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As the World Turns Update Friday 7/1/05


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At Lily’s house, Lily and Holden are glad that Natalie and Faith are happy to sleep on sleeping bags on the living room floor. Lily knows they are just happy to be home, even if it isn’t finished yet. Holden notices Lily looks tired, so he suggests she stay home with him and the girls and have a movie night. Lily thinks it’s a wonderful idea but turns down the invitation because she promised to meet Keith at Metro.

At Metro, Keith gets everything ready for a romantic evening with Lily.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda sits in the dark, listening to sad classical music. Sierra arrives and turns the lights on and the music off. Sierra encourages her mother not to get depressed, especially since she doesn’t know the results of her biopsy. Lucinda tells her the doctor called with the test results. Lucinda wants to tell Sierra and Lily at the same time, so she asks Sierra to call Lily.

At Paul’s place, Emily arrives with her suitcases, ready to move in with Paul. Paul is a bit surprised because he didn’t expect her to move in so soon. Paul explains that he invited Will and Gwen to dinner. Paul assures Emily this won’t interfere with his plans. Emily wonders if Paul intends to tell Will about their relationship. Paul tells Emily he is ready to make their relationship public.

At Gwen’s apartment, Gwen tells Will she is nervous because none of her clothes fit anymore, and the only thing she can wear is the ugliest thing she owns. Will tells her that Paul won’t care because he just wants to meet her. Will tells Gwen he will give her money for new clothes once he goes to the bank and figures out why his credit cards don’t work. Barbara arrives for a visit and wants to make amends with Will and Gwen. Barbara promises to support both of them through the pregnancy.

At Fairwinds, Craig fears Rosanna has also turned her back on him, like the rest of his family. Rosanna explains that fighting the restraining order is a losing battle, but maybe she can try to reason with Jennifer and persuade her to let him see the baby.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Mike explains to Jennifer that he and Katie got into a fight because she suspects Jen of setting up Craig. Mike tells Jennifer he ended his friendship with Katie because she went too far when she accused her of setting up Craig. Jennifer feels badly that Mike ended his friendship with Katie because of her lie. Mike makes it clear that there is no excuse for lying to someone you care about, and Katie went too far accusing her of doing such a thing to him. Mike notices the serious look on Jennifer’s face and wonders if there is something she isn’t telling him. Jennifer tells Mike she feels badly that he ended his relationship with Katie. Mike makes it clear that she is more important to him than Katie because they have a strong relationship built on love and trust, and not even Katie or her suspicions can come between them.

At Gwen’s place, Barbara invites Gwen to live with her so she can help take care of her. Barbara doesn’t think Gwen should live over a garage, and since Will can’t even take care of his own money he won’t be able to help her. Will figures out that Barbara is the reason his credit cards won’t work. Barbara admits she stepped in to handle his money because he had been spending it unwisely lately. Will is so angry he throws Barbara out of the apartment. Will tells Gwen not to worry, they will figure things out before the baby is born. Will explains to Gwen that when his mother doesn’t get her way she finds another way to control him, and that is why she took control of his money. Will suggests they go to dinner with Paul, and he may have a suggestion about how to handle Barbara.

At Lily’s house, Lily and Holden decide not to go ahead with the divorce right now because Lily can’t deal with any extra stress right now. Lily is about to leave to go to Metro when she gets a call from Sierra telling her Lucinda’s test results are in and Lucinda wants her to come to the house. Holden tells Lily not to worry about Keith because he will understand if she is a bit late for their date. Holden encourages Lily not to assume the worst about Lucinda's tests. Holden asks Lily to call him with any news.

A few minutes after Lily leaves, Meg arrives with housewarming presents for the kids. Holden explains to Meg that he is babysitting because Lily is on a date with Keith. Meg encourages Holden not to look back or have false hope about reconciliation with Lily. Holden assures her he doesn’t have any false hopes about Lily. Meg advises her brother to move on with his life. Holden thinks Meg is running away from her problems by moving to Alaska. Meg refutes the accusation and tells Holden she is moving on with her life. Meg gets a call from Dusty and accepts an invitation to meet him for drinks at Metro.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda toasts to good health--having it, keeping it, and getting it back. Lucinda explains to Lily and Sierra that her cancer is stage 3 and has spread to her lymph nodes, but it is localized and hasn’t spread to other parts of the body. Lucinda tells her daughters that the doctor recommends a mastectomy followed by radiation or chemo. Lucinda vows to fight for her life with the help of her family.

At Paul’s place, Will and Gwen walk in and see Paul and Emily kissing. Will demands to know if this means Emily has left Hal. Emily struggles for an explanation but can’t find one. Barbara walks in and wonders why Will is so upset. Will explains Emily has left Hal and is moving in with Paul.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer avoids Mike’s question and sends him to Metro to get some burgers for dinner.

A few minutes after Mike leaves, Rosanna arrives and accuses Jennifer and Dusty of setting up Craig. Jennifer denies the accusation. Rosanna advises Jennifer that they both better talk and work out the situation now, because Craig can be a dangerous enemy when he has nothing to lose.

At Metro, Dusty apologizes to Meg for his rotten behavior towards her after they slept together. Dusty goes to the bar to order Meg a drink. Meg introduces herself to Mike. Meg tells Mike that his cottage and his flowers are beautiful. Meg explains that she was at Lucinda’s and noticed Dusty leaving the cottage, so she visited with him a few minutes. Mike begins to suspect Katie might be right about Dusty and Jennifer setting up Craig. Mike asks Dusty why he stopped by to see Jennifer. Dusty covers and tells Mike he stopped by to pick her up for a meeting at the Lakeview with Sierra, but when he arrived she had already left for the meeting. Keith calls Lily’s cell phone but gets her voice mail. Keith pays for the meal and the club rental and leaves with the flowers he bought for Lily.

At Paul’s place, Will blasts Paul and Emily for their sick relationship and tells Paul he thought he was normal, but it turns out he is just as sick and twisted as the rest of the Ryan family. Barbara calls Emily a cheap, recycled slut, and Emily blasts back by calling Barbara a lonely old woman who will stay lonely forever. The Ryan family fight sends Gwen running out of the house and back to her apartment. It takes Will a few minutes to notice she is gone, but once he does he tells Barbara and Paul to stay away from him and Gwen. Will leaves to look for Gwen. Paul throws Barbara out of his house. Paul thinks Will has a point: that everyone in the Ryan family is messed up, and they always hurt everyone around them.

At Lily’s house, Keith arrives looking for Lily and tells Holden she never arrived at Metro. Holden explains Lily got a call asking her to go to Lucinda’s house because she got the results of her biopsy. Holden tells Keith that Lily intended to go to Metro after she left her mother’s house, but it must have taken longer then she thought it would. Keith asks Holden to give Lily the flowers and tell her he stopped by.

At the Walsh mansion, Lily tells Lucinda it is okay to admit she is scared. Lucinda gives both her daughters a hug and tells them she loves them.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen wonders what she got herself into by lying about Will being the father of her baby.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna and Craig realize they only have each other. They hold each other while they sit on the couch.

At Metro, Dusty agrees to meet Meg in an hour so they can have a fancy dinner. Dusty calls Jennifer to tell her Mike was acting suspicious. Dusty also tells her the cover story he told Mike. Dusty tells Jennifer to remain calm and stick to the story.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Mike arrives home just in time to hear the last part of Jennifer’s phone conversation with Dusty, in which Jennifer tells Dusty that the last thing she wants is for Mike to find out what they did to Craig. A stunned Mike goes back outside and wonders what he should do now.

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