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As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/23/05


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At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly and Jack arrive home from Rosanna's wedding. Carly can’t believe that Rosanna actually married Craig, and she is determined to change her sister’s mind and get her to divorce Craig. Jack thinks that Rosanna is a very stubborn woman and once she makes up her mind to do something nobody can change it. Carly shows Jack the picture of her father and tells him the more she looks at it, the more she is convinced that Parker is right: her father is standing outside Mabel’s restaurant. Carly and Jack wonder if her father was ever in Oakdale, but Carly doesn’t remember her father ever mentioning the town. Hannah sits at the top of the stairs and listens to Carly and Jack’s conversation.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen doesn’t think that Will pretending to be the father of her baby is fair to him because it could cause trouble for him with his family. Will tells Gwen he wants to help her with the baby, and telling people he is the father is easier, especially since Casey suspects the truth but is choosing to believe Will is the father rather then admitting the truth to himself. Gwen remains determined to tell Casey the truth because she is convinced he will discover it for himself sooner or later.

Outside Tom and Margo’s house, Celia continues to be bothered by the fact that Will is the father of Gwen’s baby. Celia thinks that Will was lonely and needed someone. Celia continues to try to think of reasons to justify Will being so irresponsible as to get Gwen pregnant. Casey is tired of hearing Celia talk about Will, Gwen and the baby, so he demands that Celia drop the subject.

At the Snyder farm, Holden, Lily and Sierra continue to worry about Lucinda and why she has been behaving so strangely. The three figure out that Lucinda met with her estate attorney and had some paperwork drawn up. Lily thinks Lucinda is taking her out of the will because she is dating Keith.

At the hospital, Lucinda dreams that she has died and she sees her family at the funeral and at the mansion, mourning her. Lucinda screams for them and tells them she is there, but they don’t hear her. Lucinda wakes up from her operation to find Meg at her bedside. Lucinda is ready to go home, but Meg tells her she can’t leave yet because the doctor wants to speak to her. The doctor arrives with news for Lucinda about the preliminary test results.

Outside Tom and Margo’s house, Celia wants to go help out Gwen and see how she is doing, pointing out that she is pregnant and needs her friends. Barbara comes by to pick up prom pictures and is stunned when she hears Gwen is pregnant. Casey confirms for Barbara that the news is true, and Barbara thinks it’s to be expected from a girl like Gwen. Celia is offended and tells Barbara that Gwen is a nice person. Barbara explains to Celia that kids like her, Casey and Will had parents to shelter them from girls like Gwen. Barbara wonders who the baby’s father is, and Celia tells her it is best for Barbara to ask Will that question. Barbara gets angry at the implication that Will is the father of Gwen’s baby. Margo arrives and tells Barbara to come down and stop shouting at Casey and Celia.

At Gwen’s place, Will continues to try and persuade Gwen not to tell Casey the truth about the baby. Gwen doesn’t understand why Will wants to keep the truth a secret, since the truth would drive Celia away from Casey and straight to him. Will denies that he would ever take Celia away from Casey, because Casey is his best friend and Celia loves him. Gwen figures out that Will is trying to spare Celia pain by pretending to be the father. Will offers to pay for an apartment for Gwen and give her money so she can quit work and take care of herself and the baby.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack and Carly question Hannah about the picture of Carly’s dad. Hannah tells them she doesn’t remember the picture and she has no idea when or where the picture was taken. Lisa arrives to give J.J. a video game. Carly asks Lisa about the picture. Lisa doesn’t recognize Carly’s father but confirms the picture was taken outside Mabel's, on Founder’s Day. Lisa suggests that Carly go talk to Nancy Hughes about the picture.

At the Snyder farm, Lily leans on Holden as she worries that her relationship with Keith has caused a rift between her and Lucinda. Lily also fears that Lucinda may be acting strangely because of her. Holden assures Lily that Lucinda loves her and they will be close again. Keith calls, and Lily tells him it's not a good time to talk and hangs up the phone.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Lucinda that preliminary test results show the lump in her breast is malignant, and they need to do more tests to determine the stage of the cancer. The doctor must leave, so Meg explains the cancer stages to Lucinda. Meg also tells Lucinda she has several treatment options, depending on the stage of the cancer. Lucinda tells Meg not to say anything to Sierra and Lily.

At the farm, Lily and Sierra decide to hack into Lucinda’s computer to find out her secret.

Outside the Hughes house, Casey and Celia tell Margo that the information about Gwen is true, because a person who should know told them about the pregnancy. An angry Barbara leaves, vowing to handle the situation herself. Margo asks Celia to take the groceries in the house so she can talk to Casey. Margo asks Casey if he would tell her if he and Celia were in the same situation as Gwen and Will. Casey is offended by the question and says he and Celia have not gone far enough to be in that situation. Casey assures his mother he would tell her the truth if he ever got a girl pregnant.

At Carly and Jack’s place, Carly is about to call Nancy to talk with her, but Hannah stops her because she promised to take the kids to the movies. Jack has to go to the station and the boys are busy with their video game, and Carly is happy she can do some investigating about the picture. Carly and Jack go outside to say good-bye and make plans for a romantic evening after Jack returns from work. Hannah stays inside, takes the picture of Carly’s father out of the scrapbook, and hides it.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda arrives home from the hospital with Meg. Lucinda has just finished taking a pain pill when Holden and Lily come in the room. Holden and Lily wonder why Lucinda looks tired and what has been going on with her. Holden asks Meg what is going on with Lucinda. Meg doesn’t say anything and leaves Lucinda to talk to her family.

Outside the Hughes house, Will arrives but decides to leave a few minutes later, because he feels uncomfortable about the way Casey and Celia keep staring at him and won’t talk to him. Celia runs after Will and asks him to tell her if he really is the father of Gwen’s baby.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen hears a knock on the door and thinks it's Will returning with some food. Gwen is stunned to see Barbara at her door.

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