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As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/7/05


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At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly gets a call from Hal and he asks her to let Jack know his day off has been approved. Carly asks Jack why he took the day off. Jack explains to Carly that he is working on a confidential case and can’t reveal any information to her. Carly doesn’t buy Jack’s story because she can’t believe Hal wouldn’t know about the case.

At Will’s thinking spot, Allison tries to persuade Will to stop pretending to be the father of Gwen’s baby. Will denies pretending, but Allison reminds Will that she knows full well he wasn’t with Gwen the night they were introduced because she was the one who helped him when he hurt his hand after the date had gone so badly. Allison also explains to Will that she knows what kind of guy he is, and he just wouldn’t kick a girl out of his car after they had slept together. Allison thinks Will would not sleep with one girl while he was in love with someone else, and she knows that at that time he was in love with her. Will once again denies Allison’s suspicions and tells her maybe she doesn’t know him as well as she thought she did at one time. Allison apologizes for being wrong about him breaking into her apartment. She tells Will she thinks he is the kind of guy who would step up and take responsibility for a baby because the real father isn’t willing to do it. Allison also thinks that, since he is so kindhearted, he would also help a girl who had nobody else to help her. Allison demands to know whom Will is protecting and why.

At Java, Gwen arrives just in time to see Casey and Celia commit to remaining virgins until marriage. Tom and Margo also arrive, and Celia proudly announces to them that she and Casey have decided to remain virgins until marriage.

Tom and Margo are proud of their son for making this promise, but they both wonder if he is ready for such a serious commitment.

At Metro, Barbara explains to Jennifer that Emily has left Hal and moved in with Paul. Barbara encourages Jennifer to go see Hal, who is heartbroken about the situation. Barbara also advises Jennifer to talk to Paul and see if she can talk some sense into him. Jennifer tells Barbara that her father’s marriage to Emily has been in trouble for a while and she isn’t surprised by the news. Jennifer thinks sometimes things happen in a marriage that are beyond a person’s control. Barbara is surprised by Jennifer’s attitude and then notices the sad look on her face. Barbara wonders if something is wrong between her and Mike. Jennifer cries a bit and tells her mother she did something horrible, and now she is afraid it may have cost her Mike. Barbara encourages Jennifer to explain to her what happened between her and Mike.

At the Lakeshore Hotel in Chicago, Mike and Katie continue to make love. Once they have finished making love a first time, they wonder what happened, and Katie thinks it may have been a mistake. Mike thinks it is something that was always meant to be. The two then make love again. Mike assures Katie making love to her wasn’t a mistake.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack thinks Carly is a bit paranoid because of what is going on with her father. Carly thinks Jack is sneaking away to buy her an anniversary present. Jack tells Carly he could never sneak anything past her. Carly gives Jack a hug and a kiss and apologizes for being so preoccupied with the situation. Jack and Carly make a date to meet at Market Street to shop for things for the kids and have lunch. Carly smiles and asks him how long it will take to buy her a present. Jack and Carly kiss once more before he leaves. Once Jack is gone, Carly looks at the picture again and wonders who the mysterious woman is in the picture. Carly recalls the voice of the woman in her dream asking someone what had been done to her little boy. Carly asks Parker to look at the picture and see if he gets the same kinds of feelings he got when Jack was missing. Parker wonders why the picture is so important to her, so Carly points to her father and explains to Parker that that is his grandfather, and she wants to find out the identity of the woman in the picture whose face is blurred. Parker explains to Carly that he has the Photoshop program on his computer, and if they scan the picture in he could make it bigger, and maybe she could see the woman more clearly.

At the Lakeshore Hotel in Chicago, Katie asks Mike not to think she followed him there on purpose. Mike doesn’t think that at all; he thinks it was fate that brought them both to the same hotel. Mike explains to Katie that he never believed in fate until today. Mike and Katie kiss each other.

At Metro, Jennifer continues to cry and explains to her mother the whole story about how she set up Craig, with Dusty's help. Barbara's glad that Jennifer did what she did to protect her child. The fact that her mother approves of her actions terrifies Jennifer. Barbara explains that Mike is hurt because she turned to Dusty for help instead of him. Barbara encourages Jennifer to go to Chicago and talk to her husband before she loses him forever. Jennifer tells her mother to leave and refuses to listen to her advice.

Henry arrives and Jennifer tells him that she had a fight with Mike and he left to go to Chicago. Henry tells Jennifer that Katie has also gone to Chicago, with no intention of returning to Oakdale for a while. Jennifer asks Henry where Katie is staying, and he says at the Lakeshore Hotel. Jennifer leaves because she has decided to follow her mother’s advice.

At Java, Margo and Tom think their son is smart and and courageous for making this commitment. Tom thinks his son is smart for thinking ahead and not making a mistake like Will and Gwen. Margo wonders if Casey is ready to make this commitment, because people who do this usually are thinking about marriage in the future. Casey admits he isn’t thinking of marriage, he just wants to make Celia happy. Casey sees Gwen smoking outside and leaves his parents to go speak to her. Gwen is angry that Casey could lie and make this false commitment with Celia when he knows he isn’t a virgin. Gwen thinks it’s easy for guys to lie about being virgins because they can’t get pregnant. Casey begs Gwen to give him a break and once again apologizes for the way he acted toward her after they slept together. Celia walks out and tells Casey Gwen has every right to be mad at him.

At Will’s thinking spot, Allison figures out Casey is the father of Gwen’s baby and Will is pretending to be the father to spare Celia pain because he is in love with her. Will finally admits to Allison that her suspicions are true. Will begs Allison not to say anything to Celia and Casey because they are in love, and he doesn’t want to ruin their happiness. Will also tells Allison that he and Gwen are good friends and he is enjoying being able to help her and have Gwen depend on him.

At the Lakeshore Hotel in Chicago, Mike admits to Katie that he loves Jennifer, but never as much as he loves her. Mike explains that he tried to fight his feelings, but he was never able to let go of her because he never stopped loving her. Katie smiles because she is happy to hear Mike never stopped loving her. Mike and Katie kiss each other. Katie feels badly because Jennifer loves him and is expecting a baby. Mike wants to go back to Oakdale and be honest with Jennifer about everything. Mike asks Katie to go back to Oakdale with him and wait until he talks to Jennifer and makes sure she is hurt as little as possible. Katie agrees to give Mike as much time as he needs to resolve his relationship with Jennifer.

Outside Java, Celia thinks Gwen is mad at her and Casey for throwing their commitment in her face. Gwen explains to Celia that she isn’t mad at her. Gwen tells Celia that Will has been making sure she eats right so the baby is healthy. Gwen tells Celia that Will is a great guy and assures her that everything will be okay, because she has found the best way to take care of her baby.

At the Lakeview, Jessica tells Jack there was a horrible incident involving Carly, her father and an infant boy. Jessica hands Jack the court file so he can read the details for himself. Jack reads the file and says that this didn’t happen and it can’t be true. Jessica tells Jack court records don’t lie. Jack vows he will do whatever it takes to keep the horrible truth from Carly, because learning the truth would destroy her.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Parker enlarges the picture and makes the woman’s face a bit more clear. Carly sends Parker downstairs to answer the door. Carly thinks she recognizes the woman in the picture from somewhere but can’t remember where she has seen the woman.

On Market Street, an excited Carly shows Jack the picture that Parker helped her improve. Carly explains to Jack that she thinks she has seen the woman before but can’t recall where or when she saw her. Jack gets annoyed and asks Carly to stop thinking about the picture right now and concentrate on the family and their anniversary tomorrow. Carly apologizes to Jack and gives him a hug and a kiss. Carly is more sure than ever they will find out the truth together. Jack holds Carly for a few minutes, and then they get up and go shopping.

Outside Java, Barbara apologizes to Celia for the things she said about Gwen to upset her. Barbara admits she would have wanted Will to date someone like her instead of Gwen. Barbara asks Celia to try and persuade Will to let her help him and Gwen.

At Will’s thinking spot, Gwen arrives and tells will she has decided to give the baby up for adoption.

In Chicago, Mike and Katie get ready to leave and go back to Oakdale.. They give each other one last kiss before they start to leave. Jennifer knocks on the door, and Mike and Katie decide it's time to face the truth. Mike opens the door and Jennifer asks Mike to tell her that they didn’t make love. Mike tells Jennifer he can’t say that to her because it would be a lie.

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