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As the World Turns Update Monday 6/27/05


By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

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The heat of the summer night is getting to many of Oakdale’s residents.

Meg passes the time skinny-dipping in the pond at the farm. She is surprised when Dusty sneaks up on her in the water and pulls her under. At first she is upset, but when she realizes it is Dusty, she starts to playfully tease him. She pushes him under, and when they come up they are in each other’s arms. They both back off a bit, and Meg gets out of the water. Dusty turns around to let her get dried off and dressed as he asks what she is doing back in town. Meg sidesteps his questions by answering him in general terms. Meg then questions Dusty as to what he has been up to, and he replies that he is now working with Lucinda and Jen at Street Jeans. Meg is surprised, but amused, to hear Dusty is working with Lucinda. They continue to flirt.

Jen is outside her and Mike’s house, trying to cool off with a drink. She is stunned to find Craig there. She wants him to leave and go back home to Rosanna, then asks if Rosanna has come to her senses and dumped Craig already. Craig assures Jen that Rosanna is completely on his side and believes he has rights to his child, and she will give him anything he needs in order to achieve custody. Jen then threatens to call Mike to get him to make Craig leave, but Craig taunts her with his words. He poses the question of whether there will come a day when Mike will fully realize what it means that he is not the real father of Jen’s baby and wonders if he will stick around so loyally then. Jen is rattled a bit by his words, and she again orders Craig to leave. Craig agrees to leave, but not before some last subtly threatening words. He tells her that things would go much more smoothly for her and their baby if she agreed to his terms, because she is fighting a losing battle now, especially with all of Rosanna’s pull.

Paul has sought relief outside and finds himself at the Fairwinds gazebo.. He picks up a leftover flower from Rosanna and Craig’s wedding. He remembers watching the nuptials unseen. As he remembers the event, he unthinkingly crushes the flower in his hand.

He hears someone coming, and he ducks behind a wall. He realizes it is Rosanna out for a walk in the warm evening. He watches as she sadly sits down in the gazebo, deep in thought. As he watches her, it seems as if he may reveal himself to her.

At the gym, Katie is longingly looking at a Street Jeans poster of Mike when the lights go out. She finds her way to the fuse box and is trying to see why the power went out when she notices a shadowy figure behind her. She starts to scream, but Henry steps out and identifies himself. Katie is mad, thinking he was trying to scare her. He promises her that was not his intention. She is also angry about how he left her at the hotel in Chicago. She tells him how wonderful the room looked for them. Henry reminds her that Mike was the one who set the evening up, and if it looked beautiful, it was because Mike knows what Katie likes. Henry fiddles at the fuse box and is able to give her power again, as well as AC, which had also gone out. Katie tries to get Henry to see she wanted to be there with him, not Mike. She swears her heart is still with him, but Henry picks up the poster of Mike Katie was looking at and sadly reminds her that her actions never seem to be the same as her words. He hands her an envelope, telling her that is why he stopped by tonight. Katie tentatively takes the envelope, knowing what is inside.

Just as it seems Paul is about to step out of the shadows, Craig shows up, telling Rosanna he has been looking all over for her. He wonders why she is outside, and she replies that the heat made her restless. He wants her to come back inside. Rosanna pauses but then decides to go with him.

Mike wakes up to find Jen standing by the phone. He wants to know if she needs something. She wants a moment, so she asks Mike to draw her a bath to cool her down. Mike leaves to do that, and Jen quickly picks up the phone. She calls Dusty but gets his voice mail. She quickly relays how Craig stopped by tonight and says that she is more convinced than ever Craig will not back down--they have to do something to stop Craig now. As Mike calls for Jen, she quickly hangs up the phone.

Dusty and Meg continue to playfully flirt with one another. When Dusty tries to get Meg to talk about anything personal in her life, though, she avoids the subject. Their physical connection is still palpable, and Dusty comments that it feels as if Meg had never left. Meg comments on how she has been all across the states and wound up full-circle, right back at home. Meg reaches for his hand and wonders if Dusty ever thinks about second chances. Dusty asks her if that is because she has regrets. Meg admits that losing him was one of her biggest regrets. Dusty reminds her that she never really lost him, because he is with her right now. He pulls her into a kiss. They decide to go get a six-pack of beer and come back to the pond to talk. Meg teases that maybe there would be something more as well. Dusty remarks that she is still wild, and Meg agrees, saying no place she has been could take that out of her.

A distraught Emily is waiting at Paul’s apartment when he gets home.. He opens the door and lets her in. He dries her tears as she falls passionately into his arms. Later on, as they are lying in bed, Emily comments that this time it felt different. Paul asks if that means something good. Emily expresses that the feelings are more real to her now; they didn’t make love due to lust or desperation. Paul agrees as they fall back into each other’s arms.

Katie opens the envelope to find divorce papers. Henry doesn’t want them to pretend this wasn’t coming next. Henry reminds Katie this next step was inevitable. Katie tries one last time to convince Henry of her feelings for only him, but to no avail. Henry doesn’t want them to pretend any longer about Katie’s feelings, either. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves. Katie stands sadly watching Henry leave. She sees Mike’s poster sitting there, and, as she is reminded of everything and everyone she has lost, she crumples to the floor.

At her apartment, Gwen is looking at her sonogram. She puts the picture up on her mirror. She then daydreams of Casey coming to her and saying that he knows the baby isn’t Will's, and he wants to do the right thing. When she realizes it is not really happening, she becomes even more depressed about her situation, as she looks around her dingy apartment.

Will is escaping the heat on the rooftop. He remembers back to when he was dancing with Celia at the prom. He hears her voice behind him and smiles for a moment, thinking she is alone, until he hears Casey’s voice as well. He quickly runs and hides. Celia wants Casey to see the view, and he wants some privacy. They start to kiss as Will looks on. Just then Gwen arrives on the roof with the same idea of staying cool, but also getting away from her apartment. She interrupts Casey and Celia, much to Casey’s obvious annoyance. Celia suggests they hang out, but Casey doesn’t want any of that, so Celia and he leave. After they go, Gwen tells Will he can come out now. Will wonders, if she knew he was there, did Celia also know?

Lily and Holden stay cool by sharing a beer together at the farm. They talk about Lucinda and what is ahead of her. Holden suggests that all Lily really can do is give her unconditional support. Lily tells Holden she is happy he is there to talk with. Even though they are no longer married, Holden wants Lily to always know they will be friends and they can always talk to one another. Lily reaches for Holden’s hand, and they move closer to one another just as Luke enters, interrupting the moment. Lily then sits Luke down to break the news about Lucinda's cancer. Luke is disbelieving that any more can be happening to his family. He is so upset, wondering what they have done to deserve all the pain they have been dealt. He goes even far enough to wonder if they are cursed. With that statement, an emotional Luke runs out of the room. Lily wants to go after him, but Holden suggests they give him time. Lily becomes emotional, wondering if Luke isn’t on to something. Why do they have to deal with one tragic event after another? Holden tries to lighten the mood by making Lily laugh, which she greatly appreciates.

Lucinda is at home reading books about cancer. She comes across a photo album among her books. She starts to nostalgically thumb through the album and the pictures from the past. She sees Lily and Holden’s wedding picture and recalls many different times in Lily’s life, from childhood to adulthood to her becoming a mother. Lucinda stops herself and tells herself out loud to stop acting this way. She is not dead, and she needs to get a grip.

Celia and Casey arrive at Snyder Pond, and Casey suggests they go skinny-dipping, but Celia wants to slow things down. She doesn’t want to end up like Gwen. Casey assures her that he was not insinuating they should have sex, just kiss. As they start to kiss more, Dusty and Meg show back up with their six-pack and interrupt the moment. Dusty teases Casey a little before they leave, so each couple can have some privacy. Meg and Dusty talk further about growing up as kids and how Meg and Lily didn’t get along. They also touch upon how surprised they are Lily and Holden couldn’t make their marriage work. Dusty tells Meg they are a good example as to why love is no longer a priority in his life; if Lily and Holden can’t make it, then who can? Meg teases him that Lily is now available, so maybe Dusty should reconcile with her, but Dusty assures her he is no longer interested in Lily in that way. Meg pulls Dusty in with a kiss, and the two of them end up making love by the pond’s edge.

Carly and Jack are outside on their porch, enjoying the evening. As they start to kiss again, Hannah interrupts them, not knowing they are out there. Jack asks if she can look after the kids some more so Carly and he could go for a drive. Hannah is more than happy to watch the children.. As soon as Carly and Jack drive away, Hannah fishes the ripped-up picture of Carly’s father out of the trash barrel and puts them into the ash tray, where she then burns them. She drops one piece of the ripped picture on the floor as she is cleaning up, which she does not see as she goes upstairs to get ready to go to sleep.

Meanwhile, Carly and Jack are lying on top of the hood of their car, overlooking the city and enjoying the night. Carly makes Jack promise they will grow old together in Oakdale, and they will always be as happy as they are right now. She wants to have plenty of stories to tell their children, and she wants to never have any secrets. She never wants her kids to feel the way she felt about her dad. Jack promises her all of that and more. They start to dance beside the car and soon find themselves undressing, until a police officer catches them. When the police officer realizes it is Jack, they have a laugh, and then Jack tells him they will pick this back up at home.

Dusty teases Meg that they were supposed to spend the night talking, but Meg has no interest in that as she pulls him in for another kiss. Meg is hoping what they were just doing was about second chances. Dusty wants to relish in this moment. He reminds her their relationship wasn't always perfect. Meg wonders, if he can’t look back or forward, where do they stand? Dusty just wants to live in the here-and-now, and not plan or worry about anything else. Dusty can’t be the person Meg needs to figure out her life, but Meg replies that she may be who Dusty needs in order to figure out his. Jen, who has snuck out to her porch to secretly call Dusty, interrupts their talk. Dusty tells Meg he has to answer this call. He talks with Jen, who brings him up to speed on Craig’s visit. She tells him that she now feels nothing will stop Craig, and she realizes they have to take care of Craig Dusty’s way. He reminds her that means they have to keep this from Mike. Jen agrees, feeling she no longer has a choice. They agree to meet up tomorrow to talk further. As Dusty finishes up his phone call, Meg gathers up her belongings, blows him a kiss and leaves.

Carly and Jack come home to a dark house, but when they turn on the living room light Carly sees the children’s football and goes to pick it up. On the floor next to the ball, she sees a ripped piece of the picture of her dad that she thought she had misplaced. She comments to Jack about why it is ripped. Jack doesn’t think that is something the kids would do, and the only one left would be Hannah. Carly declares she is going to get to the bottom of this with Hannah.

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