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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/5/05


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At home, Carly is having a nightmare of a woman crying about her baby boy. Carly wakes up startled and emotional. Jack is there to comfort her and assures her that it wasn’t real. Carly only remembers a voice and cannot see the woman’s face, but it unsettles her greatly nonetheless.

Jack thinks maybe it has something to do with Les, but Carly is sure it has something to do with her dad and his big secret. Again, Jack wonders if Carly was simply dreaming of herself and interpreting it as being someone else, but Carly is certain that it was not her. Jack worries about what this is doing to Carly. He remembers Hannah’s promise of Carly’s life being ruined if she goes forward with uncovering her father’s secret. He is unsure he wants her to continue down this road, and he suggests she stop thinking about it. Carly wonders if Jack is concerned with what Hannah said and if he thinks he will lose her if she finds out something horrible. Jack says he is just worried about her stress level. She decides to go take a shower, and when she leaves Jack quickly gets on the phone and calls Susan to have her meet him at Metro right away.

Craig is at Fairwinds remembering back to the judge’s decision about barring him for five years from Jennifer and his baby. Rosanna interrupts, wondering what he was thinking about. Craig tells her that he will be packing his things and getting out of her way today. Rosanna is surprised and wonders why he wants to do that. He reminds her that she married him to help him get visitation rights to his baby, and now that he has lost that battle, he figures she will no longer want or need to be with him. Rosanna won’t hear any of this, reminding him of how she mentioned the other night that she wants to be part of a family. She wants them to have a child together.

Henry arrives at the cottage, nervous about why Margo wanted him over there ASAP. She promises she didn't mean to scare him, she just wanted him to collect his stuff before the realtor comes to rent out the cottage. Henry is shocked that Katie is selling the cottage and has left town with no idea of where she will be settling down. He is upset with her decision and worried about her. Margo tries to explain that Katie is trying to get her head on straight after the mess she made with him and Mike. Henry is amazed that even after he and Katie have broken up he still comes in second, in his mind, to Mike. Margo thinks what Katie is doing is for the best, but when Margo wants to put Snickers, the bunny, in a kennel, Henry won’t hear of it and offers to take her in. Margo can still see how much he loves Katie. She leaves him, telling him he will find someone who loves and appreciates him as he deserves, and that Katie was lucky to have him for the brief time that she did.

Dusty and Meg are in his Lakeview hotel room, just waking up. He has overslept after spending the night with Meg. They continue to kiss and playfully flirt until Dusty notices a red light blinking, alerting him to the fact that he has a message. He interrupts their moment and checks it, and is quickly ready to leave because it is a message from Jen, who was crying, telling him about Mike. Meg is annoyed that he is running off because of Jen. She calls him on it, suggesting that Dusty is lying to himself about how he really feels about Jen. She thinks he cares about Jen more then he admitted. Dusty thinks Meg is being ridiculous, because Jen is only his business partner, and she is also married and pregnant. Meg tries to convince him to stay by seductively kissing him, to no avail.. It is not lost on Meg that Dusty immediately leaves her when Jen needs him, with only a casual goodbye.

Katie shows up at the hotel in Chicago, where she spent some time recently with Mike, after driving all night not knowing where she would end up. The only room available ends up being the same room she stayed in with Mike after Henry stood her up. She asks the bellhop if they can change her room, and he tells her the hotel is booked, but he will see what he can do.

The minute she steps into the room she is barraged by memories of Mike. Later, she calls again to the bellhop to see if any rooms have become available. He tells her that he still has had no luck, but he will continue to work on it.

Mike arrives at his and Jen’s house, where an emotional Jen is waiting in tears. She is so happy to see him when he walks in the door. She is ecstatic that he has come back to her. Mike explains, however, that he is not really back, he is only there to pick up some clothes. Jen pleads with him to stay and talk, but Mike doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say. Jen continues to cry, begging Mike to forgive her and to understand why she did what she did. He can’t understand or forgive her choices. He reminds her of how many people she lied to, including him, her family, her friends and a judge. He can’t get past how, again, she went behind his back and lied to him and kept a plan from him. She was supposed to trust him to take care of her and the baby. He now feels bad for Craig because he was set up by her. He wonders if their marriage should have ever taken place, considering she never really trusted him enough. In his mind, a marriage cannot survive without trust. She is devastated but tries to explain why she had to go to such extreme measures for her baby. The fact that Jen keeps referring to the baby as hers, instead of theirs, is why Mike feels she never really felt that it was Mike’s and therefore didn’t trust him to take care of her baby. He assures her he would have, without a doubt. He heads out the door, leaving a sobbing Jen to ask him if this means they are over. Mike is not sure, he just needs to get out of town and go to Chicago to clear his head, and he stalks out the door, leaving a devastated Jen behind.

Henry is at the cottage, looking at Katie's and his wedding picture. He is about to walk out the door when he hears the phone ring and the machine pick up. It is Katie looking for Margo, and she is obviously upset. He hesitates, then finally picks up the phone.

Katie is startled to hear his voice, but they talk for a moment and Henry explains why he is there and how he is going to be taking care of Snickers for her. Katie is happy about that. She tells him that she is in Chicago at the hotel he was supposed to meet her at, but Henry reminds her that that was the same hotel Mike stayed with her at. They are getting off the phone and saying their final goodbyes when Henry seems as if he wants to say something to her. He then changes his mind, and they share an emotional goodbye. Katie collapses on the bed, overwhelmed by her sadness at losing both of the men in her life.

Rosanna tries to convince Craig that she is serious about wanting a family with him. She reminds him of how he saved Cabot’s life and won back her life from James. She now wants to return the favor by giving Craig what he wants most in his life. Craig scoffs at going through an adoption again, and Rosanna assures him that they will do it legally and privately, with no strings. She asks him to consider it. Margo arrives and Rosanna leaves to give them a chance to talk. Margo apologizes for what happened with him being banned from seeing his baby. She offers to do whatever she can. Craig wants Tom to help him get back his son. Margo assures Craig that Tom can’t reverse a judge’s decision. Craig is angry that Jen set him up, and that everyone believed her and assumed the worst in him. He thinks the town wants a scapegoat and he is it. He sadly tells Margo this baby was his last chance to get it right and to be a good father. Margo tries to appease him by reminding him that he has a long life ahead of him to try to do that. He is angered that Margo wants him to forget that he was pushed out of his son’s life and that she would suggest he simply move on. He tells her that she needs to leave. After she does, he picks up a pair of booties he bought for his baby and sadly looks at them.

Carly is trying to take gum out of Parker’s hair when she has another memory of a woman saying, “My beautiful boy, look at what you have done to my beautiful boy!” She is startled and pulls back.

Jack is meeting with Susan at Metro about the man, Ray, and what she remembered about an incident at a clinic. She remembers that the incident was so bad it shut the clinic down. Jack tells Susan that same man is Carly’s father, and he is worried about how this incident, whatever it is, could adversely affect Carly. She tells Jack she looked into the records and they were sealed, but the one name she found associated with this case was Jessica Griffin. She suggests he talk to her. They both are concerned about the ramifications of opening a Pandora’s box, and what it could mean for Carly. Jack wonders if there is a way they could prevent any negative impact.

Just as Mike’s hand reaches the doorknob to go back in the house, because he feels badly about how upset Jen is, Dusty arrives and admonishes Mike for leaving Jen because of what she did. An angry Mike tells Dusty that he just used Jen to carry out his own vendetta against Craig. Dusty assures Mike he was only trying to help Jen. Mike explains that a piece of paper won’t stop Craig, and now all they have succeeded in doing is making Craig angrier. He stomps off, and Dusty knocks on the door to see Jen. She opens the door, but then closes it on him. Dusty lets himself in, and Jen tells him he is a little late, after all the messages she left for him.

Dusty apologizes, but Jen is beside herself, telling Dusty she never should have let him talk her into going behind Mike’s back to handle Craig. Dusty immediately asks Jen if she regrets a judge forbidding Craig to come near her or her baby. Jen obviously answers no, but she points out that the way they went about it has probably cost her her marriage. Dusty assures her she did the right thing to keep her baby safe. Mike is a big boy and his ego is getting in the way right now, but Dusty promises that he will come to his senses. Jen leans in and cries on his shoulder, hoping he is right.

Craig shows the booties to Rosanna and tells her that he wants to use the booties for their baby. Rosanna is very happy and they hug. She tells him that there is actually a private adoption that has come up, and the mother can meet with them today if Craig wants. He quickly tells her to go set things up, and an overwhelmed Rosanna goes to do that, leaving a nostalgic Craig looking at the baby booties.

Meg is still in Dusty’s room when her cell phone rings, and it is her contact for her job at Juno General in Alaska. They appear to need her there within the next few days. Meg hesitates, looking around her, but then tells the person on the other end that she is still interested. She hangs up, telling herself, “Juno, here I come!”

Susan has gone to meet Carly at her home so Carly can ask her more questions about her father. Unfortunately for Carly, Susan now claims to have been mistaken about her memories of the incident. She reminds Carly that she had been drinking then, and her mind used to play tricks on her. She can’t be sure of much that took place back then. She apologizes for getting Carly’s hopes up, but she can’t help her any further. Carly wants to ask her one last question. She asks Susan point-blank why she would be lying through her teeth to her.

Jack puts a call in to Jessica and leaves her a message, asking her if they could talk about an incident that happened at a clinic while she was interning at the DA’s office. He is hoping to talk to her right away, but he asks her to call him at work or on his cell, not at home.

Katie is anxious to get out of the room she shared for a few hours with Mike. Everywhere she looks she remembers something having to do with her time with him. She decides to go shopping and leaves the hotel room. Just as she rounds the corner, Mike arrives with the bellhop to get situated in the room directly across the hall from where Katie is staying.

Rosanna and Craig are meeting with the teenage mother who wants to give her baby up for adoption. They are so excited at this chance and that it has happened so quickly. The lawyer introduces them to the mother-to-be, and in walks Gwen.

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