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Carly and Jack wait at a table to meet with Susan. Jack tells Carly that the babysitter is able to stay however long they need her. Carly is happy to hear that, since Hannah bolted on them like she did. Carly doesn't understand why Hannah is being so dramatic about all of this. She has always known that her father was no saint. Jack admits that he followed Hannah and talked to her after she took off. Carly is upset that Jack hasn't told her this before. Jack admits that he didn't tell her about it because he didn't want to upset her. Carly asks what Hannah told him, explaining that it couldn't be any worse than what's in her imagination. Jack tells her that Hannah was very melodramatic, and he didn't understand at all what she meant when she told him that if Carly found out this secret, it would destroy her. Hannah warned Jack that he would lose Carly forever. Just then Susan rushes in, apologizing for being late. She tells them the E.R. was very busy, as it always is on the Fourth of July. Jack and Carly explain why they wanted to meet with her, and they show her the picture. Susan barely recognizes herself in the picture. Jack asks if she recognizes the other man and woman in the picture. Susan thinks that she recognizes the man, but not the woman. Carly pushes for her to tell them anything she can about the man. Susan apologizes, saying that her memory isn't so good about those times. Carly gets a little annoyed at her and asks her how she can "kind of" remember something. Susan tells her that is simple, since back then she was drinking about a bottle and a half of vodka a day. Carly is embarrassed that she forgot about that. Susan isn't offended at all, because that is just who she is. She thinks hard about the man and remembers that he was involved in something horrible. Carly is alarmed at this news. Susan thinks that since she does remember the face of this man, maybe she met him at the hospital. She did always try to keep it together when she was at work. Suddenly, Susan remembers that the horrible incident involved a child. Carly is horrified by this news. Susan realizes that this really means a lot to both of them and offers to go back through her records at the hospital to see if she can find anything. Jack tells her that they would both really appreciate that. Susan promises to call them if she finds anything at all, and then she rushes out. Carly is clearly shaken by the conversation with Susan and tells Jack that she is ready to go home. The two leave Metro after Jack leaves a tip on the table.

Gwen's apartment:

Will is at the door, apologizing for the scene at Paul's house. Gwen wants to make sure she has everything straight and asks if his brother is now living with his father's wife. Will admits that is true, his family can sometimes be really messed up. He welcomes her to the family, but Gwen wants nothing to do with it now. She realized what she was getting into while they were at Paul's.

Will tries his best to convince her that he can keep his family away from her, especially his mother. He is also certain that his brother and sister will help both of them out. He really wants to be there for Gwen and help her. Gwen points out that Paul and Jennifer weren't there for him when he needed them, and they love him. They hardly even know her, and therefore have no reason to want to help her. She is certain that she and the baby will be okay and she doesn't need Will's help. She shoves Will out the door and tells him to go home. She picks up the sonogram picture of the baby and sits in a chair looking at it. She is scared and confused and doesn't know how she is going to take care of this baby. Will hasn't left, and he tries to talk to Gwen through the door. Gwen thinks that he was using her to run away from his family. Will knows that is how it looks to her, but he swears it really isn't the way it is. He tells her he is going to wait outside her door until she lets him back in. Gwen tells him that Bruno will be in at 5:00 and he will make sure that Will leaves. Will softens her up when he tells her that he sees that as a challenge. She finally opens the door and lets him back in. She continues to try to be the tough "I don't need anybody" type, but Will knows better. He knows that she needs help. She can't raise this baby alone, not in this dingy little apartment. Gwen softens a little bit and wonders if Will realizes what he is getting himself into. He is giving up his whole life for her, someone he barely knows. Will again tries to convince her that he means what he says: he wants to do this for her. Gwen finally tells him that he needs to go home because she is tired and needs to get some sleep. He promises to call her tomorrow before giving up and leaving. Gwen sits and thinks about all that Will said. She wants to believe that he will always be there for her, but it just doesn't seem right to her.

When she goes to get a Kleenex from the table a brochure catches her eye. She sits down to really read what the brochure says. She decides it just might be the answer she is looking for.

Mike & Jennifer's:

Mike is really mad. He can't believe that he just heard Jennifer tell Dusty that she would never let Mike find out what they did to Craig. What Katie was telling him was true: Jen and Dusty set Craig up. He paces a little bit, trying to decide what to do. Finally, he decides to enter the house and see if Jennifer will come clean to him. Jennifer is happy to see him and rushes to get the food that he has brought home for them. She starts to feel the tension in the room but decides not to address it. Instead, she shows him a crib that was delivered that day. Mike has a hard time keeping his temper down. It is obvious that he is really upset about something. Jennifer decides that she can't ignore the mood any longer and asks if something happened while he was out. Mike tells her that he remembers before he left that she was trying to tell him something, and he asks her to tell him now. Jennifer hedges and tells him that she can't remember what it was, so it must not be too important. She tells him to forget it, but Mike can't forget it. Jennifer tries to get him to ease up and sits him down to give him a back rub. Mike gets angrier with every minute that passes without Jennifer coming clean with him. He stops her from rubbing his back and asks her point blank to tell him about Dusty. At first Jennifer tries to pretend that she doesn't know what he is talking about. She tries to tell him that Dusty is just a business associate.

Mike can't take it anymore and tells her that he overheard her on the phone with Dusty. He knows now exactly what she has done, and that she did it because she didn't trust him to take care of her and the baby. Jennifer realizes that Mike has busted her and she admits everything to him. She is crying now and tries to explain her thought process to him. Now that it is all out in the open, she wants to just move on and have the both of them forget about all of it. Mike can't do that. Jennifer realizes that things are much more serious than she thought and starts to beg him to understand. Craig was her problem, she had to do whatever she had to do to protect her baby. Mike tells her that is exactly what the problem is. Even now, she still talks as if it were only her problem, not their problem. He tells her that he only wanted to be a husband to her. He admits that he loves her, but he doesn't see how they can continue in this marriage when he can't trust her. Jennifer begs him to allow her to earn back his trust, but Mike just doesn't see that happening. He grabs his keys and heads out the door, leaving a devastated Jennifer to absorb all that has just happened.

Katie's cottage:

Margo comes in looking for Katie. Katie comes out from the back of the house, explaining that she was out walking Snickers. Margo can't believe that she walks her rabbit. Katie tells her that Snickers really loves fireworks, and he is a special rabbit with special needs. Margo can't believe that Craig is about to go on the war path after getting a restraining order issued, and Katie called her over there to talk about her rabbit's needs. Katie shocks Margo by telling her that she called her over there to ask her to take care of Snickers, because she is leaving town. Margo doesn't want her to go, but Katie feels like she has no other choice. She tells her sister that her divorce from Henry is final now.

Margo thinks that can't be the only reason that she is so anxious to leave town. She guesses that something else happened with Mike. Katie tells her everything that happened earlier with Mike and thinks that should be explanation enough. Margo still doesn't understand. Katie explains that if she stays in town, she will only keep making the same mistakes and hurting Mike, Jennifer, Henry and herself. She just needs to get away. Margo sadly agrees to call the realtor in the morning and make arrangements to rent the cottage out on a month-to-month basis. Katie runs upstairs to get her luggage as Margo sits dumbfounded on the couch. When Katie struggles to bring her luggage down the stairs, Margo informs her that she will not help her to leave. She unsuccessfully tries to talk Katie into just staying one or two more days and to sleep on this decision. Katie knows that she must leave now, before she screws up again. She doesn't want Margo to feel sorry for her. Katie knows that she brought this all on herself, and she deserves to be alone. Margo hugs her sister, sorry to see her go.

A little later, Mike stops by to apologize to Katie for the way he treated her earlier. Margo greets him at the door and tells him that Katie really doesn't mean to hurt anyone, and she is honestly trying to help people. Mike knows that and asks Margo to get Katie for him. Margo tells him that Katie really is a very happy person who just wants others around her to be happy too. Mike asks Margo again to let him see Katie. Margo tells him that Katie is gone. Mike asks when she will return. Margo shocks him when she tells him that Katie isn't out, she is gone. Margo isn't sure if she will ever come back.

Walsh mansion:

Casey and Celia come in from watching the fireworks. Casey can't believe that Celia has never seen fireworks before. She corrects him and tells him that she has seen many fireworks, she's just never experienced a Fourth of July celebration. Casey asks if she wants to go back outside and look at the stars. Celia wants to stay inside. She understands that she told him she wanted to be alone with him, but she has something very important to talk to him about and she wants to be able to see his expression. Casey agrees to stay inside and is curious about what she wants to talk about. He is pleasantly surprised when she tells him that she wants to take their relationship to the next level. The two sit on the floor in front of the couch and kiss a little bit. Casey wants to make sure that Celia knows he loves her. Sometimes he doesn't think that she believes that. She explains that what she meant by taking their relationship to the next level is that she wants them to exchange commitment rings. Casey asks if that is like being pinned and explains what being pinned means. Celia tells him that it is kind of like that; it means that they are committed to each other and that there will be no one else. Casey is all for this, as Celia is the only one for him anyway, and she always will be. Casey can't believe that she is surprised that he is agreeing to this. Celia explains that the thing with Gwen and Will really freaked her out, and she knows that the way things have been going with them, it could just as easily have been him and her. Now, with the commitment rings, she knows it never can happen to them. Casey is a little shaken by this and wants to back up a bit. He wants to know exactly what these rings would mean. Celia tells him that they would mean that they are devoted to each other, and they promise each other they won't have sex before they eventually get married. Celia sees that this has freaked Casey out a little bit and she tries to explain that it would make things so much easier for them. Casey isn't sold on this whole idea at all. Celia says that it kind of freaked her out, too, when she first heard about it. She knows that she is very young, and she did think about what will happen if she doesn't get married until she is twenty-one, but now she thinks that really isn't a very long time. Casey doesn't agree with that. Celia continues to plead her case, and Casey realizes that she has already committed to this. Celia tells him that it is late, and he should be going. They kiss goodnight before Casey leaves. Once Casey is out of earshot from Celia, he tells himself that he is so screwed, whichever way he goes.

Dusty's room:

Dusty is surprised to see Meg at his door in jeans and a t-shirt. She tells him they are her picnic clothes. Dusty thought he was taking her out. Meg thought differently and stopped at Mabel's to get them dinner. Dusty admits that he hasn't eaten there in a long time. Meg remembers that it used to be his favorite place to eat. Meg playfully asks him if he hasn't been there in a while because memories of the two of them there together break his heart. Dusty jokes back that it is more like heartburn that keeps him away. He notices that she is wearing Street Jeans. She tells him that someone told her that a way to a man's heart is by wearing his product. She asks if they are going to eat, but Dusty has other things on his mind. The two share a kiss. They sit down at the table and devour the food that Meg brought. When they are done eating they talk about what has been going on in their lives in recent past. Meg is surprised to hear that Dusty has been back in town for two years and still lives in a motel room. Dusty tells her that he likes his life the way it is right now. Meg is happy for him at that. He asks about her having a place in Alaska. She tells him that she will have one soon enough, and she isn't worried about a job either. They need nurses up there badly, and they are paying top dollar for them. Dusty comments on the beautiful northern lights she will be able to see, which prompts her to remember the pictures she took of him watching a storm for an hour. She tells him that the pictures of the storm didn't turn out so well, but the pictures she took of him turned out great. She mentions something about the two of them taking pictures of the northern lights, and Dusty jumps on the thought of the two of them. Meg asks him why not--he could come to Alaska with her. Meg realizes that she has touched on something when Dusty reminds her of his job and his ties in Oakdale. She covers by telling him that she was talking about him coming to see her on a vacation some time. Dusty agrees that he might do that. Meg tells him that she is sure Jennifer's husband wouldn't mind him taking off for a while. Dusty asks why she says that. She tells him that she noticed that Mike was a little jumpy around the two of them. Dusty gets a little touchy at the mention of Jennifer but claims that he and Jennifer only work together. Meg feels the change in the mood and quickly makes an excuse to leave. She grabs her purse and rushes out the door. Outside, she leans against the door and realizes that she totally messed up, and now she will be alone for the night again. Dusty opens the door and pulls her back inside. He is happy that he caught her. The two start to kiss and undress each other. Meg tells him that she was playing hard to get.

Dusty tells her that for tonight, he is hers. After they have finished making love, Dusty goes to take a shower. Meg lays on the bed in Dusty's shirt and basks in her happiness. There is a knock on the door. Meg hollers for Dusty and asks if he has ordered room service. When Dusty doesn't answer, she decides to open the door anyway. Jennifer is at the door, and she is shocked to see Meg there in Dusty's shirt. Meg recognizes her and comments on how much she has grown up. Jennifer remembers Meg too, but it is obvious that she is very upset about something. Meg offers to let her come in and wait for Dusty to get out of the shower, but Jennifer becomes even more flustered. She tells a confused Meg to just forget she was even there, and not to mention it to Dusty either. Jennifer rushes off, leaving a very confused Meg to look on in concern.

Jack & Carly's:

Jack comes into the bedroom to find a very quiet Carly sitting on the bed. He asks if she is okay. She tells him that it just doesn't make any sense. Her father was not a saint, but he would never hurt a child. Jack tells her that isn't what Susan said. Carly thinks that is what Susan implied. Jack reminds her that Susan works at the hospital, and it could be that she was thinking of a very sick child. He also reminds her that they can't really trust Susan's memory. Carly can't believe that she forgot about Susan's drinking problem and is very embarrassed by that. Jack tells her that she handled the situation with grace. Carly jokes that he must be really worried about her to come up with that lie. Jack tells her that he just doesn't want to borrow trouble right now. Carly agrees not to think about it anymore until Susan calls with some news. They two crawl under the covers and kiss goodnight.

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