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As the World Turns Update Friday 7/8/05


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At Yo’s, Meg has a drink with Dusty and tells him she is willing to give him a chance to redeem himself for leaving her in his bed to go help Jennifer. Meg thinks Dusty has feelings for Jennifer. Dusty denies the accusation and tells Meg he and Jennifer are co-workers and friends. Meg thinks Dusty is fooling himself and wonders if they could have a relationship if she stayed in Oakdale and didn’t take the job in Alaska.

At Keith’s place, Lily gives Keith a hug and apologizes to him for not showing up for their date. Keith tells her it's okay because she called and explained things to him. Lily asks Keith about Lucinda’s condition. Lily hugs Keith and cries because she is really scared for her mother.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda and Sierra arrive home from the doctor.. Sierra offers to make her mother something to eat, but Lucinda doesn’t feel like eating anything. Sierra reminds her mother that the doctor said it was important to keep up her strength. Sierra knows this because she was taking notes while the doctor was speaking to them. Lucinda tells Sierra there was no need for her to take notes because she tape-recorded what the doctor told them. Sierra feels she must take notes so she can remember what the doctor tells them, so they can make an informed decision about the best treatment for her. Sierra thinks they should wait for Lily so they can discuss treatment options together. Lucinda doesn’t feel they have anything to discuss because she has very few treatment options, and they all stink.

At Will’s thinking spot, Will thinks Gwen decided to give her baby up for adoption because she would rather do that than have the baby be a part of his crazy family.

At the Lakeshore Hotel in Chicago, Jennifer cries and blasts Katie because she thinks Katie knew she and Mike had a fight and set up a romantic interlude with him. Mike makes it clear to Jennifer that he and Katie didn’t intend for this to happen, and it's not about Katie, it's about their marriage. Jennifer thinks it’s all about Katie because it’s out of character for Mike to say he is going some place to think things over and then sleep with his ex-girlfriend. Katie leaves Mike and Jennifer alone to talk. Mike again tells Jennifer he and Katie didn’t intend for this to happen at all. Jennifer continues to cry and wonders if she drove Mike into Katie’s arms by trusting Dusty instead of him. Mike tells Jennifer this isn’t her fault; he tried so hard to fight his feelings for Katie and make their marriage work, but in the end he couldn’t lie to himself anymore. Mike explains to Jennifer that he didn’t lie when he said his marriage vows because he did love her, and he still does--just not as much as he loves Katie.

At Keith’s place, Lily is worried because her mother is lost and scared but won’t admit it to herself. Keith reminds Lily that Lucinda is a strong woman and she will fight the cancer. Keith promises to help Lily in any way he can during this stressful time with her family. Lily gives Keith a hug and a kiss, and he offers to drive her to the mansion to see her mother.

At Yo’s, Meg tells Dusty she is going to Alaska in a few days, unless she gets a better job offer. Meg wants to spend some time with Emma, and that is why she is considering staying in Oakdale a while. Dusty doesn’t think Meg staying in Oakdale is a good idea.

At Will’s thinking spot, Gwen makes it clear to Will that her decision to give the baby up for adoption has nothing to do with him or his family. Gwen explains that she finally read the pamphlet Bob gave her and decided it was the best solution for everyone. Gwen tells Will she never intended for him to get involved in her problem, it wasn’t fair to him. Gwen is glad that he did accomplish his goal of sparing Celia from discovering that Casey is a jerk. Will tells Gwen that wasn’t the only reason he wanted to help her. Gwen thinks Will enjoyed playing the hero. Will explains he enjoyed having someone depending on him and not thinking he was crazy. Gwen tells Will he is the sanest guy she has ever known in her life.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda tells Sierra that she knows the survival rate for stage three cancers is fifty percent or five years. Lucinda doesn’t like any of her options--mastectomy, lumpectomy or a second opinion. Lucinda is also worried about the physiological effects of each treatment option, as well as the effects of the radiation and chemotherapy on her ability to think clearly. Sierra thinks they should inform Dusty so that he can help them run Worldwide, so Lucinda can have all the time she needs to recover from her operation. Lucinda thinks that work will help her recover. Sierra assures her they will do whatever she wants to do. Lucinda wants Sierra to leave her alone. Lily arrives and hears the last part of the conversation. Lily tells her mother that there is no way in the world she will allow her to bully them out of being a part of her treatment, because whatever happens to her happens to them. Lucinda wonders if that works both ways, because if it does then she is tired of them dating nitwit pilots and she would like them to go back home to their husbands. Lily is offended that her mother would pick apart her personal life at a time when they have important decisions to make. Lucinda makes it clear to her daughters that her treatment is her decision and hers alone. Lucinda tells her daughters that she doesn’t know what she will do yet. Lily thinks Lucinda should get a mastectomy because that way they could make sure they got all the cancer. Lucinda wonders if Lily would have a mastectomy if she had cancer. Lucinda also asks Lily if she wouldn’t worry how her boyfriend would feel about her decision. Lily tells Lucinda that her boyfriend has nothing to do with this decision. Lucinda gets angry at Lily because she thinks since Lucinda isn’t in a relationship right now she shouldn’t consider how a man would feel about dating a woman who has had a mastectomy. Lucinda also feels like Lily doesn’t care how she feels about a part of her suddenly being gone. Lucinda can’t take anymore and tells her daughters she just wants to be left alone, and she leaves the room.

At Keith’s place, Luke arrives and steals a bottle of vodka. Luke hides the bottle behind his back when Keith arrives home. Luke talks to Keith and maneuvers the bottle inside his duffle bag. Luke explains the door was open and he came to get some things they had in storage there.

Keith notices that Luke plays baseball and asks him if he can come to the game. Luke tells Keith that his dad comes to all the games. Keith offers to take Luke to a baseball game sometime, but Luke feels insulted by the offer. Luke tells him to stop trying to bribe him into liking him.

At Will’s thinking spot, Gwen tells Will she told the prospective adoptive parents she went to a wild party and got drunk and doesn’t know the identity of the father of her baby. Will thinks it isn’t right for Gwen to lie, especially since she isn’t the kind of person who would do such a thing ordinarily. Gwen describes the adoptive family to Will and says they are good people with a very nice home. Gwen says the man is okay, but the lady is very nice and would make a great mother. Gwen tells Will she still isn’t sure she is doing the right thing for the baby.

At the Lakeshore Hotel in Chicago, Jennifer thinks that Mike turned to Katie because he couldn’t stand to raise Craig’s child. Mike explains that he wanted a family for a long time and he wanted to make things work, but after what happened at the courthouse he realized their lives were going in two different directions. Mike tells Jennifer he never stopped loving Katie; when they got married his feelings changed a bit, but he could never let her go because the love was always there. Jennifer cries and begs Mike to come home because they can make things work. Mike feels badly that he slept with Katie before he had a chance to tell Jennifer how he was feeling about things. Jennifer explains to Mike she knew their fight was serious, but she is surprised that Mike slept with Katie. Jennifer feels a sharp pain in her stomach. Mike offers to call the doctor, but Jennifer tells him she is okay and leaves.

In the hotel hallway, Katie tells Jennifer that she and Mike didn’t mean for this to happen. Katie also apologizes for the pain she has caused Jennifer. Jennifer tells Katie that her apology will never make what they did okay. Jennifer has another pain and almost falls down, but Katie takes her arm to steady her. Katie offers to call a doctor but Jennifer tells her she is fine. Mike walks out, and Jennifer tells him good-bye and leaves.

At Yo’s, Dusty thinks living with Emma will drive Meg nuts. Dusty encourages Meg to get on with her life because she won’t find what she is looking for in Oakdale. Meg gets a call from Lucinda, who asks Meg where she is right now. Meg tells Lucinda she is at Yo’s, playing pool. Lucinda thinks that is a great idea and tells Meg she is on her way there.

At Will’s thinking spot, Will promises to help Gwen if she decides to keep her baby. Gwen explains to Will that when she became an emancipated minor she felt it was the best decision for her, but she isn’t sure about making a decision that will affect another person’s life. Will advises Gwen to do whatever feels right to her and trust her instincts.

At the park, Luke's friends are bored because the concert they wanted to go to is only for people who are 18 and over, and now there is nothing to do. Luke shows them the bottle of vodka he stole from Keith’s place, and they all smile because now they can party.

At the Lakeshore Hotel in Chicago, Katie feels badly because they hurt Jennifer and tells Mike he can leave if he thinks he made a mistake. Mike assures Katie he didn’t make a mistake and he still wants her to go back to Oakdale with him. Katie gives Mike a hug and cries a bit because she thought she was going to lose him again. Mike assures Katie he never wants to lose her again.

At Yo’s, Lucinda arrives and interrupts Dusty and Meg’s pool game. Lucinda decides to play eight ball with them. Dusty gets a call from a sobbing Jennifer, and he goes outside to get better reception. Jennifer tells Dusty she is driving home from Chicago and won’t be able to go to the Street Jeans marketing meeting. Jennifer tries to tell Dusty what happened with Mike, but she is sobbing so hard Dusty can’t understand her. Jennifer explains that she is going to Barbara’s cabin. Dusty wants to meet Jennifer at the cabin, but the call gets cut off.

At Barbara’s cabin, Jennifer arrives and uncovers the furniture.. Jennifer continues to cry and get sharp pains in her stomach.

Outside Yo’s, Dusty tries to call Jennifer again but gets her voice mail.

Inside Yo’s, Lucinda tells Meg everything the doctor told her and that she is considering a lumpectomy. Lucinda tells Meg she loves her daughters, but she can’t stand them hovering over her all the time. Meg explains that her daughters are just scared because they love her. Lucinda is happy Meg understands her point of view. Meg offers to be Lucinda’s live-in private nurse. Lucinda tells Meg she has the job, although she knows Meg isn’t taking the job to help her or her daughters, but rather for Dusty’s sake.

At Keith’s place, Lily tells Keith that she has put her divorce on hold so she can help Lucinda through this difficult time. Lily also wants to put their relationship on hold until her life is a little more normal. Keith promises to help Lily and give her all the time she needs.

At Will’s thinking spot, Gwen decides to give her baby up for adoption. Will thinks Gwen made a brave decision. Will offers to drive Gwen home. When Gwen stands up to leave she gets a sharp pain and worries there is something wrong with the baby.

At Barbara’s cabin, Jennifer gets a very strong pain that makes her fall to the floor and pass out.

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