ATWT Update Tuesday 6/21/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/21/05


By Elayna
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At home, Jen is getting ready to leave to go see Paul. Mike is trying to persuade her to stay a little longer, but Jen wants to go see how he is doing, considering the events that have taken place recently with Rosanna. She also wants to ask Paul to be the baby’s godfather. Mike agrees that she should go try to cheer him up and ask him to be the godfather. Jen is concerned that Paul will do something out of anger, so off she goes to see her brother.

At Susan’s, Emily is remembering Rosanna walking in and catching her and Paul fooling around on the couch. There is a knock at the door, and it is Hal. He immediately pours his heart out by telling her how much he misses her and wants her to come home. He tells her they can fix any problem they have. Emily replies that they can’t do this. Hal is very understanding with her, but Emily is riddled with guilt over how sensitive and sweet Hal is being. Hal admits to having been scared and jealous and not giving her the support she needed. He asks her if she can forgive him, and an overwhelmed Emily tells Hal only if he can forgive her. Hal wants to know what he would possibly need to forgive her for.

Paul is at home. He picks up his wallet and out tumbles his wedding band from when he was married to Rosanna. He tries to throw it in the trash, but he can’t bring himself to, and so he simply puts it back in his wallet. There is a knock, and it is Jen. They visit and she asks him to be the godfather of her baby, and he happily accepts. They then talk about her being concerned with how he is handling Rosanna being back. She admits to thinking he would end up in a dark place, and Paul admits to having been headed there before a ‘friend’ helped him see the light. Jen is ecstatic that Paul has found someone, and she asks who it is. Paul tells her that she will be the first to know when they are ready to go public, but right now it is bad timing, and they both have stuff they want to work through. They change the subject and Paul mentions Mike coming by to tell him that he doesn’t want him involved in how Jen and he handle Craig. Paul is happy to see Mike is focused 100% on Jen, but he warns her that Mike, even being a great guy, is no match for Craig, so he wants her to watch her back.

Rosanna is at home at Fairwinds thinking about Paul as she looks at her old wedding band. When the maid comes in with the dress she wore at her wedding to Paul, she responds in anger, telling her she was supposed to get another dress and bring it to her. The maid explains that with such short notice they couldn’t find a dress that was already altered. She makes an assumption when she tells Rosanna that Paul won’t mind her wearing the same dress. Rosanna responds angrily that she is not marrying Paul, but Craig.

Meanwhile, Craig is outside preparing the gazebo for his upcoming wedding that afternoon. Carly shows up angry with Craig, promising to never allow this wedding to take place. She storms off to find Rosanna. Inside she corners Rosanna, pleading with her to see that what she is doing would be wrong, and she has to reconsider. She assumes that Craig is holding something over her. Rosanna tells Carly that there is no blackmailing involved with why she is marrying Craig, and the wedding will be taking place today.

Lucinda arrives at the farm looking for Lily, but she runs into Meg instead. Meg wants to know if Lucinda has told anyone yet, and Lucinda replies that she won’t until she knows definitely what to share. Meg thinks she needs to stop acting like a martyr and accept help. Lucinda is busy right now and doesn’t have time. She also has a charity event later that night, so she is preoccupied. Meg is amazed that Lucinda would think she is going to be up to that. She offers to tell Lucinda what to expect with the biopsy and after. Lucinda sits down to listen.

Katie arrives at the gazebo and wonders what is going on when she sees all the flowers. Craig informs a stunned Katie that he is marrying Rosanna there today. Craig tells her that he is lucky to have a second chance with her, and he is taking it, kind of like what Katie would do if she had the chance with Mike. Margo and Tom arrive a few minutes later, and Katie is amazed when she goes to talk to Margo and finds out that she knew what Craig was planning. Margo knew he was trying to improve his chances in court, and obviously Rosanna has her reasons, as well, to accept his proposal. Katie is firm in her belief that they need to stop this sham of a wedding. Margo tells her they need to butt out, because all they will do is alienate Craig, and he is more dangerous when he is alone. Katie wonders what impact this will have on Jen and Mike. Margo wants to know why this is Katie’s business, but Katie thinks that with Rosanna and Craig teaming up, Jen and Mike don’t stand a chance.

Mike is walking around his house in thought. He finds matches in his pocket from the hotel in Chicago where he was with Katie. He remembers being there with her. Just then, there is a knock at the door, and it is Dusty. Dusty is there to drop off papers for Jen, but it is obvious to Dusty that Mike is bothered by something. They need to clear the air. Mike is angry that Dusty is doing everything to protect Jen without even consulting him. He mentions Jen and him discussing strategy, and Barbara wanting to hire a sleazeball lawyer. Dusty explains that he was just trying to help his employee. Mike is angrier now, knowing they are discussing ideas behind his back. He orders Dusty to butt out and leave Jen’s problems with Craig to him. He will protect his wife without needing Dusty’s bodyguard, either. Dusty thinks Mike is foolish to try to take on Craig alone. Dusty wants to know if Mike can handle the job--especially if he isn’t around all the time, such as the night before when he came home late. Mike wants to know if his bodyguard is spying on him. Dusty assures him that is not happening, but he tells Mike that if he wants to make demands, he needs to be able to back it up and really be there to protect his wife. Mike tells him to leave.

Carly wants to know why Rosanna is so adamant about marrying Craig. Carly wants to know if it is a test for Paul, to see if he stops the wedding. Rosanna assures her that is not why. Carly wants to know what happened when she went to go talk to Paul. Rosanna remembers walking in on Emily and Paul, but she doesn't say anything. She tells Carly that Paul no longer loves her, so there is no reason he would stop the wedding, and now she needs to get on with her life. Carly is sure that if she makes this mistake by marrying Craig, then she will really have no chance of making things right with Paul, and she will instead lose him forever.

Meg and Lucinda are discussing the procedure, and then Meg touches upon Lucinda being a shrewd businesswoman who is always prepared. She thinks Lucinda needs to think about a living will or signing a power-of-attorney form. Lucinda thinks that is overly dramatic for such a common procedure. Meg thinks it can’t hurt. Meg continues to press Lucinda about leaning on someone for support, or at least having someone pick her up after the procedure. Lucinda doesn’t want to talk anymore, and she gets ready to leave. At the last minute, though, she turns around and thanks Meg, and then quickly leaves.

Hal continues to be sweet and understanding with Emily, telling her that she needs to come home so they can work things through. He apologizes for implying Emily was being unfaithful with Paul and throwing Chris in her face. He knows that she and Paul are just good friends. He feels so badly for insinuating otherwise. An agonized Emily can’t take all the guilt with the way Hal is talking, and she blurts out that she slept with Paul. Hal is stunned. He can’t believe what he is hearing. He wants to know how long it's been going on. Emily confesses that it happened only once, the other night. Hal is furious. He wants to know how Emily could let him come in and go on and on about their marriage and how they could work it out, and how much he missed her. He wants to know if she was doing that to humiliate him. Emily is so upset over hurting Hal, but she tells Hal that their marriage had been damaged for a very long time. Hal is overwhelmed, and he can’t understand how Emily could do that to their marriage. All marriages go through rough spots, but people work through them; they don’t move out and sleep with other people. He shoots at Emily that that always seems to be her pattern. Emily tries to get Hal to see that there had been problems for a long time, and him moving Barbara into their house made it worse. Hal is wondering how Emily could be implying he is to blame for this. Emily swears she isn’t, but she wants to discuss what they will do from this moment on, because what happened with Paul has happened, and she can’t change it. Hal responds that when he came there he would have done anything to get his marriage back on track, but now Emily hasn’t left him with anything to salvage. Emily wants to know what that means, and Hal answers that she knows what that means. He turns and leaves as Susan walks in. Upon seeing Hal furious and Emily crying, she asks what is wrong. Emily answers that her marriage just ended.

Jen comes home to find Mike a bit upset. They talk for a minute before Mike mentions Dusty stopping by. He then tells Jen how upset he was to find out that she has been plotting with Dusty behind his back to handle Craig. He wants Jen to trust that he will take care of her. Jen apologizes and promises not to do it again. Mike promises that they are a team and they will handle it together, and it will be done on the up and up. He hugs Jen, but we see Jen looking concerned.

Carly is adamant that even if Rosanna were over Paul, marrying Craig would ruin her future. Rosanna tells Carly that if she can’t support her, then she needs to leave. Carly is sure Rosanna is making a big mistake. Just then, Craig walks in and wants to know why Rosanna isn’t finished getting ready. Rosanna excuses herself, and Craig taunts Carly about her not being able to stop the wedding. Carly tells Craig the day is still young.

Dusty meets Lucinda, wanting to know what they should be doing about Craig. Lucinda is preoccupied, and she tells Dusty to handle it by himself. Dusty notices how upset Lucinda is and offers to listen to her if she needs to talk. Lucinda is taken aback by Dusty’s concern, but she still tells him there is nothing he needs to be concerned with. Dusty doesn’t believe her. She simply says she is bothered by not being able to make it to a fundraiser that night. She hopes Dusty can go in her place, but he wants to know why Sierra can’t, or, better yet, why she can’t make it herself. Lucinda tells Dusty that she will be in Chicago all day and can’t make it back in time. Dusty still doesn’t believe the story Lucinda is feeding him, but Lucinda has to leave, only not before giving Dusty a big strong hug. As she leaves, Dusty watches after her, concerned.

Susan wants Emily to go after Hal because he is sitting in his car. Emily doesn’t believe Hal wants to hear anything she has to say. Susan thinks that Emily is letting the best man in her life escape her. Emily tells Susan that she did something stupid, and Hal won’t forgive her. Susan figures out quickly what Emily is talking about. She can’t believe Emily is having an affair with Paul. She wants to know how stupid Emily could be. Emily doesn’t want to hear a lecture from her mother, and she tells her that as she storms out.

Rosanna has dressed and is ready to get married. She looks at her wedding band from Paul. She quickly throws it into the drawer, just as Katie enters. Katie subtly mentions how quick her marriage to Craig was. She likens it to her wedding to Henry. She mentions that it was done that way because she was marrying Henry in hopes that Mike would stop the wedding, and in the end he didn’t, and she was married to the wrong person at the wrong time. She tells Rosanna that her plan ended up hurting everyone. Rosanna assures her that her wedding to Craig is not like hers to Henry. Katie tells Rosanna she hopes her wedding will end up better then hers did to Henry. She feels she is right, though, and she thinks Rosanna being heartbroken and Craig wanting stability aren’t good enough reasons to marry, because in the end a child will end up getting hurt. With that, she leaves.

Paul is at home thinking about the conversation he had with Emily regarding how she felt he is not over Rosanna. There is a knock at the door, and he finds a crying Emily on the other side, who runs into his arms. She explains she told Hal about them and talks about how upset and hurt he was. Paul reminds Emily that her marriage had been over for a while, and she knew that, and that’s why she let things happen with him. He believes they were meant to be together; they are in the same place in life and keep being thrown together, and that must mean something. He thinks Emily wouldn’t have come looking for him if she wasn’t drawn to him.

Meg is cleaning up at the farm, and she comes across Lucinda’s sunglasses and thinks of her. Faith comes in with Meg’s high school yearbook. Faith wants to see her picture. She shows her the picture, and then she skims through the rest of the book and comes across another picture that she smiles at. Faith asks who it is, and she responds that it's someone she used to know. We see it is a picture of Dusty.

The wedding starts, and Rosanna joins Craig at the altar. Carly whispers to Jack that she can’t believe Rosanna is going through with this, and she needs to stop it. Jack thinks there is nothing left for her to do. With that, Carly jumps up and declares that she is going to be sick, and asks if they could give her a moment. She leaves the gazebo and runs to call Paul. She leaves a message for Paul asking him to come help Rosanna, as Emily listens. Emily picks up and wants to know what is wrong. Carly just tells her that Paul needs to get over to Fairwinds right away because something is about to happen to Rosanna, and she hangs up quickly. Paul comes back in the room as Emily is hanging up. Carly turns around, and Craig is standing there. Meanwhile, up at the altar, Rosanna remembers her conversation with Katie, and she panics and drops her bouquet as she looks at everyone watching her.

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