her to the hospital, but Gwen doesn’t trust or like hospitals and wants to simply ignore it. Will isn’t so sure they should, and when she gets another wave of pain she crumbles into Will’s arms, admittedly scared. Will promises he will be there for her no matter what, and we see how their friendship has evolved. He occupies her thoughts by talking about their first date and how they had disliked each other originally. Gwen compliments Will on the type of person he has been with her. She knows he did this for Celia, but she appreciates it nonetheless. Will admits that originally he did it for Celia, but now it is about her as well. She reverts back to protecting herself when she tells Will he will be off the hook once she delivers, but Will doesn’t want to be. He tells her he enjoys their friendship, and Gwen agrees. Then a wave of pain hits Gwen hard again, and Will frantically calls an ambulance.

Lily and Sierra are at Lucinda’s, looking for her. Meanwhile, Lucinda is at Yo’s letting loose, unbeknownst to her daughters. She is trying to forget about her health woes by having drinks and playing some pool with Meg. Dusty has since excused himself, to Meg’s dismay, rushing off to go find Jen at Barbara’s cabin.

Once Lucinda witnesses Meg’s reaction, albeit a subtle one, she teases Meg about knowing why she is really staying on in town under the guise of being her nurse. She knows it is in hopes of starting something up with Dusty. Before Meg can deny it, Lucinda questions whether Dusty is right for her. She reminds Meg that she knew Dusty a long time ago, when he was much sweeter and more innocent. Lucinda praises Dusty, but also reminds Meg that in the previous years Dusty has changed and gotten into some dangerous situations. Their conversation is interrupted by Lucinda’s cell phone ringing. She sees that it is her daughters, and she becomes overwhelmed by them always wanting something, especially now, when she is simply trying to forget her situation for the time being. She opts to order another drink rather than talk to them.

Jen is on the floor at Barbara’s cabin after having fallen off the stepladder. At first she thinks she is okay, but then a sharp pain helps her to quickly realize that she is in fact not okay. She worries that the contractions are coming too soon. She goes to make a call on her cell phone and realizes that she has no service. She tries to calm herself down by telling herself that this is her first child, and the contractions may go on for a very long time. No sooner does that thought enter her head than she is suddenly overcome with another strong sharp pain.

Margo tries to comfort Craig by reminding him that although five years may seem like a long time, his child will still be young enough so that Craig won’t have missed that many milestones. She assures Craig he will have plenty of time to teach his son many things and take him to many places. He makes Margo promise to keep an eye on his son, which she agrees to. She promises that she and Katie will take many pictures and videos and tell him many stories. She will also work on softening Jen towards him.. They change topics when Craig shares with Margo the good news they have. He explains he and Rosanna are looking for a new beginning, and they have decided to get it by adopting a baby.

Paul and Emily are at the bar, and from Paul’s over-the-top behavior it is obvious that he is sufficiently buzzed. He is rambling and talking excitedly about taking Emily on vacation to a warm tropical location where they could buy all the drinks they want with the little umbrellas in them. He wants to leave immediately. Emily tries to reel him in by promising that she would go anywhere with him, but she wants to make sure that they are not leaving because they are running away.

Rosanna meets Carly at Metro, wanting some privacy to talk about her plans with Craig. She cautiously broaches the subject of her and Craig’s plans to adopt. She touches upon how much she misses Cabot, and how empty her life is. She doesn’t feel fulfilled by simply being a businesswoman; she wants a child of her own. She assures Carly that she and Craig want the same thing, and that is why they have chosen this path. She understands that Carly may think she is crazy to trust Craig, but she is in charge of the adoption, and they have already found a mother-to-be, so it is already done as far as she is concerned. Carly is all for Rosanna having a child, but she strongly feels that as long as Craig is around a child, it is not safe.

Meg and Lucinda come home to find Lily and Sierra waiting for them. Lucinda is noticeably a bit buzzed, which Lily and Sierra allude to, but Lucinda explains she is allowed to kick back and have some fun. She assures them Meg thought there would be no harm in it before her surgery. They want to know what surgery she's talking about. Lucinda tells them that she has opted for the lumpectomy, which surprises them both. Lucinda feels there is no pleasing them, since they wanted her to make a decision. She also lets them know that she has hired Meg on as her live-in nurse, also to their surprise. They are a little unsure about all the decisions Lucinda is making. Lucinda quickly explains that they are pressuring her too much. She can’t focus on taking care of them when she needs to do that for herself. She is hiring Meg because she doesn’t have to worry about offending her or hurting her feelings. If she wants to yell at her, she can. Meg is knowledgeable and she feels confident with her around. She asks Meg if she can move in tonight, which Meg agrees to, and she leaves to go pack up her belongings at the farm.

When Dusty arrives at the cabin he finds Jen on the floor, dealing with intermittent contractions. She tells him what happened and how her water has already broken. Dusty is trying to calm her down and keep her from panicking about the situation. She is scared and crying about wanting to go home and see her mother. Dusty jokingly says that must be a first. When the contractions arrive again, she frantically tells him that they are less than three minutes apart. Dusty, who is trying to stay calm, tries to break the tension by asking her where the sheets are. She is confused and asks him why he needs them, and he jokingly tells her he just bought a new car, and he is worried about his seats.

She laughs for a moment before another contraction hits her, and Dusty tells her he is obviously going to have to deliver her child...but if she tells anyone their friendship is over, he says, again trying to lighten the mood. Suddenly Jen screams out in pain, exclaiming, “The baby is coming!”

Rosanna asks in amazement if Carly really believes Craig pushed Jen and that he would hurt their child, and Carly admits she doesn’t think that, but she feels strongly about how Craig is when he wants something. She is glad that she and Craig are on the same level at this moment regarding their shared ideas for the baby, but what happens when their opinions differ? She reminds Rosanna how Craig can be when he is determined to get his way. He will lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, and even kidnap. Rosanna is adamant that she owes Craig, so Carly sarcastically tells her to give him a couple million and call it even. Rosanna scoffs at that, but Carly pointedly asks her if she can actually adopt and raise a child with someone she doesn’t love.

Margo asks if Craig is ready for such a commitment, considering he just got married. He assures her that a baby is exactly what he and Rosanna need. Margo offers her unconditional support then, and they leave the room just before the phone rings and the man from the adoption agency leaves a message telling them he has news about their baby.

Gwen arrives at the hospital, frantic about why her contractions are happening so early in her pregnancy. The doctors try to put her at ease as Will goes to talk to Bob. He explains that they will give her medication to stop the contractions, and then they will go from there. Will admits that Gwen hasn’t been vigilant about taking care of herself, which causes Bob to worry about a low birth weight.

Will is sure her youth is on her side, but Bob just tells him they will need to wait and see how she responds to treatment. Inside the room, Gwen asks to see Will, but when the doctor sees she is fully dilated she leaves to tell Bob. When Will hears this he panics at what that means, and Bob tries to calmly tell him that, unfortunately, that means she is not responding to the medication, and she is going to have her baby now.

Paul tries to alleviate Emily’s concerns about the idea of them running away. He assures her he just thinks spending leisurely days on a tropical getaway would be fun with her. He does admit that he is angry that Rosanna and Craig are playing house and rubbing his nose in it and that Rosanna has enough money for Craig to be able to have another child, and if, in fact, Rosanna and Craig are blissfully happy, then that angers him as well, but what is he going to do about it? He is not going to throw a tantrum or punch something, so he will simply have to try to have extra fun to forget about it, and that won’t be hard with Emily. Emily feels better that he got that off his chest. She tells him that she is a mother, sister and professional and cannot just leave at the drop of a hat, but if he gives her a few days, then she will see what she can do. She then realizes she does not have her wrap, and Paul offers to go in search of it.

Rosanna admits that she does not love Craig at all as she once did, but she is still fond of him; he is good company, and they both know what it feels like to have lost children. She ruefully admits she will never have what Carly and Jack have, and if Paul had loved her as Jack had loved Carly, he never would have let her go. Carly agrees to support her in her decision and promises to take it day by day with Craig. With that agreed upon, Rosanna asks if Carly and Jack would be the guardians of her and Craig’s baby. She tells Carly that she is a wonderful mother and that if it weren’t for her help, she would have dropped her beautiful boy on his head. Just then, Carly has a memory of the woman crying and asking, “What have you done to my beautiful boy?” She is momentarily startled by the recurring memory, but she covers it up when Rosanna asks if something is wrong and joyfully agrees to become a guardian to her child.

Lily and Sierra are wondering about their mother’s choice of Meg as a nurse. Lily can’t help but wonder what is in it for Meg. Meg then enters the room, ready to move in, and Lily questions her about her job in Alaska. Meg blows off the question by saying it will be there, and it is just on hold. She leaves to go get the rest of her belongings, and Sierra thinks maybe it is just how it seems, but Lily thinks that with Meg, there is always more than meets the eye.

Carly and Rosanna are walking in the park on their way home. Carly leaves to go check on her children, but Rosanna sits on the park bench to think. She is deep in thought when she looks up and finds herself face to face with Paul.

Craig has come back into the room and plays the answering machine to hear the message from the man from the adoption agency. He called to let Craig and Rosanna know about Gwen going into labor.

Meanwhile, Dusty has delivered Jen’s baby. She is exhausted as she thanks him for getting her through this. The baby is fussing a bit here and there. Jen asks anxiously if the baby is all right. Dusty assures her he has ten fingers and ten toes, so he must be fine, which alleviates Jen’s fears. However, Dusty doesn’t look as confident as he wants Jen to think he is; in fact, he looks quite worried.

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