ATWT Update Wednesday 7/6/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/6/05


By Wanda
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At the hotel, Katie unlocks her room, goes in and looks at the bed, but she has vision of Mike lying in it with her about to kiss him. She’s about to walk out when the young bellhop walks by, and she asks again if anyone has checked out because she’d rather have another room. She starts to go on and on about her sad story when he says she does not have to justify it, he’ll see what he can do. She walks back into her room, and Mike walks out of his right across the hall, sure he has heard her voice. As he goes back in, she walks out to pick up something she left in the hallway.

Celia, with her head down and in deep thought, doesn’t even hear Allison call her name. Finally she responds and asks Allison to sit down. Allison wonders if it’s love letters from Casey. Celia seems slightly embarrassed but asks if she’s heard about a commitment ring, "you know, where you pledge to be a virgin until you’re married."

She wants her and Casey to do that and asks what Allison thinks. Allison wastes no time or effort in telling her she thinks she needs to have her head examined.

Will stands on the rooftop having a flashback of Celia telling him she thought he was special and thought perhaps he felt that way too. It brings a smile to his face, but then Casey walks out. Will walks toward him and asks what he wants. Casey says he came to see him. Will says he comes up here to be alone and think. Casey says that stuff has come up, and Will has been his best friend for a long time, but things have been odd between them since the prom. He was spending a lot more time with Gwen than anyone else. Will pulls no punches and says she’s pregnant and he’s the father, so what does Casey expect? Casey quips, ‘That doesn’t mean you have to shut yourself off from the rest of your life.” Will walks off and says he thinks Casey is acting a little paranoid, though Casey denies it. But he adds he thinks he knows why Will is doing it--because he’s disappointed in him; Casey says he knows he's let him down.

Susan stands toe-to-toe with Carly and says she is not lying, asking why she would even say that. They spar over whether Susan really recognized Ray, Carly's father, in the picture or not, but Carly points out that when Susan told her she didn’t know him, Carly hadn’t even told her it was her father or that his name was Ray. Carly says, "I don’t know why you’re lying, but if he did something wrong, I need to know.” Susan brushes her off and says she is sorry, but she has to go.

Emily enters her house with Paul close behind, reluctant to come in. Emily tells him that Hal will be at work and they’ll only be there a few minutes, no problem. She’s carrying a box and seems determined to find a yogurt maker hidden under the cabinet, though Paul says he has a kitchen full of anything she could have if she wants to cook. She searches but says someone must have moved it, and Hal walks in and says that would be him--he had thrown all her stuff out.

At Craig and Rosanna’s, the lawyer introduces Gwen Norbeck to Mr. And Mrs. Montgomery, and they exchange pleasantries and offer her a cool drink, telling her to sit down and get comfortable. Gwen declines the drink and suggests they just skip the small talk and get right to the adoption because she’d like to get this over as quickly as possible. Rosanna says that she wants to know a little more about her, and she is sure Gwen will want to know about them. Craig puts his arms lovingly around his wife. Gwen minces no words: “Do you want a baby?" she asks. "Will you be good to it? Provide it with everything it needs?” Craig answers, "Absolutely." That seems to be enough for Gwen, but Rosanna says this is a BIG step, for Gwen and for them, and she thinks they shouldn’t rush into it. Gwen grimaces and says that she’s not in any position to be the mom this baby needs, or any kind of mom. Rosanna says she admires her courage, while Craig wants to know where the father is and how he fits in here. He wonders if she has told him at all. "This is important," he assures her, "does he know at all about this adoption?" She admits that he doesn't. She says it is her decision and he’s not in the equation, but Craig thinks that is unacceptable. She turns and says she guesses she is just wasting their time. They gulp and look dejectedly at each other.

Casey continues talking to Will, saying that he knows he’s been pushing Gwen to stay away, and he's encouraged Celia to pull back a little bit and not hang out with her so much. He also knows he was totally out of line dropping the idea of an abortion on him. Will is doing the right thing by stepping up and taking responsibility, and it’s more than a lot of guys would do. Will says they’ve always been best friends and he hasn’t let him down, but he does think he could back off Gwen a little bit.. After all, they are just trying to figure out the best thing to do. Casey asks if he is in love with her. Will admits that no, they are just good friends, and this decision is about the baby, not them. Casey says that if he needs anything, he should come to him. Will agrees, and they shake on it before parting.

Allison tries to make amends by convincing Celia she wasn’t pushing pre-marital sex. She herself was a virgin all through high school, but people change their minds. What they want now might change in a year, or a month. She asks what Casey is saying about this, and Celia confesses they are still discussing it, which leads Allison to think he might be pressuring her for sex. Celia says no. "He’s a virgin too," she whispers, adding that she thinks he’s a little embarrassed. Allison asks her to be careful because there is a lot of stuff going on between so-called virgins these days; people say they are innocent and safe, but they’re not. Celia smiles and says she doesn’t have to worry about them because nothing is going on, and they don’t want to end up like Will and Gwen. "What about Will and Gwen?" Allison asks, and she is shocked when Celia tells her Gwen is pregnant and Will is the father. She asks her to back up and tell her from the beginning.

At Metro, Jack and Jessica are enjoying a drink while she tells him that the administration at the clinic tried to keep the incident quiet from the public, and even from the DA’s office. All Jessica can remember is that doctors started leaving and patients dropped out, and finally the clinic closed. He comes right to the point: he needs the records and he can’t get to them, but she can. Backing off, she pleads, "No, no, no, don’t go there." He cajoles that he needs them. Whatever happened at the clinic sounds like it was a bad thing, and if Carly’s father was somehow involved she won’t quit, she’ll keep digging until she finds the truth. He just wants to make sure she can handle it because she’s been through so much already. Jessica tells him she must go back to work, saying she’ll be in the records room and they can’t use cell phones down there, so he might have to leave a message. "Understood," he replies.

Emily immediately bolts out of the kitchen and tells Hal she will come back later to pick up her things. Madder than an old wet setting hen, Hal asks where she's going, Paul’s place? He asks if they are living together now. Emily says this is not the conversation she wanted to have. He shoots back that he's sorry if he interrupted her game plan and, turning to Paul, asks if he would please get out of his house. Emily mumbles that she will come back later and Hal tells her don’t bother; like he said, he threw everything out, and it's in a box in the garage. She remarks that he didn’t waste any time. Hal replies, “Neither did you,” and suggests maybe he should have put a note on the door telling her where to go. "Close the door on your way out," he tells her. Instead of leaving while the leaving is good, she remains to say they all know she’s living with Paul, and Will hadn’t taken it well, so they could use Hal’s support right now. Perplexed, Hal replies, “Oh, in other words, I’m supposed to clean up the mess when you’re the one who made it.” He asks why she had to drag Will into this. Paul speaks up and says that it wasn’t Emily’s fault that Will found out. Hal tells him he wasn’t speaking to him, he was talking to Emily. She continues, saying she was only trying to be honest because she thought it would be worse keeping it a secret from Will. Paul has to speak again and says they knew this would be difficult for everyone to adjust to, but this is going to happen, and Will will be okay. Hal looks him square in the eye and asks him why doesn’t he stop pretending to be the big brother who cares; all he cares about is himself, and it always has been. Paul says not to do this.

Hal shoots back, asking if he even bothered to check on Jennifer after the accident. "Oh, you don’t know?" he says sourly. "Well, she was rushed to the hospital and she’s okay now, and the baby too, but it was a bad scare." Paul wants details, and Hal tells him that she got into a fight at the Lakeview with Craig. He pushed her and she fell; half the town saw it, “but I guess you were too busy playing house with my wife to pay any attention.” They spar as Paul says he knows Hal is angry and he doesn’t blame him, but he'd better not dare say Paul doesn’t care about his family. Hal holds firm that he doesn’t care--he turned his back on Will, he ignored Jennifer, and look what he’d done to Hal, who’d treated him like his own son. Emily interrupts and says that if he wants to blame anyone, he should blame her. Hal wants to know what has happened to her and if she thinks ‘this guy’ is really worth it. Does she really think this would last? Emily says that’s really not his problem. Hal continues to lecture, asking what she has turned herself into and what Daniel is going to think when he comes back from camp and finds out where she is living. He says it's pathetic that she is turning herself inside out, all for a guy who doesn’t even love her.

Meanwhile, Katie is talking to the front office to see if they have found out about switching rooms, while Mike is speaking with the bellhop, who tells him the lady across the hall would like to switch. Mike is okay with that, saying he’s had love problems before. The bellhop offers to pack his things while he runs around the corner to a great pizza place. As the bellhop leaves, he bumps into Katie and tells her the great results. She, too, will grab a pizza and be back. She says she’s sorry to hear the neighbor feels down.

Allison can’t believe it about Gwen and Will, because she tried to hook them up and it was a disaster. But Celia says that’s when Gwen got pregnant, just as Casey walks in and overhears Allison say that it is impossible.

Craig wants to know what would happen if the father decides he wants custody, but the lawyer chimes in that in his experience that rarely happens; most teenage fathers want to relieve themselves of the responsibility. Gwen retorts that it won’t come up because she doesn’t even know who the father is. She’d been at a party, things got very wild, she’d gotten very drunk, and she doesn’t even remember who all the guys were. Craig seems incredulous and asks if there was more than one and if she goes to a lot of parties.

Gwen answers that she is only telling him so he’ll know the father won’t be a problem, but if he is going to judge her, forget it. Craig says no, and Rosanna chimes in that they aren’t judging her, they only want to be sure she and the baby are healthy. Craig does want to know if she’s been living the party life her entire pregnancy. She rails that she made one mistake and it got her pregnant, and do they want the baby or not? If they don’t, then she’ll turn around and leave, but if they do they should make this about the baby and not about what she’d done or who she was.

Paul tells Emily they don’t have to stay and listen to this, but she says she does need to talk to Hal and she hopes he won't mind. He says he will go call Jennifer to see if she is okay. Hal quips, “Better late than never, huh?” Emily stammers that this doesn’t have to be so difficult, and Hal replies that it’s easy for her to say, since she is the one leaving him. She replies that they can’t be happy anymore. He says he doesn’t know anything anymore except one thing: she doesn’t belong with Paul. He is sure Paul is only using her to get over Rosanna. She answers that she wondered about that, too, in the beginning, and Hal tells her that if she even had to wonder it should be enough to tell her he doesn’t love her. Hal continues that he may not be able to forgive her now, but he still cares for her, and he’s telling her she’s going to be hurt. She says he is wrong, and there is nothing more to say but goodbye. As she waltzes off he asks one more thing: “Can I have the key back to my house, please?”

Shocked, she breaks it off her keychain and extends it with an open arm. He doesn’t take it at first, and she thrusts it into his hand.

Casey comes over and kisses Celia, asking what’s up. She begins to tell him that she is telling Alison about Gwen and Will, and she doesn't believe her. Casey says he was just with Will on the rooftop and yeah, he is taking this on. As Allison leaves, Celia tells Casey she knows he’s not ready for this yet, but she’d like to show him something she found out about commitment rings on the Internet. He proclaims he doesn’t need to read it because he already knows what he wants to do--go for it! (Yeah, right! If you believe that, Celia, I've got some swamp land...)

Jack goes home and finds Carly rifling through a lot of photos and letters of her father’s, and she says nothing there puts her father in Oakdale. She also tells him Susan was there earlier, and now she’s pretending she never saw the man in the picture. "Maybe it was a mistake," offers Jack, "it happens." Carly is convinced Susan is lying, she just knows it. Something bad happened, something so bad her father never mentioned it. Was she supposed to ignore that? Jack says yes, if not ignoring it means she will drive herself nuts for something that may not be out there. But she replies that it is out there, and he can help if he wants to; if not, then he should just stay out of it.

Rosanna offers Gwen a seat on the couch, saying the last thing she wants is for Gwen to be uncomfortable. She speaks softly, giving her plenty of attention and time to answer the questions about her home life. Then Gwen refers to it as “my kid,” and Rosanna feels like she has been alone a lot in her life too. She comments on similar circumstances and says she guesses she really loves her baby very much. Gwen admits yes, and she hadn’t realized how much until just now. Rosanna moves closer and whispers, “Gwen, you don’t have to do this." She tells her she does not have to apologize for being human. Gwen admits everything changed when she felt the baby kick for the first time. Before that, it wasn’t really real. Rosanna tells her it’s okay if she’s changed her mind. Both she and her husband have lost children before, and that’s why they need to know she isn’t going to come back and take this baby away, or the father. Gwen says no, she won’t change her mind; the greatest gift she can give this kid is to let him go. Rosanna says she understands that very well. Rosanna continues that she doesn’t think she is a horrible person, only one who’d made mistakes. She’d made many mistakes too, but she'd learned from them, and hopefully Gwen would too. Gwen tells her she will make a wonderful mother as Craig walks in and says he’ll make a great father, he’s ready. They get down to lawyer talk and Gwen only reminds them that once she gives the baby up, she won’t be coming back. “This is a good home," she says confidently, "this is the right place for my baby." They all hug.

Paul and Emily are enjoying a drink in public and he comments on how she hardly said a word in the car. She replies that she hadn’t expected to run into Hal that way. Paul had only been able to leave a message for Jennifer, but he is worried about Emily, even though she says she'll be okay. He comments that it must have been pretty bad after he left, and he tells her he wants them to be honest with each other. Emily says she wonders if they are being honest to themselves, like when he told Rosanna he loved Emily. She asks if he meant that. He hedges by saying he wants to love her very much, he wants it to be so. Emily says what people want and what’s true are two different things. He says he’s trying very hard to make them the same thing.

After the room exchange, the bellhop is hotfooting from room to room.. Mike is pleased but remembers being in this same room (the one he just unknowingly swapped for with Katie), and a bottle of shampoo was left behind that he knows to be the same kind Katie uses. Meanwhile, Katie is being informed that the gentleman in her old room has been there before, etc. Small coincidence, as moments later she and Mike both walk into the hallway and discover each other.

Casey is giving Celia the good news, with her all grins, that he’s willing to give this a try, for her. But just the two of them, not a big group-type thing.

Gwen calls Will and tells him to give her a call, saying it’s really important. She walks in to find Casey kissing Celia.

Alli finds Will and asks what is going on. She knows there is no way he could be the father of Gwen’s baby, so why is he saying that?

Emily finds the situation slightly amusing and asks what they should do now. She has left her husband, Paul’s wife is married to another man, and they’ve just admitted they don’t love each other. She thinks that might mean she is homeless.

Paul assures her that's not true and he wants her to stay. She remarks that might get weird, but he says they wouldn’t let it. He likes her, she is his best friend and they are really good together, so why couldn’t they just go on being really good together? They agree on this point, except it brings them back to the original problem: she doesn’t want to be the one to help him get over Rosanna. Paul says she isn’t, she's the one who makes him happy. They kiss.

At that moment Craig and Rosanna enter, all smiles, with Craig handing out cigars up front and telling everyone they’re having a baby. Rosanna spies the Paul and Emily kissing as Craig ushers her closer. Paul and Emily stand and turn around to face them, and Craig hands Paul a cigar. Emily says she thinks she has lost her appetite. Paul says he doesn’t know what is going on, but he knows a court order prevents him from being within one hundred yards of Jennifer or the baby. Craig sings, "Have no fear! This has nothing to do with Jennifer." Rosanna gushes that they are adopting a baby. Paul looks at her and she lowers her eyes coyly. Paul asks, with a snarl, what agency in the world would approve Craig as a parent. Rosanna looks at him squarely and says it is a private arrangement with an unwed teenage girl who is looking for the right home for her unborn child. Paul continues, “Someone should tell her to look elsewhere.” He slips past the couple as he and Emily leave. Craig chuckles as Rosanna’s eyes linger on Paul.

Jack is massaging and kissing Carly’s back and says he is worried about her. Why doesn’t she get something to eat, he suggests, and he’ll think of some other way to distract her. She objects and says that’s just the point, she doesn’t want to be distracted. She says she loves him and asks him to just be on her side, because the worst thing is not knowing. The cell phone rings just as Sage starts crying. It’s Jess, and she tells Jack that she’s checked the records and the incident is worse that she thought. It turns out Carly’s dad was involved in something horrible, and Carly is at the center of all of it.

Mike and Katie stare at each other in amazement. She starts in with some fast explanations, begging him to please not think she followed him here, she was only trying to clear her head and didn’t even know he was there, and they gave her the same room they’d had a couple of weeks ago.... "Oh my God, Jennifer will freak when she sees me here! I'd better scoot fast," she blurts out. Mike pulls her back by the arm and says Jennifer isn’t there, he’s alone. She wants to know if they’ve had a fight, and he doesn’t want to talk about it but adds that he’s there for the same reason she is, to clear his head. And Katie doesn’t have to leave the hotel because he’s not staying that long; he hands her the shampoo. She takes it and then adds she is sorry, for their fight and for siding with Craig. They part, heading into their respective rooms, only to both come right back out and melt into each other’s arms, hungrily kissing right there in the hallway until he picks her up and carries her into his room. He pushes her up against the closed door, and as she starts ripping his shirt off his hands move under her skirt. (Talk about room service! Someone please turn up the air conditioner!)

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