ATWT Update Tuesday 6/28/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/28/05


By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

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At home, Carly is resting on the couch. Hannah walks in with the laundry and is about to sort it when she notices a piece of the picture she ripped up on the coffee table next to her. She goes to pick it up and Carly opens her eyes, exclaiming, “Hands off.” Carly demands to know why Hannah would rip and burn the picture of her dad. At first, Hannah pretends not to know what she is talking about. Then she suggests that the children may have done it, which only infuriates Carly further, because Hannah is trying to blame Parker or J.J. when she knows her children wouldn’t do anything like that. Carly is desperate for Hannah to explain why she would try to keep her from learning about her dad. She appeals to her friend, reminding her of their history and how she helped deliver Sage, and how invaluable her help was after Jack’s accident. Hannah assures Carly she would never do anything to hurt her, but that is why Carly can’t understand why she is keeping something so big from her. Hannah tries to leave to finish the laundry, but Carly is incensed and yells for her to not walk away. She feels a change in their friendship since the photograph surfaced. She tells Hannah that she may have gotten rid of one picture, but she can’t get rid of them all; she already has another picture from Nancy with her dad and a woman in Oakdale. Carly demands to know why Hannah doesn’t want her to know why her dad was in Oakdale.

Lucinda, at home doing some research on cancer on the Internet, is only getting herself more frustrated. Sierra comes in and wants Lucinda to come shopping with her. When Lucinda turns her down, Sierra is persistent, wondering then if she wants to go out to breakfast. Lucinda doesn’t want her to hover and just wants to be left alone. Lucinda feels that once people know you have cancer, they tend to go to pieces worrying and trying to help, and that is not what she wants. Meg, who has just arrived, hands Lucinda the Intruder, so she can get some laughs at the outrageous stories rather than waiting for the phone to ring. Lucinda thanks her, saying that is what she needs. She tells Sierra that she should go to the office, because that is really where she needs her. Before she leaves, Sierra, seeing what a good influence Meg has been on Lucinda, apologizes for her and Lily overreacting the other day. After she leaves, Meg coyly brings up the subject of Dusty and how he is now working for Lucinda. Lucinda can see that Meg is fishing for information and teases her about how Dusty and her used to have a relationship. She notices Meg looking out the window and she remarks that that is Dusty’s car outside, and Meg should go seize the moment.

At his apartment, Paul is asleep on his couch. He dreams about Rosanna coming to his apartment, telling him that she can’t stay away from him and that her marriage is in name only. She was heartbroken when she saw him with Emily, and she still loves him; they kiss. Emily touches his face to wake him up and he jumps, confused at his dream. Emily asks him what he was dreaming about because he was moaning, and, to change the subject, he grabs Emily and passionately kisses her.

Rosanna is asleep on her couch at Fairwinds, dreaming about Paul, and she mumbles his name just as Craig enters the room. Craig wakes her up with breakfast and Rosanna immediately asks Craig if they did the right thing marrying, wondering if maybe they made a terrible mistake. She feels they forced the marriage. Craig tries to lighten the mood by joking that Rosanna was trying to enter the Guinness book for the shortest marriage. He ribs her about the fact that after only twenty-four hours she already doubts him. He teases her that she needs to give him at least forty-eight more hours before she makes any earth-shattering decisions about their marriage. He reminds her their marriage may not have started out as a conventional one, but they can be happy if she gives it a chance. He gets Rosanna to laugh a little before he tells her he will get breakfast at the Lakeview and will be back in a little bit.

At home, Mike gets a call about a problem at the work site. He would like to blow it off, but Jen encourages him to leave to go take care of it because he would have to stay late that night if he blew it off. Mike agrees and tells Jen that he is also going to stop by to see Rosanna on the way to work to appeal to her. Jen is sure that it won’t help, but Mike is willing to try anything, especially now that he knows Jen trusts only him to take care of Craig. The minute Mike leaves, Dusty comes through the door. He wants to know if Jen is ready to take care of Craig once and for all. Jen pauses for a moment but then tells him she is.

Jack, who has come home during Carly and Hannah’s argument, tries to calm the situation down between them. Hannah decides it would be for the best if she leaves, because she strongly feels the past should remain in the past. Carly demands to know who Hannah is trying to protect her from. She assures her she knows all about her dad and the type of person he was, but Hannah won’t budge. She is afraid that what Carly learns may destroy her. Carly has had it and tells Hannah she doesn’t need her anyway, she will find out about the picture on her own. Hannah says her goodbyes and leaves. After she goes, Carly is concerned that if Hannah is acting that strangely, then whatever she is hiding must be terrible. Jack tries to calm Carly and suggests she relax a bit before the kids get home. He tells her that he needs to go to the store to pick up some materials for a model that he and the kids are going to be working on. As he leaves, though, he grabs a picture of Hannah.

Dusty and Jen talk about their plan. Dusty has been watching Craig and knows his daily schedule. He knows he will be at the Lakeview this morning, and that is where they need to put their plan in motion. Jen is unsure if this is the best decision. She worries about the ramifications of Mike finding out. Jen tells Dusty that Mike is trying his hand with Rosanna this morning, and maybe they should wait to see how it turns out. Dusty doesn’t think they have time. He assures her that she will not get caught in the crossfire; Mike will never know she was involved. When Dusty’s associate calls to say Craig is now at the Lakeview, Jen gives him the thumbs-up to put their plan in motion. Dusty explains that he has a business meeting with Sierra this morning, but he will change it so they meet at the Lakeview instead, so Sierra can witness it as well. Jen leaves, and Dusty is going to follow as soon as he calls Sierra to change the meeting location. As he walks out the door, he almost walks into Meg. She flirts with him, trying to get him not to rush off, but Dusty tells her he is running late for a meeting with Sierra. Meg’s advances can’t stop Dusty from leaving, and he runs off, promising to call. Meg is a bit miffed by his subtle blow-off.

Mike stops by to see Rosanna at Fairwinds. He inquires about her quick marriage to Craig. He is confused because he thought Rosanna hated him after everything that happened with Cabot. Rosanna defends him, claiming they reconnected in Bangkok when he helped her out. He wonders where that leaves Paul. Rosanna doesn’t want to talk about him, assuring Mike that he has moved on, and now so has she. Mike appeals to Rosanna’s maternal side, saying Jen can’t afford to get as stressed out as Craig is making her. Rosanna doesn’t see it that way, claiming he is just trying to stay involved in his unborn child’s life. She feels this situation is one-sided: Craig is supposed to accept that Jen and Mike will make all the decisions, and Jen and Mike will be the only ones involved in raising Craig’s child. She feels Jen needs to be held accountable for the choices she made because Jen was the one who slept with Craig.

Paul and Emily are talking after they have made love. Emily wants to know how Paul is really handling seeing Rosanna get married. He tries to joke, but Emily wants to know, from his heart, how he feels. He admits it was a knife being twisted into him, but it is in the past and he needs to move on. Just then there is a knock at the door, and it is Barbara.. She calls through the door that she needs to talk to him about Will. Emily goes to hide as Paul answers the door. Paul wants to know what could possibly be wrong now. Barbara answers that Will has gotten Gwen pregnant. A shocked Paul wants to know if Barbara knows this for sure. She answers emphatically in the affirmative. She declares that Gwen, the gold digger, will not ruin Will’s future.

Bob and Kim are at the Lakeview having breakfast. They touch upon the fact that Will is the father of Gwen’s baby. They share their concern and wonder how he will manage. Kim notices Jen walking into the Lakeview and comments that at least one person in their family seems happy. Jen notices Craig sitting there and makes eye contact with him as she walks by him, but soon she approaches him. Deacon starts to walk over to her, but Jen sends him out to the car, claiming Craig will behave in public. Jen tells Craig that she was up all night thinking about what he said to her the other night. She is aware the he now has Rosanna’s money and power, but that won’t change how she feels about him, because she would rather give her baby away than let him near it. She reminds him he had two chances to be a good father, which he claims he can be, and he failed. She tells Craig she had her attorney draw up papers for him to sign relinquishing any parental claims on her baby. Craig is sure that no court would agree with a father being denied visitation rights to his own child. Jen mocks Craig by saying he is a rotten father and no court would want him anywhere near children. Craig snaps back, asking her where she got her diploma to be a mom--in his bed? Then Jen sees Dusty walk in, and she becomes more antagonizing. She claims that if he doesn’t back down, she will swear in court he was the reason his son died.

Paul thinks that Barbara should not get involved in Will’s situation because he is an adult. Barbara wants to save Will from the oldest scam in the book. Paul suggests that they should be proud of Will because he is acting responsibly. Barbara is sure Will is making a mistake and being taken for a ride by Gwen, and she is adamant in her belief that Will needs help and that Paul should talk to him. Paul agrees to talk to him, but without Barbara being around. He just wants her to leave. As Barbara is about to go, she hears a noise in the bedroom. Barbara is sure that Will is in there, but Paul wants to do what he can to prevent Barbara from going in there. He claims it was the AC turning on and that all she will find in his room is a pile of clothes, because he hasn’t been up to much these days. Barbara feels a bit sorry for Paul so she takes his word for it, but she makes Paul promise to talk to Will the first chance he gets. After she leaves, Emily comes out, and she and Paul have a laugh at how close they came to getting caught. Their light-hearted comments turn serious, though, when they discuss Will. Emily worries about how Hal will handle this, especially now that he is alone. Paul wonders if Emily still wants to be at Hal’s, acting as his wife. Emily doesn’t feel she belongs there anymore, but she doesn’t know where she does belong. Paul knows: she belongs with him. He asks her to move in with him.

Mike tells Rosanna that he doesn’t think that Jen is the real problem. He knows that Craig is wound up and territorial, and he is stressing Jen out. He worries about the baby and Jen’s health. Rosanna thinks that Jen is over the top with her disallowance of Craig’s involvement in anything related to their baby. Mike thinks that if Craig were to back off a bit, maybe they could work something out. Rosanna wonders if that is Jen's or Mike’s idea. Mike tells Rosanna that Jen trusts him to take care of her when it comes to Craig, so if this is the compromise, then she will go along with it. Mike pleads with Rosanna to rein in Craig, and he will work on Jen. Rosanna agrees, and they both hope this is the beginning of peace in everyone’s life.

Meg has returned to Lucinda’s. Lucinda inquires as to whether she caught up with Dusty. She admits he was busy and running out the door. Lucinda can tell that something happened between Dusty and Meg the other night, and she calls her on it. Meg admits to the truth in Lucinda’s observation, but she claims it wasn’t as if she were expecting flowers the next day. They had chemistry, she admits, but he is a different man to her now. Lucinda counsels Meg a bit, saying people always change, but maybe she should stick around to get to know the different Dusty better. Meg doesn’t think she will be sticking around that long. Lucinda hopes that Meg will be in town long enough to see Lucinda through her medical crisis. She promises she will, as long as Lucinda tries to stay off the computer, because sometimes too much information on a medical problem can be overwhelming and work against you. Meg has to run, but she wants Lucinda to call her as soon as she hears from the doctor.

Jack arrives at a diner by the bus station, looking for Hannah, who is about to board her bus. Jack wants Hannah to help him help Carly close the door on what went on with her dad. Hannah can’t tell him what she knows, because she strongly feels it would kill Carly to know the truth. She is happy that Carly has lived as long as she has without knowing the secret. She is adamant that Jack let this drop, because he and Carly have so much in life and this could destroy it. Meanwhile, Carly is at home calling the woman whom Nancy recommended, Susan, to see if she can help her further with the picture.

Craig reminds Jen that Bryant was out looking for her the night he died, and he found her sleeping with his cousin. He died knowing his girlfriend was a whore. Jen is getting more worked up and raising her voice, claiming that Bryant knew all along that Sierra and he were just meal tickets to Craig. She accuses him of being too busy spending Sierra’s money to be a real dad to Bryant. She reminds Craig that Bryant called him that fateful night, but did he listen? No; he was too wrapped up in himself to bother with his son. Craig wants to know if Jen is done, because he is leaving to go back home to see Rosanna, and he no longer wants to be a part of the scene she is causing. Jen gets louder, demanding to know whether Craig will be too wrapped up in himself again to care about his own child, and if he will ultimately kill this child of his, as well. Finally, Craig starts to raise his voice back at her, telling her that he has more money and power than he knows what to do with, and if she continues to threaten him he will take their baby away, never to be seen by her again. Dusty, Sierra, Bob and Kim are all witnessing this heated exchange. Craig tries to get Jen to back off by trying to move her by the arm, to which Jen loudly responds that he should stop pushing her. Craig responds that he is not pushing her, he just wants to leave. The scene becomes chaotic, and Jen falls to the ground as everyone watches.

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