ATWT Update Wednesday 6/22/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/22/05


By Linda
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

Today, Lucinda continues to struggle with the news of her cancer--but she still refuses to tell her daughters. Thinking that she needs a day of rest and relaxation, Sierra and Lily show up to treat her to a day at the spa. Lucinda is very crafty in worming her way out of going with them without giving away her secret.

Meg is at the farm, reuniting with her brother as they share a glass of milk and some sibling chit-chat. Of course, talk turns to Lily, and Holden is put on the hot seat. Luckily for him, the phone rings. It is Lucinda, and she really needs Meg to give her a ride to the hospital. We all read between the lines here: Lucinda needs a comforting, caring person to go through the procedure with her. Meg is able to give Lucinda the support she needs as they chat right before the procedure. A very nervous Lucinda is wrapped in a warm blanket in an attempt to keep her nerves at bay. Little does she know, a nurse is now calling the farm for contact info on Lucinda. The call confuses Holden, and he reports this call to Lily!

Back to the wedding of the year, where the bride just dropped her bouquet. I think that signals a problem, don't you?? Jack notices her very nervous state and tries to talk some sense into her about the impromptu wedding. Carly also encourages her sister to rethink her decision, and it appears they are getting through to her, until Craig saunters over. "We have nothing to lose," he reasons. Rosanna gives a short, reassuring speech to shut the skeptical guests up, and the wedding finally begins.

What no one knows is that Carly made a phone call before talking to Rosanna--to Paul! After she finally got through his new "personal assistant," Emily, who took her own sweet time giving Paul the phone, Carly was able to plead with him to get over to Fairwinds ASAP before Craig snatched the phone from her hand. After many, many kisses of goodbye to Em, Paul rushes off to save the day! When he gets to Fairwinds, he rushes into the house, calling out for Rosanna. He walks outside just in time to see them pronounced husband and wife, then slips out unseen. We see him standing out of sight, tears streaming down his face.

At the reception, Katie and Margo sip champagne as Craig addresses his guests: "I'm going to be a better husband, better brother and, God willing, a better father," he vows, and almost keeps a straight face while doing it. Cut to Jennifer, who is half-heartedly trying to get Dusty to stop helping her with Craig, but he quickly convinces her that defying Mike is the best course of action under the circumstances. He proceeds to tell her that Craig has actually killed someone in his zeal to get what he wants. Finally, someone remembers!

Meanwhile, Paul gets home, pours a drink and phones his sister to tell her the news, which is that Craig now has the considerable power of the Cabot name behind him. "There's no stopping him now," frets Jen, deciding then and there that she's ready to fight dirty.

Back to Fairwinds, as the new groom sweetly says good night to his new bride, who then pulls a hatchet job on her wedding cake. Her ex isn't doing much better: after a deep good-night kiss with Emily, Paul pulls out his ring, stares at it "my precious"-style, flashes back on his own wedding and tosses it off his snazzy balcony. What a day in Oakdale!

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