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In the country club steam room, Lucinda is stunned when she feels a lump in her breast, and she tells Lily and Sierra she feels dizzy and runs out of the steam room. Lily and Sierra go after her and apologize because they think they hurt her feelings with their comments about her being a controlling person. Lucinda gets dressed and tells them she must go do something important right away. The ladies don’t buy her story and think she is keeping something from them.

At the Snyder farm, Emma explains to Meg that she wasn’t blaming her for the problems in her marriage, it’s just hard for a mother not to want to fight her child’s battles. Meg still feels like she has let her mother down yet again by not being able to make her marriage work.

At the hotel room in Chicago, Mike breaks the news to Katie that Henry intended to be there to reconcile with her, but at the last minute he decided he couldn’t do it. Katie figures out that Mike persuaded Henry to reconcile with her. Mike admits he did encourage Henry to invite her to the hotel. Mike explains that he was only trying to help because Henry is miserable without her. Katie blasts Mike because she had finally accepted she was going to live life without Henry, and when she got the phone call from Henry she had some hope again. Katie is angry that now all her hope of being with Henry is gone, because she knows for sure that Henry will never be a part of her life again.

At the Lakeview, Barbara meets Jennifer’s new bodyguard, Deacon, whom Dusty explains he hired to protect Jennifer from Craig. Barbara advises Jennifer they must find a way to eliminate Craig from their lives permanently.

At the country club, Rosanna once again turns down Craig’s marriage proposal because she loves Paul and wants to reconcile with him. Rosanna plans to use Emily to talk to Paul and get him to forgive her. Craig is skeptical that Emily will ever help her because Emily hates her. Rosanna plans to tell Emily the whole truth: that James forced her to set Barbara free before she would be allowed to see Cabot.

At Susan’s house, Emily thanks her mother for listening to her and not mentioning Hal in their conversation. Susan leaves the house to go to work. Emily has a flashback of making love to Paul. Emily decides to go talk to Paul, but when she opens the door to leave she finds Paul standing there.

At the country club, Craig refuses to help Rosanna reconcile with Paul because he thinks Paul will never take her back and she will be hurt again.

At Susan’s house, Emily feels guilty for cheating on her husband and lying to him. Emily thinks Paul used her to forget about Rosanna. Paul insists that he never used Emily to forget about Rosanna, and he tells Emily that he made love to her because he desired her and wanted to be with her. Paul doesn’t want to walk away from Emily because she makes him feel alive and proud of the person he is.

At the Lakeview, Dusty assures Jennifer and Barbara that there is no possible way that a judge would grant custody of her child to Craig because he doesn’t have a job or a stable family life. Dusty tells Jennifer she has a career and a husband who loves her, and as long as her life stays the way it is Craig doesn’t have a chance against her.

At the hotel room in Chicago, Katie wonders why good men always leave her alone. Katie sits on the bed and begins to cry. Mike thinks Henry will forgive Katie because he loves her. Mike sits down beside Katie and holds her as she cries. Mike encourages Katie to have faith and work on her marriage, because he is confident it will work out and she will be happy with Henry. Katie sends Mike home to Jennifer, and as he is about to leave he turns and sees that Katie is really sad, so he decides to stay and watch a sad movie with her. Mike opens a bottle of champagne and he and Katie toast to minding their own business.

Mike and Katie decide to watch a Western. They lie down on the bed, prop themselves up on pillows, and turn on the T.V.

At the Snyder farm, Emma explains to Meg that she only wants her children to be happy and have peaceful lives. Luke arrives and gives his Aunt Meg hug. Luke tells her that Holden has moved back to the farm. Meg tells Luke and Emma she is only staying for a few weeks, until she starts her new job in Alaska. Emma sends Luke upstairs with Meg’s suitcases and then she tells Meg that Holden and Lily are getting a divorce. Meg is shocked that Holden has made a mess of his life, just like her.

At the country club, Lucinda encourages Lily to think about the choices she makes, because every choice is important when it also affects her children. Lucinda asks Sierra to take care of Lily and stop encouraging her to be with Keith. Lucinda tells her daughters life is a game and she hopes one day they won’t wake up wondering what they have to show for it. Lucinda leaves the country club, and Lily and Sierra are positive their mom is hiding something from them.

At Susan’s house, Paul encourages Emily to escape from reality with him, saying Hal is a good man, but he doesn’t appreciate or deserve her. Paul admits Rosanna put his heart through a meat grinder and he just wants to escape reality with her. Paul and Emily start to kiss and are close to making love, but Emily stops herself because she wants to wait until she has talked to Hal and decided what to do about her marriage. Emily tells Paul they can’t see each other anymore.

At the Lakeview, Craig arrives and is introduced to Deacon, and then he leaves to meet with Jessica. Barbara encourages Jennifer to go see a lawyer, but Jennifer refuses to listen to her and wants to talk to Dusty alone. Dusty assures Jennifer he has got Craig under control. Dusty thinks they should do whatever it takes to bring Craig down. Jennifer agrees with whatever Dusty is planning to do to make sure Craig is out of her life.

At the hospital, Lucinda tells her doctor she called for an appointment as soon as she felt the lump in her breast. Lucinda thinks it's a benign cyst, but the doctor orders a mammogram and a sonogram to investigate the lump. The doctor explains to Lucinda that if the lump is suspicious they may do a needle biopsy and then remove the lump. The doctor advises Lucinda to take this lump seriously, but Lucinda insists she can’t have cancer because she exercises and eats healthy food.

At the Snyder farm, Emma refuses to tell Meg the details of Holden’s situation with Lily. Meg decides to go for a drive and get to know Oakdale again.

In the Chicago hotel, Mike and Katie eat popcorn while they watch the movie. Katie notices that the movie was filmed in Montana, and Mike and Katie share fond memories of the time they spent there together when Sage was born.

At Susan’s house, Paul doesn’t think Hal should continue to ignore Emily because she doesn’t deserve to spend her nights home alone. Paul thinks Emily has sacrificed a lot for Hal, and he hasn’t sacrificed anything for her. Paul tells Emily she makes him feel good about himself. Emily kisses Paul and the two start to make love. Rosanna knocks on the door. Emily and Paul decide to ignore the knocking and continue making love.

At the country club, Lily informs Sierra that Lucinda’s secretary told her that Lucinda cancelled her appointments for the day. The two sisters suspect something is going on with their mother and they set out to find the secret Lucinda is hiding from them.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Lucinda that the test results say the lump looks suspicious and she wants to schedule a needle biopsy and removal of the lump as soon as possible. Lucinda wants to wait, but the doctor tells her she shouldn’t. Lucinda is distracted and bumps into Meg on her way out of the doctor’s office, and she drops all the pamphlets the doctor gave her on the floor. Meg offers to pick them up, but Lucinda yells for her to leave her stuff alone.

At the Lakeview, Jessica advises Craig that the only way he has a chance of getting custody of his child is if he marries Rosanna.

At the hotel in Chicago, Katie cries because of the movie and notices Mike has fallen asleep. Katie stares at Mike for a few minutes and gets close enough to give him a kiss, but then she wonders if she should kiss him.

At Susan’s house, Rosanna sees Emily’s car and decides to see if the door is open. She turns the doorknob and the door open, and Rosanna is shocked when she sees Paul and Emily making love.

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