ATWT Update Wednesday 6/15/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/15/05


By Emily 
Pictures by Boo

Carly gathers her scrap books to make new ones. When going through the books, Parker notices a man that he never saw before. Carly tells her children that it is her father. Parker then finds another picture right underneath the first one and notices that the picture was taken in Oakdale. Carly tells him that it can not have been, because her father never was in Oakdale. Parker starts questioning all about his grandfathers. Hannah tells her that it might be some place different, there are probably a lot of Mables all over the country. Rosanna stops in for a visit at Carly's to tell her that Craig wants to marry her. While Carly walks Rosanna to the door, Hannah steals Carly's picture of her dad and puts it in her back pocket.

Gwen meets Will at the country club but wants to know why he is bothering with her. Will tells her that they are here to have breakfast and that he is willing to help out as much as he can. When they go to place their orders, their friend Cecilia is their waitress. Gwen and Will find out that both Casey and Cecilia are working at the country club. While the two are eating breakfast, Barbara joins them. Barbara starts describing eggs, and Gwen starts to lose her breakfast. Barbara tells Will that she overheard Gwen throwing up and she thinks that Gwen might be bulimic. Cecilia overhears Barbara, so she heads over to talk to Gwen. Casey tells Will that he doesn't want Gwen to use Will to get back at him.

After Gwen runs out of the restaurant, Casey goes after her to her place. Will and Cecilia follow, only to discover that Gwen is not bulimic, but that she is indeed pregnant.

Katie goes to visit Margo so that she can open the letter she received. Katie feels that it might be divorce papers, but Margo tells her that it is just the water bill. Katie tells Margo that she misses Henry, and he has to be missing her. Margo tells her that if she doesn't truly love him then she will never make it. Katie then admits that she loves both Henry and Mike. Katie tells Margo that Craig is going to have a baby boy.

Katie bumps into Henry at the Lakeview. Henry brushes her off and tells her to take care of herself. Mike, who overheard everything, slaps Henry on the back for making things worse between himself and Katie. Mike tells Henry that he and Katie are over, and they would have a shot if he would forgive her.

Dusty hires a bodyguard for Jennifer. Jennifer tells him that she hired him to keep Montgomery away. Mike does not like that she has a bodyguard and tells her that she should not be threatened by Craig because he will never hurt them. Mike tells Dusty that he is just making things worse by creating more stress for Jennifer. Now they are going to have to hire a lawyer, and now Craig is going to fight harder to see Jennifer and his baby.

The baby kicks and Jennifer allows Dusty to feel it. Dusty tells her that he doesn't want to see anyone that he cares about go through the pain, and that he would never be able to be in a delivery room.

Craig asks Rosanna if she will marry him. Rosanna tells Craig no and wants to know what he really wants. Craig tells her that if he wants to see his son, he has to get married. Craig tells her that he has changed, but she tells him that he hasn't. Besides, she thinks that there could be some hope that Paul might take her back.

Craig tells Margo that he might be able to forgiver her if she does him a favor. The way that he will allow himself to forgive her is for Margo to sign a letter to help him win some custody over his son.

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