ATWT Update Thursday 6/16/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/16/05


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At the country club, Lucinda, Lily, and Sierra share a mother-daughter lunch together, but Lily and Lucinda can’t stop arguing about Keith. Sierra tries to get Lucinda and Lily to cut each other a little slack and call a truce.

At the Snyder farm, Emma is surprised by the return of her daughter Meg, although she wonders why she returned without her husband Josh.

At Katie’s place, Allison arrives for a visit and wonders why Katie is packing a suitcase. Katie explains she has decided to take a two-week adventure survival trip. Allison thinks Katie can take all the trips she wants, but when she returns home she will still be lonely.

At the Lakeview, Henry tries to get on with his life by dating a woman who looks a lot like Katie and whose name is Sadie.

Mike tries to get Henry to realize that this only proves he is still in love with Katie. Henry doesn’t think this is true at all and asks him to stop ruining his date with Sadie. Mike just continues to watch Henry’s date, which isn’t going well.

At Gwen’s apartment, Gwen lies to Celia and tells her the pamphlets about adoption are for a friend. Will and Casey try to get Celia to leave because Gwen wants to be alone. Celia refuses to leave because Gwen is a friend who is pregnant and needs her help. Celia wonders who is the father of Gwen’s baby. Gwen begs Celia not to hate her, but it's time she knew the truth.

Will stops her by blurting out that he is the father of Gwen’s baby. Will is trying to save Celia from being hurt by learning that Casey is the father of Gwen’s baby.

At the Lakeview, Henry has nothing in common with Sadie, who feels uncomfortable in a fancy restaurant and would rather go to Mabel’s and have some red hots and a beer. Sadie spills beer all over Henry’s suit. Mike asks if he is ready to surrender, and Henry throws a white napkin at him. Mike helps Henry get out of his date by telling Sadie that Henry got an emergency call from work. Henry begs Mike to help him save his marriage. Mike helps Henry plan a romantic reconciliation with Katie. Henry calls Katie, while Mike tells him what to say to her.

At Katie’s house, the phone rings, and when Katie checks the caller I.D. and finds out it's Henry she almost doesn’t pick up the phone. Allison persuades Katie to pick up the phone.

At the Lakeview, Henry struggles to find the words to invite Katie to the Lakeshore Hotel in Chicago. Mike continues to coax Henry to just tell Katie what he wants to say. Henry finally invites Katie to the hotel.

At Katie’s house, Katie accepts Henry’s invitation, after some coaxing from Allison. Katie wants to find the perfect outfits to wear. Allison hands Katie her toothbrush and tells her to go now.

At the Lakeview, Henry is still hesitant about going to meet Katie, but Mike persuades him to go through with the plan.

At the country club, Sierra tries to persuade Lily to meet Lucinda halfway and understand that Lucinda is only concerned about her because she loves her. Lucinda comes back to the table, and Sierra leaves her and Lily alone to talk. Lucinda starts in about Keith again, and Lily stops her and tells her she loves her. Lucinda takes this as a good sign and starts planning a family vacation for Lily with Holden and the kids. Lily reminds Lucinda she isn't getting back together with Holden, and Keith will remain an important part of her life. Sierra arrives and senses some tension between Lucinda and Lily, so she suggests they go somewhere to let off some steam.

At Gwen’s apartment, Celia is so shocked by the news of Will being the father of Gwen’s baby that she runs out crying. Will runs after her so they can talk. Casey stays behind because he thinks he is the father of Gwen’s baby.

At the Snyder farm, Meg tells her mother her marriage to Josh is over. Emma wonders why Meg and Josh split, and Meg assumes Emma thinks the split was her fault.

At the Lakeshore Hotel in Chicago, Henry goes to the gift shop to find something else to wear because his suit smells like beer. Mike puts the finishing touches on a romantic setting for Katie. Henry gets back to the room with a new shirt and Mike goes to get some champagne downstairs.

Henry remembers what his marriage has been like with Katie and waits for her to arrive.

At the country club, Celia remembers when Will told her he was the father of Gwen’s baby. Celia drops some dishes and Will arrives and helps her pick up the dishes. Celia tells Will to go away. Will refuses to leave until they talk. Celia blasts Will for being irresponsible and going to bed with someone he barely knows. Celia tells Will she is glad she is Casey’s girlfriend, because he is a better person then Will could ever hope to be.

At Gwen’s apartment, Casey looks at the sonogram picture and again asks Gwen if he is the father of her baby. Gwen repeats that Will is the father of the baby and tells Casey to go back to his perfect life with his perfect girlfriend and leave her alone. Casey offers to help Gwen, but she tells him he is the last person she would call if she ever needed help. Gwen shouts at Casey to get out and then she lies down on the bed and cries.

In the country club steam room, Lily and Sierra encourage their mom to loosen up a bit. Lucinda starts dancing around in her towel like she is going to strip. The ladies all laugh. Lucinda feels a lump on her breast, but since she has her back turned to her daughters they can’t see what is going on.

At the Lakeshore Hotel in Chicago, Mike arrives with two bottles of champagne for Henry and Katie. Mike calls Henry’s name a few times and walks around the room looking for him, but Henry is gone. Mike finds a note from Henry that explains he just couldn’t go through with the plan. Mike hears a knock at the door, and when he opens the door he sees a smiling Katie.

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