ATWT Update Wednesday 6/29/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/29/05


By Wanda
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Emily, still at Paul?'s, is shocked but pleased that Paul wants her to move in with him. She puts up objections and questions his intentions. He makes it seem off-hand, saying that she needs a place to stay. She replies, "Oh, like a roommate??" He says yes, he wants her to be his roommate, and asks what side of the bed she wants. She smiles and objects again, and he assures her he wants her to share all of his rooms, starting with this one, as he grabs her for a kiss.

At home, Lucinda's work is interrupted by Lily, Holden and Luke dropping by, and they tell her to put her things away. They are going over to their new home; the contractors are almost through. Lucinda gets them to go on and leave Luke with her. Alone, they gleefully conspire over how good things are going with Lily and Holden, convinced that soon they will not be able to break them apart.

Keith, who is poking around at Lily?'s house, calls her to leave a message and wonders why she hasn't returned any of his phone calls--a guy will get a complex.?

Will is sitting at a table alone and getting ready for breakfast when Casey casually saunters in, asking about Gwen. Will looks suspicious and doesn?'t want to talk. Casey is defensive and wonders why the girlfriend is off-limits. Will says he simply does not want to get into an intense, serious discussion. Casey says he talked to his grandfather and he simply can'?t understand why, if he'?s not the baby'?s father, he'?d want to take on responsibility for ?the kid.

Celia barges in on Gwen; she overheard her say she was applying for a job. Gwen says she didn't lose her job at Al?'s, she's just doubling up until the baby comes. Miss Nosy says she thought Will was going to help. (Why doesn't she just announce this by megaphone?) Gwen, also sullen and defensive, says she doesn't need any handouts from Will. Celia blabbers on and asks if Will has bailed out on her. Gwen says no, and Celia says, "Well, let him help." After all, he has a lot more money than Gwen and he owes it to her; the baby is his, even if they aren?'t together. Gwen asks if this is what she thinks--that she and Will won?'t be able to stay together--or what she hopes.

Katie walks up to Allison, hands her an envelope and asks her to open it. Allison says it looks official and asks if she is sure. Katie says just assume it's a tax bill. Slowly, Allison opens and says she is sorry, asking if Henry had asked her for a divorce. Katie replied that seeing it in black and white made it more final. Allison seems to want to diminish this, but Katie reminds her that if he is filing for divorce, that means he isn't too fond of her. Mike walks up to them.

Meanwhile, Jen is leaving as everyone is staring and Craig grabs her arm. She twists and turns to free herself and, in doing so, slips backwards and falls to the floor. She implores everyone to keep ?him? away. Craig bends to the floor and, in a soothing voice, tells her he would NEVER hurt her. Bob, bending down to help Jen also, tells Craig he wants him on the other side of the room, right now. Sierra approaches him, as does Kim, who berates him for ?manhandling ?Jen when he knows she's pregnant! Craig tells Sierra that Jen was having one of her fits and he took her arm because he wanted to talk in private, but she slipped, that'?s all.

Bob asks if she could feel the baby move and she says no, but she can walk. He insists on taking her to the hospital. He and Dusty take her by the arms and escort her out as Craig tries to follow.

Sierra tells him not to follow ?that girl. He proclaims he is going to check on his son, but she says she will have him arrested. Sierra says Jen could call him every foul name in the book because who is he kidding, he deserves it! He says again he is going to check on his son, and he can walk around her or through her: which would it be? He leaves, and Sierra runs for her cell phone to call Hal Munson.

Mike and Katie talk, and she says she hopes things work out for him and Jen and that Craig will leave them alone. Miss Big Mouth walks up just then holding out a card from a divorce lawyer. Mike wants details. Katie says she knows she told him she hoped they could remains friends but now she isn'?t sure, and if he tries to console her, someone will see them and tell Jen.

Celia tells Gwen she blames Will and desperately wants to help (how about butting out?). Gwen tells her that Barbara was already blaming her for purposely getting pregnant. Celia continues that it was Will'?s fault for not using protection. Gwen says she wishes she had not been so stupid that night, she wishes she was not that stupid girl who got herself knocked up, but whoops, there it is! She continues that there is nothing Celia can do; she?'d been around, she could handle herself. And anyways, did Celia think she was supposed to come to her,? Miss Nominated for Prom Queen, Mrs. Casey Hughes, Miss Living in a Mansion? Celia says that's not her. Her living at Mrs. Walsh?'s, Oakdale Latin, that's just fallout from her mom being the housekeeper. And even Casey... She wonders if he is just dating ?that girl? who?se life she's leading... Celia concludes that she and Gwen are a lot alike: both just trying to help themselves, alone, making something out of nothing. But, Celia admits, she is scared. Gwen says she is, too. Celia wants Gwen to just talk to her, because something is not right with Will getting her pregnant. She promises Gwen she can tell her anything. With a big chip on her shoulder, Gwen says she wishes she could.

Casey and Will continue their conversation and Will says he is sick of talking about this. The baby is his, and nothing is going to change that. Casey suggests that with Gwen, there might have been other guys, but he clams up when Will asks if he has names. Casey says there must be a way to stop this before it?'s too late and he ruins his life.

Lucinda and Luke have a Kodak moment, and he even asks his grandma if it hurts, meaning ? the cancer. She says no, just the waiting, and reminds him he can kiss her, it?'s not catching. He does and she hugs him. He wants her to assure him she is okay and she does, saying no ?vagabond cells are gonna make her shots for her. She tells him they just need some time to get his parents back together, and if they can finagle some private moments, with Keith away, they'll have that time.

Right on cue, the phone rings. As Lucinda takes it privately, in walks Keith, asking Luke if his mother is around. Keith says he'?s back from Chicago... to stay.

Emily and Paul discuss Daniel, and she says she can?'t bring him into this. Paul wonders if she needs to make it more formal. She laughs and says, "?Like marriage? No, no.?" She wonders if this has anything to do with Rosanna as he mentions the future. But he says maybe all they need is today, right now; and anyway, maybe that'?s all they'?ve got. The past hasn?'t been good to either one of them, and the future hasn?'t happened yet. They agree to focus on just being here, right now, and they seal it with a kiss. She tells him he has the most beautiful eyes, and he says she does,?along with the most beautiful neck, as he nuzzles it. She coos that he could make her forget her name, but she can?'t forget her little boy. She will have to deal with her and Hal?'s separation. And after that, Paul asks? Emily says he's off to sleep-away camp for two weeks. Paul perks up; he likes that. They have two whole weeks to figure out their future. They embrace and kiss as she tears off her clothes and he waltzes her toward the bedroom (or nearest couch).

Keith tells Luke he stopped by the house, and Luke lets him know that Lily and Holden are back together and they are all going to move into the house together.

Lily and Holden are walking around the house and admiring how good the renovations are; it feels like home. He gives her a gift: a photo of the entire family. She smiles and says she has the perfect place for it, and she walks over to the mantel and displays it there. She thanks him for saving it, saying they have a beautiful family.? He puts his hands on her shoulders and acknowledges ?that they do.?

Katie tells Mike they can?'t go back to being ?buddies?, not after that night in Chicago. He asks if she is going to run every time she sees him. She says she might, at least for now. In the meantime there is to be no touching, no interfering, no trying to save her marriage. He asks if a little helpful advice in a public place is okay. Again she says, "But no touching." Sierra?'s phone call interrupts and she tells Mike about Jen.

Jen is laying in bed with Dusty at her side as Craig barges in, brushing past the closed curtains. Dusty advises him to leave and Craig is surprised when he hears the police have been called. He tells Dusty he didn?'t attack her, she fell, but Dusty says that isn't what he saw, and that isn?'t what everyone else saw. Again Dusty demands that he leave, and Craig responds he'd listen to him if he was the doctor, or the father of the child...

Hal shows up, as does Bob. Craig spouts again that he didn't attack her, she simply fell. Mike rushes in and attacks Craig as Katie also runs in, asking him to stop.

Will and Casey are still talking and Will tells him to stay out of this; sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. He walks away as Gwen walks in and shoves Casey, asking what his problem is. She tells him she overheard him say she should get rid of the baby. What had the baby done to him, or, for that matter, what had she done to him? Why was he trying to ruin her life?

Emily is now fully dressed and trying to break away from Paul, but she is finding it very hard. They lock lips and she chides him that he is using her as a distraction ?from his mother, his brother, the pregnant girlfriend, the ex-wife... He says, "?I like you, Emily. I really like you. I like-like you, even." She says she likes him too. She opens the door, then turns and kisses him one more time. He sighs as he grabs for the phone, calling Will and leaving a message for him to call, or better still to come by.

Keith tells Luke he'?s sure Luke?'s parents aren?'t getting back together because Lily would have told him. He? says he'll go by and straighten this up. Luke replies that maybe he didn?'t know his mother as well as he thought, because she didn't want him to bother her. Luke says his family is back together again, that?'s the way it had to be, "?and wherever you came from just now, do yourself a big favor and go back.?"

Lily and Holden continue to discuss the place as she asks his opinion. She wants it to be less formal, less uptight. He grins that he doesn't live there anymore; it'?s her place, he is just visiting the kids. It is her place, with her things, and she'll fill it with her memories. They?'ll always be a family, but different... separate. "That is what you want, isn't it?"? Hal asks. Without much feeling, she says moving on was what they had agreed to do. Then he says they would stick to Plan A (shoot to the picture on the mantel) and she says ?of course, absolutely.? Holden replies, "Okay."

Lucinda returns and tells Luke she can handle this and sends him off. She tells Keith she didn?'t expect him back so early, or even at all. She asks if he has spoken with Lily. Keith tells her he knows she wanted him gone from the get-go. Lucinda says in that case, there is nothing left to say but goodbye.

Gwen angrily tells Casey to get it through his head, she is not having an abortion. He says that he was only trying to offer a solution. She says yeah, like he really cares about her. As far as he is concerned she is just a fly that he wants to swat away, but she doesn't think she deserves that from anyone, and especially not from him.

Will goes to Paul, who gets right to the point: who'?s the girl? Will says she's just some girl named Gwen. Paul tells him he remembers the first girl he was ga-ga over. Will says a baby is coming and he isn't going to bail on her. Paul asks about a test and Will says they are sure, so what?'s the point. Paul says it wouldn't hurt to have all the facts before he made a plan. Paul gives in and says he sees he messed up with him, but they should see if they can?'t do better with his kid.

Jen is wheeled away as Hal tells Craig he might want to call his lawyer.

Luke wanders into the house and tells Holden it looks good, even better this time. Meanwhile, Lucinda is still trying to get Keith to leave when Lily walks in, wondering why Keith is hollering at her mother.

Gwen barks that she does not need Casey to tell her what or what not to do with her body! Arguing loudly, Celia walks up and wants to know what this is all about. Casey tries to spirit her away quickly and calls it nothing. "?Nothing?," says Gwen, "?you think this is nothing? Oh yeah, that'?s because you never do anything wrong."? Turning to Celia, she says, "We'?re friends, right? We can tell each other anything, right? Well just wait 'til you hear just how sleazy your boyfriend really is!"? Casey throws her a look like he'?d like to crawl in a hole.

Will continues to tell Paul that he'?ll look after Gwen and protect the baby. Will Paul help him with Barbara? Paul says yeah and calls and leaves a message that she needs to get over there fast. Will makes fast plans to leave, but Paul sidesteps him and tells him if he'?s old enough to be a daddy, he'?s old enough to talk to his mother.

Jessica shows up at the police station. Jen is in a wheelchair and Mike holds her hand and wants to know if Craig is being arrested. Hal says he?'s working on the paperwork. Craig smugly says he guesses Jessica has to bail him out, but Jessica has more important matters on her mind. She has a petition and they are due in court now; this is much worse than he thinks.

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