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At the Lakeview, Craig is talking to Jessica about his options regarding his unborn child. He explains that the baby Jen is carrying is his, and Mike and Jen are trying to keep him from his baby. He wants to try for sole custody now.

At the hospital, Jen is very upset to hear that Mike may be considering opening the door even slightly to Craig. She is adamant that the only way for them to ever have peace is for Craig to be completely out of their lives. She wants Mike to understand her feelings and side with her this time. Mike assures her that he will always be on her side, but Jen counters that it doesn’t feel like it these days. Jen is further upset that once again Katie is there running interference. She doesn’t trust her motives. Katie tries to defend herself, but Jen just wants to get out of there and go back to work. After she leaves, Mike asks Katie for help.

Gwen and Will arrive at the hospital after he convinces her to come for an appointment, but Gwen is having second thoughts and thinks it is best she go home, especially after having run into Casey and Celia. Will wonders if Gwen will change her mind about telling Casey now. Gwen tells him no.

Will sees Bob and quickly calls him over, introducing Gwen to him as the girl he was talking about when he was asking him pregnancy questions. Bob is very sensitive to Gwen and immediately puts her at ease. Gwen is worried about money and insurance, but Bob tells her not to worry. He tells her he will go get Dr. Schiller to set her up with an appointment for a check-up.

At the country club, where Casey and Celia have gone to try to find summer jobs, Celia continues to bring up the fact that they saw Will and Gwen at the hospital, wondering if there wasn’t something wrong with Gwen. Casey just wants to drop the subject. When they talk to the manager about jobs, they are discouraged to find all the jobs seem to be filled. As they are about to leave, they bump into Kim, and Casey asks her to talk to the manager about summer jobs. They want to work together. Kim tells them she will put in a good word, but Celia doesn’t want her to go to any trouble and tells Casey she will just see if Gwen has any openings at her job. Casey is unhappy at the thought of the three of them working together.

At home, Carly has called Jack home from work so he can look after the kids. He is confused, but she tells Jack that she is on her way to the Street Jeans office to quit her job. Jack is amazed, knowing how much she loves her job. Carly claims she would just rather stay at home with the kids and be a full-time mom. Jack thinks she should think it through more before she makes any decisions, but Carly is sure. 

She leaves, and when she does, Jack gets on the phone and calls someone and informs him or her of Carly’s decision, telling the person on the other end that he or she is needed now more than ever.

After Gwen goes in for her check-up, Bob and Will discuss Gwen. Bob assumes Will is the father, and when he denies it Bob assumes he is still covering, but he offers his support anyway. Will explains that he is just helping Gwen, as a friend.

Meanwhile, Gwen is having an ultrasound with the doctor. The doctor prints the picture of the baby and asks if Gwen wants to know the sex, but Gwen tells her no. The doctor offers Gwen the sonogram to keep, but she tells her that she doesn’t want it. After the doctor excuses herself, Gwen stares at the picture. Outside the door, the doctor talks briefly with Bob, telling him Gwen is well past her first trimester, and it is obvious some difficult decisions need to be made.

Kim has talked to the manager of the club, and they have found two part-time jobs for Casey and Celia, to the happiness of both. Celia thinks she still may need to work more hours, but Casey doesn’t think she should consider working with Gwen because she can make far more money there at the club.

Celia is still concerned about Gwen, much to Casey’s frustration, and Celia wonders if Kim could talk to Bob to find out about her appointment. Casey reminds Celia of patient confidentiality and says Bob won’t be able to talk about her, but Celia just wants to make sure Gwen is not sick. Kim promises to ask, and when she leaves, Casey just wants to drop the subject.

Carly arrives at the Street Jeans office, to Dusty’s shock. He asks her if she should be back at work so soon, but Carly tells Dusty she is simply there to resign. Dusty tells her he understands and wishes her luck. Carly is surprised by how easy Dusty made it and jokes that he didn’t even shed a tear. Dusty admits that things are better at work because Jen is more focused. Carly tells Dusty she now sees he had hired her to make Jen crazy and jealous after all. Carly is curious about what Dusty will do after Jen has the baby and can’t concentrate on work. Dusty lightheartedly answers that by then Carly will be tired of playing full-time mom, which Carly chuckles at. Jen breezes in, ready for work, and Carly excuses herself. Jen and Dusty’s rapport is better and they work together well, so much so that Dusty thinks Jen should take the rest of the afternoon off. Jen doesn’t want to go home, which surprises Dusty. She then blows up, telling him how everyone has suddenly forgotten about how evil Craig is and how people keep telling her she should consider lightening up. Dusty immediately jumps to Jen’s defense, which makes her feel better. He agrees wholeheartedly with Jen that Craig should not be trusted, and that she should keep Craig very far away from her child. Thanks to his relationship with Lucy, Dusty completely believes Craig is a danger to his children.

Katie and Mike show up at the Lakeview to talk further about how to placate Craig and keep him out of Jen’s hair, so she isn’t under so much stress. Mike thinks the only way for Craig to see how badly he is hurting everyone is if Katie cuts him off. Just as they are discussing this, they see Craig having a meeting with Jessica. Meanwhile, Jessica is trying to convince Craig that the idea of sole custody is ridiculous. He then suggests shared custody, which Jessica thinks is a stretch as well. Craig doesn’t understand; he is the father, after all, and he should have some rights. Jessica reminds Craig of his history and the fact that his character has repeatedly been called into question, and those are things the court frowns upon. Craig asks Jessica what he needs to do to help his case. Jessica tells him he needs to start by finding gainful employment, trying to earn some of the respect back that he's lost, and somehow becoming a family man with a stable home life. She also suggests he treat Jen with kindness.

Craig responds (loudly enough) that he is willing to do anything in order to be a part of this child’s life. His response draws Katie and Mike to the table to confront him. Katie tells Craig that hiring a lawyer is not helping, and that his unannounced arrival at the hospital earlier upset Jen enough so that she had to go lie down. Jessica excuses herself, reminding Craig that that kind of behavior is not helping. Katie tells Craig that what he is doing is wrong. Craig sees it as simply preparing himself in case Mike and Jen give him more of a hard time about the baby. Katie is adamant that if he continues to stress out Jen, she can no longer support him. Craig doesn’t understand her change of heart because he thought Katie was supporting him, and he leaves. Katie tells Mike that Craig is upset because his own sister just turned on him. Mike thanks her, but he asks her for one more favor.

Gwen has finished with her appointment and steps outside into the hall where Bob and Will are. Bob wants to book another appointment to follow up. Gwen wants to know if there is something wrong. Bob just wants to keep an eye on the baby’s development because the baby is a little small. He gives her information on how to eat better and what vitamins to take. Bob asks about her parents, and Gwen sidesteps the question. Bob is concerned that Gwen is not relying on her parents for support, but judging from Gwen’s odd reaction, Bob questions whether Gwen is afraid of her parents. Gwen assures him that is not the case and tells him that her parents are not baby people, and in fact she took them to court a year ago and won emancipation from them. Bob counsels Gwen to find a way to stay in school and to not let her jobs interfere with her baby’s health. He gives her information on a free clinic, along with his cell and pager numbers, and tells her to call him anytime. As Bob leaves, he tells Will to tell his grandson not to make himself such a stranger, which Will promises to pass along. After he leaves, Gwen asks whom his grandson is. Will tells him it is Casey, which Gwen is shocked to find out. She is nervous over having spilled her beans to a relative of Casey’s and is sure that if Bob knew she was carrying Casey’s child, he would not have been so nice. Will tells Gwen that Bob was cool with him when he thought the baby was Will’s, and he is his uncle. Will assures her that no matter what he found out, Bob would be fair and nice to her. Will promises Gwen that they will get through this together.

Carly is back at home baking cookies for Parker and J.J. Jack is reading the newspaper on the couch, teasing her about trying to be Super Mom and the fact that he feels that in a short amount of time she will want to go back to designing. Carly teases him back that even if that were the case, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of being right.

As Parker, J.J. and Jack fool around with their cookies by tossing them up in the air and catching them in their mouths, Carly becomes a bit frustrated that they are making a mess. Later, when they are cleaning up, Jack wonders if Carly even loves being a mom. He worries that being at home day after day, without having the job she loves, may make Carly resentful and perhaps cause her to forget how to have fun, because this will be her only job now. Carly assures Jack that would not happen. Jack surprises her by telling her he has recruited real help for her, and at that there is a knock on the door. An ecstatic Carly finds her midwife from Montana, Hannah, on the other side.

Jen fills Dusty in on Craig’s unannounced arrival, Mike’s reaction and the fact that Katie is always around trying to supposedly run interference. Jen wonders if Katie simply wants to insinuate herself into Mike’s life. Dusty has an idea of how to keep Craig from ever coming around her again. Jen is eager to find out what his plan is, but Dusty tells her not to worry about it because he will take care of it.

Casey is convinced that this is going to be the best summer yet because now they are able to spend most of their time together. Celia asks if Will is going to have a summer job too, but Casey thinks, considering his mom is wealthy, probably he won’t need one. Celia thinks that Will should go to Gwen’s work and leave her big tips, especially if she is sick. Casey wants to stop talking about Gwen and the mystery illness Celia is becoming obsessed with her having. Celia says she just feels bad for her. Casey tells Celia not to worry about her, but Celia is convinced that if she is sick then she will need all of them there for her as friends, again to Casey’s aggravation.

Back at Gwen’s apartment, Will asks Gwen if she had considered all of her options with the baby. She tells him that she never could have considered abortion, and Will asks her about adoption, but Gwen doesn’t seem too interested in that either. She starts to light up a cigarette, which angers Will, because he doesn’t feel she is looking after herself and her baby. Gwen tells Will it isn’t his business what she does. A frustrated Will leaves. Once she is alone, Gwen takes out the sonogram and smiles at the picture.

Katie and Mike show up at Jen’s office to tell her that Katie told off Craig and will no longer support him if he continues to upset her. Katie also promises to keep her distance. Jen thanks her, and Katie leaves. Mike assures Jen Katie was just trying to help and that she will no longer cause Jen unnecessary stress. Mike proclaims that this is their war, and they will deal with it together. They hug, as Katie sadly looks on through the door.

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