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As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/30/05


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At Lily’s house, which is being remodeled, Luke tells Holden that Keith is back in Oakdale. Holden is happy for Lily, since she has probably missed Keith very much. Luke thinks the relationship between Keith and Lily may have changed. Holden is quick to remind Luke that he and Lily have decided to move on with their lives.

At the Walsh mansion, Keith continues to yell at Lucinda, telling her she finally got what she wanted: Holden and Lily are back together. Keith yells that Lucinda has always had it in for him and now he will finally be out of Lily’s life. Lily walks in on the last part of Keith and Lucinda’s conversation and demands that Keith stop yelling at Lucinda, because she has been in the hospital dealing with cancer. Lucinda is angry that Lily blabbed the news to a stranger and forbids Lily from blabbing any more news about her condition to anyone.

At Al’s diner, Gwen tells Celia that she overheard Casey suggest to Will that she should have an abortion. Celia can’t believe that Casey would suggest such a thing to Will.

At Paul’s place, Will fears that Barbara will force Gwen to have a DNA test on the baby before it is born. Will explains to Paul that the test could hurt the baby and he doesn’t want anything to risk Gwen's or the baby’s health. Will is about to leave when Barbara arrives to tell him that she scheduled an amniocentesis for Gwen.

At the courthouse, Jessica explains to Craig that Jennifer has filed for a restraining order to keep him away from her and the baby until the baby is one year old. Jennifer and Dusty go over the testimony they will tell the judge. Jennifer feels badly that she has to lie in court about Craig. Dusty reminds her that Craig pushed her to take drastic action to protect her baby. Dusty assures Jennifer that they are the only two people who will ever know the truth. Craig explains to Rosanna the details of what happened at the Lakeview and swears he would never do anything to hurt Jennifer or the baby. Craig also tells Rosanna he thinks he was the victim of another set-up, this time planned by Jennifer.

At the Walsh mansion, Keith apologizes for yelling at Lucinda and tells her he is sorry about her having cancer. Lucinda is upset that Keith’s attitude toward her changed when he found out about her cancer, so she tells him she hates him even more than she did before. Lucinda can’t stand to see Keith and Lily together, so she leaves the room. Keith apologizes to Lily for not being there when she needed him and promises to lend her more support through this crisis. Lily and Keith kiss for a few minutes, then Keith tells Lily he got a job flying medicine to different places for a drug company. Keith pays Lily a portion of the money he borrowed from her.

At Lily’s house, Luke thinks Lucinda is very nervous about getting the test results back from the doctor today. Luke thinks his grandmother would cheer up a bit if the whole family went to her house for a family barbeque by the pool. Holden thinks Luke should ask his grandmother before making plans for a family barbeque.

At Al’s diner, Celia gets upset with Casey because of his attitude toward Gwen, assuming it's because she is poor. Celia reminds Casey that she is also poor and is only living in a rich person’s house. Celia thinks they should stick by Gwen and help her because she is a good person and a good friend.

At the courthouse, Bob, Kim, Sierra, Dusty and Jennifer testify at the court hearing about Craig’s altercation with Jennifer. Kim is a very strong witness for the prosecution, despite Jessica’s efforts to make the judge doubt what Kim saw at the Lakeview.

At the Walsh mansion, Keith and Lily are kissing when Luke walks in the room and quickly leaves again, despite Lily trying to stop him from leaving by calling his name several times.

At the courthouse, Dusty testifies on Jennifer’s behalf and, despite Jessica pointing out to the court that Dusty strongly dislikes Craig, he is a strong witness and tells the court he saw Craig fight with Jennifer and push her until she fell down to the floor.

At Al’s diner, Celia begins to suspect that Casey went out with Gwen and asks him the question directly. Casey tells Celia he would never go out with someone like Gwen, a person who would get herself in trouble and ruin his best friend’s life.

At Paul’s place, Will stands up to Barbara and tells her the baby is his responsibility and he won’t force Gwen to take a DNA test. Paul pulls Barbara aside and tells her he is proud of Will for taking responsibility for his actions. Barbara points out to Paul that this baby may not be Will’s responsibility. Paul wonders if Barbara is willing to take the chance of getting Will so mad at her she might not ever see her new grandchild. Paul admits there is a possibility that Will isn’t the father of the baby, but Will is still determined to help Gwen and that is a wonderful act of kindness, and he deserves the support of his family. Barbara promises Will she won’t make Gwen take a DNA test.

At the courthouse, Jennifer testifies that after she fell she feared that the impact had caused her baby’s death. Jennifer also testifies that she thinks Craig caused the death of his oldest son Bryant.

At Al’s diner, Celia wonders what Casey would do if he were in Will’s situation. Casey assures Celia he would never be in Will’s situation because he would never date someone like Gwen.

At the courthouse, Craig testifies on his own behalf. Craig tells the judge that he would never do anything to hurt Jennifer or the baby. Craig is left speechless when Tom states that he thinks Craig was so angry that he didn’t know what he was doing.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda gets a call and is relieved to discover it is a telemarketer. Lucinda gets even more nervous as she waits for the call from the doctor.

At Lily’s house, Luke tells Lily that he thought his family had a chance at getting back together once she returned home from jail after being cleared of Julia’s murder. Luke is angry and blasts Lily for being with Keith. Luke yells that Lily can go live with Keith at the cottage and his grandmother can die, and he will live with his sisters inside what is left of their house. Luke runs out of the house and ignores Lily when she calls after him. Holden arrives and tells Lily that Luke needs time to deal with everything that has happened lately. Lily thinks it's best for the family if she and Holden go ahead with the divorce.

At Paul’s place, Will admits to Paul that he and Gwen are not a couple, but he is still responsible for her baby. Paul invites Will and Gwen to have dinner with him so he can meet her.

At the courthouse, the judge grants Jennifer a restraining order against Craig. The judge tells Craig he can’t have any contact with Jennifer or the baby for five years. Rosanna consoles a devastated Craig. Katie and Mike argue because Katie thinks Jennifer set Craig up. Mike believes his wife and thinks Craig is cruel and almost killed the baby. Mike and Katie decide they should stay away from each other.

Outside Al’s diner, Gwen thanks Will for standing up for her against Casey. Will explains that he believes what she does about the baby is her decision. Will tells Gwen about Paul’s invitation and says he wants to meet her. Gwen thanks Will for being a great guy and gives him a hug.

At Metro, Keith rents out the entire club for a special evening with Lily.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda gets a call from her doctor, and after she hangs up she says, "Oh boy," and prepares to tell her family the news.

At the courthouse, Rosanna encourages Craig to let this go and not fight the restraining order.

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