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As the World Turns Update Monday 6/20/05


By Elayna
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Henry stops by Mike and Katie’s to see Mike, but he bumps into Jen’s bodyguard instead, who puts him in a hold until Jen calls him off. Once inside, Jen explains why she has to have a bodyguard. When Henry realizes Mike is still not home, he tells Jen he is in a hotel room with Katie in Chicago. They both realize how late it has become. He tries to put Jen’s mind at ease by explaining that the only reason Mike was there is because he was trying to set up a romantic date for him and Katie to try to get them back together. However, Henry was unable to go through with it, and he left Mike there to deal with Katie. They each claim they aren’t worried, but Henry lets it slip out that Mike would be the best person to set this surprise up, since he knows Katie best. He realizes he is not making things better, and ends up leaving.

In Chicago, Katie and Mike are relaxing, and they almost end up kissing. They immediately pull back and chalk it up to the champagne and the reminiscing. Katie tells Mike that Henry should be the one there with her. She laments about how Mike is being such a good friend, but sometimes she can’t help but remember the past good times they shared, and sometimes her thoughts get carried away. It makes her think about how, when it comes to Mike, it can be a bit challenging to just stay friends on her part. She wonders if they should end the friendship. Mike is surprised and wants to know if that is what she really wants.

Lily arrives at the farm to find Luke there, and she asks him if he has seen Lucinda because she is a little worried about her. Luke says he hasn’t seen her but mentions that he bumped into Meg, which throws Lily a little. Luke mentions that she is no longer with Josh and that she didn’t seem to want to talk about it. Once Luke leaves, Lily calls Lucinda and, once again, cannot get through.

Meanwhile, Lucinda is at the hospital listening to what the doctor has to say about her next course of action regarding the lump she found. She leaves after deciding she wants another opinion and bumps into Meg, who notices how upset she is. When Lucinda drops her medical papers and Meg sees more, she offers her support. Lucinda tries to explain that there is really nothing to worry about, but she asks if Meg intends to respect her privacy regarding being at the hospital, which Meg agrees to. Lucinda excuses herself, telling Meg she forgot her purse in the doctor’s office. As she leaves, Meg assures Lucinda that the doctor she is seeing is wonderful.

Margo meets Craig at the Lakeview to give him the letter he wrote for her, which she signed, regarding supporting Craig’s shared custody of his unborn baby. She offers to be his character witness in court. She asks why he seems so low today, and he responds that he thought more people would support him besides just her. Margo wonders who would be left in town to support him, to which Craig responds, "Rosanna." He tells her that he asked Rosanna to marry him so he would look stable in the eyes of the court. He feels he helped her out in Bangkok and was hoping she would return the favor. Margo questions his choice in would-be spouses, considering he and Rosanna have already been married twice, and she thinks he should come up with an alternate plan. Craig is upset that everyone finds it so hard to believe he can be a good father.

At Susan’s, Rosanna mistakenly walks in on Emily and Paul making out on the couch. She awkwardly explains that she wanted to talk to Emily about herself and Paul. Emily doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say. Rosanna, who is completely caught off guard, asks how long they have been together. Neither Paul nor Emily feels they owe her an explanation. Paul tells Rosanna that nothing she has to say will change his mind or how he feels about her. He tells her to let him go and get out. Rosanna quickly leaves, and she breaks down just outside the door. Emily wants to know what Paul is feeling. She feels he is bothered by what Rosanna saw, but he claims to be fine. Rosanna walks back into the room, determined to talk further. Emily is angered and doesn’t want to talk to her, but Paul tells Emily he wants to talk to her for a moment, so Emily leaves the room in a huff.

Mike can’t imagine no longer being friends with Katie. Katie admits that at one time she thought Mike would leave Jen for her, but she has since realized how solid they are. She admits that much of the time memories play games with her, especially now that Henry is no longer with her. Mike doesn’t want to lose her friendship, but he tells her if it is too hard on her now, then he’ll leave her alone. In the end, they decide that they wouldn’t be better off if they never had any type of relationship with each other, so they resolve to stay friends. They shake on it, but they can’t seem to let go of each other’s hands until Jen calls Mike on his cell phone. Mike apologizes, saying he got held up, but he promises Jen he will be right home. After he hangs up, Katie asks why he didn’t tell Jen, but Mike thinks he should just explain it in person. Katie agrees that would probably be for the best, and Mike leaves.

Rosanna tells Paul she understands that what she did to him may take a long time to get past, but she wants the chance. Paul tells her he doesn’t want to get past it. Rosanna again tries to explain what James made her do and how everything she did was in order to save Cabot. Since Rosanna claims not to know where Cabot is, Paul is skeptical. Rosanna is amazed that, after everything, Paul is not giving her the benefit of the doubt. Meanwhile, Emily is listening from around the corner. Rosanna is sure that Paul threw himself into Emily’s arms to hurt her. Paul adamantly claims that he has moved on and there is nothing left for him to give to Rosanna anymore because he now loves Emily, not her. So he tells Rosanna to stop humiliating herself and to leave him alone. The look on Rosanna’s face is one of having just been slapped, but she recovers and pleads with Paul, saying he couldn’t have moved on from what they shared that fast. Paul claims that after Rosanna left him his life was shattered, and Emily helped him pick up the pieces and start over. He suggests Rosanna get on with her life, because he has. A distraught Rosanna leaves, and Emily walks back in.

The doctor finds Lucinda back in her office, and they further discuss Lucinda’s options regarding the lump. The doctor feels an open biopsy procedure is best for Lucinda, considering the size of the lump. The doctor then discusses what would happen after the procedure. Lucinda finally realizes that the doctor’s suggestion is best for her, and she agrees to schedule the procedure.

Back at the farm, Meg runs into Lily. They touch lightly on the fact that she is no longer with Josh and Lily is no longer with Holden, but neither gets into specifics. Meg mentions having gone to the hospital to see if she could run into any friends, and Lily asks her if she ran into Lucinda, mentioning their fight and how she is worried about her. Meg dodges the question, and just then Lucinda walks in the door. Lily is very happy to finally see her mother, since she has been calling her all day. Lucinda acts very lighthearted. Lucinda and Meg act as if they just ran into each other for the first time. Lily tells Lucinda how worried she was, but Lucinda just sidesteps her concern. After Lily steps out of the room, Lucinda thanks Meg for keeping her confidences. Meg suggests that Lucinda talk to Lily for support, but Lucinda does not want anyone to become alarmed when she doesn’t know anything yet herself. Lucinda excuses herself and walks outside, becoming a bit emotional.

Mike comes home to Jen, who asks where he was, and he explains what he tried to do for Henry and Katie. Jen admits that she already knew. Mike wonders why, then, Jen would ask where he was. He wonders if she was testing him. Jen has to admit she was curious, since he has been away a long time with Katie in a hotel room. Mike explains that Katie was having a hard time, and he was just trying to help. He wants Jen to know Katie is not a threat. Jen tells Mike that if he explains that he was there to only support her as a friend, then it is okay with her. She leaves to go to bed. A moment later she comes back in the room to find Mike a million miles away.

Paul tells Emily that Rosanna won’t be back because he made it clear how he felt. Emily questions if it is because he loves her, since she overheard him tell Rosanna that. He admits that it is true, and it surprised him too. Emily is adamant that Paul can lie to everyone else, but not to her, because she is sure that he is not anywhere near over Rosanna, as he would like himself and everyone else to believe. Paul tries to get Emily to believe what he said, but Emily is sure she is right because she saw the look on Paul’s face when he told her he no longer loved her. Emily now understands all Paul has to work through, and she knows he has to do it alone; she leaves.

Rosanna goes and finds Craig to tell him that Paul has made it clear that he has moved on, and now she has to as well. She finally agrees to marry him, but he must know that she will never stop loving Paul. Craig understands her and has her sign the papers. They both are entering into this marriage with their own agendas.

We watch as Paul stands at the door, deep in thought. We see Mike, who has stepped outside his house to think; Katie, who is at the hotel drinking champagne and hugging the pillow Mike lay on; and Rosanna, deep in thought.

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