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As the World Turns Update Friday 6/24/05


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At the Hughes house, Carly meets with Nancy to ask her about the picture of her father. Nancy is going through boxes and boxes of material from the Oakdale Historical Society because she has been put in charge of archiving the items. Carly is surprised that the picture of her father is missing from her purse.

At Carly and Jack’s house, Hannah takes one last look at the picture of Carly’s father before she rips up the picture. Jack arrives home to pick up a file he has forgotten and wonders what Hannah is tearing up. Hannah covers and tells Jack she is tearing up credit card receipts because she is afraid of identity theft.

Outside Margo and Tom’s house, Will tells Celia he would never lie about something as important as being the father of Gwen’s baby.

At Gwen’s apartment, Barbara is determined to talk to Gwen, despite the fact that Gwen is in no mood to talk to her. Barbara tells Gwen she won’t get any of Will’s money or ever marry him just because she is pregnant. Gwen tells Barbara she doesn’t want any of Will’s money and Barbara is wrong about everything. Gwen tells Barbara that Will was right when he told her Barbara doesn’t care about him or think very highly of him. Barbara tells Gwen that she thinks the world of Will, but she knows he is naive and can’t stand to see a girl cry.

Mike and Jennifer relax at Snyder Pond. Jennifer tells Mike that Paul called her to give her the news that Craig had married Rosanna. Jennifer fears that now Craig will have more power to take away her baby. Jennifer tries to persuade Mike to let Dusty help them get Craig out of their lives by any means possible. Mike refuses to fight dirty to beat Craig. Mike assures Jennifer that he will help her beat Craig and keep her baby legally. Mike decides to go speak to Rosanna and tell her what Craig is trying to do. Jennifer tells Mike that she discovered that Craig has done horrible things to hurt people, and she is afraid he will hurt the baby.

At the Walsh mansion, Meg refuses to give Lily any information about Lucinda, so Lily demands that her mother tell her the truth. Lucinda asks Meg to leave because she wants to handle the situation. Meg tries to persuade Lucinda to tell her family the truth, because they will find out sooner or later. Lucinda struggles to find the words while Lily keeps badgering her for the truth. Lucinda just blurts out that Meg is helping her because she has cancer. Lily and Sierra start barking rapid-fire questions at Lucinda until Lucinda shouts, "Enough!" and goes to her office. Lily tries to follow her, but Meg stops her because Lucinda doesn’t want to be followed. Meg explains Lucinda’s condition to Lily, Holden and Sierra.

At the Hughes house, Carly describes the picture of her father to Nancy and also tells her that she thinks it was taken on Founder’s Day because of the flags that were in the picture. Nancy gives Carly a box of items that are going to be cataloged under "Founder’s Day."

Outside the Hughes house, Celia pleads with Will to look her in the eye and tell her the truth. Will is about to tell Celia the truth because he can’t lie to her, but Casey arrives and interrupts their conversation. Will tells Celia he has to leave to check on Gwen.

At Snyder Pond, Jennifer tells Mike he shouldn’t trust Rosanna to help them. Mike decides to go talk to Rosanna anyway and see what happens with her. Jennifer decides to wait for him at the pond, and they both decide to go skinny-dipping later. Once Mike has left, Jennifer calls Dusty and tells him to meet her at the pond to discuss Craig.

At the Walsh mansion, Lily takes her anger about her mother’s situation out on Meg, accusing her of having a hidden agenda and trying to weasel her way into Lucinda’s life. Holden calms Lily down and tells her to stop taking her anger out on Meg, because they must all stick together to become a strong support system for Lucinda.

At the Hughes house, Carly finds a picture of her father with two women, one of whom Nancy identifies as Susan Stewart, but the other woman’s face is too blurry for Nancy to recognize and identify.

At Gwen’s apartment, Will arrives and defends Gwen against his mother’s attack. Barbara wants to know if Will has thought about how they wlll support the baby once it is born. Will tells Barbara they have not thought that far ahead, but they still have some time to figure it all out. Barbara wants to run a DNA test on the baby before it is born. Will tells Barbara he isn’t stupid enough to listen to her again after what happened the last time he listened to her. Will throws his mother out of the apartment.

Outside the Hughes house, Celia considers talking to Kim about her feelings, but she thinks better of it and tells Kim she has a headache and must go home. Casey also decides to talk to Kim about his fears of not living up to Celia’s high standards. Kim tells Casey that she thinks something else is bothering Celia besides Gwen’s problem. Kim thinks it’s a shame the father of Gwen’s baby isn’t standing by her through her pregnancy.

Casey tells Kim that Will is the baby’s father. Kim informs Casey that Will made it clear to Bob when he took Gwen for her check-up that he isn’t the father of Gwen’s baby.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda refuses to talk to her daughters about her cancer, choosing instead to concentrate on work. Lily asks her mother not to shut them out because they should deal with it together. Lucinda tells Lily and Sierra the cancer is in her body and she wants to deal with it alone, so they should respect her wishes. Lily is determined to help her mother, whether or not she wants to be helped.

At the Snyder farm, Holden tries to make Meg understand that Lily feels scared right now because of her mother’s cancer. Meg thinks Lily always tries to make every situation about her. Meg admits to Holden that she feels like she has disappointed Emma because her marriage failed. Holden tells Meg he understands because he feels the same way, since his marriage to Lily is also a failure. Meg decides to go for a walk because it is too hot to stay inside the house. Holden thanks Meg for helping Lucinda through a tough time.

At Snyder Pond, Jennifer asks Dusty to get rid of Craig and get him out of her life. Jennifer feels badly for breaking her promise to Mike, but Dusty assures her she is only protecting her baby. Dusty also tells Jennifer that they can even make it look like she is Craig's victim.

At Carly and Jack’s place, Carly tells Jack she loves the life they have built together. Carly explains to Jack that when she found that picture of her father, she felt like he had intruded on her life in Oakdale by being there without her knowledge. Carly tells Jack all the pain of being abandoned by her father came back. Jack assures Carly he will never leave her, because she and the kids are his whole life. Carly and Jack make love.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen is envious that Will loves Celia so much he is willing to do anything to spare her pain. Gwen agrees to let Will help her with the baby, as long as he doesn’t expect love in return for his help.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Mike tells Jennifer that Rosanna refused to speak to him until tomorrow. Mike promises Jennifer he will keep Craig away from the baby.

At the Walsh mansion, Lily and Sierra admit to each other they are scared of losing Lucinda. Sierra and Lily agree to respect their mother’s wishes. Lucinda watches them and smiles, because she knows they love her and it is hard for them to respect her wishes.

At Snyder Pond, Dusty walks by and sees Meg swimming in the pond, but he imagines it is Jennifer.

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